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The Left killed Comedy : Let's ridicule them for it !

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The Left killed Comedy : Let's ridicule them for it !

Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam On The BBC’s Diversity Push: ‘I’m A Black Lesbian’


" My name is Loretta and I’m a BLT, a black lesbian in transition.”

Last month, BBC “comedy controller” Shane Allen announced a new slate of shows for the fall with a particular emphasis on the diversity of the programs.

Someone asked Allen if that would rule out shows like Monty Python in the future. He replied, “If you’re going to assemble a team now, it’s not going to be six Oxbridge white blokes. It’s going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world.” That didn’t sit well with director and Monty Python cast member Terry Gilliam. Gilliam was asked what he thought of the comments and said he wanted to henceforth be known as a black lesbian:

Speaking at a press conference at the Karlovy Vary film festival, where he was presenting his new film The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Gilliam said: “It made me cry: the idea that … no longer six white Oxbridge men can make a comedy show. Now we need one of this, one of that, everybody represented… this is bullshit. I no longer want to be a white male, I don’t want to be blamed for everything wrong in the world: I tell the world now I’m a black lesbian… My name is Loretta and I’m a BLT, a black lesbian in transition.”

He added: “[Allen’s] statement made me so angry, all of us so angry. Comedy is not assembled, it’s not like putting together a boy band where you put together one of this, one of that everyone is represented.”

The latter part is clearly coming from genuine frustration, i.e. “comedy is not assembled.” Monty Python was a group of college friends who had worked together on various comedy specials in the 1960s. So the idea of bean-counting comedians by race and gender probably does rankle Gilliam a bit.

> https://hotair.com/archives/2018/07/06/terry-gilliam-bbcs-diversity-push-im-black-lesbian/

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TheOnion.com to be 15% less funny

It looks like TheOnion.com and Univision’s other satirical websites will soon be about 15 percent less funny. Maybe 14. Or it could be 16,

There are staff cuts coming at The Onion.com

Like many giant media companies anticipating rough waters in recent years, Univision had this really great idea to spread out and diversify its appeal. Its goal was to attract younger, Spanish-language fans who often consume media online in English. It did the same when it bought the Gizmodo Media Group, including the now-defunct Gawker site, Deadspin, Jezebel and the Root.

But then Univision’s dream of an IPO died earlier this year. And now just a month into the reign of new CEO Vince Sadusky come trade reports that Univision is about to start negotiations with editorial staff of the Onion and its affiliated sites, Clickhole, the A.V. Club and The Takeout to arrange buyouts before actual layoffs.

Onion sites attract a collective 120 million unique monthly users. But market analysts speculate the new executive team may be changing course again.

These cuts aren’t funny to millions of fans. In fact, anytime you see someone in public inexplicably erupt in laughter, it’s obviously because they just read, heard or remembered an Onion headline. The Titanic sinking: “World’s Largest Metaphor Hits Ice-Berg.” “‘First Date Going Really Well,’ Thinks Man Who Hasn’t Stopped Talking Yet.”

> https://hotair.com/archives/2018/07/07/staff-cuts-coming-for-the-onion/

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One black immigrant went to great heights to prove she had a sense of humor



…”when they go low, we go high, and I went as high as I could.”

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...Alleged comedian Michelle Wolf paid tribute to the most important facet of American life: abortion.

On her Netflix show on Sunday, Wolf dressed up in red, white and blue, and shrieked into the camera, "God bless abortions, and God bless America!" She explained: "Women, if you need an abortion, get one! If you want an abortion, get one! ... And women, don't forget: You have the power to give life and men will try to control that. Don't let them!"

Along with that inane outburst, she justified abortion itself. "Look," she stated, "access to abortion is good and important. Some people say abortion is killing a baby. It's not. It's stopping a baby from happening."

Well, some people say Michelle Wolf is killing comedy. She's not. She's stopping comedy from happening.

Yes, abortion is now a signifier that you refuse to be ruled by the patriarchy. Avoidance of pregnancy may be a wise life choice, according to third-wave feminists, preventing women from being sucked into the grinding maw of maternal life. But abortion is something even better: a signal that you just don't care about the system. The system demands that if you're pregnant with a child, you make your own concerns secondary; the system must be fought.

Gloria Steinem once remarked, "If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." But modern-day feminists have determined that abortion is a sacrament specifically because women can get pregnant: Showing that control over your body even extends to the killing of your unborn child is a way of standing up against patriarchal concerns with women as the source of future generations.

For Michelle Wolf, abortion isn't just another decision. It's a giant middle finger to the moral establishment. And those who would fight abortion are desacralizing the mysterious holiness of a ritual that reinforces women's control. No wonder Wolf thinks God blesses abortion; abortion is her god.

