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PoC support: Dems can no longer "take it to the bank"

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PoC support: Dems can no longer "take it to the bank"

People of Color (Blacks, Hispanics) are beginning to think independently

Democrats are finding they can no longer take the PoC vote for granted

How much longer will it take for the Dems to wake up (that handouts & empty promises have less potency)?


Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren Couldn’t Stop Saying ‘People Of Color’ During Her Presidential Announcement


There was a whole lot of word vomit involved in the announcement, but there’s one phrase in particular that she kept throwing around. “People of color.”


Girl. You pretended to be an Indian for YEARS just to get ahead. Please sit down and stop talking immediately.




Ms Warren does not want to look (too much) like a Hillary 2.0, it would seem -hence the choice of a black overcoat

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If the Satanic One (Hillary) thinks she can Jump into the 2020 campaign and have support of Black Women,

she had better think again, and see how her daughter was taken apart by Candace Owens in a tweet war:

No small spat! Chelsea Clinton attacks Candace Owens in most offensive way possible

and man did she fire back!


Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, is facing backlash on social media for latching onto a “leftist media hoax” aimed at smearing Candace Owens of Turning Point USA as a Nazi apologist.

The hoax started this week when BuzzFeed ran a hit piece on Turning Point USA and, more specifically, an event the organization held in London two months ago.

In the piece, the left-wing news purveyor included a quote from Candace that far-left activists such as Clinton, among others, have seized upon and twisted to score points against her.

Look at Clinton’s trash-talking tweet and some of the initial backlash below:

Hitler’s “make Germany great” included more than 400 regulations that stripped German Jews of their ability to work, go to school, vote, own property, seek care in public hospitals & enter “Aryan” zones. All before the Holocaust. In 1943, Germany celebrated being “free of Jews

As usual, Clinton and her cohorts failed to provide any context.

At the event two months ago Owens spoke about how far-leftists have been trying to transform “nationalism” — i.e., the belief that a country has the right to prioritize its interests over those of other nations — into a pejorative representative of racism, bigotry, Nazism, etc.

. . . Owens’ point — and it was a legitimate one — was that the left’s attempts to link the pro-nationalism rhetoric of U.S. conservatives to Hitler is glaringly disingenuous, given that the deceased dictator’s goals and agenda aligns far more with the agenda of the left rather than the right.

Unfortunately, this point flew right over Clinton’s head, ergo why Owens and numerous others on social media have been busy this weekend slamming her with endless truth bombs.


The audacity of this tweet. If you want to discuss evil regimes, look no further than your racist parents.
Haiti still remembers what you stole from them.
Black America remembers that your father locked up more black men than any president in the history of the USA.

Evil regimes and the slaughtering of millions was BEST executed by Margaret Sanger, who your RACIST mother idolizes.
When you have an excuse for the 19 million black babies that have been aborted due to her theory of eugenics— tweet at me.

Don’t you ever in your miserable life have the the audacity to tweet at someone who educating blacks on the nasty, racist,

harmful “evil regime” policies inflicted by your soulless mother and father.
There will be a #BLEXIT. And your trash parents will be alive to witness it.


It will be great fun, if the Satanic one decides to throw her broom into the ring

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