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Mueller's Report Done. Apologies? What Next?

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Mueller's Report Done.  Apologies? What Next?

Compared with the Trump  "nothing burger", we have something spicy on the other side


Joe diGenova Responds to Mueller Report Filing


Mueller sends report on Trump investigation to AG Barr

Special counsel Robert Mueller on Friday wrapped up his nearly two-year investigation into Donald Trump and Russia and sent his report to Attorney General William Barr.

No details of Mueller's findings have been released, but Barr said he may be able to brief congressional leaders on the report as soon as this weekend.

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Where are the Profound apologies? > Biggest Media Liars

(Sparks, where is Yours??)

"I was wrorrrrrr!"

Get ready for the SWEETEST schadenfreude EVER: Top Dems admit Mueller report likely a ‘dud’ and it’s GLORIOUS


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"A Consequential Moment"

Wallace: 'Too early to tell' if Mueller report clears Trump

A senior Justice Department official tells Fox News that special counsel Robert Mueller is not recommending any further indictments in the Russia investigation; reaction from 'Fox News Sunday' anchor Chris Wallace, 'The Daily Briefing' host Dana Perino and 'The Five' co-host Juan Williams.


+ APOLOGY? I am waiting for the Profound Apology from Chris Wallace ... and Many Others

Captain Diligence
Chris WaWa too early to tell? Never stopped you before...
// Bill Still: "Wallace ... just cannot hide 'Democratic Proclivities' "

Mueller Report Over In a Friday Data Dump, 2609

NEEDED NOW : A Real investigation into the Clintons



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NON-discerning Dems HAVE FAILED to Apologize - after Months & Years of Exaggeration & LYING

Shapiro blasts 'astonishing' Dem reactions to Mueller report


Utter scumbags - should suffer REAL consequences for their ridiculous Witchhunt

/ 2 /

Trey Gowdy breaks down what's next for the Mueller report


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Scott Adams: The Mueller Witch Hunt is Evolving Into an “IF” Hunt #IfHunt

Adam Schiff seems sad that our President isn’t a Russian puppet
Real bad week for CNN…their 2 best hoaxes are down
They lost the Russian Collusion Hoax
They’ve (almost) lost the “Fine People” Hoax
My “Slaughter Meter” reading on if the 2020 was held today
The IF Hunt that used to be the Mueller Witch Hunt

Also mentions -- John McCain is now responsible for two principle hoaxes in recent history: Weapons of mass destruction and the Russia hoax.

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does not care one way or the other whether special counsel Robert Mueller finds evidence

Comey Leaked Memos In Order To Spark Mueller Probe. Now He Says He Doesn’t Care What Investigation Uncovers

James Comey claimed in an op-ed Thursday that he does not care one way or the other whether special counsel Robert Mueller finds evidence that President Donald Trump conspired with Russia to influence the 2016 election or obstructed the FBI’s collusion probe.

But the claim, which Comey made in The New York Times, is at odds with the former FBI director’s testimony about his actions shortly after being fired by Trump in May 2017.

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Swallow hard, Eric !

Delusional Democrat Eric Swallowswell Says Anything Trump Says About Mueller Report Should be ‘Deemed Irrelevant’

Democrat Russian Conspiracy Theorist, Eric Swallowswell Moves the Goalposts: ‘We’re Going to Subpoena’ Robert Mueller


Published on May 21, 2018
Tucker told Rep. Eric Swalwell he would give him airtime for half a show if he presented evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The congressman presents his case - you be the judge.
Michael Pierce
I could provide more proof of bigfoot than this guy did of collusion

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19 hours ago, drbubb said:

Where are the Profound apologies?

(Sparks, where is Yours??)

for what?

if you think ive got anything nice to say about the guy who protected all the rich clients of Jeffrey Epstein whatever his unreleased report says you got another thing coming.

Also think you are celebrating a little to early.

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Apologize! For Pushing a Lie for two years

I told long ago the Russia Russia narrative was false.

