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Tell Ms. May to go Away!! Real BREXIT after her Exit

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Tell Ms. May to go Away!! Real BREXIT after her Exit

Teresa's turn to cry... (Merkel up next?)


The idea of a Globalist managing a smooth & clean Brexit was a non-starter from Day 1



THERESA May is battling desperately for her job today as Boris Johnson weighs up whether to follow David Davis and quit in protest at the Prime Minister's plans for a soft Brexit.

Mr Davis warned this morning that Mrs May is pursuing a "dangerous strategy" in talks with Brussels - but insisted he's not trying to force the PM out of power.

But her future could rest on the decision made by Boris, who's believed to be considering whether or not he should quit as Foreign Secretary in a last-ditch bid to block a soft Brexit.

Mr Johnson has just hours to make his mind up, as he's due to give a press conference this evening as part of an international summit being held in London.

Mr Davis announced his resignation just minutes before midnight with a devastating letter warning Mrs May her proposals, agreed last week at Chequers, would leave the UK in "a weak negotiating position" with Brussels.

He was today replaced in the Cabinet by Dominic Raab, an arch-Brexiteer and close ally of Michael Gove who is currently serving as Housing Minister.

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If May goes Away...

Then the Conservatives may need to "go to the country" to seek a fresh mandate.


Latest updates on Theresa May's political crisis:

  • David Davis insisted he could never have publicly backed the PM's plans for Brexit agreed at Chequers
  • Other Brexiteer ministers including Boris Johnson are under pressure to quit, potentially bringing down the PM
  • Pro-Leave MPs vowed to bring a formal challenge against Theresa May
  • Dominic Raab was named as the new Brexit Secretary this morning, promoted from Housing Minister
  • Mrs May's aides have asked to meet with opposition MPs to win their support for the Chequers deal
  • Labour called on the PM to resign due to the swirling chaos
  • EU sources mocked the Cabinet chaos, describing it as "rats fleeing a sinking ship"

He also told the BBC he wouldn't demand the resignation of other ministers such as Boris, because "people can only make these decisions of conscience, decisions of principle, by themselves in their own minds".

Steve Baker, who resigned as a junior Brexit Minister alongside Mr Davis, also warned other MPs not to launch a leadership challenge to the PM by writing letters to the Tory backbench shop steward.

He said: "There's no question of letters going in, no question of challenges - what we need is a change of policy, not to challenge the Prime Minister. Don't put in letters, take stock and change the policy.

"If people think it's a good idea to enter a three-month leadership contest following by the inevitable General Election that would be needed to fix the numbers, they're on another planet."

Mr Davis said the reason he quit was because as Brexit Secretary he'd be responsible for forcing Mrs May's plans through the Commons, adding: "That's not a tenable position for somebody who believes in Brexit."

> https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6728248/david-davis-resigns-theresa-may-brexit-plan/

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May's battle to save Brexit: PM's deal is on a knife edge as Tory rebels inflict THREE defeats on her in day of humiliation

  • Theresa May suffered a  number of big defeats in the House of Commons last
  • MPs voted to hold ministers in contempt for refusing to publish the legal advice 
  • The move saw ministers cave and promised to publish the full advice tomorrow
  • In another defeat, an amendment tabled by Tory Dominic Grieve also passed 
  • It gives MPs the power to tell PM what to do in talks if her Brexit deal is defeated 
  • Earlier, EU legal adviser said UK can stop Brexit without the permission of the EU
  • PM defended her deal as she started the 5-day debate in run-up to crunch vote

The future of Brexit was in the balance last night after Theresa May suffered a dramatic triple defeat in the Commons.

Amid extraordinary scenes, 26 Tory rebels sided with Labour to push through an amendment that would let MPs step in if her deal is defeated next week.

It could even halt the Brexit process completely. Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, led the rebellion which effectively takes a no-deal exit off the table. He claimed it could lead to a second referendum, adding: 'MPs are tonight starting the process of taking back control.'

The Prime Minister also suffered a humiliating defeat over her bid to keep the Government's legal advice on the EU withdrawal agreement under wraps. Her administration is the first in modern history to be found in contempt of Parliament.

> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6458055/Attorney-General-SUSPENDED-MPs-hold-contempt-vote-Brexit-advice.html


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END IT, the chaos

END HER career


She can get a new job ... Maybe to scare Stray Cats, or something


May's darkest hour...

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UK May urged to POSTPONE Brexit Commons vote; Leave date can be moved beyond March...


