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The Witch's Legacy. Hillary's Impact. 2020 Plans?

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The Witch's Legacy. Hillary's REAL Impact on the Dems. 2020 Plans?

There are many things we can thank HELLary for ... Perhaps it is worth listing them


The Effect of Democrats’ Lust for Killing Babies; Birth Rate Hits Lowest Level in Recorded History

[Which is Why They Need to Import Illegals to Survive Long-Term]

U.S. birth rates hit a record low in 2017, according to new data released by the Center for Disease Control.

There were 60.2 births per 1,000 childbearing-age women in the year preceding the end of 2017, the CDC's analysis found. It was, the CDC noted, "another record low for the nation," with the drop between 2016 and 2017 being the single largest since 2010. The birth rate has fallen steadily since 2007, when there were some 70 births per 1,000 women.

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LIES & DELUSION are now at the heart of the Virtue-signaling Dem party


Hillary Clinton recently spoke at a Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum.

During her address, she claimed that Democrats stand for truth, evidence, and facts. No seriously, she did.

Her quote, which is full of zero self-awareness:

“We stand for truth, for evidence and facts. What an incredible thing!” Clinton exclaimed, in what may have been a lighthearted jab at an administration. Clinton continued, “We have kind of an affection for evidence. We think it should inform our policies, because they’ll actually work better.”

Where was the mention of BleachBit’s usefulness during these remarks?

> https://twitchy.com/jacobb-38/2018/05/20/since-when-what-mrs-clinton-said-at-a-dnc-womens-forum-is-the-height-of-hillarity/


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HIGH STYLE : She'd happily sell out her country, at the drop of a Hat

The toxic virtue-signaling Witch - is still play-acting

The Russia story is now a proven hoax, yet she still pretends.

(Could there be anyone dumb enough at Yale who would still believe the game she invented?)

Hillary Clinton wanted to follow the tradition of bringing an "over the top hat” to Yale University's commencement ceremony – so she brought a hat, too: "A Russian hat."

"I mean, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," she said. https://abcn.ws/2LfciRW 


As per normal, HRC's strained & false humor misses the mark.

Someone please, put a fork in this old hag who fools no one. 

Even her die hard supporter must be sick of her now. End it !

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The Clintons Are Largely Absent From the 2018 Campaign Trail: ‘I See the Clintons as a Liability’

Hillary Clinton formed what she would describe as a “dark money group” last year and has announced plans to be active in the midterms through that vehicle. But Bill Clinton is virtually a ghost. The New York Times notes that Bill “has been largely sidelined amid new scrutiny of his past misconduct with women.”

Meanwhile, high-profile races in Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have come and gone in the past year, and the Clintons have been largely silent. It’s unclear whether that is by design of the Clintons, or whether the demand has simply dropped off.

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A REWARD FOR THE RUIN she has wrought?


(Harvard won't get a penny from me after this mis-step)

Harvard To Give Hillary Medal For "Transformative Impact On Society"

Hillary Clinton, who paid for an opposition research dossier which was used by the Obama administration to justify surveiling her political opponent, Donald Trump, and later to smear him as the sitting President, will receive Harvard's prestigious Radcliffe Medal on Friday for having a "transformative impact on society," according to the Ivy League university.

Oh yes, this woman has been "transformative" in taking the Democratic party as low ethically as it could almost possibly go, in an effort to steal the election; and she still lost.

The Meuller investigation, though which she and her cohorts plotted to take President Trump down, through impeachment, is running off the rails, and headlong into oblivion; and the troll they had infiltrate the Republican 2016 campaign has been outed and named.

She has left the Democratic party severely injured, in a series of self-inflicted wounds by the people around her, starting with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, as Chair of the DNC, and her literally stealing of the nomination from Bernie Sanders to insure that Clinton got the nomination.

IF the Democratic leadership had two brain cells to rub together, they would be looking for a pro-peace candidate in 2020, and I have just the right person for them; that person would be Tulsi Gabbard, a House Representative from the state of Hawaii. She is very bright; a pro-peace Veteran, and a woman with Samoan-American heritage.

