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Is the West, at a Cultural & Creative Dead End?

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Is the West, at a Cultural & Creative Dead End?

Political Correctness, as Confidence & Creativity Dies

Has Our Culture Hit a Dead End?

Seems so.

The innovation seems to have died, as the body politic gets stranger and stranger in its beliefs

Is this the triumph of Satanism, or something?

(Wait a minute, HRC was not elected... so maybe it is the near-Triumph.)



In a desperate time, the most unlikely hero(es) may come forward ... to renew us

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A Candidate for "Most Influential Play of the 20th Century"

The Truth About "A Streetcar Named Desire" Dr Duke Pesta and Stefan Molyneux


Stefan: "maybe the last time that a Male character could Tear back the Delusions, until the CORE CRAZY (of the female character) was exposed."

We have seen THE DEATH of Chivalry.

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NO WAY FORWARD, unless we shatter the Political Correctness which has Zombified the West

Is TRUMP a Political Dead end (the way that Hillary was)... foreshadowing a Transformation?

Gay writer, Andrew Sullivan seems to think so:

Is Pete Buttigieg a Transformational Candidate?

Mayor Pete Buttigieg at a West Hollywood fundraiser last month. Photo: Allison Zaucha/The Washington Post/Getty Images

One of the reasons I thought Donald Trump would win in 2016 was not just that he was focusing on the core issues roiling the middle classes (immigration and globalization). It was because he had the perfect foil for his persona in Hillary Clinton. Trump was fresh to politics, anti-Establishment, an outsider, populist, alpha male, and nationalist, with a base primed to despise Clinton. Clinton had been in power forever, was pure Establishment, a total insider, globalist, alpha female, predictable, with a base stunned by Trump. It was the kind of contrast Trump longed for, and it was a central element in his success. And these matchups matter. Trump is widely unpopular by himself. He will need a good foil to win in a binary race.

So, leaving policy aside for a second, who would be the best Democratic foil from the anti-Trump perspective?

By which I mean, which set of qualities is most likely to contrast with Trump in a way that makes the Democratic contender seem fresh, and the president appear old, clueless, and malevolent? I suspect it is this question that is behind the budding candidacy of one Pete Buttigieg. When you think of him in a debate with Trump, one-on-one, everything gets scrambled. I don’t know what that dynamic would be like exactly, but it feels a lot less predictable than, say, Elizabeth Warren or Beto O’Rourke.

Trump would be the oldest president in history at 74; Buttigieg would be the youngest at 39. Trump landed in politics via his money and celebrity after years in the limelight; Buttigieg is the mayor of a midsize midwestern town, unknown until a few weeks ago. Trump is a pathological, malevolent narcissist from New York, breaking all sorts of norms. Buttigieg is a modest, reasonable pragmatist, and a near parody of normality...

> http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2019/04/is-pete-buttigieg-a-transformational-candidate.html

/ 2 /

Mayor Pete and the Crackup of Christianity - by Pat Buchanan

Our culture wars will not be ending anytime soon.

This weekend, General Social Survey data revealed that Americans who profess to have “no religion,” 23.1%, now exceed Catholics, our largest religion with 23%, and Evangelicals at 22.5%. And the “nones” have grown by 266% since 1991.

As for the mainstream Protestant congregations, together, they are not half as numerous as those Americans who profess no religion.

Added to our racial and ethnic diversity, America is growing more diverse religiously, de-Christianizing with all deliberate speed.

We are becoming another people, and a post-Christian America appears to be our destiny well before the end of this century.

Consider what has changed already.

In the 19th century, blasphemy was a crime.

In the Roaring ’20s the “vices” of booze and gambling were outlawed. Now they are major sources of state revenue.

Divorce was a rarity. Now half of all marriages are dissolved.

After the sexual revolution of the ’60s, births out of wedlock rocketed to where 40 percent of all children are born without a father in the home, as are half of Hispanics and 70 percent of all black children.

Pornography, which used to bring a prison term, today dominates cable TV. Marijuana, once a social scourge, is the hot new product. And Sen. Kamala Harris wants prostitution legalized.

In the lifetime of many Americans, homosexuality and abortion were still scandalous crimes. They are now cherished constitutional rights.

