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ONE World Order: A FAANG God who steals Elections?

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ONE World Order: & the Tech Titans

A new FAANG-ed God? Who must be obeyed


The ONE WORLD order:  One language, one government, one source of orders for all.  That is the plan they have for you.  And you need to know this... They want you to believe that RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

Is that the dream of silicon valley technologists, who want to censor all dissent, and eliminate any free speech?.  Friends, this week my posting power was suspended on Youtube, seemingly for asking questions about the election results.   Whodathunkit?

ONE Chart? Spot the US Election here : Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Three Co's, One Voice ... YTD: 10d/ GOOG: 1,742, FB: 269.7, TWTR: 44.68


Can you spot the election date here?

Stock: 2019ye / 03.31: 06.30 : 09.30 : 11.03 : % chg.: 11.20 :
GOOG :  1,336. : 1,163. : 1,414.:  1,470.: 1,749 : +30.9%: 1,742:
FB ---- :   204.4  : 166.8 : 227.1 :  261.9 : 287.4 : +40.6%: 269.7:
TWTR :  32.03  : 24.56 : 29.79 :  44.50 : 42.76 : +33.5%: 44.68:
Sh.000: Values:
G 24.91: $33.28 : 28.97 : 35.22: 36.62: $43.55: +30.9%: 43.38:
F 163.1: $33.34 : 27.21 : 37.04: 53.53: $46.87: +40.6%: 43.99:
T 104.2: $33.38 : 25.59 : 31.04: 36.37: $44.56: +33.5%: 46.56:
=====:  $100.0k : $81.8: 103.3: 126.8: 134.98: +35.0%: 133.9:

Do they Conspire together on Content moderation? "The Robber Barons" exposed

BREAKING: Josh Hawley Uncovers SECRET Facebook Content Monitoring...


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WHAT THE PRESS WILL NOT DISCUSS : The election night pattern. 

Trump's vote tallies were surging in swing states.  Then the counting stopped (why?), then there were reports of "new" ballots being brought into vote counting locations in the middle of the night.  Suddenly, the Biden votes surged. and some of Trump's votes disappeared. and by the morning as those new votes got counted, Biden was ahead.  Observers were not allowed to see the counting, barriers were erected, and they were moved away. 

(Various affidavits from witnesses have talked about incomplete looking ballots, seemingly prepared in desperation, without signatures or similar ones.  And only the Biden box was ticked, nothing down ballot.   Tell me, why is the LIE STREAM NOT DISCUSSING THIS?  Them seem to be in on the cheating. Are they a wiling "accessory to the crime.")

DOMINION Employee, on WHAT HAPPENED Election Night

Dominion Software Owner Nick Ikonomakis In Michigan On Election Night To Ensure Election Theft




Will our independence & humanity be a sacrifice to a FAANGed God of Authoritarian Unreason


According to USA Today, numerous right-wing outlets are accusing Dominion Voting Systems of either deleting votes for President Donald Trump or switching votes for the president to Biden.

On the air earlier this week, One America News Network‘s Lilia Fifield made the claim. The report can be viewed on the site Mediaite.

“Election systems across the country are found to have deleted millions of votes cast for President Trump,” Fifield said. “According to an unaudited analysis of data obtained from Edison Research, states using Dominion Voting Systems may have switched as many as 435,000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden, and the author also finds another 2.7 million Trump votes appear to have been deleted by Dominion including almost one million truckloads in Pennsylvania alone.”

> source: https://news.yahoo.com/dominion-voting-systems-receipts-disproving-170752838.html

Were claims properly FACT_Checked?

AP FACT CHECK: "Trump legal team's batch of false vote claims"
1 day ago — "Despite a lack of evidence of widespread irregularities or fraud, President Donald Trump's legal team used a Thursday press conference to go ..." -> 

UGH! I have seen widespread claims, which are there for anyone who looks.  Just because it is little reported does not mean they are not there

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SOROS started his plan to Steal the elections over two years ago

He spent huge money, to put Doctrinaire Leftists in key positions (Sec.State) in swing states, by outspending everyone else

Democrats Prepared, Two Years Ago, To Steal The Election – Lunch Alert!

> https://www.dickmorris.com/democrats-prepared-two-years-ago-to-steal-the-election-lunch-alert/

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At last... the pieces of the Election Heist are coming together...   ZUCK is part of the Muck


Blackwell: The Greatest Electoral Heist in American History  /  

The pieces are finally coming together, and they reveal a masterpiece of electoral larceny involving Big Tech oligarchs, activists, and government officials who prioritize partisanship over patriotism.

