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DrBubb's Diary - Q1. 2020 Trading - v.132

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Date : NIKL : PSEI: pct.%: NI-pr.: Nikl/N: Cu-pr.: APX : -PX -:
05.11 : 1.58: 5,668: 2.79%: $5.55: 28.5%: $0.00 : 0.92 : 2.34 :
04.30 : 1.70: 5,701: 2.98%: $5.46: 31.1%: $0.00 : 0.95 : 2.29 :
03.31 : 1.55: 5,321: 2.91%: $5.14: 30.2%: $0.00 : 0.72 : 2.04 :
02.28 : 2.18: 6,788: 3.21%: $5.51: 39.6%: $0.00 : 1.00 : 2.90 :
01.31 : 2.86: 7,201: 3.97%: $5.79: 49.4%: $0.00 : 0.99 : 2.88 :
YE-19: 3.39: 7,815: 4.34%: $6.42: 52.8%: $0.00 : 0.99 : 2.83 :
Mid19 2.25: 8,000: 2.81%: $5.75: 39.8%: $0.00 : 1.24 : 3.60 :
YE-18: 2.20: 7,466: 2.95%: $4.83: 45.5%: $0.00 : 1.67 : 3.09 :
Mid18 4.64: 7,194: 6.45%: $6.73: 68.9%: $0.00 : 1.46 : 4.50 :
YE-17: 6.36: 8,558: 7.43%: $5.67: 112.%: $0.00 : 1.55 : 6.06 :
YE-16: 7.80: 6,841: 11.4%: $4.53: 172.%: $0.00 : 2.62 : 8.60 :
YE-15: 5.90: 6,962: 8.47%: $3.91: 151.%: $0.00 : 1.80 : 4.40 :

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US PROPERTY: "Nothing's Happening"

....due to an impassable Uncertainty gap,  "there is not enough price discovery" (yet). 

The expectations of the future are so confused that almost no one has the confidence to price a transaction (where they can see an advantage in dealing)

/ Billionaire Sam Zell on Market Valuations, Real Estate, Post-Virus Economy >


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Crazy Bo Polny is still madly bullish on Gold /
Bo Polny – Coming Gold Rush Will Be Epic >


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"each BAILOUT will get bigger" 

Jim Rickards: economic freeze is here, get gold, silver if you can and get ready


/ 2 /

What is ahead is MESSY, very Messy

USDollar, The Final Act - Frank Guistra

As I said a decade ago, the day would come that the Fed would be the buyer of US government debt of last resort and ultimately, the only buyer. All of that debt and the concurrent money printing is indistinguishable, as the debt is being monetized, regardless. These decisions are being made with zero regard to future consequences. The objective is the same – to avoid drowning at any cost, even if that means pulling the lifeboat under with everyone in it. Judging by the rally in equities since the Fed took action, at least they will save the stock market, which should make the 1% happy. (For the moment.) I don’t think we have seen the beginning of defaults and insolvencies in corporate America yet. The idea that we will have a V-shaped recovery is fantasy.

I predict the Fed balance sheet will be $10 trillion by year end. I will say it again. The Fed will never, ever be able to normalize interest rates and will never unwind its bloated balance sheet. That is a mathematical certainty. While I thought we might have crossed the event horizon, with respect to monetary policy after 2008, we are now squarely in the centre of a black hole. Policy makers made the fatal error long ago, choosing a series of Pyrrhic wins and inevitably losing the war. I can’t see how we emerge from the post Covid-19 crisis and it’s irreparable damage to the reputation of the US dollar without some new global monetary system. The unthinkable is now inevitable. The US is making the same mistakes made by Argentina, Venezuela and countless countries and empires throughout history. Creating a new system will not be easy; likely, it will be very messy. What that will look like is anyone’s guess. Perhaps a trading unit consisting of a basket of currencies and/or commodities. And of course, the only currency that has survived throughout the millennia, gold

> https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2020-05-14/The-US-dollar-the-final-act.html

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Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller questions the optimism of a strong “V-shaped” recovery for the global economy.

Although equity markets have seen a sharp recovery since bottoming out in March when the world just began to feel the economic impact of the coronavirus, there is doubt it will last, reports Kitco News. Druckenmiller said on a webcast this week that “the risk-reward for equity is maybe as bad as I’ve seen it in my career.”

