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Will Grains snap back? Will Oil fight higher, piercing resistance?

Gold has outperformed Grains (DBA) for three years


DBA / x may be set to snap back


Here's Wheat


No snapback, and weaker Oil, if we see that... then Gold's rally may soon falter

Brent Crude Oil



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"Interesting to watch the latest movement in DXY which now looks like its completing a major H&S topping pattern.

This could be the start of the s%^t hitting the fan" - Van

Very nice to see you posting here, Van.  I do hope that all is well with you.

Yes, the USD is threatening to make a major breakdown.  Funnily enough, that may permit the long term rally in stocks, that Elliott-waver Tony Caldaro has predicted.

It might also put Gold back into a solid Bull market.  Following the GBS, the Gold etf that trades in London

GBS / Gold etf ... all-data : 5-yr :


NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index ... all-data : 5-yr :


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