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Epstein: Friend & Alleged procurer for the Clintons

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"CBS Sided With A Pedophile": Network Fires Staffer Who Had Access To Robach-Epstein Rant

CBS has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to a candid tape of ABC host Amy Robach complaining that in 2016, the network shelved her scoop on Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes, according to Page Six.

"I've had the story for three years... we would not put it on the air," Robach said on a hot mic moment leaked to Project Veritas. "It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything."

It hasn't gone unnoticed that exposing Epstein would have hurt Hillary Clinton during the 2016 US election.

CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio that was revealed by @Project_Veritas

The person who got fired in this situation was the one trying to protect the children who were being trafficked.

CBS sided with a Pedophile.

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via redstate: “Tuesday’s video clip caused widespread outrage, particularly on the right, with many commentators using it to stoke hatred of the media writ large,” Stelter wrote in his newsletter last night.

Just to review: ABC News’ public face is George Stephanopoulos, the former communications director for Bill Clinton. In 2015, Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, which the Sunlight Foundation has described as a “slush fund for the Clintons.” Which Jeffrey Epstein claimed he co-founded in a 2007 letter “written by high-powered lawyers Alan Dershowitz and Gerald Lefcourt.” Court documents “obtained by Fox News in 2016 showed that Clinton took at least 26 trips flying aboard Epstein’s private jet, known as the ‘Lolita Express,’ and apparently ditched his Secret Service detail on some of the excursions.” The New York Times reported in July that “A strange thing happened when Jeffrey Epstein came back to New York City after being branded a sex offender: His reputation appeared to rise. In 2010, the year after he got out of a Florida prison, Katie Couric and George Stephanopoulos dined at his Manhattan mansion with a British royal.”

/ 2 / Helter Stelter


Our Broken, Corrupt Fake News Media Continues to Protect Clinton-Linked Democrat Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

The corporate media has made a calculated decision to lean in on their complicity in protecting powerful sex predators. You could even say they've embraced their roles as "enemies of the people."

Integrity comes at a steep price. For every anonymous ABC staffer willing to sacrifice herself for the truth, there are dozens of millionaire news executives and media stars happy to throw such people and all their work under the bus. For every media reporter such as Yashar Ali who has investigated the malfeasance of ABC and CBS News with unabashed fervor, there are entire reporting teams at CNN who prefer to vilify conservatives for their anger at the media corruption that made Epstein's infamy possible

Yes, that's right. If you get your news from CNN, then Brian Stelter would have you believe the real villains of this story aren't the powerful media executives protecting a predator, but conservatives "using it to stoke hatred of the media writ large." 

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Megyn Kelly Releases Interview with Fired Staffer at Center of Epstein Cover-Up

On Friday afternoon, Megyn Kelly continued her return to the news business in a bombshell interview with Ashley Bianco, the former ABC News producer who was fired after only four days at CBS News for allegedly being behind the tape of ABC’s Amy Robach admitting that the network quashed her reporting about alleged serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

After Kelly recapped what's transpired thus far in the media's handling of the Epstein case and his alleged suicide, Kelly introduced Bianco by asking if she was the person who leaked the tape.



Bianco repeatedly denied being the person who shared the Robach tape and, later in the interview, added that she had never even heard of the James O’Keefe-led group until this week (click “expand”):

Bianco explained that, on August 19, she watched Robach’s comments live from her desk and that, according to a colleague, Robach knew her comments were not only broadcasted in-house, but also to “all the affiliates,” so there could be any number of possible suspects.

Questioned about whether this was the first time she had ever clipped an off-air moment, Bianco explained that it was routine for the purposes of gossip, noteworthy moments or even to save clips later for things like blooper reels. In this case, Bianco told Kelly that she never went back to download or watch it.

That said, however, Bianco repeatedly said that Robach’s comments left those listening “freaked out by what she was saying.” 

Fast-forwarding to this past week’s events, Bianco grew emotional when retelling her reaction to the clip becoming public and being “devastated” to hear that ABC had called CBS to presumably ensure she was fired (click “expand”)

Kelly asked Bianco whether the clip should have been aired, but she demurred except to say that Robach “was really upset” and “[c]learly, she felt that she had a strong case.” Bianco had a similar answer to what she believes should happen to the real leaker, asserting that all she’s looking for is to have “my career back.”

And on the topic of whether Robach’s work exposing Epstein should have aired, Bianco disappointingly said she didn’t have any qualms about ABC’s decision-making on that point.

As the interview started to wind down, Kelly inquired about “[w]hat do you want ABC and CBS executives to know” and Bianco tearfully replied:

It wasn’t me. I’m, you know, I’m not the whistleblower. Sorry to ABC, but the leaker is still inside. You know, it’s not — I never did any of that. I may have accessed it, but I never — I never leaked it. I never showed it to anyone. I didn’t talk about the situation outside the company. 

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