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Sad at Sixty : Mad-Donna's not sexy, she's deranged

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The Slag at Sixty : Mad-Donna's not sexy, she's deranged

Men who live by the sword, die by the sword.

Women who live off their sexuality, are doomed to become old hags... & be disrepected

th?id=OIP.NR3Wa4wEVSUTLlGF4Q_S5wHaE8&w=2 : pay up, Maddy!

The Old hag... still loves herself. Does anyone else?
Putting sex in sexagenarian: MADONNA still shocks at 60...

Like Hillary, she does not know when to go away


Madonna dropping f bombs and admits to thinking about bombing the Whitehouse. Women's March 2017


Seriously, why would anyone want to follow (or worse yet, be attracted to) such a deranged Old Slag?


Madonna was attractive once, I suppose, in a street-trash sort of way (She grew up in Southfield MI, walking distance from my parent's old house)


When she moved to the big City (NYC), she got quickly corrupted, renting her body for spare change, accommodation, and a chance to do gigs, it is said


Maddy encouraged her followers to f--k everything under the sun


Once street trash, always street trash.  Dressing up a tramp does not make her a lady. (Spends $700k+ pa on her looks.)


Mad-donna today, a mature & aging slaggy-hag, "old slapper"

The only thing elevated about her now, is her bank account. Satan and his minions pay well.

Maddy, go pleasure yourself, pray to your god satan, or feed those stray cats in your rotting Mansion

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Does this apply to PopStars too?

Recognize and Avoid Women Who Are Damaged Goods (5 of 7)

/ 2 /

Too much alike? "Fiery Tempers, Strong Egos"

The Real Reasons Madonna And Sean Penn Got Divorced

/ 3 /

Marriage #2: Madonna "wears the trousers" ... while "doing embarrassing things"

Madonna & Guy: Where Did It All Go Wrong? - Part 1


Richey had a taste "for all things Crass & Cockney"


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Hiding from the Sun... in sun-soaked Morrocco


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MTV = Music Terribly Vile, few watch, few care

Music isn't Music anymore: It is WhorelyWood style propapaganda

WIRE: MTV Awards shocking event, for wrong reasons...

With most of music industry's top acts absent — from Beyonce to Bruno Mars — the MTV Video Music Awards lacked star power and felt flat, and some of the winners turned heads — for the wrong reasons.

Exhibit A: Camila Cabello beat out Drake, Mars, Cardi B, Ariana Grande and Post Malone for artist of the year.

"I can't believe this is for me," Cabello said Monday onstage.

Neither can we.

Cabello achieved the unthinkable later in the show when she took home the top prize — video of the year — for "Havana." Cabello's song was a No. 1 hit and of the video-of-the-year nominees, "Havana" was the second-most viewed clip behind Drake's "God's Plan." But that's partly because "Havana" was released last year while the other videos came out this year.

It was the night's most shocking moment, and MTV seemed to send a message: You're punished for not showing up and rewarded for attending.
All-Time Low Ratings...


For the second straight year, the MTV Video Music Awards drew its smallest audience ever.

Monday's show drew 2.25 million viewers and a 1.1 rating among adults 18-49. Across eight Viacom-owned channels, it drew 4.87 million viewers and a 2.2 in the demo; both sets of numbers fall short of the 2017 VMAs, which set the previous low.

The awards also aired on a ninth Viacom network, TV Land, for which numbers weren't immediately available. It is highly unlikely, however, that enough people tuned in there to push the VMAs past their 2017 on-air total of 5.36 million viewers and 2.6 rating in adults 18-49.

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Un-listenable, & Un-watchable

Like Slag-Donna, MTV-Music is polluted by Leftist politics

Ratings Disaster: Woke MTV Video Music Awards Hit New Record Low


The ratings are in for the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), and they are at a new record low.

The Wrap reports that the VMAs’ ratings on simulcast among the 18-49 demographic slipped 6 percent. When the numbers are narrowed down to total viewers on MTV alone, there was a 15 percent drop off. For the all-important 18-49 audience, there was a drop of 21 percent.

