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WARREN: Shrill, Toxic, Female... & Leading?

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WARREN: Shrill, Toxic, Female...  & Leading?

After the Satan One lost in 2016, some days favor the Fake One in 2020

Warren Draws Crowd of 15,000 in Seattle...

Courting Dem Establishment...


3-Way Lead as Dem 2020 Picture Shifts

Monday, Aug. 26, 2019

Sanders and Warren rise; Biden drops

West Long Branch, NJ – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Vice President Joe Biden are currently bunched together in the national Democratic presidential preference contest. Movement in the latest Monmouth University Poll – positive for Warren and Sanders, negative for Biden – suggests the 2020 presidential nomination process may be entering a volatile stage.  The poll results also suggest that liberal voters are starting to take a closer look at a wider range of candidates, while moderates are focusing on those with the highest name recognition.  Another key finding that could contribute to growing volatility in the race is confusion over “Medicare for All.” Most say support for this policy is an important factor in choosing a Democratic nominee, but voters actually prefer a public option over a single payer plan.

The poll finds a virtual three-way tie among Sanders (20%), Warren (20%), and Biden (19%) in the presidential nomination preferences of registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning voters across the country. Compared to Monmouth’s June poll, these results represent an increase in support for both Sanders (up from 14%) and Warren (up from 15%), and a significant drop for Biden (down from 32%).

... Most of Biden’s lost support in these groups shifted almost equally toward Sanders and Warren.

Bernie vows moratoriumon mergers of media giants...

Op-Ed: My plan for better journalism...

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2020 DEMOCRATIC SUPPORT by state primary schedule *
  Aug‘19 Jun‘19 May‘19 Aug‘19 Jun‘19 May‘19
Elizabeth Warren 20% 15% 9% 20% 16% 11%
Joe Biden 20% 26% 26% 17% 38% 38%
Bernie Sanders 16% 15% 14% 23% 13% 16%
Kamala Harris 12% 11% 14% 5% 5% 8%
Cory Booker 2% 3% <1% 5% 1% 1%
Pete Buttigieg 4% 4% 6% 4% 6% 6%
Andrew Yang 5% 3% 2% 2% 1% 0%


Warren has seen her personal ratings improve steadily over the past few months.  She currently earns a 65% favorable and 13% unfavorable rating, up from 60%-14% in May, the last time Monmouth tracked the 2020 candidate ratings.  At the same, time Biden has seen his ratings drop to 66% favorable and 25% unfavorable, from 74%-17% three months ago. The ratings for Sanders have been comparatively more stable at 64% favorable and 24% unfavorable compared with 65%-21% in Monmouth’s May poll.

> https://www.monmouth.edu/polling-institute/reports/monmouthpoll_us_082619/


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TOXIC Femininity:  GOVERNMENT is THE Answer

(they want to use it to grab resources from men.)

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NBC/WSJ poll: Biden leads Dem 2020 field, Warren's support grows

While Biden dominates among more moderate Democrats and black voters, Warren overperforms among whites and liberals.

Before huge crowd, touts self as heir to female pioneers...
Competing versions of populism could define campaign...

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HALF as Popular as she says

Fact Check: Elizabeth Warren Exaggerates Crowd Sizes for the Third Time


CLAIM: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) “didn’t have 20,000 people” at her rally in Manhattan on Monday night, according to President Donald Trump.

VERDICT: Likely true. The maximum capacity of Washington Square Park is 10,000.

As Trump suggested Tuesday, Warren appears to have exaggerated the size of her rally crowd in Washington Square on Monday night — apparently the third time she has done so in recent weeks.

Warren’s campaign claimed that 20,000 people had shown up for the event. However, as Breitbart News reported, New York City Parks said that the park did not hold more than 10,000 — the maximum permitted for the event.

Last month, in Minnesota, the Warren campaign claimed that she had drawn a crowd of 12,000 to the campus of Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. But college officials told Breitbart News that the field only had capacity for 3,000, with some “spillover.” Given that the event had been moved outdoors out of concern that the largest indoor hall, at a capacity of 4,000, would be too small, a generous estimate would have put the crowd at 6,000. Nevertheless, many media outlets reported the 12,000 figure, though the only source for that claim was the Warren campaign, and there was no official count from local police, campus officials, or fire marshals.

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"she villifies wealthy people"

Some Wall Street Dem donors warn the party they won't back Warren


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LYING LIZ is leading

Elizabeth Warren Overtakes Joe Biden in Real Clear Politics Average

Democratic presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., left, and former Vice President Joe Biden talk during a break Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, in a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
AP Photo/David J. Phillip

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has surpassed Joe Biden (D) in the current Real Clear Politics average, marking the first time Biden has lost his lead since announcing his presidential bid.

