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Feminine Wisdom needed. Not Whining, Virtue Signaling & Vanity.

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Some real WISDOM from Professor Heying

Toxic Femininity? Heather Heying


It is a Start ! But Heather misses A LOT!

Toxic Femininity is: VANITY, VIRTUE-SIGNALING,. over emotionalism, dependency,. illogic, & lack of courage (cowardace). ALL these toxins are right now exploding in our culture, thanks to the supposed "empowerment" of women. These negative virtues also describe the Left


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The Madness of NOW was planned... by those wanting to destroy the Family

"No war (supposedly).  But instead FORCED Servitude, and a complete loss of freedom"

This Destroyed the American Family, 2517

"All the activities that rot human soul" were part of the brainwashing

Kate Millet was behind this plan.  "All of this in just 50 years!"

And maybe the NWO too !

The NWO Agenda - as revealed by Dr Richard Day in 1969


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6 hours ago, drbubb said:

The Madness of NOW was planned... by those wanting to destroy the Family

"No war (supposedly).  But instead FORCED Servitude, and a complete loss of freedom"

What can you do? The battle is already over. "all your safe space are belong to us"


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Womyn's March - is like Dead

Lots of Signs, Few People... but much insanity

People gathered at Freedom Plaza in Washington on Saturday for the Women’s March.

New York Times

Whether it was stormy weather, reports of controversy or the simple waning of interest over time, the third annual Women’s March events on Saturday attracted much smaller crowds than in years past.

In Washington, in a frigid marble plaza only blocks from the White House, early attendees at first seemed to be outnumbered by barkers hawking T-shirts and buttons.

“I’m disappointed. It’s definitely not the turnout I was looking for,” said Peggy Baron, 53, a lawyer from Dublin, Ohio, who said that the first Washington march two years ago had been “wall-to-wall women.”

Women's March Protesters Call For Trump to 'Drop Dead,' His Children Caged...
Laura Loomer Storms Stage in DC...

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WISE WOMEN Marched For Life, not for more Favortism

How the March for Life and the Women's March value women differently

This week, Washington will be the site of two opposing marches, one day apart. Both will feature hundreds of thousands of marching women. Both will say they are standing up for women’s rights. But only one truly values the entire being of a woman, while the other asks her to reject a significant part of herself to ultimately become “empowered.”

In fact, it wasn’t until pro-abortion men started pushing legalized abortion into the women’s movement in the 1960s that abortion and feminism became connected.

In the 1950s and 60s, women faced serious problems of inequality. In the workplace, women were fired simply for becoming pregnant. The growing feminist movement sought to right these wrongs, but it also attracted certain self-interested men who worked to convince feminist leaders that they needed abortion in order to achieve equality with men.

But this wasn’t really a solution to the inequality women experienced. Instead, it further entrenched that inequality by confirming that pregnant women were unwelcome in the workplace and that the ending of a human life through abortion was the only way for a pregnant woman to succeed in an unjust world.

Two of the most influential men who campaigned to legalize and mass-market abortion in the United States were journalist and activist Larry Lader and abortionist Bernard Nathanson, co-founders of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, now known as NARAL.

Lader’s goal was the complete repeal of abortion laws as a means of controlling population growth and upending the sexual morality of the day. He worked to push abortion on the 1960s feminist movement, knowing he needed to use women to promote his agenda if it was to be successful.

In his book “Aborting America,” Nathanson recorded what Lader said to him: “If we’re going to move abortion out of the books and into the streets, we’re going to have to recruit the feminists. [Feminist leader Betty] Friedan has got to put her troops into this thing—while she still has control of them.”

> https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/how-the-march-for-life-and-the-womens-march-value-women-differently

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Womyn's March Bigots exposed

Note Sign, upper Right


Comment by Diana 4 hours ago

The marchers "focused their attention towards championing progressive policies and making certain their work was ... and represented all people." 

All people means all progressive women and their allies.)

I feel so empowered!


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(from the Woman who is the exact opposite of Wisdom - a purely satanic idea)

Hillary Clinton Wants New York State to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth: “There’s No Time to Wait”


Hillary Clinton is not on the campaign trail right now, but she still is using her influence to push legalized abortion up to birth.

On Sunday, she announced plans to help New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo push a radical pro-abortion bill in his state.

“I’ll be joining Gov. Cuomo as he lays out his plan to codify Roe v. Wade and pass the Reproductive Health Act,” Clinton wrote on Twitter. “There’s no time to wait.”

Cuomo made no secret of his plans to ram the pro-abortion bill through the state legislature. He said he wants to see it pass within 30 days.

Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! https://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5d78ysTMJ

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New Report: Women Apply to Fewer Jobs Than Men, But Are More Likely to Get Hired

Women and men find jobs differently. And as more and more companies want to build gender-balanced teams and hire and promote more women, the question is — what is that difference exactly?

To answer that, we dug into LinkedIn data and analyzed billions of interactions between professionals, companies, and recruiters. We looked at how open women and men are to new opportunities, how they browse and apply to jobs, how they interact with recruiters, and how likely they are to get hired after applying.

It turns out that while women’s journey to getting a new job starts off very similarly to men’s, it diverges when it comes to applying to the job or to being proactively recruited.

A decisive step toward hiring more women and creating a gender-balanced workforce is understanding these differences and optimizing the recruiting process to be more inclusive. Read below to see the details and download the Gender Insights Report for the full scoop and tips for developing a gender-balanced hiring strategy.

(THE REAL BIAS is obvious in how the following is described):

Women are more likely to get hired – once they apply


The good news is that when women do apply to a job, they are 16% more likely than men to get hired. In fact, if the role is more senior than their current position, that number goes up to 18%.

While this is an uplifting stat, it does show that women do a very thorough job at vetting roles — sometimes maybe too thorough. If women only apply when they feel extremely qualified, this could also indicate they are not pursuing stretch opportunities.


"The good news"?  WHY is this hiring bias Good news?

Seems like Bad News for males

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HERE is some wisdom from a young woman

TPUSA’s Jordan Rachel: Today’s Feminists Fight for What We Already Have


Cal State Northridge student and conservative social media influencer Jordan Rachel told Breitbart News that today’s “Neofeminism” movement has strayed from its original premise in order to advance the leftist agenda. Rachel spoke to host Alex Marlow in a Wednesday interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily for the show’s weekly Turning Point USA (TPUSA) campus report segment.

“The feminist movement is not like it used to be — the Democrats have taken it over,” said Rachel to Breitbart News, “[When feminism started], all they wanted was basic control of their lives. They wanted to abolish slavery. They wanted the right to retain property, and the right to vote. That’s all great.”

“And then it changed — and moved to anti-sex discrimination, the legalization of abortion,” added Rachel, “and now we’re at this Neofeminism, which is the most skewed and radical form of claiming to fight for women of all time, and it conveniently includes all things that also have nothing to do with women’s rights and everything to do with the liberal agenda.”

Listen below:

Rachel said that the truth about the Neofeminist movement had dawned on her when she realized that today’s feminists are “out there fighting for what we already have.”

“The [mainstream] media formulates the narrative to falsely make women feel as though they lack the things they currently have,” affirmed Rachel, “They have been told that they should want something different by the media. Everybody’s busy these days, and at the end of the day, most people rely on the media to tell them what’s going on.”

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