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Corona - Super Virus: 50 Million plus Quarantined

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CROSSOVER SOON - maybe tomorrow

Recoveries will soon exceed new cases



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Nolte: We Should Thank the Rioters for Exposing LOCKDOWNS AS PURELY POLITICAL

/ The establishment media and Democrats are encouraging Americans to go out and riot, which proves the coronavirus lockdowns are purely political.
Item: You can’t social distance when you riot.  So we now know these lockdowns and all this crap about social distancing was a lie, because what you have here are the media encouraging their own viewers to riot and protest, and Democrats encouraging their own voters to riot and protest… And I think it’s safe to assume if the media and Democrats believed the coronavirus would kill their viewers and voters, they would not encourage such a thing.
Here are some perfect examples…

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/02/nolte-we-should-thank-the-rioters-for-exposing-lockdowns-as-purely-political/

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Do you remember all that emotional blackmail?

Nolte: Healthcare Slogan ‘We’re Here For You, Stay Home for Us’ Exposed as Total BS


Remember when the Internet and TV commercials and public service announcements were all filled with healthcare workers holding up signs that said “We’re Here For You, Stay Home for Us”?

Do you remember all that emotional blackmail?

It was all over the place.

The message was basically this: Dear Ungrateful Commoner: We’re out here risking our lives on the front lines, and we selfless and brave healthcare heroes need you to remain on lockdown and lose your jobs and your businesses and give up everything that makes life living,  for us… Cuz we’re brave and awesome, so we need you to destroy the economy that might get the Orange Bad Man reelected, even though, if you’re under 50, the coronavirus is no more lethal than the flu

Remember all that sanctimonious, anti-science garbage?

Well, guess what… It was all bullshit. Many of us knew that at the time. But now we know that our oh-so precious healthcare workers also knew it was bullshit, because look at them now…

No, really, look at them now openly encouraging mass gatherings of people.

Tell me if I got their science correct…

> https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/06/03/nolte-healthcare-slogan-were-here-for-you-stay-home-for-us-exposed-as-total-bs-2/

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MSM still predicting a Covid APOCALYPSE, but their web of lies is collapsing around them

The mainstream media is still trying to drum up fear and hysteria on the basis of cherry-picked statistics. A glance at the figures is enough to prove them liars. Someone should let them know: no one is listening anymore.

The US has recently surpassed 2 million cases, according to official figures, representing almost one-third of the world’s coronavirus infections. Much of the reporting on recent statistics features words like ‘spikes’, ‘surges’, and ‘hot spots’, but patterns in the statistics suggest that some areas have dwindling levels of the virus, while it is only now beginning to spread in others.

What can I say? They’re lying. There has been a clear and persistent drop in cases ever since the peak towards the end of April, about six weeks ago. This is just another example of MSM outlets publishing half-truths, cherry-picked statistics, and agenda-driven stories in order to push their narrative.

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