The 2020 election was stolen because leftists were able to exploit the coronavirus pandemic to weaken, alter, and eliminate laws that were put in place over the course of decades to preserve the integrity of the ballot box. But just as importantly, it was stolen because those same leftists had a thoroughly-crafted plan, and because they were rigorous in its implementation and ruthless in its execution. ...   Let’s not forget that liberals have been consumed by a fixation with removing Donald Trump from office for longer than he’s actually been in office. The sordid story of the 2020 election heist begins all the way back in January 2017, when Barack Obama’s former campaign manager and senior advisor, David Plouffe, took a job leading the policy and advocacy efforts of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, a “charitable” organization established by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

Earlier this year, just as it was becoming clear that Joe Biden would be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, Plouffe published a book outlining his vision for the Democrats’ roadmap to victory in 2020, which involved a “block by block” effort to turn out voters in key Democratic strongholds in the swing states that would ultimately decide the election, such as Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Minneapolis.

The book was titled, A Citizen’s Guide to Defeating Donald Trump, and it turned out that the citizen Plouffe had in mind was none other than his former boss, Mark Zuckerberg. Although Plouffe no longer officially managed Zuckerberg’s policy and advocacy efforts at that point, the political operative’s influence evidently remained a powerful force. 

. . . MORE > https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2020/11/21/blackwell-the-greatest-electoral-heist-in-american-history/

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"This is extremely dangerous to our democracy"  > says the Mockingbird media

Haha - same words repeated again & again all over the LIE STREAM  / 

Lefty news commentators take marching order from ONE SOURCE.  repeating the exact same words like Mockingbirds

- Listen at 11:10+ Minutes in:

Fetzer Report Episode 70 - 20 November 2020 >


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The Dominion System works like it was DESIGNED for manipulation, and Vote Rigging

An expert discusses the manual & the ultimate power it gives to the operator (who can delete "anomolous votes")

WATCH: Chanel Rion on “Dominion-izing the Vote”


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Three Tech Companies, One Voice ... YTD: from 8.20.20: 10d/ GOOG: 1,742, FB: 269.7, TWTR: 44.68



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WOW= Here are the MASS ARRESTS maybe?  

She is saying Trump;s legal team was prepared for this... They are only giving us glimpses of their evidence.  "I expect there will be not hundreds, but thousands of ARRESTS!  /  

Exclusive interview — Leigh Dundas: End of the Swamp  >



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Clues of THE CHEAT:

Yale Trained Mathematician Flags 100,000 Pennsylvania Ballots As Likely Fraudulent

As the days count down to the ultimate deadline – the seating of the Electoral College, a flood of evidence that voter fraud and ballot tampering were pervasive in Pennsylvania is pouring in from experts across the country.
In a sworn affidavit, a respected mathematician with an Ivy League pedigree, says his analysis of data from the November 3, 2020 General Election, coupled with phone interviews with voters throughout Pennsylvania raises more questions than provides answers.
The focus of trouble for this celebrated number-cruncher centers on as many as 100,000 absentee ballots that were requested in this critical battleground state; a state where President Trump and Democrat presidential hopeful Joe Biden are separated by a mere 82,000 votes.  > https://nationalfile.com/yale-trained-mathematician-flags-100000-pennsylvania-ballots-as-likely-fraudulent/

/ 2 /  ... more ...

Explosive: New Data From Rigorous Statistical Analysis Points to Voter Fraud in Montgomery County, PA

We find considerable evidence consistent with the possibility of electoral fraud in vote counts in Montgomery County, PA.

In particular, we examine a highly anomalous update to mail vote totals in the NYT/Edison data which enormously benefited Biden, and which looks suspicious on a number of dimensions.

At a high level, our results are suggestive of a new and highly suspicious batch of mail ballots being added to the count sometime between Wednesday early morning and Thursday morning. These ballots are drawn from an implausible distribution that enormously favored Biden and simultaneously harmed Trump (the latter being done in addition by allocating more votes to Jorgensen). Said mail ballots end up being extremely different both from the mail ballots that came before (as measured in NYT data), and the mail ballots that came afterwards (as measured in the county’s own data).

/ 3 /

Divided Pennsylvania House gives approval for audit of 2020 election

A deeply divided state House on Thursday voted to approve a Republican-sponsored measure that sets up a near-immediate audit of the 2020 election, citing inconsistencies and confusion in the electorate as evidence the process must be improved for future elections in the state.