And trust me, if President Trump's foreign policy continues in its belocose, war-centric manner, causing even more wars than the ones we cannot seem to win in which we are still enmeshed (read: Afghanistan; Yemen; Somalia; and Iraq), the American people will be eager to elect a pro-peace candidate.

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She's NUCLEAR WASTE (after 2016 election & Uranium revelations)

Democrats Distance Themselves from ‘Liability’ Hillary Clinton Ahead of Midterms

Dems Distance Themselves from ‘Liability’ Hillary Clinton Ahead of Midterms

The Hillary endorsement divide is in the spotlight this week as she is expected to endorse New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s reelection at a Democratic state party convention. The move will likely anger liberals who support far-left candidate Cynthia Nixon, according to the New York Times.

The Times article, which called Clinton’s loss “stunning,” compiled the number of Democratic candidates and operatives who do not consider Hillary an asset to the Party going into a critical election for winning back seats from Republicans.

The Times reported:

They worry that the Clinton name reeks of the past and fear that their unpopularity with conservative-leaning and independent voters could harm Democrats in close races. And among many younger and more liberal voters, the Clintons’ reputation for ideological centrism has little appeal.

President Trump, meanwhile, has continued to level caustic attacks that have made the Clintons radioactive with Republicans. A Gallup poll in December found Mrs. and Mr. Clinton with their lowest favorability ratings in years.

The Times article starts with Arkansas — where Bill Clinton was governor — where it reported, “There is scant demand for their help.”

. . . The Times reported that Hillary’s remarks after losing to President Donald Trump “stirred frustration among Democrats.”

Those remarks included a speech in India where Hillary suggested that women didn’t vote for her because of their husband’s opposition to her and the claim that being a capitalist hurt her campaign because most Democrats are now Socialists.

“At least two Democratic women have nearly begged Mrs. Clinton to stay away from their high-stakes red-state Senate races,” the Times reported. “After Mrs. Clinton said in March that she won parts of America that are ‘moving forward,’ unlike Trump-friendly areas, Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri rebuked her.”

“I don’t think that’s the way you should talk about any voter, especially ones in my state,” McCaskill said.

“Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota was blunter when asked, on the radio, when Mrs. Clinton might ‘ride off into the sunset,’” the Times reported.

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STRANGE FASHIONS to cover up something?


Is she wearing a Jet-pack or something at the Memorial parade?

> http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2018/05/she-did-it-again-hillary-clinton-bundles-up-like-an-eskimo-for-memorial-day-parade/

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Has Hillary been re-animated by Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation


Exclusive! Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2020

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Will Violence help to float Hillary's Leaky Boat?

Where’s the outrage over Hillary’s call for a ‘civil’ war?


Hillary Clinton’s statement Tuesday that Democrats “cannot be civil” as long as Republicans hold the White House and Congress.

“You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about,” Clinton told CNN. “That’s why I believe, if we are fortunate enough to win back the House and/or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again. But until then, the only thing that the Republicans seem to recognize and respect is strength.”

There you have it — a declaration of war and a license for violence. Where is the media outrage?

. . . Hillary never fails to disappoint. As I wrote Sunday, she has spent the last two years casting doubt on the legitimacy of the Trump presidency because the election didn’t go her way. That makes her guilty of the very thing she found “horrifying” when Trump suggested he might not abide by the results if he thought they were rigged.

“He is denigrating — he is talking down our democracy. And I am appalled that someone who is the nominee of one of our two major parties would take that position,” she said in their final debate, in October 2016.

She added, “That is not the way our democracy works.”

But it does work exactly that way when Democrats are denied what they feel entitled to. They should be careful what they wish for.

For if the Kavanaugh experience revealed anything, it is that Trump’s GOP knows how to fight back and win. It is hard to imagine that Kavanaugh would have survived such an onslaught under any other ­recent Republican candidate or president.