The current Real Clear Politics average shows Warren narrowly edging out Biden with 26.6 percent support to Biden’s 26.4 percent support. The change follows weeks of Warren slowly gaining on Biden in both national and early primary state polls. Both candidates hold a double-digit lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who is currently averaging 14.6 percent.

The RCP average also reflects Sen. Kamala Harris’s (D-CA) continued fall, showing Mayor Pete Buttigieg (D) taking her formerly held fourth place position with 5.6 percent support to the California senator’s 4.4 percent.

The average shows Andrew Yang (D) in sixth place with 2.8 percent support, followed by Beto O’Rourke (D) with two percent support. The remaining candidates are averaging less than two percent:

Twelve candidates will participate in the Democrat debate in Westerville, Ohio, on October 15.

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Yet MORE INSANITY from Mz Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s Workers Plan Will Provide Back Pay to Illegal Aliens

2020 US Democratic Presidential hopeful US Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren speaks on-stage during the Democratic National Committee's summer meeting in San Francisco, California on August 23, 2019. (Photo by JOSH EDELSON / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), a leading 2020 Democrat presidential primary candidate, is vowing to “fight” for back pay for illegal aliens.

As part of Warren’s “Empowering American Workers and Raising Wages” plan, illegal aliens who have worked illegally in the United States — sometimes by stealing Americans’ identities and Social Security numbers — would become eligible to receive back pay for their previous work by amending the National Labor Relations Act.

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The friend of Fake victims (who vote)... but not Tax payers

Last week we warned readers that if President Donald Trump is removed from office before the 2020 elections, they should say hello to President Elizabeth Warren. This week we feel the need to warn remind readers just how damaging a Warren administration would be.

Unlike Sen. Bernie Sanders and Eugene Debs, Warren is not an admitted socialist. But she is a greater threat than Debs ever was because she has a chance. In five runs for the White House, Debs never had more than 6% of the popular vote. Warren, however, now leads all Democrats in the RealClearPolitics average of polls, having passed the fading Joe Biden for the top spot.

She will also have the legacy media 100% behind her, an advantage not only in the election but it ramming policies through Congress. She could not possibly propose anything so radical that the Democrats with keyboards, cameras, and microphones would question it.

Though Sanders has the socialist history and the credentials, Warren, not so long ago a Republican, is more closely aligned to Marxism than the Vermont senator.

For evidence, we need go back no further than last year, when she released her Accountable Capitalism Act. Under this law, companies with more than $1 billion in annual revenue would have to “obtain a federal charter from a newly formed Office of United States Corporations at the Department of Commerce.” This Washington-issued permission slip “obligates company directors to consider the interests of all corporate stakeholders – including employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which the company operates.”

It would, as well, prohibit businesses from making political donations without approval from 75% of their directors and shareholders, and requires them to “ensure that no fewer than 40% of its directors are selected by the corporation’s employees.”

Maybe Karl Marx himself could explain the benefits of those limitations because we just don’t see them. However, we do see a system in which Washington takes over the means of production.

. . . Now we come to Warren’s wealth tax, a Sanders-like scheme that would impose a 2% annual tax on individuals with more than $50 million in wealth and a 3% tax on those worth more than $1 billion, seizing more than $3 trillion in private property over a decade. She doesn’t care that most of the European nations that enacted wealth taxes repealed them — nine of the 12 since 1990 — because they were unworkable; that a wealth tax encourages avoidance, evasion, and capital flight; that it is “toxic,” and will “put a bullseye on those” too poor to be taxed under the plan. Warren simply wishes to dictate the wealthy pay their “fair share.” Her tyrannical urges don’t lie far below the surface.

Pocahontas Reportedly Looking At Failed Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum As VP Running Mate

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Jogging into the Lead

Elizabeth Warren, 70, flaunts her fitness as Democratic candidates’ health becomes a debate issue

  • WASHINGTON — As hundreds of people gathered for a recent Elizabeth Warren rally in Rock Hill, S.C., the heat built so much that one woman in the crowd passed out before the event started.

The 90-degree day did not appear to slow Warren: She bounded up the steps to the stage and gave a kinetic, full-body wave to the crowd.

Without saying a word, the 70-year-old presidential candidate sent a message: Her physical stamina belies her age.

