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DemCrime2020: "Worst Treason in U.S. History"

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WOW! 2020 Election Investigation:Who is Stealing America?


Vote switch above, from Trump to Biden - there is so much more evidence like this
(WATCH THIS & you will be Shocked at how much evidence there is for the Fraud)

On Election Night, Nov. 3, an assortment of anomalies were observed, followed by an increasing barrage of election fraud allegations on social media. As the election’s integrity continued to be questioned and the “Stop the Steal” movement gained momentum with the American public, mainstream media stuck to a one-sided narrative, calling the 2020 election the most secure in American history and silencing conflicting voices.
America is on the verge of becoming a fractured nation. The results of the 2020 election will not only decide the future of the United States, they also determine the future of the world.....

WATCH VIDEO >more: https://www.patreon.com/posts/2020-election-is-45031044


+ WOW! 2020 Election Investigation:Who is Stealing America?  A great and timely documentary.  Sadly, we are not seeing this on the Main stream media

+ I am getting MORE & MORE angry as I listen to this,  It is obvious the elections was stolen.  The Criminals behind this need to be apprehended,  tried, and given suitable sentences & penalties.  If this does not happen it is a major injustice to all honest Americans

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With 212 Million registered voters and 66.2%* voting,
140.344 Million voted. (= registered voters)*
Now if Trump got 74 M, that leaves only 66.344 M for Biden.
These numbers don’t add up to what we are being told. L
ies and more Lies!
* Supposedly fact-checked, but is the FACT checker also a Liar, as we often see...
Nov 5, 2020 — As a share of the voting-eligible population. 2020 66.2% 2016 60.1% 2008 Highest turnout since 1960s 61.6% 1960 Highest since 1908 63.8% ...

Flawed Calculation Behind False Claim of Fraudulent Votes ...

The "simple math" about Biden’s voters is wrong. 

Gateway Pundit relies on bogus calculation to lead to false claim

The Gateway Pundit cites a tweet by Bill Binney, who worked at the National Security Agency from 1965 to 2001. Binney cited a Washington Post story about historic voter turnout in the November election. 

The Washington Post story said 66.2% of the voting-eligible population cast a vote. (The United States Elections Project calculates the eligible population by adjusting the voting-age population for non-citizens and ineligible felons, depending on state law.)

While the Washington Post clearly cited the voting-eligible population, Binney and The Gateway Pundit instead looked up figures for the number of registered voters — even though not every American who is eligible to vote takes the steps to register. 

Binney wrote that if there are 212 million registered voters and 66.2% voted, that means about 140 million voted. If Trump received 74 million votes, that leaves about 66 million for Biden, Binney wrote.

Binney’s implication is that there is no way Biden actually received about 81 million votes.

"These numbers don’t add up to what we are being told. Lies and more Lies!" Binney tweeted.

> https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2020/dec/23/facebook-posts/bogus-analysis-leads-ridiculous-claim-about-biden-/

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Haven't read the thread and could have posted this in so many threads .................

Hahahahaahahah! America has been mentally and theoretically fucked over by Trump. ROFL.

That bigoted, isolationist and dangerously bewildered prick of a man has somehow inspired YOU!!!!?????   ROFL !  You dumb ass mother fuckers ! SERIOUSLY, IDIOTS !

WML reading your support over the last few years and sit in awe of your off-spectrum links to back up your beliefs ......... I've seen balsa wood carrying more weight!!!!


Fuck me ....... step outside for once in your life and be a part of real life community ........... and stop hiding behind your PC and front door. ........... have a drink in a pub and spout your ideas ( I DO !! ) and get some real life response and not internet connected response.





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You are done here !  Goodbye. DemWit

You have just shown how utterly lacking in Discenrnent you are.

Maybe some day, when you are older & wiser, you will discover how foolish you are.

Tragically, a SILICON CURTAIN is now descending on America

Here's (part of) how they STOLE IT... rigging the rules, & then exploiting the Rigging

Mark Levin’s Brilliant Analysis on the Election, 3446



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How the scummy rats play?  Dirty!
They own the Media, and they have weaponised it.
They can invent a narrative, usually accusing Trump or his supporters
Of doing EXACTLY what they are doing… and then they get the tame Media
To repeat, repeat & repeat the same garbage. Until many brainwashed Dems
And other people of Low discernment believe it (or pretend to,)
Fortunately, many people have figured out how this scam works,
And are moving to other platforms, away from FascistBook, TwitRats,
and DufisTube.
Dinesh De Sousa talks about the Dam narrative game here
Dinesh D'Souza on DC Yesterday - The Election and Trump's Legacy
> https://rumble.com/vcj4hn-dinesh-dsouza-on-dc-yesterday-the-election-and-trumps-legacy.html

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PROCESSING Harsh Reality ....      // 

Maybe this interview will get a smile while examining reality -

"people were dealing in Hopium, making stuff up" (the stolen election was not made up, but neither was it certain that Trump wouid have a second term): 

Charlie Kirk Processes The Reality Of Joe Biden Taking The President's Chair In The Oval Office ?  >


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"IT is Really Deep & Ugly"

THE RATIONAL REACTION... to the "loss" >

"I think he won an overwhelming victory" /  The LOSS of our voice? 

Kevin McCullough On Where The Country Is Headed From Here >


"we must remember... the President works for us.   He is a public servant"

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Is America’s Future a Civil War?

As a person who grew up in the glorious aftermath of World War II, it never occurred to me that in my later years I would be pondering whether the United States would end in civil war or a police state. In the aftermath of the stolen presidential election, it seems a 50-50 toss up.

There is abundant evidence of a police state. One feature of a police state is controlled explanations and the suppression of dissent. We certainly have that in abundance.

Experts are not permitted forums in which to challenge the official position on Covid.

Teachers are suspended for giving offense by using gender pronouns.

Recording stars are dropped by their recording studios for attending the Trump rally. Parents ratted on by their own children are fired from their jobs for attending the Trump rally. https://www.rt.com/usa/512048-capitol-riot-employees-fired/ Antifa is free to riot, loot, intimidate and hassle, but Trump supporters are insurrectionists.

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"THE WORST CASE is... we had a stolen election, and a Coup d'etat...

Putting a shill for Communist China in the White House"


"... And I may have a target on my back."

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The liestream narrative is a LIE: "NO ANGRY speeches...

What happened at the Capitol building was a PLANNED EVENT..."  "The Left is trying to steal Truimp's identity, his legacy"

> From Someone who was there.  "This election was 100% STOLEN."  /   

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Shares Her Eye-witness Account Of The Events Of January 6th.   >  


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LOL:  Glenn Greenwald speaking on Tucker's show: 

GOOGle showed have banned Youtube, its own subsidiary,

"It had much more to do with planning that event in Washington than Parler did."  Spot on! 

(imho, Parler should be handed the keys to Youtube for the damage it has done to parler, and to America)  

Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/12/2021 FULL Show >


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