These numbers come after the VMAs got political once again. Comedian Kevin Hart went after President Trump, telling him to “suck it.”

“You never know what’s going to happen at the VMAs. Bad language, people run to the bathroom and send out crazy tweets. It’s basically like a typical day at the White House. In your face, Trump! Suck it!” Hart joked.

Hart also attacked critics of NFL players kneeling during the anthem, saying, “We are live coast-to-coast, people. I’m looking at this like it’s game day. But do not worry. For this game, you’re allowed to kneel. You can do whatever the hell you want. There’s no old white man who can stop you.”

During a political performance, rapper Logic, donning a shirt that read “Fuck The Wall,” invited immigrant families from activist groups to come on stage and be “reunited” while wearing shirts that read “We are all human beings.”

. . . The politicized jokes and performance occurred on the same night that MTV launched its first ever voter registration drive.

> https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/08/21/mtv-video-music-awards-hit-new-record-ratings-low/

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(WHY the obnoxious headlines? Because she never honest with her fans about the True price ...

of copying her bad behavior)

The Slag at Sixty : Mad-Donna's not sexy, she's deranged

Men who live by the sword, die by the sword.

Women who live off their sexuality, are doomed to become old hags... & be disrepected

th?id=OIP.NR3Wa4wEVSUTLlGF4Q_S5wHaE8&w=2 : pay up, Maddy!

LISTEN to this:

The Hard Truth About Hypergamy | Rollo Tomassi and Stefan Molyneux


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Mad-donnna ?  Or Sag-donna?

All her money cannot ultimately defeat Time

It Looks Like Leftist ‘Madonna,’ Who Said She Fantasized About Blowing Up the White House, Has a VERY FAKE BUTT

🤦🏽‍♀️Lord, what in the world did Madonna do to her behind?????????????

Madonna gave partygoers more than they anticipated on New Year's Eve when she debuted a curvier backside, prompting fans to wonder if the pop queen had gotten injections or implants.

The 60-year-old singer popped up at the Stonewall Inn, an iconic gay club in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, on Monday night. There, she performed “Like a Prayer” and the classic Elvis Presley hit “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” with her 13-year-old son strumming the guitar.

Madonna’s curvy rump sent the Internet into a frenzy, causing social media users to give their impressions of the “Material Girl” vocalist’s backside.

“Whoever did that fake booty on Madonna was dead a-- wrong for that,” wrote comedian Karlous Miller on Twitter, while another user echoed his sentiments, writing, “Madonna what the hell…”

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Screwed up their own lives (thru grievances, selfishness). Don't let them screw up yours !


STUDY: Pop songs become angrier, sadder...

  • Study was by experts from Lawrence Technological University in Michigan   
  • They looked at lyrics from more than 6,000 songs from the US Billboard Hot 100
  • Songs released during the mid 1950s were the least angry and the most upbeat

In the past songs were ranked mainly by record sales, radio and jukebox plays, but more recently it is based on other popularity indicators such as streaming and social media to reflect changes in music consumption.

Tones expressed in each song were analysed using 'automatic quantitative sentiment' which looked at each word or phrase in the song with a set of tones they express.

The US study team looked at lyrics of more than 6,000 songs from Billboard Hot 100 in each year. These are the most popular songs in the US each year as chosen by music fans. Songs released during the mid 1950s, like those of Buddy Holly (pictured) were the least angry.More recent music like Adele's (pictured) contain more lyrics dealing with sadness

The combination of the tones expressed by all words and phrases of the lyrics determines the sentiment of that song.

Another sharp increase in fear was observed in 1998 and 1999, with a sharp decrease in 2000.

The study also showed that joy was a dominant tone in popular music lyrics during the late 1950s, but it decreased over time and became much milder in the recent years. 

An exception was observed in the mid 1970s, when joy expressed in lyrics increased sharply.

The study shows that the tones expressed in popular music change over time and the change is gradual and consistent, with a few exceptions.