The age of the leading candidates has become the great, albeit often unspoken, issue of the Democratic presidential campaign. As they prepare for their next debate on Tuesday, Warren’s chief rivals and fellow septuagenarians, Sen. Bernie Sanders, 78, and former Vice President Joe Biden, 76, are both facing questions about whether they are too old to run.

Sen. Warren (D-Mass.) is taking every opportunity to flaunt her fitness.

In the now-famous selfie-photo lines that are the capstone of her campaign rallies, Warren stays on her feet for hours greeting voters individually. Opening her rallies, she typically jogs to the podium. When she raced to the stage at the sweltering Rock Hill rally, she astonished a woman who was decades younger.

“I was just amazed that when you first came out here, Sen. Warren, that you ran up those steps the way that you did, and all this energy and stamina that you have,” said Nikita Jackson, a local city councilwoman who joined her on the stage.

Warren never mentions the contrast with her rivals. She doesn’t have to.

. . .

For now, Warren’s energetic style of speaking — pacing the stage, flailing her arms, punching the air — helps to give many voters the impression she is younger than she is.

It sometimes seems a bit stagey, but associates say she is an energizer bunny in private too. Fueled by a high metabolism, she tends to snack and eat small meals throughout the day, yet remains rail thin. Even after a full day of campaigning she walks — in a hotel atrium or parking lot if need be.

Warren running — not for president, but literally running — has become an internet meme. Her supporters have posted videos of her running to the podium or stage at her rallies; running in a Pride parade; running through Penn Station in New York to catch a train.

Nothing spells stamina quite like her photo lines. At every rally she offers to take selfies — actually, they are phone photos taken by her staff — to everyone who wants one. Her one concession to comfort is that she typically dons sneakers before beginning the process. Even at the steamy rally in Rock Hill, hundreds lined up.

> https://www.bakersfield.com/ap/news/elizabeth-warren-flaunts-her-fitness-as-democratic-candidates-health-becomes/article_fe634e1c-fda3-538a-ae23-57845ea7f63b.html

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Liz Warren Will Be A Terrible Nominee. And She’ll Probably Be The Nominee

About 90 minutes into Thursday’s forum on LGBTQ issues in Los Angeles, a gay rights leader posed a question to Sen. Elizabeth Warren: How would she respond if a voter approached her and said, “I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman?”

Warren (D-Mass.) responded with a theatrical seriousness. “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that,” she deadpanned, pausing a beat for the audience to catch the joke. Then she added, “And I’m going to say, ‘Then just marry one woman — I’m cool with that.’ ”

She finished with a zinger: “‘Assuming you can find one.’ ”

How dare she assume his gender. But there’s also this...

. . .

The glitterati gushed. “The single greatest response to this question, in or outside politics,” wrote actress Minnie Driver. “Made my day,” added actress Alyssa Milano. Javier Muñoz, who recently played the title role in the smash musical “Hamilton,” posted seven emoji of clapping hands.

But Republicans and some Democrats warned that the quip at the CNN-sponsored forum would play poorly among a big swath of voters.

“It’s about telling people who don’t agree with you that they are backward by definition,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic strategist who advised Bill Clinton’s presidential reelection campaign. The line was a “stab” to those who don’t agree with her, he said, and “it is a battle cry for men to turn out against Elizabeth Warren.”

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren found Tuesday that her rise in the polls may come with a steep cost. She’s now a clear target for attacks, particularly from more moderate challengers, and her many plans are now being subjected to much sharper scrutiny.

Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg slammed her for not acknowledging, as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has, that middle-class taxes would increase under the single-payer health plan she and Sanders favor.

“At least Bernie’s being honest with this,” Klobuchar said.

“I don’t think the American people are wrong when they say what they want is a choice,” Buttigieg told Warren. His plan maintains private insurance but would allow people to buy into Medicare.

Candidates also pounced on Warren’s suggestion that only she and Sanders want to take on billionaires while the rest of the field wants to protect them. Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke told Warren it didn’t seem as though she wanted to lift people up and she is “more focused on being punitive.”

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She's the Tranny's Choice

Ann Coulter: Elizabeth Warren Will Ditch Economic Populism and ‘Be Pedal to the Metal on Transgenders’ if Elected

Ann Coulter warned during an appearance on Breitbart News Tonight that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will go full woke if she becomes president, throwing her promises to take on Wall Street out the window and instead going “pedal to the metal on transgenders.”

Coulter spoke with Breitbart News Tonight host and Senior Editor-at-Large Rebecca Mansour on Monday about the Democrat primary candidates, noting their embrace of the ultra-left:

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