. . .

How does a nation so divided ever come together again?

How can a nation, many of whose elites are so ashamed of its history and heritage and deplorable other half — as “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … and bigoted” — credibly claim to be a shining city on a hill or a light unto the nations?

America is today as powerful, prosperous and free as any nation the world has ever seen. And we have used that wealth and freedom to create a culture and a society many of our own people and much of the world now see as dissolute and decadent.

Post-Christian America, in many ways, is beginning to mirror what we were once taught that the pre-Christian Roman Empire looked like.

Indeed, if the mayor’s lifestyle is moral, Christianity got it wrong for 20 centuries.

> http://www.unz.com/pbuchanan/mayor-pete-and-the-crackup-of-christianity/

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WHEN BELIEF IS GONE... it is not easy to get it back

Democrats don't pray, but they do vote... and spread madness (sometimes)

The Number Of Americans With “No Religion” Has Increased By 266% Over The Last 3 Decades


Empty Churches, Unhappy & Lonely people

Over the last 30 years, there has been a mass exodus out of organized religion in the United States.  Each year the needle has only moved a little bit, but over the long-term what we have witnessed has been nothing short of a seismic shift.  Never before in American history have we seen such dramatic movement away from the Christian faith, and this has enormous implications for the future of our nation.  According to a survey that was just released, the percentage of Americans that claim to have “no religion” has increased by 266 percent since 1991…

At one time it would have been extremely difficult to imagine that one day the “nones” would someday surpass evangelical Christians, but it has actually happened.

And the biggest movement that we have seen has been among our young people.  According to a different survey, two-thirds of Christian young adults say that they stopped going to church at some point between the ages of 18 and 22

... The young people that are involved in church do not seem very keen on sharing their faith with others.  According to one of the most shocking surveys that I have seen in a long time, 47 percent of Millennials that consider themselves to be “practicing Christians” believe that it is “wrong” to share the gospel with others

Politically, these trends indicate that America is likely to continue to move to the left.  Those that have no religious affiliation are much, much more likely to be Democrats, and so this exodus away from organized religion is tremendous news for the Democratic Party.

In a previous article, I documented the fact that somewhere between 6,000 and 10,000 churches in the United States are dying each year.

That means that more than 100 will die this week

> more: https://freedomoutpost.com/the-number-of-americans-with-no-religion-has-increased-by-266-over-the-last-3-decades/

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SEX & RELIGION have been replaced with... sterile Identity Politics

INCUBATORS... of Culture? What's that?

(Americans don't need sex. They have identity politics & grievance culture to switch off "their urges" & tell them how to live,)

 “Cities need incubators of great culture—the successful ones are in great locations like Poblacion (Makati). Don’t shed everything that makes a city grow. Keep those elements that have a low cost a failure and can really soar high.”

THIS from an Event of Innovation in Real Estate

> https://businessmirror.com.ph/2019/04/10/the-real-estate-future-of-proptech-real-estate-hackathons-and-the-poblacion-poc/?fbclid=IwAR2619auTi9ftlHcCt7sc7NOFpqD8cATidzn22mhOGe9SqR9mkfty-IMpE4

Incubators of great culture?  Yeah, that sounds better than "former red light districts"

Sex does sort of... drive creativity, right?  And maybe in a time of Me Too sameness,  some of the cultural creativity is fading...


SURVEY: 3 In 10 Americans Stuck In Sexual Dry Spell...

NEW YORK — A new study delving into the sex habits of American adults finds that nearly three in 10 people are mired in a sexual dry spell that’s lasted for almost a year.

The survey of 2,000 men and women revealed that most agree a dry spell means at least five months without sex, but researchers found that the 28 percent who were currently in a rut themselves had been that way for 11 months (10 months on average for men, versus a year for women). Considering that most respondents would be prefer to have sex three times a week, that means those on the desert island have suffered 132 missed opportunities so far.

It might not be the first dry spell for participants either. The survey, commissioned by intimate lifestyle company LELO, revealed the average person endures four dry spells over their lifetime.

So how do all these people pass the time until they lock down a new mate? Forty-six percent say they’ve relied on self-pleasure to get by, while 38 percent exercise more. One in four participants just avoid their bedroom all together and spend more time at work. Interestingly, 68 percent of respondents admit they’ve turned to sex toys for help.

