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Vote Fraud? 2020 Election- For SALE to Billionaires?

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American Thinker Blog Headlines

The election coup plot, explained November 6, 2020 How they will do it, and how they will repress you when you protest. More

What you can do to stop the electoral coup November 6, 2020 Dick Morris has hit on a possible game-changer.  More

Brutal tweets from Venezuelans who've seen this stolen-election movie before November 6, 2020 Their friends and allies have some harsh views about election-stealing, too. More

The vast scope of election fraud in America November 6, 2020 This post is just a partial list of evidence showing election fraud in Democrat-run districts across America. More

Sweeping GOP state legislature wins ensure redistricting control, cast doubt on Biden victory claims November 6, 2020 This is the first coattail election with no coat. More

> https://www.americanthinker.com/

One truth-teller with an audience in the mutli-millions is Tucker Carlson, and last night he laid out convincingly the path ahead by which the left, principally relying on its media and social media dominance, will attempt to install as president a man who needed fraudulent votes to win.  The plot, in short, is to have the TV networks, AP, and NYT/WaPo declare the race decided.  At that point the social media censors step in and suppress all efforts — even those of a sitting president — to uncover the fraud as conspiracy theories and an attack on democracy itself.

YouTube screen grab.

If and when Trump-supporters (and a few others who see what is going on) take to the streets and actually threaten the coup, they will be repressed — bloodily, if necessary.  This response already has been signaled.

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“If the question is are the Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia, my answer is, ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ It’s a time-honored tradition,” Blagojevich said. “Big Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing now I’ve never seen such a magnitude because this I think is an indication of just how widespread it is, how deep it is.”

“And I don’t think it’s just confined to Philadelphia. My instincts, again coming out of Chicago Democratic politics, my instincts tell me it’s going on in Atlanta, it’s going on in Detroit, it’s going on in Milwaukee, it’s going on in Las Vegas,” Blagojevich continued. “It’s like what Justice Powell said about pornography: ‘You can’t define it, but you know when you see it.’”

“And coming out of the Democratic Chicago political establishment, I know how they operate. They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate’s behind, and then in the wee hours of the morning, in the dark of night, the stealing starts. And we’ve seen that in big numbers, unprecedented numbers in this election in Michigan and Philadelphia. It’s outrageous, and the fact that they’re doing it with impunity . . .”

> https://thefederalist.com/2020/11/09/yes-there-was-election-fraud-the-question-is-how-much/

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There never was anything Official about the fake Biden victory story




VERY RECKLESS of Biden & Harris to have had that premature victory celebration,  

It seemed an act of desperation, to grab all the media hype behind them, and try to bully Trump & the GOP into conceding "for the good of the country"  WHAT A JOKE!  As if giving in to cheating and bullying could possibly be good for American democracy!   If Biden wanted UNity, he should have called for a fair and full legal process to investigate the results.  Instead, he lined up some celebrities and political pals, plus GOP has-beens. and the corrupt media to celebrate his "victory" with him.  I think that was one of the Lowest moments in US political history.  And he will live in infamy for it.  When his supporters understand what he has done, they may be very angry with him for pushing their hopes so high, only to have them dashed... and instead we go into weeks of Stalemate, while we await the Legal process, and a final credible result.

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Below is how and when recounts will unfold in the states that will decide who ultimately wins the election
+ Georgia
Out of the nearly 5 million ballots cast in the Peach State, Biden holds an extremely slim lead of just 1,564 votes. Not only does his margin qualify for a recount under the state’s law, but officials themselves said Friday that a recount was likely to occur.
+ Pennsylvania
Though Trump led by over 15% in the state early Wednesday, Biden overcame the deficit Friday morning and now leads in the state by approximately 14,000 votes out of over 6.5 million cast.
+ Nevada
According to state law, the loser of the state’s tally can request a recount within three business days of the count being certified…
As of Friday afternoon, Biden leads in the state by just over 20,000 votes, 49.7% to 48.1%.
+ Arizona
State law requires a recount in Arizona if the margin between the top two candidates is within 0.1%… As of Friday, Biden led in the state by 1.3%.
+ Wisconsin
Any candidate can request a recount in the Badger State if the final margin is within 1%.. Most outlets have already called the race for Biden, who leads by approximately 20,500 votes, 49.4% to 48.8%. Immediately after the call, the Trump campaign signaled that it would request a recount in the state.
+ Michigan
Unlike other states, Michigan requires a recount to be conducted, but only if the final vote margin is within 2,000 votes, according to state law… A petition must be submitted within two days of the vote being certified. Biden leads in Michigan by nearly 150,000 votes.    

