Ted Malloch: Hillary Clinton Knew About, Approved and Paid for Trump-Russia Dossier

Hillary Clinton knew about, approved, and paid for the Trump-Russia dirty dossier from the beginning and hid the fact from the press.

The Democrat candidate for President in 2016 was an experienced pro, who had seen her way through many political campaigns, including contentious primaries against Obama, for the US Senate in New York, in Arkansas, and of course twice for her very husband, Bill– the 42nd President.

Clinton had a reputation for toughness and a harsh spirit with a knack for details and a large sized ego to match.

Some saw her as “bitch”, conceited, and a Yale Law School, Ivy League, feminist, know it all. Others, who worked with her, had a more benign view but nonetheless readily admitted — she made all the decisions.

Nothing got past her, her grip, or her two cents. There wasn’t a policy, a message, or a statement that went out that she did not see and did not approve. In fact, she often revised things two or three times slowing down the well-oiled machine. But she wanted it that way. She didn’t want to lose, damage her image, — or most definitely, lose control. So throughout the primary she milked all her contacts in the DNC, in the media, and in the government.

Hillary knew just about everybody given her decades in government and kept close track of what they said about her, what they owed her, and how much they contributed to her. She had a list of no-goes and of people she flatly refused to see, hear, or listen to. If you crossed her you were off her good list. Toast.

She worked every angle and source and played nice, when necessary, putting on a smile and even a grinning grandmotherly look, complete with the light blue, extra-wide pants suit.

The ‘woman’ card was the ace up her sleeve or so she thought. How could any woman seriously vote against her?

Didn’t every woman want to break that impenetrable glass ceiling and see her become the first female President?

. . . 

She would hold nothing back.

She would throw everything at him — from disgraces to scandals to character flaws to Russia.

The Obama forces, even if there were past ‘histories’ between them, would help to elect her as a kind of “third term” to Barrack, who had achieved so little in his eight years in office. His cronies would be her cronies. They would do her bidding. They would protect her and most certainly, fail to indict her. They would use the deep state, where needed, to do her work — behind the scenes.

And at the center of the whole design was the grand conspiracy called the Trump-Russia Dossier. She paid for it and approved it from the get-go.

It was good as gold.