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Sharing Post from another group.

Still checking if 70 Scientists, Doctors actually approached Trump s as claimed.

Looks like a good read on China Virus

70 scientists, doctors tell Trump how to regain control over corona crisis hijacked by radicals
The US scientists, medical professionals, and economists warned the president that the crisis was being used by some as a 'political opportunity'
May 21, 2020 – Last week, a letter containing a dozen science-based, common-sense suggestions for handling the China Virus was personally handed to President Trump. It was signed by 70 US scientists, medical professionals, economists, and other technical experts representing all parts of the political spectrum.

They set their political differences aside because of their shared belief that, as they explained, “genuine science should be the basis of our technical public policies and subsequent actions.  Unfortunately, far too often real science has been replaced by political science.”

In the case of the China virus, they noted, “some of the complaints relating to COVID-19 appear to be from those who see this pandemic as a political opportunity.”

Who among us has not noticed the ridiculous political posturing that some governors and mayors have been engaging in, which has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with political gamesmanship in advance of the upcoming elections?

These outside experts, on the other hand, promised a “non-political perspective and recommendations on the way forward with COVID-19” based on their “diverse backgrounds and expertise representing a cross-section of specialties and skills in a number of fields, ranging from health care to the physical sciences to economics. … We are all in the same fight, so we need to work

Immediately add a professional statistician to the COVID-19 team, continue flattening the curve, and require more accurate reporting of COVID-19 complications and deaths.
The initial models being used to project China Virus deaths were poorly designed and produced wildly inflated predictions of infections and deaths.  Perverse financial incentives to report even suicides and traffic fatalities as China Virus deaths made the problem worse.  Having an expert statistician, combined with clear reporting guidelines, would help bring the numbers back to reality.  

Federal government should put businesses into four categories (A thru D) based on the frequency and duration of close personal contact.
Right now some governors seem to be making entirely arbitrary decisions based more on politics than science.  Those on the Left seldom darken the doors of churches and gun stores, so it closes them down.  On the other hand, because their followers tend to frequent cannabis shops and liquor stores, it allows these to stay open.  

Having federal standards would help to remove politics from these decisions, and inject much-needed rationality.  An “A” business might be golf courses, while “D” businesses might be restaurants.

While private-public partnerships aggressively work to increase COVID-19 testing capability, educate citizens on how they can optimize their immune system.
Aside from living a healthy lifestyle, there is ample evidence that Vitamins C and D, in combination with Zinc, boosts your immune system and increases your body’s ability to fight off COVID-19 disease.  Rather than locking Americans down, health officials should be encouraging them to ramp up their innate immune system by taking supplements.

The FDA should immediately approve doctor-supervised HCQ+Z-Pak+Zn plus Remdesivir protocols.
Hydroxychloroquine should never have been politicized in the first place but, as soon as President Trump mentioned—accurately—that it was proving to be an effective tool in combating China Virus, his political enemies began to attack it.  ....

. . .

Congress should refrain from additional COVID-19 outlays, as an economically problematic amount has already been authorized.
An obscene amount of money has already been thrown at the China Virus epidemic, much of which was wasted. We built hospitals that were never used, and sent hospital ships to New York and California that saw mere handfuls of patients.  Other sums went to Progressive “wish list” items that had nothing whatsoever to do with the epidemic.  

Nancy Pelosi’s ridiculous 3 trillion dollar “fast track to socialism” bill is just more of the same. Any new expenditures should be specifically tied to dealing with the China Virus.  Our national debt is already close to unsustainable.  We should not be adding to it.

Continue to exhaustively investigate the origin of COVID-19.
Evidence is growing that the coronavirus not only leaked from the Wuhan biolab, but was created there.  An investigation is necessary not only to assign responsibility for the outbreak, but also to prevent a future outbreak from one of China’s labs.  Most importantly, it should include an assessment of the damage caused by the China Virus to the U.S. and the global economy, so that it can be used as a basis for seeking reparations from the CCP and its leaders for damages.  

If the CCP and its leaders are responsible, as the evidence indicates, then we should hold them responsible for their actions, and use all of the avenues at our disposal to recover, one way or another, damages.  

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