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Madonna slams toxic social media for turning users into 'slaves'...
'I wanted to be somebody, because I felt like a nobody'...

The social media-led world she is launching Madame X into is vastly different to the ’80s when Madonna became the world’s biggest star.

She is a prolific user of the networks — amassing nearly 14 million Instagram followers, 2.5 million on Twitter and 18 million likes for her Facebook page.

Yet she says: “You get caught up in comparing yourself to others. I think Instagram is made to make you feel bad. People are really a slave to winning people’s approvals.”

She adds: “I was lucky enough to have a life as an artist before the phone and Instagram and social media because I did have that time to develop as an artist and a human without feeling the pressure of judgment of other people or comparing myself to other people.”

 The Queen of Pop has urged daughter Lourdes, 22, to 'stop being so consumed with the way you look'

The Queen of Pop has urged daughter Lourdes, 22, to 'stop being so consumed with the way you look'

She explains: “So I say to my daughter, ‘You weren’t put on this earth to be me, you were put on this earth to be you. You be you. And use your platform and who you are to be a good role model for other young women your age. Stop being so consumed with the way you look or how people are going to compare you to me.’”

Madonna dramatically interrupts the interview to apologise: “Sorry my stomach’s making so much noise.”

I’m aware she skipped dinner yesterday because she was working late into the night so I suggest I should have brought her a burger. Her face screws up instantly and she says: “No, I don’t eat burgers. Yuck. But I did have French fries yesterday.” Then she adds with a laugh: “Don’t worry, I can afford to lose a few pounds.”

Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. Dressed in a glamorous multi-coloured gown and doused in her favourite new perfume Portrait of a Lady, Madonna remains the epitome of superstar — age-defying and era-defying. Madonna is single and her family situation is “unconventional”, she says with pride.

/ 2 /

n YouTube, you can find a clip of Madonna appearing on American Bandstand in January 1984. She is still promoting her eponymous debut album, released six months before, and still just one among a raft of young singers mining a vein of post-disco dance-pop. She has yet to have a Top 10 hit in the United States, and the host, Dick Clark, still finds it necessary to explain who she is when introducing her. Her label’s expectations for the single she performs, Holiday, are so modest, it hasn’t bothered commissioning a video for it.

And yet it’s not just hindsight that makes the viewer realise something big is about to happen to her career. After she mimes to Holiday, the audience won’t stop screaming and cheering: Clark has to plead for quiet so he can interview her. Answering his questions, Madonna is funny and flirtatious and very, very confident. He asks her what her ambitions are. “To rule the world,” she answers.

Madonna appearing on American Bandstand in 1984.


Thirty-five years on, Madonna laughs when I mention it. “Yes,” she nods. “Sorry for saying that.” The thing is, she says, she wasn’t confident at all back then: it was all a front. “I may have been insecure, I may have felt like a nobody, but I knew I had to do something. If I was going to make something out of my life, I had to, you know, hurl myself into the dark space, go down the road less travelled. Otherwise, why live?

She recalls feeling as startled as anyone else when she realised how famous she had become, less than 18 months after she had informed Clark she was going to rule the world.


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singing celebrity sisters - rich & insane

Global Warming Alarmist Barbra Streisand Flew Her Dogs 10,000 Miles to Watch Her Sing

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AFTER LISTENING to her own music, maybe...

(her real problem is eating the fruits of being an utterly selfish b*tch)

X: Madonna suffering 'indescribable' pain; Delays rest of Tour...
Canceled Miami two hour before showtime...

...amid legal blow up with ex-husband Guy Ritchie 'over where some of her six children should spend the holiday'

  • Madonna canceled her performance Sunday night in Miami two hour before showtime and has yet to give an explanation 
  • Guy Ritchie filed a motion in their divorce case asking for 'the enforcement or execution of a judgment or order' the next day in Manhattan Supreme Court 
  • Madonna, 61, and Ritchie, 50, had a son Rocco, 19, over whom they have waged a bitter custody battle, which ended in 2016 
  • During their eight-year marriage, Madonna adopted David Banda, 14, who has recently been spending time with Ritchie in London
  • During the previous dispute over Rocco, Christmas was the cause of a flare up in 2015  
  • Madonna has four other children, including Lourdes, 23, Mercy James, 13, who was adopted from Malawi, as were twins Stelle and Estere, 7 

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Not sexy any more, but she is still trashy

View photos

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MAD-donna ... More & More obvious

Madonna crack up?