The chamber voted 112 to 90 for a resolution that told the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee, or a contractor it will hire, to conduct the audit and report back by early February.

Republicans argued they were responding to constituents who were confused by some of the procedures as the state conducted a high-turnout election during a pandemic and under greatly expanded mail-in voting eligibility.

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President Trump: Big Voter Fraud Information Coming Out Concerning Georgia
November 22, 2020 News
 President Trump started his day on Saturday tweeting this out.

Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!

Georgia was an outlier this year. In a year where the sitting president scored the most votes of any president in history, Georgia surprisingly went from Trump +5 to Biden +.25. This, we believe did not happen and we have provided proof of it.
We have much more coming out on The Peach State.  > http://www.madnesshub.com/2020/11/president-trump-big-voter-fraud.html

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Real answers?  No. 

Why does he tell us exactly who owns the company? 

Why does the interviewer not ask about the adjustments that are allowed, as explained in the User manual?  

Eric Shawn presses spokesperson for Dominion voting systems on fraud claims    > 


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FRAUD BY DESIGN - easy to see, if you bother to look!

MAJOR Irregularity is Michigan is Pretty clear;

150,000 votes (96% for Biden) from a Wayne County area with ZERO registered voters :

wtf! Biden supposedly won MI by 155k votes:  JB: 2,806,899 - DT: 2,651,270 = 155,629.   

LISTEN here at 31 minutes in /
EXCLUSIVE: New Michigan Voter Data ?   >

/ 2 /

Mayor Rudy Giuliani: The Michigan attorney general doesn't care if Democrats steal an election


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Bitcoin ... Last: $19,193


BE WARY - the same people who are pushing the massive Pump & Dump on bitcoins, seem to be happy about the stolen election... 

BTC : $19,000+.  I may sell HALF my Bitcoin holdings very soon.  I am slowing coming to the conclusion that this may be a massive Pump & Dump operation/  And that after a surge thru $20,000, to $25k, $30K, or even $40K or higher,  BTC may crash back.  perhaps it is the Fake currency of a Fake news era.  We will see... Perhaps very soon.

The Bullish Bitcoin talk is coming from Silly-Con valley people who helped to create a fraud election... They are liars & cheats.  If the managed the news ti try to rig an election, they would certainly foist a massive Pump & Dump on the world.  the more discerning people I know are still on the sidelines watching BTC,  Some may get dragged in, before it is over... But why would I want to pay $19,000 for digital codes, which the govt can invalidate at any time

Professor Epstein.

A democrat who supported Biden, explains Big Tech behavior - "they can do whatever they please... if they work together" - starting at about 4 mins in :  "they can manipulate up to 15 million votes, (legally?) without leaving a paper trail" /

Tucker Carlson Tonight 11/23/20 FULL  >



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LETS SAVE THIS for the record...

To show how incredibly foolish Dems are - Off in their own crazy World of Lies & Falsehoods

Trump Disavows Sidney Powell as His Legal Team Embarrasses Itself: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump firing one of his lawyers after she claimed the election was rigged as part of a vast conspiracy involving the CIA, the Republican governor of Georgia and the president of Venezuela - who died seven years ago.

It is going to be so satisfying the Watch the LIE STREAM media implode, as the Truth comes rolling out

(here's a contrast with Mr Seth - someone who saw the Light & left the Tribe of Lefties):

You may find this INSIGHTFUL, or amusing...

Bro. Nathaniel supposedly lives in hilltop Monastery in Greece.....

How Trump Wins > https://www.bitchute.com/video/F18PaMzwG81I/

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*** "There's FRAUD IN OUR LAND" *** / Breaking Just Now:

Rudy Giuliani lays out President Trump's Pathways To Victory / - 2pm Nov. 23rd >

LISTENING!  Sounds like Rudy has a good case.  the number of Vote anomolies keeps growing.  It will be so very satisfying to see cheating Joe Biden have the fake victory torn from his grasp!     "They cheated in Democrat corruption cities, in Cities that they own"  "I know about the cheating techniques,,, They used every single one here, magnified by the absentee ballots."

/ 2 /

TWO TEAMS for Two Frauds: 

Jenna Ellis: "We are focused on the Election Officials fraud... Sidney Powell is a friend who is focused on the Dominion Voting machine fraud. That is a longer game."  /

Ellis: It's astonishing how these state election officials had complete disregard for election law >


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