> https://nypost.com/2018/10/09/wheres-the-outrage-over-hillarys-call-for-a-civil-war/?utm_source=reddit.com

/ 2 /

Clintons Embark On Terrible Idea Tour


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Anyone who has given a second's thought to supporting the Wicked Witch in 2020 needs to watch this

Hellary and the Fine Art of projection-projection-projection



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Hillary Clinton Lost Security Clearance

'Withdrawn at her request' days after she urged incivility

Hillary Clinton has given up her security clearance in the wake of the scandal over her handling of secret information on her email server, the Senate Judiciary committee revealed Friday.

Chairman Charles E. Grassley also revealed top Clinton aide Cheryl Mills and four others no longer have clearance.

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LEAKED: Hillary Clinton's 2020 Campaign Commercial

"better, stronger, Faster"


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Hillary and her supporters - do not lack imagination

MAG: How HILLARY could win in 2020...

I really do think it would be possible for Clinton to win in 2020. All she would have to do is run the campaign she is actually suited for instead of the one foisted on her by dim-witted consultants and woke staffers. I never understood why in 2016 Clinton decided to abandon decades of her and Bill's accumulated political wisdom, to say nothing of her own personality, by pitching herself as the candidate of Yelp marketing interns and Manhattan yoga moms. This is not her world or her politics, such as they are.

The real Hillary is the moderate New York senator who inherited her seat from Daniel Patrick Moynihan, the woman who ran a vicious race-baiting primary campaign against Barack Obama, the unwavering supporter of the Iraq war, the architect of our ill-fated Libyan excursion, the Osama-hunter, the would-be Assad-destroyer, the welfare queen shamer, the tough-on-crime denouncer of "superpredators." Clinton was at her most authentic in 1994 bemoaning the slow pace at which the Joe Biden-authored Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act was working its way through the House and Senate:

There is something wrong when a crime bill takes six years to work its way through Congress and the average criminal serves only four. … We need more police. We need more and tougher prison sentences for repeat offenders. We need more prisons to keep violent offenders for as long as it takes to keep them off the streets. [Hillary Clinton]

This is vile stuff. But it is also the way Clinton talked for most of her political career. It is the reason that Ann Coulter, among others, proudly announced that she would vote for Clinton over a RINO like John McCain.

. . . Instead of allowing her campaign to be run like a Refinery29 editorial meeting, Clinton could argue that the Democrats cannot just be the party of avocado IPA-sipping 20-something brocialist layabouts. She could employ against her primary opponents the same talking points she used against Obama in 2007 — namely that he lacked support among "hard-working Americans, white Americans." She could also, perhaps uniquely among Democrats with 2020 ambitions, speak with something approaching credibility about Russia, even going so far as to claim that Obama failed the country by leaving us open to election interference. She would be, as she was in 2016, the candidate of Wall Street, but she would also be the candidate of common sense, of toughness, of non-whining...

Haha. "Candidate of non-whining" ?? 

Yeah, That's believable. LOL

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"Once more into the Breech?  Let slip the Dog, the wh0re?"

Ready to go through the 2016 election all over again?

Philippe Reines, who worked for Hillary Clinton going back to 2002 and was her senior adviser at the State Department, made the argument to Politico Friday that the former Democratic nominee might actually be the party's best hope for defeating Trump in 2020. He said no other Democrat has "anywhere near a base of 32 million people," especially not Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). The party, he feels, shouldn't dismiss her as a failed candidate because she's "smarter" and "tougher" than most, and she "could raise money easier than most."

But it doesn't sound like this is just wishful thinking on his part. He really thinks it could happen, saying the chances of Clinton running in 2020 are "not zero.”

Publicly, Clinton has said she will not run again, but Reines doesn't sound so sure she'll keep her word on that. Politico explored Clinton's careful re-entry into the political arena, noting that she's going on tour with former President Bill Clinton this fall and has reportedly even called up journalists who cover the White House to put out "the occasional feeler."

Despite her non-zero interest in public office, her favorability is even lower than it was in 2016. A recent Gallup poll found that Clinton is now polling at 36 percent — five points lower than President Trump. Read more about her political future at Politico.

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