Madonna is losing her mind. In a very strange, over produced new video, she mumbles she’s lost three friends (unclear if to corona virus) and that she’s “over it.” She says, “I’m over it.” She is entirely disconnected from reality. Every single music star who isn’t ailing has done something positive so far. They’ve given impromptu on line concerts, made PSAs, participated in fundraisers, started fundraisers. All of her so called enemies– Lady Gaga, Elton John, and so on– are busy digging in for the cause. Madonna, however, is “over it.” I think we’re over it, too. 1, 2, cha cha cha.


She lost her mind years ago.  Now her fans are catching on to it

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SLAG-donna at her Best! (Or Worst)

'Treated us like simpletons': Pedro Almodóvar criticises Madonna over documentary


Oscar-winning Spanish film director Pedro Almodóvar has written “a settling of scores” in a long diary entry written during the coronavirus lockdown, which accuses Madonna of treating him and actor Antonio Banderas as “simpletons”, and not asking permission to use footage of them in a documentary.

In the post published in translation on IndieWire, Almodóvar recalls first meeting Madonna on the set of the film Dick Tracy, and then later in Madrid during her 1990 Blond Ambition world tour. “Aside from myself, she was only interested in meeting one other guest, Antonio Banderas,” he said of the latter meeting, with Banderas having recently acted in Almodóvar’s film Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!. “Hollywood (and Madonna) had fallen in love with him.”

Madonna had the flamenco party Almodóvar had arranged for her filmed for the documentary Madonna: Truth or Dare (also known as In Bed With Madonna). “She didn’t ask for permission to use our images, and she even dubbed me, because my English mustn’t have been that good,” Almodóvar complains. “I don’t mind if this seems like a settling of scores – if it had been the other way round (me filming Madonna and her team and making a film with all that material which I would then premiere around the world), I would have taken such a hit in the form of a lawsuit; I’d still be recovering from it. Madonna treated us like simpletons and I had to say it one day.”

He said Madonna decided on the seating plan and placed Banderas’s then-wife Ana Leza far away from him, with herself by his side. “Antonio’s harassment was one of the main storylines and she, obviously, edited in how she dispatched Ana Leza with only one sentence. At the end of the dinner, Ana dared to get close to our table and told the divine blonde sarcastically, ‘I see you like my husband, it doesn’t surprise me, all women like him, but I don’t mind because I am very modern.’ To which Madonna replied: ‘Get lost.’ All this may seem frivolous, and it is.”

He also says Madonna also asked Banderas, who didn’t speak English then, a provocative question via Almodóvar. “Ask him, she told me again, if he likes women to hit him … Antonio made the same gesture, which meant neither/nor, but that he was at the service of ladies’ desires.”

> https://uk.news.yahoo.com/treated-us-simpletons-pedro-almod-171037937.html

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Madonna INSTAGRAM Breakdown Continues...


UPDATE Madonna, our agent provocateur, added later, hilariously: And for those of you who are offended in any way by this photo then I want to let you know that I have successfully graduated from the University of Zero F*^ks Given. Thanks for coming to the Ceremony! 

EARLIER Madonna’s new Instagram post is a nipple baring, stark look at her inner thoughts. A fan writes: “You’re losing your marbles.” Madonna says: “Current Wardrobe Sitch……………”

PS No judgments here! This looks like a photo from some time ago, and I’m sure Madonna thinks of it as art. I had to censor it for our carriers, but you can see the real thing on Instagram.

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Still a SLAG after all these years, Lady Donna?

Isn't it time you grew up, and tried to see if you had something to offer the world apart from Tired music, and a very tired old bod?

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