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An Awful & Sad symbol?

... Of the decline of the West & loss of our revered History


'The inferno cannot be stopped': Fire chiefs say blaze ravaging Notre Dame cathedral is out of control after spire COLLAPSES and the entire roof of the stunning 850-year-old building burns to ashes

  • Officials in Paris said a large operation had been launched in an attempt to bring the raging fire under control 
  • Pictures from around the city posted on social media showed flames licking up Notre Dame's famous spire 
  • The fire was first reported at 5.50pm (GMT) on Monday and the building was evacuated soon afterwards 
  • Authorities say there were no deaths from the fire although declined to comment on the number of injuries 


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We are all hunchbacks now

- who must take a good look at what we have become


We dreamt that we could live in our dreams & delusions... while the once solid foundations were not shored up


A time for reflection, remorse and thoughtful contemplation of possible futures is needed

Somewhere inside our sickened culture lies a Hero... who can point the way

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Hero

In 15th century Paris, there is an uneasy ebb and flow of peace between the upper classes and the people of the Parisian streets. In such a time, opportunists rise, as is the case of the politically manipulative Jehan (Hurst) and rabble-rousing Clopin (Torrence). Years ago, Clopin bought an infant girl from gypsies and raised her as Esmeralda (Miller), forcing her to perform in the streets as a dancer for money. In the Notre Dame, a hunchbacked bellringer, the deaf and half-blind Quasimodo (Chaney), assists in the caretaking of the cathedral. His contempt for the masses in the streets far below the parapets of the church roof is borne of years of social rejection, his sanctuary is the lofty and lonely roof of the ornate building.

Cruelly crowned the King of Fools during a street festival by Clopin and his horde, Quasimodo first sees Esmeralda, who openly expresses repugnance at the sight of the deformed bellringer. In a reversal of circumstance, Esmeralda is instantly smitten at the sight of Phoebus (Kerry), a captain of the guard, who has a growing reputation of dalliances with the women he encounters. In another opportunity for amorous conquest, Phoebus sets his customary sights on Esmeralda until he his striken with conscience at the tale of her orphaned upbringing and the mysterious amulet that she has worn round her neck since she was a child. Unknown the neither of them is the truth that she was born into a privileged family, only to be kidnapped by gypsies as an infant. From a seed of regret for his frivolous designs on her, Phoebus’ love for Esmeralda grows quickly.

Meanwhile, the scheming Jehan has been continously manipulating Clopin, hoping to incite a sweeping civil war against the upper classes that might place him in a position of power. As Clopin’s hatred rises, it is directed at Phoebus, who is on the verge of spiriting away his beloved street dancer and young would-be paramour. In recognition of the danger to his life, Esmeralda sacrifices her happiness to save Phoebus from Clopin and his street army, returning after a brief taste of society to her former life. But, Clopin is not the only lustful goat with designs on Esmeralda. In his twisted melodramatically-motivated thinking, Jehan envisions her obediently at his side as he rules a class-down France, taken by force by the headless hordes from the ineffectual King Louis XI (Marshall).

In the middle of the machinations Quasimodo is caught, betrayed by Jehan, in whom he has trusted. The hunchback’s penalty is a whip-thrashing — in one of the film’s most-memorable scenes — he becomes an object of public humiliation and suffers cruel pain until Esmeralda, herself viciously tongue-lashed by the insane crone who is in reality her own mother (again, unknown to either), eases that pain by giving him the water he deliriously craves with kind empathy.

Seeing an opportunity to incite Clopin to lead revolution, Jehan manipulates the street-general’s feelings for Esmeralda while seeking also to destroy Phoebus. He knives the soldier in the back during the couple’s evening garden tete-a-tete. Arrested for Phoebus’ attack, and forced to confess, Esmeralda is given a moment to express penance at the doors of Notre Dame on her way to prison, and is seen by Quasimodo, who scampers down the church walls and plucks her from her military escort. Held inside safely under rules of sanctuary, Esmeralda is cared for by the hunchback and the priest (de Brulier), while Jehan lies and manipulates the situation into a full-bore class revolution, all under the guise of rescuing her from the oppressive ruling class.

