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RESTORATION: return to traditional morality, religion

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The Great RESTORATION: Return to traditional morality, religion

The Left has pushed too far towards their Immoral Utopia of Government-controlled everything

Both wise observers and "normal people" want the pendulum to swing back towards Sanity again

This thread will observe "The Great Restoration", as it may come to be called


Cardinal Muller issues Manifesto: A quasi correction of Pope Francis's pontificate

Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the former head of the Vatican's doctrinal office, has released a Manifesto which reads like a correction of many of the doctrinal errors Pope Francis has taught during his tenure as Pope.

The cardinal's intention was to release the manifesto on February 10. That date is the eve of the anniversary of Pope Benedict’s announcement in 2013 that he would abdicate his papal office, as well as the eve of the cardinal's own ordination to the priesthood. However, a Polish website broke the embargo and thus the document is being released today.

Pope Francis removed Cardinal Müller from his post as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith in 2017 after he had served in that capacity since he was appointed by Pope Benedict in 2012.

In the manifesto, Cardinal Müller does not mention the Pope but says that he was asked to make a public testimony of the truth “in the face of growing confusion about the doctrine of the Faith.�

The manifesto was released in the wake of Pope Francis’ highly controversial joint document with an Islamic leader which says that “the pluralism and the diversity of religions� are “willed by God in His wisdom� – a statement many believe contravenes the Catholic Faith.

Cardinal Müller takes a contrary stand when he says in the Manifesto:

The distinction of the three persons in the divine unity (CCC 254) marks a fundamental difference in the belief in God and the image of man from that of other religions. Religions disagree precisely over this belief in Jesus the Christ. … Therefore, the first letter of John refers to one who denies His divinity as an antichrist (1 John 2:22), since Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is from eternity one in being with God, His Father (CCC 663).

The cardinal is releasing his manifesto to a worldwide audience, in seven different languages, thus allowing for a widespread affirmation of the orthodox Catholic faith.

To this end, LifeSite is hosting a petition at its LifePetitions platform so the Catholic clergy and faithful of the world, in all language groups, can make a visible sign of their support for the full and unvarnished faith and for the Cardinal’s initiative.

Read the full Manifesto in English at the bottom of the article, or in PDF form here.



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"Progressive ideology" has Ruined women... marriage & family

Women "don't bring much to the table", says this attractive young women

"Their expectations are too high" (in terms of life style)

Why Women Are Not Happy


They are over-weight and unhealthy, with poor diets

They are not fulfilled in their everyday jobs

Most of their paycheck is going to repay school loans... for "useless degrees" (& taxes!)...


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