There should be some real consequences for those who ruined things by pushing it/

I cannot get Rachael Maddcow or her ilk fired, but I can suspend you (again.) Might feel good for a day or two



People like Andrew Weissman should be hauled off in handcuffs

FLASHBACK: Media Predict Trump Family Leaving White House in HANDCUFFS...
Full disclosure battle...
Privacy group sues...
Invisible prosecutor who shook White House...
The Man, the myth, the legend...
PAPER: Don't expect hysteria to end...
Other Investigations Loom...
Focus Moves to New York...
Cable viewers digest through political prism...
'HARDBALL' Matthews Fumes: How Could They Let Trump off Hook?

Byron York: Five things that didn't happen in the Mueller investigation

1. Mueller did not indict Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, or other people whose purported legal jeopardy was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

2. Mueller did not charge anyone in the Trump campaign or circle with conspiring with Russia to fix the 2016 election, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

3. Mueller did not subpoena the president, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

4. The president did not fire Mueller, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year.

5. The president did not interfere with the Mueller investigation, as was the subject of intense media speculation in the last year. In his letter to Congress, Barr noted the requirement that he notify lawmakers if top Justice Department officials ever interfered with the Mueller investigation. "There were no such instances," Barr wrote.

So Mueller is finished. Not long after the news broke, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts said, "The feeling [at the White House] right now is that this is finally over."


No one should let Chris Matthews off the hook. Or Maddcow...or all the rest

CNN & MSNBC should be sued to recover the $20 Million+ spent by Mueller.

Maddcow's salary should be cut in half. Or she should be fired on Live TV

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THE TRUE BAD GUYS need to pay... with Blood, Sweat or Tears... Or Time in the big house

Conservative Congressman Rep. Andy Biggs: Prosecute Comey for Instigating Mueller Probe

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1 hour ago, drbubb said:

Apologize! For Pushing a Lie for two years

What lie?

Do you still think Flynn was innocent?

Or that Jill Stein wanted recounts in States that were actually interfered with?

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Flynn broke no laws.

Stein shilled for the Witch, obviously.


"If there is a God...  The TIME is NOW!"

Now That the Mueller Report Is Out, Will HRC Be Indicted, Arrested and Finally Face Justice?

/ 2 / More Hopium?

William Barr Will Indict Hillary Clinton After Mueller Report Summarized Exonerating Trump


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MEDIA has fallen to record No Confidence levels

Russia Collusion Conspiracy BACKFIRING On Democrats??!

/ 2 /


Can Justice Be Restored to America?, 2610


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1 hour ago, drbubb said:

Stein shilled for the Witch, obviously.


Oh my dear boy.

Stein was always on our side


Why else do you think:


In Wisconsin, the one state where Stein succeeded, a recount validated the original results.

And I always said I thought Trump was more likely just a dumb cunt than a willing participant. He's not exactly the smartest branch in the stupid forest.

There is a mild interest in how they'll manage the damage control though.

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That photo and meeting was a Non-event - not important.  I am sure you know that.

Just do the Research,

IT IS TIME to get back to REAL Business - to clean up the country...

The Head that MUST Roll... Time to take down the Witch?

With RussiaGate Over Where’s Hillary?


Anyone with three working brain cells knew this, including ‘Miss’ Maddow, whose tears of disappointment are particularly delicious.

Robert Mueller’s investigation was designed from the beginning to create something out of nothing. It did this admirably.

It was so effective it paralyzed the country for more than two years, just like Europe has been held hostage by Brexit. And all of this because, in the end, the elites I call The Davos Crowd refused to accept that the people no longer believed their lies about the benefits of their neoliberal, globalist agenda.

Hillary Clinton’s ascension to the Presidency was to be their apotheosis along with the Brexit vote. These were meant to lay to rest, once and for all time, the vaguely libertarian notion that people should rule themselves and not be ruled by philosopher kings in some distant land.

