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After the Failed Witch hunt: Next for desperate Dems?

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After the Failed Witch hunt: What's Next for the desperate Dems?


There are rumors that Mueller's report will not even mention President Trump.

And it certainly looks like the whole Russia Witch hunt will be an Epic Failure.

( The GOP should get a serious investigation into the genuine crimes of the real Witch, Hillary.)

The Dems will be looking for other ways to embarrass and dis-empower Trump's presidency.

I expect the Democrats to get more and more comical and desperate.


House Dems Turning On Mueller, Preparing To Launch ‘Plan B’ Against Trump

Democrats and their toadies in the corrupt media have been salivating over Mueller’s extra-constitutional fishing expedition as the one thing that will finally reverse the 2016 election, avenge Hillary and most importantly, provide “evidence” leading to Trump’s impeachment.

But a funny thing is now happening and that is there seems to be a good deal of downplaying of expectations that the report will have the smoking gun that will lead to Trump’s ouster and that the entire report may not even be publicly released – outside of the multitude of leaks that will inevitably occur.

In a sign that the Dems are losing faith in their savior, they are now moving beyond Mueller and planning to burn through millions of additional taxpayer dollars by clogging Congress with a boatload of their own investigations, tribunals and dog and pony shows that will have at least a passing resemblance to the infamous Moscow trials of the late 1930s.


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Remember this sort of biased nonsense from the Vile left-leaning media?

They celebrated MUELLER TIME...

'Tis The Season For Treason: A Very Mueller Christmas


These shows were and remain unwatchable garbage... and the hosts are paid shills.

How can any advertiser support this type of embarrassing propaganda?

(And what sort of fool were people to believe it.)

I think the show should now have two years of apologies, to make up for the two years of Lies

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More Americans Shun Russian Election Interference Probe, Believe President Trump Is Victim of a ‘Witch Hunt’

Half of the Americans surveyed in a new poll agree that the U.S. president is the victim of a “witch hunt” in relation to the special counsel investigation into Russian election interference.

The poll, which asked 1,000 registered voters about their views on the investigation, found half of the pollsters agreed that the Mueller investigation is a “witch hunt,” echoing Trump’s consistent claims of being investigated for political reasons instead of credible allegations of wrongdoing. Only 47 percent disagreed and 3 percent did not have an opinion.

There are still clear partisan divisions over the question, with 86 percent of Republicans and 14 percent of Democrats agreeing that Trump is the victim of a “witch hunt.” Among independents, 54 percent echo this view.

Trump welcomed the poll result in a tweet and seemed to suggest that more details are expected to be revealed in the near future.

The highest percentage of respondents to date believe Trump’s denials are highly credible, at 30 percent, while support for the House of Representatives to consider impeaching the president is dwindling by 10 percentage points to just 28 percent, compared to that in October 2018.

This downward trend could be explained by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) recent remark that any attempt to remove Trump from office will not be worthwhile and even further divide the nation. Pelosi’s comments against impeachment influenced the opinion of 41 percent of Democrats compared to 42 percent who said her comments had no impact.

Overall 53 percent of Democrats support impeachment compared to 6 percent of Republicans.

The president accused the Democrats of trying to use impeachment to “steal” the U.S. presidency away from him.

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‘Dangerous and DERANGED!’

Glenn Greenwald drops Dems and media still pushing Russia BS with a one-two PUNCH

Maybe Dem Representative John Garamendi out of California (we know) missed it but there was no Russia collusion …
Ok, he didn’t miss it but he certainly hopes the people who support him did.
At this point, we almost feel sorry for anyone so desperate to be relevant they have to keep pushing the Russia/Putin/Trump paranoia.
Then again, he is a Democrat.
And notice, CNN feeds this nonsense.
Glenn Greenwald dropped the hammer on them both:


Robert Mueller spent two years investigating, armed with subpoena power & proof he was willing to prosecute. He didn't even hint that Putin "had something" over Trump. Yet Dem officials still feel feel to peddle this deranged & dangerous blackmail conspiracy theory. Pitiful: https://twitter.com/Mediaite/status/1165789908356796416 

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LIES, LIES and More Lies

Dim the Dems to Drakness


The entire “success” of Democrats depends on keeping the American people wildly ignorant of reality, facts, history, and even current events.

The few times in our history when Congress has either voted to impeach a president or considered returning articles of impeachment, the process was handled very publicly.

Hearings were not held in secret. Testimony was not taken behind closed doors. Witnesses and evidence were presented out in the open so the American people, through various media of the day, were well aware of what was happening.

The reasons for the openness should be obvious, but alas, they are not for far too many Americans.

First of all, allowing someone accused of criminal activity to face his or her accuser is a fundamental legal principle of our founding.

The bar for impeachable offences is very high; whatever the Demoncrats have will never, ever reach this bar, so what they are counting on putting on " a great show", full of half-truths, lies, misrepresentations, and unauthenticated information, to win the day for them.

Should they be successful in so doing, will be the end of whatever was left of the American republic.

/ 2 /


The audience of The View actually applauded when Joy Behar said that democrats “need to lie” in order to get elected. Basically, people don’t need any integrity or morality to join the ruling class, and people are content with that.

Behar actually admitted that democrats are going to need to lie in order to get elected. To Behar, O’Rourke’s problem was not his vow to confiscate weapons — that “hell, yes, we’re coming for your AR-15s” — it was that he was stupid enough to be honest with the American people about wanting to wipe out one of the rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

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Moderate Democrats Face OUTRAGE From Constituents Over Impeachment, Democrats Are QUITTING The Party


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LOSERS ARE LOSING !  (THINK they are losing at even more: racism, sexism, where they are not)

we need more left wingers leave the US

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Democrats Are Rigging The Primaries Again And The Backlash Will Drive Voters To Trump Just Like 2016



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