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CAN Portfolio: Sold some SMC.t, Sulliden, to get some cash.

Half the position was sold on Friday at 8 cents. a small 14.3% profit, on 7,500 shares.

Not much gain, But the drop in gold last week is bringing opportunities which we are now evaluating

GDXJ vs...  update: w/MCI too: +smc: +vg: 10d /: GDXJ: $52.48 +7.0%, (was $58.05)

WM.t: $0.81 +6.1%, EMR.v: $0.07 +0.00%, SMC.t: +$0.075 - 11.8%, VG.v: $0.55, +1.9% / $52.48= 1.54% @ 1.11.21

WM.t: $0.81 +3.9%, EMR.v: $0.08 +0.00%, SMC.t: +$0.070 +0.00%, VG.v: $0.44, +0.0% / $58.05= 1.40% @ 1.04.21



PHL chart ... from 2020: +UKXSep-Jan: 10d :: PSE: 152.0 / PSEI: 7,290 = r-2.08% (was 2.16-2.17%)



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"Mega News!!!" / A good Drilling Report from WM.t / Wallbridge
posted January 13, 2021 07:47 am  by  Reachme on Stockhouse.com
Wallbridge’s Infill Wedge Drilling Results Average 9.26 g Au/t over 31.34 metres in Tabasco Shear Zone Toronto Stock Exchange:WM (globenewswire.com)
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+  The operative word being "infill".  - DK
+  This is fantastic news.....let's take this over $1 and then some more....          

LET's SEE, if it moves the stock up today.  I would expect that to happen on these rather fabulous drilling results

(in edit... The Good News was a non-event.):

WM.t was down on the day. along with other other Gold stocks;  GDXJ: $51.89 - 1.5%

  • WM.t / Wallbridge Mining ... update: 10d/ Last: 0.78 - 0.01, -1.27%


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We put the funds from the SMC sale to work,  taking a small share in a placement

(I shared the following comment with my Mentee, before she agreed to participate)


MCI / Minnova Corp., one to watch?  

"MCI  is doing a placement at 20 cents net price. (with half warrants.)  I have agreed to take some and can share with you.  You have some cash after selling SMC.  And I suggest you put it into the placement.   As I have heard from someone close to the company, there will be lots of news flow, because they are raising this money to put their mine back in production... and to hire new people to build up the company."

Until now, MCI has been a "one man band", and that held the share price back.   A new future is coming...

(Here's a interview, and plant inspection by the Company's CEO giving an indication of the potential)

Minnova Corp. (MCI) - Near-Term Gold Producer with Mill  / Video >


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Wow!  What a great day for our new stock !

MCI / Minnova ... from April 2020 / Last:  $0.36 +0.11, +44%



We took a small share in the placement, being done at a net price of 20 cents

So the C$600 investment (3,000 MCI shares) Is now worth x $0.36=. $1,080: +$480  (ignoring the wts.)

That's up 80% from our cost. 

However, this investment will be subject to a 4 months hold from the closing of the placement.

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