> Ben Shapiro: https://www.cnsnews.com/commentary/ben-shapiro/ben-shapiro-when-abortion-becomes-sacrament

Ben's right... It's a satanic ritual.

And pushing their agenda is more important to satanists than making us laugh

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Like Lefty humor, the Trump Blimp was a dud

(Looks like a fundraising exercise for party-time for circus freaks)

I can’t quite put my finger on it but I get the distinct feeling everyone in this photo might be a lunatic... Only in 2018 could this be described as "the Resistance!"



> https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/trump-baby-blimp-in-london-turns-out-to-be-huge-flop/

They have a right to protest.

But will this bring anyone on their side who is not a deranged idiot?

If Britain ever went to war, maybe they could put these freaks on the front line, and hope that the enemy dies laughing

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MORE on the Trump Blimp's pathetic failure

Now this is funny. Remember the Hindenburg sized blimp of Trump over London that was going to rock his world?

This is it.


The Trump Effigy is flying high over London, casting long dark shadows and can be seen for miles around, blocking out both The Shard and The Wembley Arch from the skyline. This will finish his Presidency!

Blimey... it's not even the size of a Bouncy castle. Trust the socialists to cock up everything. Mock them mercilessly over this.

> https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/07/trump-baby-blimp-in-london-turns-out-to-be-huge-flop/


(in edit) :  The Mayor got his own balloon. 

It is Larger. And it is HIM, wearing a bikini



> https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/726949/Sadiq-Khan-Balloon-London-Westminster-Bikini-Protest

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Writer Michael Che Slams Unfunny Comedy Culture

Che references recent Netflix comedy specials that seem to favor political correctness over humor. Hannah Gadsby’s recent stand-up special titled “Nanette” ditches jokes and instead talks about her life as a queer woman. She also discusses, in detail, being raped and sexually assaulted. Che seems to reference this in his next story, which says rape stories aren’t comedy.

ya know some critics say rape jokes arent funny. but you know whats DEFINITELY not funny? rape stories. just flat out, fully detailed rape stories. I dunno about you, but that hasnt made me laugh once.

Che said in a later story that he hasn’t watched “Nannette” and told fans to “stop asking.” Replying to fans who direct-messaged him about his statements, Che stated that passing off rape stories as comedy makes him feel “lied to.”

I dont wanna have to ‘survive’ a comedy special. I wanna laugh. lets not make this what its not.

. . . Che ended his thread by acknowledging that many in comedy will ignore his criticism and offer excuses. However, his message remains the same: comedy is supposed to make people laugh. And it hasn’t been doing a lot of that lately.

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The Strange Death of Comedy, Tom Hanks "talk Dirty to me," theatre dreams


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Despite the Left's heroic efforts, Comedy is NOT dead (yet)

This is what happens when you reply to spam email | James Veitch


/ 2 /

#2 is even better... as he moves on to Royal BS

More adventures in replying to spam | James Veitch



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Political Correctness Unleashed

PC-Palooza! Comedian shares university’s contract demands for comedy night

(and it COULD be the funniest part of the show)



Plot twist: it's an UNPAID charity gig.

Comedian asked to sign "no joking" contract.

> https://twitchy.com/dougp-3137/2018/12/11/pc-palooza-comedian-shares-universitys-contract-demands-for-comedy-night-and-it-could-be-the-funniest-part-of-the-show/

Good gawd!  These guys have no sense of humor


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HUMOR WORKS ... when it is mixed with a real issue, like this

This Version of ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Mocks Liberals

& Reminds Us How Ridiculous Their PC Rules Are


There’s currently a holy jihad against the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Written in 1944, the holiday classic is currently verboten because it includes the line, “Say, what’s in this drink?” — apparently, to some, a sign that the male figure in the holiday tune was going to drug and rape the female figure.

I wasn’t alive 74 years ago, but then as now drugging women and then raping them was beyond frowned upon. Many things in gender relations changed in the intervening three-quarters of a century but I’m fairly confident that isn’t one of them.

Nor is it a predatory anthem where a man is constantly importuning a woman desperately, another argument used against the standard. Holiday favorites generally aren’t built on such a foundation, and you would hope people would realize this. Alas, no.

Radio stations across the country have taken it off their playlists. An indoor lacrosse team in Saskatchewan has made news for the indignation they’ve caused by showing support for the song, which is a sign of just how contentious the issue is because nobody cares about indoor lacrosse anywhere it’s played, much less Saskatchewan.

> more: https://www.westernjournal.com/ct/version-baby-cold-outside-mocks-liberals-reminds-us-ridiculous-pc-rules/

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