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464 Grammes per tonne

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I was just having a look at Greatland Gold and came across these results (17th July), which to my untrained eye look

rather stunning. I always thought anything in the 20gs a tonne was good but...464!!!


Hope this is of interest to the miner brigade.


GGP are in Starvest aren't they Frizzers?



LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Greatland Gold PLC said strong results from its Warrentinna project in Tasmania mean that it will concentrate operations at the Forester and Warrentinna goldfields during the latter parts of 2007.


The company said gold mineralisation at Warrentinna has been identified over two trends and that sampling returned encouraging results including 464 grammes a tonne (g/t) of gold (14.9 ounces per tonne), 130g/t gold (4.2 ounces per tonne) and 61g/t gold (1.9 ounces per tonne).


However the company said it will defer drilling at Firetower until 2008 because this year's budget for the project has been used up. It announced gold results up to 5.33 g/t at Firetower. julie.crust@thomson.com jcDated: 17 July 2007


Greatland Gold plc (the "Company") the mineral exploration and development company focused on gold projects in Tasmania and Western Australia is pleased to announce an update of recent activities along with further analytical results.


At Firetower, gold results up to 5.33g/t have been received from additional surface rock chip sampling within the resource area. These results represent further near-surface mineralisation within the resource area untested by drilling.


At Warrentinna, gold mineralisation has been identified over two trends. One is 5km long at the Forester goldfield, and the second 2km at the Warrentinna goldfield. Recent surface rock chip sampling has returned encouraging results including 464g/t gold (14.9 ounces per tonne), 130g/t gold (4.2 ounces per tonne) and 61g/t gold (1.9 ounces per tonne).




Following a successful surface rock chip sampling program within the resource area at Firetower in April this year, an additional program was completed during May and June in an effort to locate further indications of surface mineralisation. The latest program was again successful in locating mineralisation with grades including 1.0m at 5.33g/t gold and 2.5m at 3.57g/t gold. A table of significant results is presented in Table 1.



Table 1 - Firetower Significant Rock Chip Results

Sample No Type Interval (m) Gold (g/t)

7432 channel rockchip 1.0 5.33

7439 channel rockchip 2.5 3.57

7428 channel rockchip 2.0 2.76

7441 channel rockchip 3.0 1.14

7431 channel rockchip 1.4 1.01

7429 channel rockchip 2.0 0.62

7448 channel rockchip 3.7 0.59

7447 channel rockchip 3.5 0.50

7438 channel rockchip 3.0 0.35

7440 channel rockchip 2.5 0.27

m - metres, g/t - grams per tonne


These results are added zones of mineralisation at surface, not tested or incompletely tested by drilling. The identification of these surface zones may alter the interpretation of the configuration of the deposit, and it follows that further drilling is required before updating the Firetower resource estimate.




The Warrentinna project is located in the north east of Tasmania in Australia and covers the three historic goldfields of Warrentinna, Forester and Waterhouse. Further sampling and mapping was carried out at the southern goldfields of Warrentinna and Forester during May and June.


Warrentinna Goldfield


At the Warrentinna goldfield, the mineralised trend has been mapped over a strike length of 2km, and its northern extensions have not been explored in the past. Sampling completed during May and June returned encouraging results including 464g/t gold (14.9 ounces per tonne), 130g/t gold (4.2 ounces per tonne) and 61g/t gold (1.9 ounces per tonne). Further results are presented in Table 2.



Table 2 - Warrentinna Goldfield Significant Rock Chip Results

Sample No Type Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t) Arsenic (ppm)

7453 rockchip 463.92 149.3 7812

7219 rockchip 129.57 40.0 17172

7226 rockchip 61.06 37.0 20678

7215 rockchip 11.94 4.0 2896

7220 rockchip 6.38 2.0 1839

7452 rockchip 4.05 3.6 4781

7454 rockchip 2.46 1.3 1453

7455 rockchip 0.92 1.9 1473

7212 rockchip 0.58 - 1266

7223 rockchip 0.58 25.0 38

7456 rockchip 0.49 - 4138

7221 rockchip 0.45 - 85

m - metres, g/t - grams per tonne, ppm - parts per million


Rock samples were taken from a variety of material along the mineralised trend. This included in-situ bedrock, existing shallow workings and ore from dumps adjacent to historic workings. Silver also reported at elevated levels.


Forester Goldfield


Further north at the Forester goldfield, mineralisation has been located over a strike length of more than 5km. Results up to 7.26g/t gold were reported along with elevated silver. Further details are presented in Table 3.



Table 3 - Forester Goldfield Significant Rock Chip Results

Sample No Type Gold (g/t) Silver (g/t) Arsenic (ppm)

7460 rockchip 7.26 6.3 3464

7457 rockchip 4.22 5.3 4229

7228 rockchip 3.33 2.0 1133

7474 rockchip 0.30 46.8 6890

7458 rockchip 0.28 - 833

7227 rockchip 0.27 - 331

7461 rockchip 0.27 - 342

7476 rockchip 0.20 13.6 373

7472 rockchip 0.12 32.1 1743

7473 rockchip 0.09 16.6 5076

7475 rockchip 0.02 32.7 775

m - metres, g/t - grams per tonne, ppm - parts per million


Lackman Rock


The Lackman Rock project is located in southern Western Australia in a region with nearby producing gold mines and nickel mines. No exploration work has been carried out on the project to date.


The Western Australian Government has approved the application and indicated its intention to grant the tenement. Consequently, tenement grant is expected during the current quarter and an auger sampling program will follow.




In light of the strong results from Warrentinna (+100g/t gold) the company will concentrate operations at the Forester and Warrentinna goldfields during the latter parts of 2007. Activities proposed include mapping, auger soil sampling, rock chip sampling and RC drilling.


At Firetower, several additional zones of surface mineralisation require drill testing in the resource area. This will be undertaken prior to re-estimation of the resource. Expenditure commitments and budgeted spending for this project have been met for the current calendar year and, for the immediate time; the company has conservatively decided to defer drilling until early 2008. In the meantime the company will entertain Joint Venture arrangements and/or seek to finalise an off-take agreement for pre-defined ore at Firetower.


At Lackman Rock in Western Australia, a program of auger soil sampling is planned. This is expected to be completed during the final quarter of 2007.


Competent Persons


The information in this announcement that relates to Exploration Results is based on information compiled by Mr Paul Askins and Mr Callum Baxter, directors of Greatland Gold, who are both members of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Paul Askins and Callum Baxter have sufficient experience which is relevant to the style of mineralisation and type of deposit under consideration and to the activity that they are undertaking to qualify as Competent Persons as defined in the 2004 Edition of the 'Australasian Code for Reporting of Exploration Results, Mineral Resources and Ore Reserves'. Paul Askins and Callum Baxter consent to the inclusion in the announcement of the matters based on their information in the form and context in which it appears.


All rock chip results are obtained from grab or continuous chip sampling to 2kg. All samples are prepared at Genalysis Laboratory Services' Adelaide facility using a single stage pulverisation, and assayed at Genalysis Laboratory Services' Perth laboratory. An Aqua Regia digest with atomic absorption spectrometry analysis technique (AAS) is used for gold. An Aqua Regia digest with Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) is used for silver and arsenic. Full quality control is achieved using a suite of standards, duplicates, repeats and blanks.





Callum Baxter +44 (0)20 7099 5845 Greatland Gold plc Managing Director

John Simpson +44 (0)20 7512 0191 ARM Corporate Finance Ltd Nominated Adviser


Updates on the Company's activities are regularly posted on its website www.greatlandgold.com

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