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Toxic Femininity = Lack of Logic & Accountability

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TOXIC FEMININITY is all about Caving-in to what is Politically Correct but Morally Wrong

Toxic Females lack courage - Thank God, all women are NOT like that.

Tara Reade and Rose McGowan are the only remaining heroes in #MeToo’s vast and cynical ocean of female frauds.


Where are they?

Where are all these brave and selfless women?

I’ll tell you where they are: standing idly by in a cowardly silence as Tara Reade is hung out to dry.

I’ll tell you where they are: selling out the sisterhood, selling out the entire #MeToo movement to protect credibly accused predator Joe Biden because these women were always about politics and never about principle, or they don’t have the moral courage to stand by Tara Reade now that the media and Democrats and Democrats have toxified her into the “wrong kind of victim.”

Where are they now that there’s real skin in the game, now that CNN and MSNBC will vilify them for daring to stand by an politically inconvenient victim like Reade? Where are these heroes, these paragons of selflessness and bravery now?

And was it not their silence that originally allowed all of these terrible men to prey on others for so many decades? Yes, and that was forgivable once. That was a silence we could empathize with. But not a second time. This second silence is not forgivable.

No, the only — the only one of these women with the courage to stand by Tara Reade is Rose McGowan… And for doing so, she is taking almost as much hate and incoming fire as Reade herself.

All the other fake #MeToo heroines have left Tara Reade behind, left her on the battlefield to slowly bleed out as the very media corporations who protected Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Rose and the rest, take pot shots at her.

Other than McGowan, the whole #MeToo movement was and is a fraud, a fraud motivated by self-dealing and partisan politics.

Shame on all of them.

Shame on all of them forever.

> https://www.breitbart.com/entertainment/2020/05/20/nolte-only-heroes-in-metoos-ocean-of-female-frauds-are-tara-reade-and-rose-mcgowan/

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