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Black Panther: Hollywood invents High-Tech Africans

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2 hours ago, drbubb said:

And choc-a-block with anti-White, Racist messages.

Imagine how this will look in a few years

prophetic if you believe david duke and friends i guess...

anti white America sentiment is at least as self inflicted as the anti jewish sentiment was back in the 19th and 20th century bank runs.

A bunch of rich white americans running around the world murdering civilians and stealing their stuff has bred at least if not more racism against them as a bunch of rich white jews stealing everyones life savings did. cheered on by a vocal crowd of naive supporters paying taxes to burn the world instead of provide themselves with basics like healthcare and education.

pretending to be rich while spending other peoples money only has one outcome, and its always someone elses fault.

although definately not the white russians, however hard they try.

so yeah, all that is in there too.

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