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DrBubb's Diary - Jan. 2018 Trading - v.108

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Panicky Bitcoin investors struggle to withdraw cash...


THERE are mounting fears that Bitcoin investors will struggle to get their cash out after the cryptocurrency's value fell 40 per cent in a single month.

Many are looking to put their money in gold instead, with some European gold traders reporting a "five fold increase" in demand amid fears Bitcoin could collapse entirely.

But it could be bad news for investors tied up in Bitconnect who fear they will lose their money after the controversial trader announced it was shutting down. It assured customers they would be able to withdraw at a "recent exchange rate" but "continuous cyber-attacks" have prevented them from doing so, Fortune reports.

Concerned investors have since taken to social media to complain they fear losing anything from a few thousand dollars to their entire "family savings". Adding to fears, some panicked investors have reportedly been tricked into handing over the contents of their cryptocurrency wallets by scammers presenting themselves as Bitconnect "customer support".

Wall Street veteran Peter Boockvar has warned of an impending "epic crash" which could slash 90 per cent off Bitcoin, currently valued at around £8,300. He told CNBC the cryptocurrency's value could fall to between $1,000 (£718) and $3,000 (£2,154) over the next year.

This uncertainty is driving Bitcoin owners to invest in the more reliable gold, according to Daniel Marburger, director of Coininvest.



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THE ELECTION FIXERS - must pay now



There is a four-page memo just made available to the entire House of Representatives. Congressmen who have seen the memo call it “shocking” “explosive” “alarming” “mind-blowing.” They say it shows conspiracy and collusion between the Obama administration, the FBI, the DOJ, and the Clinton campaign, to stop Trump from reaching the White House.

Rep. Scott Perry said, “Is this happening in America, or is this the KGB? That’s how alarming it is.”

North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows said, “Part of me wishes I didn’t read it, because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country…”

Rep. Matt Gatetz said, “Not only will the release of this memo result in DOJ firing, but people will go to jail.”

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said, “Take it to the bank, the FBI/FISA docs are devastating for the Dems…the real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.”

Rep Steve King said, “I have read the memo. The sickening reality has set in…it is worse than Watergate.”

This is a political earthquake. Before this is over, the Democrat Party will be in shambles. The legacies of Hillary and Obama will be in ashes. The FBI may never recover. And dare I say it, Hillary herself could wind up in prison- along with many of her closest friends and confidants

Joe diGenova – Brazen Plot to Frame Trump, 1990

An excellent and clear summary

"This is corrupt as it gets!"

"They turned to a Series of Narratives, to replace the Truth"

"There was a scheme... to help Hillary, by exonerating her in the email scandal. The problem is, she lost."

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GOP leaders in both Congress and the White House want nothing to do with immigration negotiations as long as the federal government’s doors are closed.

“The Democrats are turning down services and security for citizens in favor of services and security for non-citizens. Not good!” President Donald Trump tweeted Monday morning. “Democrats have shut down our government in the interests of their far left base. They don’t want to do it but are powerless!”

Senate votes to end shutdown

Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell announce a deal to re-open the government after a three-day standoff.

In a dramatic turnaround, Senate Democrats voted to re-open the government on Monday after receiving a commitment from Republicans to hold a vote on immigration legislation — paving the way to end the three-day shutdown.

The Senate voted 81-18 to move forward on a bill to fund the government through Feb. 8 after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) agreed to end the shutdown and continue to negotiate on immigration and spending matters. Without a broader deal, the Senate would take up legislation to protect hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants who are losing legal protections, as long as the government remains open.


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"She was Talking against Who-she-thought-I-was"

JP talks about HIS experience of the epic interview - fascinating

Full video: Jordan Peterson on the Channel 4 Controversy and Philosophy of "How to be in the World"

"She was fabricating-on-the-fly the Villain she hoped I would be."

"She wanted me to be the proper foil... and was insistent of that."

"I was watching her like a clinician after the first minute or so."

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DING DONG ! (after Tick Tock)


"They knew ahead of time, that Hillary would go free"

Sean Hannity 1/22/18 - Hannity Fox News Today January 22, 2018


Ding-Dong the wicked witch ... is caught!

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BTS ... update


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FX / Currencies ... update


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