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Gold Bulls - "Clawing the Sky" as prices fall

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OK this will probably make more sense to traders


Daniel O'Sullivan happened to call the oil market correctly as I noticed in other articles not


just this one - he also writes for investors chronicle. At times he talks a lot of sense.


Latest article




bubble-2008 - 10 DEC 2009



- a review of his book on the subject and link to youtube vid



Daniel O'Sullivan latest view on gold






Daniel O'Sullivan on option trading affecting gold






So could the price of gold be flying around according the the speculative interest? IMO I guess nothing is certain and when you take account of the relatively small size of the gold market then it is very possible/likely. After ignoring Mr JSMineset for the last few years I get the impression that he thinks the same thing but is retaining his long term bullish stance - which is not a million miles from Dr B!


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Bubb, you really haven't beaten anyone (as far as I'm aware). Certainly not Sinclair or what you term FOPPS.

My position on trading is clear: if you have the skill and the money then there's no problem. Most people don't have the former and end up losing a lot of the latter.

Trading on leverage is for the super-skilled only.

I see no reason not to declare "a victory", and it will be a bigger one if after covering my shorts at a profit,

I wait and see a lower low before I build a more significant long position. I don't claim "to get it right every time"

as a trader, but waiting out the rally from early Nov. post India's gold buy, and selling into that action, has proven

to be a smart move.


Just bought: Jan'11.GLD-$90.calls at $21.50

This brings my Bull Spread back "into balance" eliminating the small short position

We have closed under the 50mda which points towards a test of the 200mda, no?

No point in maintaining a short with this chart ... update



If today's low is broken, next stop may be GLD-$100.

We may see that, perhaps after a rally to GLD-$112 or so.


It would be interesting to hear what others are thinking, including Gurus like JS.

I may turn myself into a FOPP for a while. Having enjoyed the freedom of non-FOPP-ship thinking

in the recent past, I am not going to ignore the fact that JS and his team have made many good calls.


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Perishabull in Harrods




It's three gold bars for the price of two at the moment...


This marks the last low in gold this year............................................................maybe


PS Yes, when I am out and about I do wear a yellow cardboard box, with a painted bull skull, around my head

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