Theresa May says she WON’T postpone key Brexit vote – as ministers beg her to scrap it

At least three Cabinet ministers are believed to be trying to persuade the PM to put the December 11 vote off

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UK Lawmakers to Respond After 100,000 Sign Against UN Migration Pact

British Members of Parliament must consider an official petition against the United Nations Global Compact for Migration after it smashed 100,000 signatures.

The British government is committed to issuing an official response to any petition which reaches 10,000 signatures — although it has left the UN compact petition unanswered for 12 days now — while petitions which break the 100,000 signature mark must be considered by Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee for a full debate.

Hugely controversial for provisions which allegedly make migration a universal human right and expand the definition of hate speech to include criticism of mass migration, a large number of countries have already pulled out of the compact.

/ 2 /

PM May’s Ex-Chief of Staff: ‘This Week Brexit Was Finally Killed’

Nick Timothy, the influential former Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Theresa May, says the first casualty of the high drama in Parliament has been Brexit itself, with Remainers led by Dominic Grieve having “finally killed” it.

“This week was momentous, because it was the week that Brexit was finally killed,” declared the former power broker, who stepped down from his influential role after the 2017 snap General Election in an article for the Telegraph.

“Will Britain take control of its laws, borders and its money? To quote Margaret Thatcher with more melancholy than defiance: no, no, no,” he lamented.

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SINKING SHIP Theresa May faces ‘HANGING’ next week over Brexit vote

and could get MORE resignations if she doesn’t change tack

THERESA May faces a "hanging" next week over her crunch Brexit vote and could see even MORE resignations from her top team.

Brexiteers today blasted her 11th hour changes to the legislation, saying it won't be enough to win them over in Tuesday's crunch vote.

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May Mulls Announcement on Brexit Vote Delay...
Plan B?
Fears armed police will storm her bedroom...

Theresa May will seek to emulate Margaret Thatcher by travelling to Brussels to demand a better Brexit deal in a last-ditch attempt to save her government from collapse.

Ministers and aides have convinced the prime minister that she needs “a handbag moment” with EU bosses if she is to have any chance of persuading her own MPs to support her.

They expect May to announce tomorrow that she will launch a final throw of the diplomatic dice with a dash to Brussels, a move that could result in Tuesday’s vote being postponed.

. . .

Ahead of one of the most momentous weeks in post-war British politics:

  • Mrs May was considering making an emergency dash to Brussels to secure new legally binding assurances over the controversial backstop – as the EU hatched secret plans to delay Brexit by six weeks;
  • Tory Brexit ringleader Jacob Rees-Mogg backed a Brexit/Remain ‘unity’ ticket of Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd if Mrs May falls;
  • MPs claimed that Home Secretary Sajid Javid was openly canvassing support for a leadership bid, while former Brexit Secretaries David Davis and Dominic Raab were ‘jostling for position with each other’;
  • Leaked polling from Tory HQ revealed that 57 per cent of Conservative voters think MPs should vote for the deal, with just 27 per cent saying they should vote against;
  • It was claimed that, if Mrs May was forced out after the vote on Tuesday, then the Commons would have to sit at Christmas for the first time since the 17th Century Cromwellian interregnum;
  • Labour MPs piled pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to honour party policy on a second referendum;
  • It was revealed Attorney General Geoffrey Cox was reduced to tears over the turmoil;
  • Nigel Farage is poised to launch a new Leave party to exploit Conservative divisions and push for a harder Brexit.

Although there is a growing belief in Westminster that Mrs May could be forced to delay the vote, she last night insisted her Cabinet was united behind her. ‘I think we all recognise that this is a good deal,’ she said.

. . .

Mr Rees-Mogg said dodging a vote on her Brexit deal would be as damaging to Mrs May as losing it. He said: ‘The humiliation of avoiding a vote is as much a reason for her departure as defeat. It is her policy which has failed and for which she is accountable. And it would be much better if she left of her own accord rather than face a no-confidence motion.’

Mrs May’s allies argue that, if the deal crashes, it will not only lead to the end of her leadership but the suspension of Article 50, the triggering of an Election likely to lead to a Labour-SNP coalition Government, then a second referendum to try to reverse Brexit.

Mrs May, who refuses to say whether she will resign if she loses the vote on her Brexit deal, rules out a second referendum while she is leader, telling this newspaper: ‘We had a people’s vote. Let’s deliver on the first people’s vote.’

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Nigel Farage is poised to launch a new Leave party to exploit Conservative divisions and push for a harder Brexit.


> new thread : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/topic/22240-farage-is-foraging-support-may-flourish-so-uk-leaves/

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