Hillary’s failure was enormous. And the RussiaGate gambit to destroy Trump served a laundry list of purposes to cover it:

  1. Undermine his legitimacy before he even takes office.

  2. Accuse him of what Hillary actually did: collude with Russians and Ukrainians to effect the outcome of the election

  3. Paralyze Trump on his foreign policy desires to scale back the Empire

  4. Give aid and comfort to hurting progressives and radicalize them further undermining our political system

  5. Polarize the electorate over the false choice of Trump’s guilt.

  6. Paralyze the Dept. of Justice and Congress so that they would not uncover the massive corruption in the intelligence agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.

  7. Isolate Trump and take away every ally or potential ally he could have by turning them against him through prosecutor overreach..  . .

The Wolves Beckon

The Democrats do not have a chance against him as of right now. When he was caving on everything back in December it looked like he was done. That there was enough meat on the RussiaGate bones to make Nancy Pelosi brave.

Then she backed off on impeachment talk. Oops.

But the Democrats have a sincere problem. Their candidates have no solutions other than to embrace the crazy and go full Bolshevik. That is not a winning position.

Trump will kill them on ‘socialism.’

The Deep State and The Davos Crowd stand revealed and reviled.

If they don’t do something dramatic then the anger from the rest of the country will also be palpable come election time. Justice is not done simply by saying, “No evidence of collusion.”

It’s clear that RussiaGate is a failure of monumental proportions. Heads will have to roll. But who will be willing to fall on their sword at this point?

Comey? No. McCabe? No.

There is only one answer. And Obama’s people are still in place to protect him. I said last fall that “Hillary would indict herself.” And I meant it. Eventually her blackmail and drive to burn it all down led to this moment.

The circumstances are different than I expected back then, Trump didn’t win the mid-terms. But the end result was always the same. If there is no collusion, if RussiaGate is a scam, then all roads lead back to Hillary as the sacrificial lamb.

Because the bigger project, the erection of a transnational superstate, is bigger than any one person. Hillary is expendable.

Lies are expensive to maintain. The truth is cheap to defend. Think of the billions in opportunity costs associated with this. Once the costs rise above the benefits, change happens fast.

If there is any hope of salvaging the center of this country for the Democrats, the ones that voted against Hillary in 2016, then there is no reason anymore not to indict Hillary as the architect of RussiaGate.

We all know it’s the truth. So, the cheapest way out of this mess for them is to give the MAGApedes what they want, Hillary.

And hope that is enough bread and circuses to distract from the real storm ahead of us.


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Coons responded, “Yes, I will. … I’ve said all along that whatever he reaches in terms of a conclusion, I will accept.”

Matthews was obviously experiencing the second stage of grief, which is anger. His MSNBC colleague, Rachel Maddow, on the other hand, expressed her anguish somewhat differently. Apparently, she was still stuck in the first stage, which is denial.

“Our job tonight as a country sort of — or at least what everybody in the country is going to be doing tonight, is trying to figure out what it means that the report of special counsel Robert Mueller has finally been submitted,” Maddow said near the beginning of her show, in between pained facial expressions.

“In terms of what that means and what Mueller found, we know only the smallest little bits,” she added. “This is the start of something, apparently, not the end of something.”

That assessment is a comical mix of wishful thinking and delusion. The fact that Mueller submitted his report means only one thing: that he’s finished with his investigation. Maddow is probably correct that “this is the start of something,” since Democrats in Congress have made it clear that they plan to subject President Trump to endless investigations in the hopes of uncovering something that Mueller couldn’t, but the Mueller probe is over, no matter how cartoonishly Maddow grimaces.

In between the Matthews and Maddow meltdowns, a stone-faced Jim Acosta went on CNN to discuss the “glee” that the President’s supporters are feeling now that Mueller has submitted his report and will not pursue any additional indictments.

Acosta very evidently didn’t share in that glee, sounding as though he was on the verge of gagging when he quoted a Trump campaign advisor as saying that “this is a great day for America.”

