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Boosting Immunity & Getting to Green on Covid-19

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Considering the advanced researches and technologies of China and Russia, and the good vibes they are giving in helping different countries deal with the Covid-19 onslaught...

This recommendation from a Russian doctor may be worth a try, especially since it’s “Natural.”  -- Patrice D Ilagan
This Russian doctor Oleg Torsunov is not ordinary doctor. He has developed and patented the treatment of difficult diseases naturally, having written 17 books and never stopped travelling and giving seminars, he has millions of followers and his seminars are always fully attended. He has changed my life as well, that’s why I have faith in his method.

Dr. Oleg G. Torsunov says:

The virus itself doesn't kill people.

Its danger lies in denying the human organism the chance to defend itself against bacterial pneumonia. It is the bacterial complication that affect the lungs after the virus weakened the body. Bacterial pneumonia can occur 7 days after coming into contact with the virus.

I have been studying how to fight viral infections for 15 years now.

Today's hygiene means "chewing ginger every day”
Ginger, turmeric, pine, yellow mustard and white pepper has shown the best result in treating viral infections. Especially ginger has proven to be effective to prevent and cure viral infections.

Please don’t take it lightly, and give it a chance to prove itself!
If you chew a small piece of ginger 3 times a day and drink a warm turmeric drink with a little honey, you will not be able to get any viruses. It is guaranteed to hold you immune for about 3-4 hours.. Children can be given the ginger with water and honey.
The strength of the ginger should not be underestimated.
I fly from city to city by plane every week. I don't wear mask because I always have some ginger in my pocket.

So again: the corona virus itself is weak. If it were strong, the toddlers would be the first to get sick and die, but they don’t get affected, they can be carriers, but they don’t get sick.

For those who can’t eat, ginger can be put in a piece of cloth and then tied to the left wrist , where the watch is normally worn. On the wrist and ankle. At this point, it works for 24 hours.

If you already have Flu-like symptoms, put the ginger in the bandage every day, and in 2-3 days you will be clear. You can also tie a piece of turmeric on your left wrist, but Ginger is especially suitable against the Corona virus.


I will repost my earlier messg on ginger...

There was a hospital in Henan. 25 covid patients .... all recovered.  None of the 1000 hospital staff and doctors were infected.
Hospital prepared ginger+licorice tea everyday for all the staff.
If direct contact with patient... they added other herbs.
If no licorice... ginger nalang.


This brings to mind an Ayurvedic preparation that could be beneficial: It’s called Yogi Tea (aka Chai). Made of Ginger, Cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, black pepper, cloves. / all found in Assads Indian store (main branch Manila, one in Jupiter st, makati)

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I have found this really interesting podcast with two professors talking about the Evolutionary aspects of the Covid virus. 

I found it, surprizingly interesting.  Let me know if you agree :

"The Virus does NOT WANT TO KILL YOU"

Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying discuss the state of the world :

A very interesting point made near the end of the Video is...

Heather & her son MAY HAVE HAD THE COVID VIRUS, last year in November

(Btw, David Icke made the same point, and I do too, I had some weird type of flu in November.)

The really interesting thing about this, is that IF WE HAD IT, we may now be immune.

The US and the world need to do a better job of using the immune Recoverees.

They may be the ones to restart the economy.  People need to know their actual status

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