The siege on the church is largely thwarted single-handedly by Quasimodo, the by-product of which is the impending death of Clopin. But, seeking an rapacious opportunity, Jehan attacks Esmeralda, who is again rescued by the hunchback. Carried away by Quasimodo, Jehan manages to mortally wound him before being thrown from the church roof to the rabble-filled streets that being cleared by the Phoebus-led guards below. Soothed by the thought that he has saved Esmeralda and that she is successfully reunited with Phoebus, Quasimodo crawls to his beloved bells before the last of life ebbs away.

> source

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Re-named > to reflect the Moment of Destruction & Renewal that we are in Now

We need to throw off the threats and REBUILD !

Confrontation at Notre Dame Cathedral: Lisa Gerrard, Friar Newborg


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The PRICE we are paying for Multicultural Dis-Unity

Where Is The World Headed?


Countries without unity are not strong.  Consequently, the Western world is losing its leadership of the world.

Of course, the rest of the world also suffers from disunity.  The Sunni and the Shiites cannot unite, with the consequence that the Muslim world is weak.  The tribes in Africa cannot unite.  India and Pakistan stay at each other’s throats. Animosities exist among Asians.  Russia herself is a federation.  China has a Muslim province.  But the disunities are different from those in the West.  Japan and China have differences but the population of Japan is homogeneous and China largely is.  Arabs are Arabs whether Sunni or Shiite. The Russian Federation is the remains of an old empire, largely assimilated, not the result of recent immigrations.  

The consequence of disunity perhaps precludes any leadership.  But the collapse of the West into diversity and multiculturalism definitely means that Western leadership has been lost to the weakness of disunity.  

Is it chaos that awaits?

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GO AWAY. Mr Mike!  America does not need you, does not want you

Michelle Obama Rips Trump: ‘Divorced Dad’ Who’s Making America ‘Sick’

/ 2 /

Candace Owens & Larry Elder agree:

The Biggest problem facing Black America is the "lack of Fathers in the home"


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RELIGION is Not fading away... It is coming BACK into Intellectual Life

Rupert Sheldrake - Anatheism: Rediscovering God (Video Lecture)


Published on Aug 14, 2018
This is an incredible lecture by Rupert Sheldrake on how he rediscovered God after his science education led to become an atheist. Rupert Sheldrake discusses the importance of religion and the short sightedness of atheists and their lack of an authentic religious/spiritual encounter with God. Enjoy!

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The Job of a University should NOT be to determine & enforce Political Correctness

Western Culture Has Died A Politically Correct Death

When universities cover up murials because of a claim they are offensive to people whose presence on the campus is miniscule if present at all, you know that learning is no longer the purpose of the university.  

When a people are afraid to use the words and terms of their forefathers, you know they have been intimidated to abandon even their own language and ways of speaking.  

Western culture today consists of pornography, sexual deviants, whinning whimps devestated by mere words, self-hatred, and craven cowards afraid to stand up for themselves against the onslaught of hate directed toward them by political correctness freaks.

The political correctness people are the most alienated and emotionally weak element in the society.  Yet they dominate in the media, entertainment, universities, and art world.  How is it possible that the Washingtonians are prepared to take us to war with real people—Russians, Chinese and North Koreans—two countries that have already whipped us once—and Persians, an ancient race that even the Romans had a hard time with?  Do the fools in Washington really think that our homosexualized, feminized, transgenderized military can take on Russians, Chinese, and Persians?  Hollywood can make all the movies it wants with female superheroes, but superheroes are the last thing whinning American feminists are.

The real questions for the politically correct crowd are: (1) why isn’t war politically incorrect, and

(2) why isn’t it politically incorrect for the politically correct arbiters of language to call the rest of us names? The real racists in America are those who call white people racist.

(I think it is utterly racist  for media platforms like the NY Times to ask questions like this):

NYT: Should White Man Be Face of Dem Party?

