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INVESTIGATE Her Crimes! Go after the Real criminals

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Time to go after the Real crimes & stop the Russia & Mueller charade


> https://tinyurl.com/HerCrimes


Utter nonsense that Flynn pleads guilty to "lying to the FBI", when he appears to have been set-up by them.

Flynn's mis-statement seems to have hidden a possible Logan act violation, which may not even be a crime


Meantime, Hillary lied under oath,

Members of the Obama administration also lied - TO COVER UP SERIOUS CRIMES

And thse people all walk free


Justice is NOT being served - as Stefan points out here


Shocking Trump/Russia Investigation Corruption Exposed | True News



Think about it... Hillary and her team LIED TO HIDE serious crimes!

By contrast, Flynn was caught making a mis-statement to the FBI who entrapped him, apparently, in relation to a possible Logan act infringement, which is probably not a crime. We need to get a FOCUS ON CRIMINALS, not on Hillary's political opponents



It's great that The Deep State's attempted coup against Trump has (thus far) failed... BUT, given all the serious crimes that The Left has been caught red-handed involved in, and the complete lack of legal repercussions that have resulted, I'm losing faith in our ability to mend the American justice OR political systems :/



> https://tinyurl.com/HerCrimes

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Mueller hired a Team of Partisan hacks, says Mark Levin


Mark Levin: Robert Mueller, his staff and his investigation unraveling more and more

(Dec. 05 2017)


First with the revelations of Peter Strzok and his anti-Trump texts.

Strzok also threw the Hillary Clinton investigation and was in part responsible for opening up the Russia collusion investigation.

Mueller and Strzok are undermining the credibility of law enforcement across the nation. Then we have Andrew Weissman who was general counsel to Mueller when he was FBI Director and was close to James Comey. Weissman has praised Sally Yates for defying a lawful executive immigration order by President Trump and maxed out on his donations to the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton campaigns. The President is up against this out of control investigation team. After that, Bloomberg is reporting that Mueller has subpoenaed Trump’s Deutsche Bank records, yet Sarah Huckabee Sanders is saying this is not true.


Whether it is true or not, what are Mueller’s intentions and under what authority is he able to subpoena these records?

(December 05 2017)

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LISTEN to Hillary Lie


She lies so easily.

Her blatant lies are all your "confusion" - or okay because: "I made a mistake"


Clinton responds to criticism over Benghazi, private server


Chris Wallace asks some tough questions here.

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Dick Morris: Clinton marriage now a racketeering org.




Hillary's Alleged crimes ------------------- : #views:



1. Accepting bribes to sell US uranium : 0,000 v. : HILLary > $145Mn alleged bribes for Russia's Uranium One deal

2. Mis-handling of Secure documents- : 0,000 v. : Comey Cover-up... - Lynch & Hillary in collusion?

3. Election rigging in the primaries etc. : 0,000 v. : HILLARY Rigged the Election - DNC Chairwoman offers proof

4. Illegal charities / Clinton Foundation :

5. Pay-for-play as Secretary of State -- :

6. Lying to congress, ie Beghazi Affair- :

7. Cover-ups & Alleged Murders

: a. : Vince Foster

: b. : Seth Rich

: c. : others

8. Buying of influence, bribing Media-- :

9. Financing illegal election materials- : 0,000 v. : Hillary paid for the Dirt : so says WashPost


* : Hillary's Reaction of the stress------- : 0,000 v : Hillary Clinton about to Fly the Coop?

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BREAKING ! just 4 hours ago

What is going on with multi-agency activity?

Just "gang-related" or something bigger?

12.6 - State and Federal Police Activity in D.C. This Morning - What We Know So Far

Streamed live 4 hours ago

Fox 5 Report "Multi-Agency Activity in DC" - https://goo.gl/Xvfaz9

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Another Clinton Cover-up! The Oklahoma City Bombing


BREAKING Story - a whistleblower has come fprward


Jeff & Cody Snodgres - BLOCKBUSTER! - Deep Black Ops Contractor Exposes OKC! and So Much More


The Bombing destroyed medical records which might have allowed billions in lawsuits.

Instead, many of the victims became very ill, produced defective children, and have since committed suicide.

The Clintons were deeply involved


Some say, HRC is one of the 10 Most evil women in History, and this revelation supports this assessment

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