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Doing battle with Dark-Sparky --> LINKS

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9 minutes ago, drbubb said:


I hope you don't mean like these:


That'll be Albania. Don't have much to do with them. They get most of their assistance from the Americans in Kosovo.

More like


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WTF is this, Sparks?
Why are you posting it on a thread about HRC Crimes?

7 hours ago, mSparks said:

Do you consider yourself to be commiting a crime because the information we share (much of it much closer to "top secret"than anything she shared, all that kosovo and albania stuff requires the highest level clearance you can obtain) is sent in cleartext over the internet?

Why should you be held to different standards?

By your current logic you should get time for not even turning on ssl.

You going to just turn yourself in now?


STOP this trolling, or I will ban you sad-arse for several weeks, at least !



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You might appreciate this photo & caption, Sparks


Daniels' "Make America Horny Again" Performance.

She's found a way to make money without threatening Presidents.

Avenati must be happy that someone (other than his dark patron) might be able to pay his bills

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