To wash the taste of MAGA out of his mouth, Acosta immediately pivoted to speculating that Mueller’s report might still contain damaging information about President Trump. Realizing that such a long-shot hypothetical circumstance probably offered cold comfort to CNN viewers, Acosta also interjected that “we still don’t know the conclusion of what’s happening in the Southern District of New York,” then reminded his audience that Democrats in Congress will accuse the administration of a cover-up if so much as a single word is redacted from the Mueller report when it is released to the public.

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Let the Spin Begin!

Nadler: Mueller Scope was ‘Limited’

Claims Congress ’Broader Picture’ of Trump ’Crimes’

The Associated Press

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” House Judiciary chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) argued special counsel Robert Mueller was “limited in scope.”

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Devin Nunes Tells Fox & Friends ‘We Can Just Burn’ Mueller Report: ‘I Don’t Really Care’ What it Says

He again said the real thing to investigate is the investigators. “What we really need to see is what was the FBI’s involvement with fusion GPS,” he said. “I don’t want to gloss over this for the viewers but Fusion GPS was essentially the Hillary Clinton campaign, they were hired by the Clinton campaign so we need to see all of that and need the FISA fully disclosed. We need everyone that Mueller talked to including his interactions with Jerome Corsi who you just had on the show.”

Pete Hegseth asked if there should be a second special counsel to investigate the first, and Nunes said he has faith that Attorney General William Barr to handle it. He also said Republicans intend to make a “criminal referral” in the matter, and that they were waiting for the Mueller report first, which, again, he thinks should be on the ash heap.

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3 hours ago, drbubb said:

I am sure you know that.

A guy in that photo said otherwise.

But then I'd be surprised if you even know who he is.

(hint: i recently passed an exam in something he owns)

Anyway, Nunes might not care, but just in case anyone does. Its lovely.


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No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

TRUMP: 'Was an Illegal Takedown That Failed'...
TAIBBI: Russiagate is this generation's WMD...

Trump said in comments aired on Fox News: “It’s a shame our country had to go through this.”

“It began illegally,” Trump said of the investigation. “And hopefully somebody is going to look at the other side, this was an illegal takedown that failed. And hopefully somebody is going to be looking at the other side. So it’s a complete exoneration, no collusion, no obstruction, thank you very much.”

According to Attorney General William Barr, Mueller did not found evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia, but did not exonerate the president on obstruction of justice, leaving that up to the attorney general. Barr, in his letter, said the he and deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did not find enough evidence to pursue obstruction charges.


The Iraq war faceplant damaged the reputation of the press. Russiagate just destroyed it

The Times story today tried to preserve Santa Mueller’s reputation, noting Trump’s Attorney General William Barr’s reaction was an “endorsement” of the fineness of Mueller’s work:

In an apparent endorsement of an investigation that Mr. Trump has relentlessly attacked as a “witch hunt,” Mr. Barr said Justice Department officials never had to intervene to keep Mr. Mueller from taking an inappropriate or unwarranted step.

Mueller, in other words, never stepped out of the bounds of his job description. But could the same be said for the news media?

For those anxious to keep the dream alive, the Times published its usual graphic of Trump-Russia “contacts,” inviting readers to keep making connections. But in a separate piece by Peter Baker, the paper noted the Mueller news had dire consequences for the press:

It will be a reckoning for President Trump, to be sure, but also for Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, for Congress, for Democrats, for Republicans, for the news media and, yes, for the system as a whole…

This is a damning page one admission by the Times. Despite the connect-the-dots graphic in its other story, and despite the astonishing, emotion-laden editorial the paper also ran suggesting “We don’t need to read the Mueller report” because we know Trump is guilty, Baker at least began the work of preparing Times readers for a hard question: “Have journalists connected too many dots that do not really add up?”

The paper was signaling it understood there would now be questions about whether or not news outlets like itself made galactic errors by betting heavily on a new, politicized approach, trying to be true to “history’s judgment” on top of the hard-enough job of just being true. Worse, in a brutal irony everyone should have seen coming, the press has now handed Trump the mother of campaign issues heading into 2020.

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