> https://dailycaller.com/2020/11/06/how-recounts-unfold-critical-battleground-states/

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TRUMP STILL has a Good Chance

Bam!  HUGE POINT here:    "The Election was Stolen.,,"  And simple Recounts may give it back

- Court action in PA may NOT be needed.   "The initial counting was highly partisan"  run by Democrats  /  

Dick Morris Suggests A "Path Forward" for President Trump & Shares A Recent Candid Talk With Trump   /   >


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BREAKING: “Operation Scorecard” CIA-run vote theft software was running in EVERY swing state…

“glitches” switched votes from Trump to Biden

Five days ago, we published a breaking story that was originally uncovered by Dave Janda (DaveJanda.com), detailing the use of CIA-developed software to steal votes by intercepting voting machines and switching Trump votes to Biden votes. That story is entitled, “RED ALERT: Dems collude with CIA to launch intelligence operation that ALTERS voting machine results in Pennsylvania and other swing states.” (See full video interview below, which was banned by YouTube.) Earlier today it was discovered that a software “glitch” in Michigan had switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. The glitch was discovered when an effort was made to manually review the ballots, revealing that thousands of votes were switched by the software. This was announced by state GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, who stated: In Antrim County, ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates.

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What Would It Take to Convince You The Election Was Rigged?


Would Any of This Be Right?

Now, for those fair-minded people who support Biden, may I ask a few questions? Do you believe

  1. It would be wrong for election supervisors to coach workers to correct mail-in ballots for Biden, but not for Trump?
  2. That it would also be wrong for election workers to coach voters to vote for Biden and Democrats, and follow them to the ballot station?
  3. It would be wrong for poll workers to go out to a Biden-Harris van in the middle of the night and fill out ballots?
  4. That it would be likewise wrong for poll workers to fill in the names of people who hadn’t yet voted when a “voter” comes in who is not on the voter rolls?
  5. It’s wrong for poll workers to ignore matching signature requirements?
  6. That it’s wrong for counting centers to keep Republican poll watchers from observing hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots?
  7. It was wrong for Philadelphia Democrats to ignore a court order that demanded poll watchers have their rightful access?
  8. That it’s wrong for a Democratic- controlled ballot-counting center Fulton County, Georgia to tell GOP observers they were done counting for the night … then resume counting the minute the observers left?
  9. It was wrong for Nevada voting officials to fabricate proof of residence data for non-eligible voters?
  10. That it was likewise wrong for postal supervisors in several states to order workers to pre-date late arriving ballots, so it would falsely appear they arrived on time?
  11. It is wrong to cast ballots using the dead?
  12. That it is wrong to count ballots from people ineligible to vote in a particular state?
  13. It is wrong for a state supreme court to ignore state law and the U.S. constitution to change the voting rules right before an election? Rules guaranteed to make the process more susceptible to fraud?

Each of those statements is asserted in 131 sworn affidavits from poll workers, poll watchers and whistleblowers or happened in broad daylight.

> source: https://stream.org/what-would-it-take-to-convince-you-the-election-was-rigged/

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  • Donald J. Trump (R): 49.05%
  • Joe Biden (D).           : 49.44%
            >99% reporting
  • Donald J. Trump (R): 49.06%
  • Joe Biden (D)            : 49.78%
             >99% reporting
  • Donald J. Trump (R): 49.24%
  • Joe Biden (D)            : 49.52%
            >99% reporting
N. Carolina
  • Donald J. Trump (R): 50.06%
  • Joe Biden (D)           : 48.72%
             >95% reporting
  • Donald J. Trump (R): 47.49%
  • Joe Biden (D).           : 50.24%
>95% reporting.  > https://www.newsmax.com/

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Who counted the votes? Who are the stakeholders in Dominion Voting Systems?

Dominion Voting Systems, which is at the center of the #Glitchgate scandal in the contested 2020 election, was acquired by private equity firm Staple Street Capital in July 2018.

Staple Street Equity was founded by former members of the George Soros-funded Carlyle Group. Executive Director of Carlyle Group, William Kennard, is director of Staple Street Capital.

Kennard was appointed FCC chairman during the Clinton administration and was appointed Ambassador to the European Union during the Obama era. On Nov. 6, Bloomberg reported that Kennard was named as the next chairman of AT&T Inc.

Related: Dominion Voting Systems tied to Clintons, widely used in battleground states, November 6, 2020

“Team Obama literally bought the voting machines and software being used to count the votes in this election,” an independent media member noted.