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What Your Sons and Daughters Will Learn at University

The West Is Evil; The Rest Are Virtuous

Postcolonialism, the dominant theory in the social sciences today, is inspired by the Marxist-Leninist theory of imperialism, in which the conflict between the capitalist and proletariat classes is allegedly exported to the exploitation of colonized countries. By this means, the theory goes, oppression and poverty take place in colonies instead of in relation to the metropolitan working class. Postcolonialism posits that all of the problems in societies around the world today are the result of the relatively short Western imperial dominance and colonization. For example, British imperialism is blamed for what are in fact indigenous cultures, such as the South Asian caste system and the African tribal system. So too, problems of backwardness and corruption in countries once, decades ago, colonies continue to be blamed on past Western imperialism. The West is thus the continuing focus on anti-imperialist and anti-colonialist sentiment. Your children will learn that our society is evil, and the cause of all the evil in the wider world.

Victims of The World Unite!

“intersectionality” is an idea invented by a feminist law professor. It argues that some individuals fall into several victim categories, for example, black, female lesbians have three points in the victim stakes, as opposed to male members of the First Nations who receive only one point. Further, on the action front, members of each victim category are urged to unite and ally with members of other victim categories, because sharing the victim designation is the most important status in the world. This leads to some anomalies. Black victims of racism are urged to unite with Arab victims of colonialism, even though Arabs have been and still are holders of black slaves.

Being Educated Is About Being on The Right Side

As Karl Marx said, “The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.” The objective of a university education today is to ensure that students chose “the right side” in changing the world. The idea that it probably makes sense to try to understand the world before attempting to change it, is rejected as outmoded, modernist empiricism and realism, now superseded by postmodernism and social justice. If there is no Truth, and whatever one feels or believes is one’s truth, then trying to gain an objective understanding of the world is futile.

> http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/western-culture-has-died-a-politically-correct-death/

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SJW Values are Strangling Free Speech at Universities

Heather Mac Donald On How The Delusion of Diversity Destroys Our Common Humanity


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Conservative philosopher Sir Roger Scruton has won a spectacular victory against the New Statesman – the left-wing magazine which interviewed him and then tried to smear him as a racist, bigot and anti-Semite.

The smear — a result of selective editing of the interview and malicious tweeting by the magazine’s deputy editor George Eaton — cost Scruton his job on a government advisory body. Among those who initially condemned Scruton for his alleged remarks were various Conservatives, including MPs Tom Tugendhat, Johnny Mercer and James Brokenshire, and former Chancellor of the Exchequer turned freesheet editor George Osborne.

But now journalist Douglas Murray has got hold of the original interview recording and analysed the transcripts in the Spectator. What becomes immediately clear is that Scruton was badly misrepresented. Not only is Eaton shown repeatedly trying to provoke Scruton into voicing provocative opinions he doesn’t actually hold, but it is also evident that the version of events Eaton subsequently presented in a series of trolling tweets bears little relation to Scruton’s measured, thoughtful discourse during the interview.

The fall out of this will be huge. Indeed, it is hard to overstate what a triumph this represents for free speech, sound thinking and honest journalism against the malign and increasingly devious and censorious forces of the modern left.

  • Sir Roger Scruton, Britain’s most erudite, courageous, distinguished conservative philosopher and man of letters, emerges with his reputation burnished and enhanced.
  • George Eaton, the New Statesman deputy editor largely responsible for the smear, has been exposed as a liar, schemer and manipulator who put dirty-tricks political activism before honest journalism.
  • The New Statesman has lost much of the credibility as a respectable journal for thinking leftists.
  • The squishy Conservative MPs who endorsed the witch hunt have trashed, possibly forever, their chances of being taken seriously as leadership candidates
  • The Conservative government has been once more been exposed as cowardly, unconservative, all too willing to throw its champions to the wolves in a tragically misguided effort to curry favour with its leftist enemies.
  • The mainstream media – including Conservative-leaning publications such as the Telegraph, the Mail and the Sun – also emerges with its credibility tarnished. None of these publications gave Scruton a sympathetic hearing. The Sun especially barded its reportage of the story with viciously critical editorialising which implied that Scruton was a contemptible, dangerously right-wing figure.
  • In revealing detail we see exactly how Social Justice Warriors like Eaton are able to whip up social media storms in order to misrepresent and destroy conservative adversaries.
  • ===

George Osborn exposed as scumbag - Good !

Scruton & JBP did a great interview / discussion together



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