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Troubled Tech stock Heaven : FAANG giants struggling?

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What to Buy When the Market Loses Its FAANGs

By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

( ADDED IN EDIT - 12/29 )

FAANG stocks ... since YrE-2015 : from FYE'16 : '17 : Still in a sharp down-channel


The world’s most valuable company is flirting with a bear market.

Of course, I’m talking about Apple (AAPL).

Apple is a company that needs no introduction. In August, it became the first publicly traded company with a $1 trillion market value.

But it didn’t stay above the $1 trillion mark for long.

Apple has plunged 18% since October 3. If its share price falls just $7, Apple will officially enter a bear market. (This happens if a stock falls 20% or more from its previous high.)

If and when this happens, rest assured you’ll hear about it. It’ll be one of the biggest stories in the investing world.

Some pundits might even tell you to load up on Apple stock while it’s cheap.

But I’d think twice about doing that if I were you. The huge Apple sell-off is just one of many red flags that we’re seeing…

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History Says FANG Feast Is Finished

A comparison to the dotcom bubble suggests the FANG stocks may have topped.

3 years ago, on the day before Thanksgiving, we published a blog piece that remains one of our most popular posts ever. Its subject was the FANG stocks, i.e., Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (Alphabet). At the time, FANG was all the rage, much more so than even today if you can believe it. A composite of the 4 stocks had just achieved a 500% rally in just 3 years. Our post suggested, based on one historical analog, that it was possible the FANG run may actually have further to go — much further.

That suggestion was based on a comparison to another group of former high-flyers that we introduced in the post. Looking to the dotcom bubble, we created another composite, this one of 4 of the leading stocks during the dotcom era: Cisco, Intel, Microsoft and Qualcomm. We labeled this group CIMQ (not as catchy, I know).

3 years ago




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The Chickens came home to roost

FAANG stocks ... since YrE-2015 : from FYE'16 : '17 : Still in a sharp down-channel


Stock Market MADNESS as Computer Algorithms Go Haywire!

Tech Stocks Lost Billions On Buybacks!

Take a close look at the U.S. stock market. It’s a mess. Investors who have gone all in on the FANG stock rollercoaster have doubled down and bought the dip. They must believe that QE4 will begin soon, otherwise their behaviour is certainly short sided. It’s almost as if these individuals have traded on the waves of a trend. 2019 will certainly be interesting.

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SOXX Shock! : -1.20%. Has the stock market turned?

arrow -2.23
Percent Change:

SOXX led the stock market up. Will it now lead it down?

SPY fell just -0.04%.  IWM rose +0.14%

SOXX - etc ... 10d


Top Holdings,     as SOXX closed at $183.63 - 2.230, -1.20%

SOXX led the stock market up. Will it now lead it down?

Name                        Symbol  % Assets
Broadcom Inc         :  AVGO    8.94%    $271.49 - 3.51, -1.28%
Texas Instruments :  TXN      7.98%    $105.71 - 1.56, -1.45%
Intel Corp                 :  INTC     7.56%.      $53.24 +0.01, +0.02%
NVIDIA Corp            : NVDA     6.96%    $155.25 - 1.69, -1.08%
Qualcomm Inc         : QCOM    6.73%      $53.04 +0.01, +0.02%
Xilinx Inc.                 :  XLNX     4.79%    $123.27 +0.49, +0.40%
Adv. Micro Devices :  AMD      4.54%      $23.48 - 0.73, -3.02%
Lam Research          :  LRCX    4.28%    $177.20 - 1.36, -0.76%
Analog Devices        :  ADI        4.26%.   $105.24 - 1.24, -1.17%
Applied Materials.   :  AMAT    4.15%.     $38.78 - 0.80, -2.02%

SOXX is looking toppy


And AMD, Advanced Micro Devices, too. 


AMD was down over 3% yesterday, the biggest drop among the Top10 components of the SOXX

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Antitrust Division making life EASIER for monopolists...

New FACEBOOK move not about privacy. It's about domination...


Trump’s Big Tech Bluster

His tweets criticize Facebook and Google, but the Antitrust Division of the Justice Department is making life easier for potential monopolists in Silicon Valley.

At his Senate confirmation hearing, Attorney General William Barr signaled an interest in confronting the power of big tech corporations like Facebook and Google. As Mr. Barr put it, a lot “of people wonder how such huge behemoths that now exist in Silicon Valley have taken shape under the nose of the antitrust enforcers.” And since taking office, President Trump has repeatedly attacked America’s biggest technology corporations, especially Amazon, Facebook and Google. Among other accusations, he has charged Amazon with ripping off the Post Office and Google with censoring conservative users. He recently criticized Facebook, Google and Twitter for “ridiculous” bias in favor of Democrats. By most appearances, Mr. Trump is a foe of big tech.

Mr. Barr, however, will find that those “huge behemoths” will continue to dominate, because, in part, the administration’s chief antitrust enforcer is their champion. On top of granting tech platforms huge windfalls in his tax reform law, Mr. Trump appointed a friend of big tech, Makan Delrahim, to lead the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice. Mr. Delrahim has consistently promoted the interests of the biggest tech companies.

> https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/06/opinion/trump-antitrust-laws.html

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