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HUGE! Elections Security Expert Finds Michigan Results a COMPLETE FRAUD — Current Machines Do Not Have Capability to Count the Mass Dumps for Biden in Reported Time Period (VIDEO)

Russ Ramsland, of the Allied Security Operations Group, joined Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night to discuss the Michigan presidential election.

Ramsland confirmed the vote was fraudulent and he has proof!

The election was stolen!

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FRAUD BY DESIGN - easy to see, if you bother to look!

MAJOR Irregularity is Michigan is Pretty clear;

150,000 votes (96% for Biden) from a Wayne County area with ZERO registered voters :

wtf! Biden supposedly won MI by 155k votes:  JB: 2,806,899 - DT: 2,651,270 = 155,629.   

LISTEN here at 31 minutes in /
EXCLUSIVE: New Michigan Voter Data ?   >


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The Definitive Case Proving Donald Trump Won the Election

The on-the-ground circumstances in these states had been suspicious for weeks and warranted investigation in their own right.  We now have the math to confirm our suspicions.  This report, in winding sentences and hedged language, lays it bare for all of us to see: Joe Biden’s election “victory” relied on a fraudulent counting process in the dead of night.

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THE EXTRA GA BALLOTS CAN PROVE THE FRAUD- (& point the way for other states?)

A witness in Georgia will be testifying that there were ballots that were different than the official ones.

He will say that the paper is different and the area where you vote is solid grey instead of transparent like the ones the state sent out. He says there were stacks of pristine ballots that appeared to have been marked for Biden by a machine.
Sidney Powell’s lawsuit points out several anomalies of which this is just one, but a very important one. If what he says is true, these ballots were manufactured not by the state, but by someone who wanted to assure that Biden won the election.
The witness claims the ballots did not look like they had ever been handled and the vote could have been added by a copy machine.  > https://davidharrisjr.com/steven/georgia-lawsuit-witness-to-testify-about-use-of-different-paper-for-counterfeit-ballots-watermark-solid-grey-instead-of-transparent-claims-100-were-for/

/ 2 /

TWO WITNESSES and it is done- since it will likely force recounts in the other states, and more Fake Biden ballots will be found - maybe millions more,   (If this plays out, Dim-Dem & his co-conspirators may be headed to jail,  Then it will be:  Bye, Biden, We're Done with you!)  
Witness#1:           "I noticed that almost all of the ballots I reviewed were for Biden. Many batches went 100% for Biden. I also observed that the watermark on at least 3 ballots were solid gray instead of transparent, leading me to believe the ballot was counterfeit. I challenged this and the Elections Director said it was a legitimate ballot and was due to the use of different printers. Many ballots had markings for Biden only, and no markings on the rest of the ballot."

"Another affiant (same witness who gave sworn statement in Wood v. Raffensperger) explained she observed batches of pristine ballots with different texture paper with machine-stamped bubbles that went 98% for Joe Biden."

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WE CAUGHT THEM: Lin Wood Outed Mysterious Georgia Operative Gabe Sterling –

Now Video Shows Him Admitting He Helped Set Up Drop Boxes and Promoted Far Left Activists as Absentee Ballot Counters

Yesterday we reported on Lin Wood’s bombshell tweet about an almost $11 million grant award to the Georgia Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger and his accomplice Gabe Sterling. We wondered who Sterling even was. Now we have more.

In a recent tweet Lin Wood zeroed in on an anomaly, or something much, much worse, relating to the Secretary of State’s Office and this almost $11 million transaction with the state of Georgia. Wood’s bombshell tweet refers to an April 15, 2020 letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) from Secretary of State Raffensperger, who is also Georgia’s Chief Election Official.


Georgia was poised to receive a $10,875,912 grant from the EAC for Covid-19-related election expenses. (The EAC, a federal entity which, by the way, certifies U.S. election machines, hardware and software, has some clear and shocking conflicts-of-interest of its own going on with its Advisory Board.) Raffensperger assured the EAC that the funds would be used to “prevent, prepare for and respond to coronavirus, domestically or internationally, for the 2020 Federal election cycle.”

The contact person at the end of the letter is Gabriel Sterling, who was appointed the COO of the Secretary of State’s office by Brad Raffensperger, the brand new SoS, shortly after Raffensperger was elected to the position in November 2018. Raffensperger’s predecessor was Brian Kemp, who had just been elected Georgia’s governor. Sterling, as COO, would be in charge of budgetary, human resources and administrative operations for the Secretary of State’s office. Sterling, strangely, has also been referred to, in multiple, recent media accounts, as Georgia’s “Statewide Voting System Implementation Manager.”

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