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Roseanne lost Job. Bill Maher, Others used similar slurs

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Slimer weighs in... with his feather-logic:


I don't blame the kid -- the smirking kid. I blame lead poisoning and bad parenting, and, oh yeah, I blame that f*****g kid. What a little prick -- smirkface. Smrikfaces. Please, I mean, like that's not a dick move, stick your face in this elderly man's (face).


Hate-Filled Leftist Bully Bill Maher Libels Catholic Child Nick Sandmann as a ‘Prick,’ ‘Smirkface’ With a ‘S***-Eating Grin’

On Friday's Real Time show on HBO, host Bill Maher tore into Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, deriding him as a "prick" and a "smirkface" who has a "s***-eating grin." He ended up making a pedophilia joke as he cracked that he doesn't know "what Catholic priests see in these kids."

After beginning his opening monlogue by making his latest attacks on President Donald Trump, he then segued to the controversy around video of Sandmann and Native American activist Nathan Phillips standing face to face amid a group of protesters while Phillips beat a drum.

In spite of video that surfaced later showing that it was Phillips who approached Sandmann and got in his face, Maher still blamed high school student Sandmann for their proximity as the HBO comedian made snide comments to supposedly poke fun at the story.

Maher referred to the episode as "the smirk heard round the world" as he showed viewers the shortened video that gave the impression that Sandmann was getting in the face of Phillips and taunting him. As he recounted the story, when he recalled the role of the Black Hebrew Israelites in stoking tensions, he only mildly jabbed the radical group:


I have news for Slimer (Maher/ Meyer).


HERE is the King of Smirks.
And a far bigger prick than any of the Covington kids

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SLIME TIME, with Slimer Bill

WHO is the actual big prick should be pretty obvious

Bill Maher Attacks ‘Little Prick’ Nick Sandmann: ‘Don’t Get What Catholic Priests See in These Kids’

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Roseanne still knows how to SLICE them!

The Candace Owens Show: Roseanne Barr


Published on Mar 3, 2019=

Roseanne Barr joins Candace Owens for an in-depth conversation on the world premiere of The Candace Owens Show. They discuss the aftermath of the controversy that lead to Roseanne’s primetime sitcom being cancelled, the 2016 election, the MeToo movement and much more!


RB about Blexit: "If you leave (the plantation)... Please take two Jews with you." LOL. Brilliant, Cuts straight to the way groups are exploited

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