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Reality of Gulag, seems Surreal Today

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Reality of Gulag, seems Surreal Today

"RESENTMENT is really dangerous"

Steal corn from the ground, and it's a "tener", 10 year sentence

Meantime, unconstitutional courts are being set up in US Universities

Stop applauding, and you got dragged off the the Camps

Posters on walls at US schools, asking students to turn in each other for Hate Crimes

Jocko Podcast 155 w/ Jordan Peterson: Jordan Peterson and Jocko VS. Evil. The Gulag


JDP: "Hate Crime accusers are sadists, looking too find offense"

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The Gulag Archipelago is Solzhenitsyn's attempt to compile a literary-historical record of the vast system of prisons and labor camps that came into being shortly after the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia in 1917 and that underwent an enormous expansion during the rule of Stalin from 1924 to 1953. Various sections of the three volumes describe the arrest, interrogation, conviction, transportation, and imprisonment of the Gulag's victims by Soviet authorities over four decades. The work mingles historical exposition and Solzhenitsyn's own autobiographical accounts with the voluminous personal testimony of other inmates that he collected and committed to memory during his imprisonment.Upon publication of the first volume of The Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn was immediately attacked in the Soviet press. Despite the intense interest in his fate that was shown in the West, he was arrested and charged with treason on February 12, 1974, and was exiled from the Soviet Union the following day.

About the Author

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn was born into a family of Cossack intellectuals in Kislovodsk, Russia, in 1918. He fought for the Soviet Union in World War II, achieving the rank of captain of artillery. In 1945 he was arrested for writing a letter in which he criticized Joseph Stalin and spent eight years in prisons and labor camps. In 1956 he was allowed to settle in Ryazan, in central Russia, where he became a mathematics teacher and began to write. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1970. Following the publication of the first volume of The Gulag Archipelago, he was exiled in 1974. His Soviet citizenship was restored in 1990 and he returned to Russia in 1994, where he now lives.
June 5, 2017
Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

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A few quotes:

"If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart? During the life of any heart this line keeps changing place; sometimes it is squeezed one way by exuberant evil and sometimes it shifts to allow enough space for good to flourish. One and the same human being is, at various ages, under various circumstances, a totally different human being. At times he is close to being a devil, at times to sainthood. But his name doesn't change, and to that name we ascribe the whole lot, good and evil. Socrates taught us: Know thyself! Confronted by the pit into which we are about to toss those who have done us harm, we halt, stricken dumb: it is after all only because of the way things worked out that they were the executioners and we weren't.”

“Ideology—that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes, so that he won't hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors. That was how the agents of the Inquisition fortified their wills: by invoking Christianity; the conquerors of foreign lands, by extolling the grandeur of their Motherland; the colonizers, by civilization; the Nazis, by race; and the Jacobins (early and late), by equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of future generations. Thanks to ideology, the twentieth century was fated to experience evildoing on a scale calculated in the millions. This cannot be denied, nor passed over, nor suppressed.”

“There is a simple truth which one can learn only through suffering: in war not victories are blessed but defeats. Governments need victories and the people need defeats. Victory gives rise to the desire for more victories. But after a defeat it is freedom that men desire—and usually attain. A people needs defeat just as an individual needs suffering and misfortune: they compel the deepening of the inner life and generate a spiritual upsurge."
> https://www.amazon.com/Gulag-Archipelago-1918-1956-Experiment-Investigation-ebook/dp/B001RNNRF4

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Dealing with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez... Say "Stalin", and shut her up


How Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explain Communism's 100 Million Dead?

... Every heavy-breathing lefty in the land is now having secret fantasies about Ms. O-C, the sexy angel who will destroy that ol' devil Trump.

The only trouble with Ms. O-C is reality, which is the constant enemy of the left.  Socialism, it turns out, is actually not such a wonderful thing in reality, as the starving peasants of Venezuela are now finding out.  (Again.)

A month ago, I ran into a big problem with a lefty lady when I asked her about reality, and she responded by cutting off all communication with me.  My big mistake was asking her about Josef Stalin and the 100 million innocents murdered by Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist regimes in the 20th century, although I did not actually get a chance to finish my sentence.

I only said the name "Stalin" and she hung up the phone, stopped all texting and emails, and probably hung me on her personal gallows in effigy.

This happened after she assured me that all her friends on campus were peace-loving social democrats, the nice folks who kept getting murdered by the Bolsheviks, the Nazis, then the Maoists, the Pol Pot killer squads in Cambodia, on and on and on.

So I committed a terrible faux pas in by asking one question: how do you explain Stalin?  How do you explain 100 million murdered innocents left by all the Marxist regimes of the 20th century?

I know that liberals are all about love and peace forever, but I'm starting to wonder why they keep getting into murderous fantasies when another Reagan, Nixon, or Trump is elected POTUS.

Since Trump got elected, all our "mainstream" media have been indulging in murderous fantasies.  They have also been whipping up Antifa lynch mobs, along the lines pioneered by Vladimir Lenin in his famous telegram of 1918:

Comrades!  The insurrection of five kulak districts should be pitilessly suppressed.  The interests of the whole revolution require this because "the last decisive battle" with the kulaks is now under way everywhere.  An example must be demonstrated.

  1. Hang (and make sure that the hanging takes place in full view of the people) no fewer than one hundred known landlords, rich men, bloodsuckers.
  2. Publish their names.
  3. Seize all their grain from them.
  4. Designate hostages in accordance with yesterday's telegram.

Do it in such a fashion that for hundreds of kilometres around the people might see, tremble, know, shout: "they are strangling, and will strangle to death, the bloodsucking kulaks".

Telegraph receipt and implementation.

Yours, Lenin.

Find some truly hard people.

In the good old days, Hillary's "deplorables" would be dead in the frozen fields of Siberia, but today, that has to be left to the enraged nightmares of our peaceful Democrats.

Life shows us one lesson after another, if we only know how to learn.

So this is what I learned.

How do you shut up a liberal?

Ask him to say "Stalin."

Now will some Breitbart journo take his life in his hands and ask Ms. Ocasio-Cortez about Stalin?  If not Stalin, then Lenin, Mao, Trotsky, Hitler, and Kim III.  I guarantee she will shut up, at least for a few minutes.

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Hello Dr. Bubb.

A link of riches to a pet subject above. 

Britain is in a worse state than the USA. Mind-fucking arrogant asset-stripping zionists are almost in complete control. 

Apologies for sounding depressed, but we don't have a swamp-drainer.

My best wishes


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