When more schools start closing, this gravy train will come to a swift halt. In the meantime, this professor makes an excellent point about how the money could be better spent.

Campus Reform reports:

UMich defends multi-million dollar diversity investment. Outspoken prof doesn’t buy it.

Millions of dollars spent on diversity initiatives may not be amounting to much at the University of Michigan.

UMich is currently paying $10.6 million each year for its 82 “diversity officers,” MLivereported. Further scholarships and a new $10 million multicultural center are all part of a five-year strategic plan, launched in 2016 to diversify the campus.

UM-Flint professor of finance Mark Perry criticized the spending and offered an alternative use for the annual $10.6 million.

“For that amount of money, more than 700 students could receive full in-state tuition,” he said, according to MLive.

Perry surveyed the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) staff, challenging the “administrative bloat” from added diversity efforts.

“Mainstream Americans object to the diversity efforts that contribute to higher tuition and rising student loan debt that are contributing to the unsustainable ‘higher education bubble,’” the professor said.

The DEI employees at the university are relatively new. Until 2003, there was no employee with a diversity title. In 2004, this figure rose to 15, far below 76 where it sits now at UMich’s Ann Arbor campus. The university’s first chief diversity director, Robert Sellers, whose salary is $407,653, indicated the reported numbers are misleading and do not acknowledge the scope of responsibilities held by those in the diversity positions.