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The Coming Desertion of Dem-run Cities

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The Coming Desertion of Dem-run Cities

They want sh/th@les?  Let them become sh/tholes... they won't have my investment for much longer

Nolte: It’s Time for All Good People to Abandon Democrat-Run Cities 

TOPSHOT - A man burns an upsidedown US flag as protesters gather in downtown Los Angeles on May 27, 2020 to demonstrate after George Floyd, an unarmed black man, died while being arrested by a police officer in Minneapolis who pinned him to the ground with his knee. - Outrage …

Thanks to plague and riots, the era of the city is over, and good people need to flee while they still can.

Stupid people need to stay where they are.


(DrBubb's reaction to the news & this article follows):

I was living near DETROIT in 1967 when the riots hit there.  The black mayor told the white citizens: "hit the road for 8 mile"  (the city limit).  And they did. The Whites left the city for the suburbs.  From mid-1950's to 2010, Detroit lost about 2/3rds of its population... and eventually went into bankruptcy.  (City workers found a they lost over half their pensions,) Same thing may now happen across large American cities, at an accelerated rate.


If the blacks want a Race war, they will surely lose it.  Clearly, that is an unwise plan.  As it is, the cities the angry blacks are left in may be deserted by hard working, tax paying people.  And the poor will be left shivering & praying in bankrupt cities, that no one cares about, because of years of violence, riots, and mis-management

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When the Riots hit Detroit in 1967, it was Gov. Romney who sent in the National Guard

Today, the Michigan governor, Whitmore, is a "P*ssy" by comparison

The Detroit Riot of 1967 - Google Books Result

At 3:05 word was received that 360 troopers were at the Eight Mile road armory awaiting ... Fifty minutes later Governor Romney authorized their activation, and by 6:57 guardsmen began to appear on Detroit's streets. ... being hit (precinct 1). ... By the end of the first 19 hours of rioting, the police department had logged over ...
Hubert G. Locke - 2017 - ‎Political Science
Jul 15, 2017 - In 1967, Detroit erupted in one of the worst riots in American history, a rebellion ... later, a "blue flu" strike in which 20% of the 4,380-member force called in ... to white Detroiters moving across 8 Mile Road — neighbors jeered, ...

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TimPool: "these young people are useful idiots.  They are going to prison" 

Great!  maybe the  fools will reveal when there, who are the real Leaders.  (Sore-@rse's people?) /

Go on Tim, Tell more truths> nail these scumbags & jail their leaders >

NYPD Says Evidence PROVES Rioting Is Planned, "Activists" Caught Giving Out Bricks To Protesters >


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