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DrBubb's Diary - Nov. 2017 Trading - v.106

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Update on Hedge bitcoin position




I tried to add to my short - but had a glinch

I am essentially fully hedged, ie my Long = my Short


Here's the chart I put together, seeking a Top ... update




How'd you get on with your short? Who are you shorting with?


BTS ... update



Net Position x $BTS = $Value
BTC 0.3530 x $10800 = $3,813 : before $11,000+ peak
BTC 0.3941 x $ 9,760 = $3,846 : After $11,000+ peak
Wallet Bal. : 0.8520 = x $10800 = $9,202
Wallet Bal. : 0.8520 = x $9,760 = $8,315 : chg.-$ 887
Unrealized : 0.4579 :: Loss on BTC shorts : was bigger at $10.800
Net Value : 0.3941

Because of my BTC short, I made $33, instead of losing $887

I am using BITMEX.com, based in HK

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END? - Would also be a New Beginning


11-29-17 – THE END OF THE ROAD


Will anyone miss the Sexual Predators who are retiring & being Fired?

Or THIS (tortured & torturing) guy?


Gutfeld on Olbermann's exit


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Bitcoin or Broke: Dutch Man Sells House in Hope of Cryptocurrency Boom


By Anthony Cuthbertson On 10/11/17 at 11:26 AM


A Dutch man is betting everything he owns on bitcoin, selling his house and other possessions and moving to a campsite as he awaits a hoped-for boom in the value of cryptocurrency that will make him rich.

Didi Taihuttu, a 39-year-old father of three from the Netherlands, sold his house, car, bikes and other valuable possessions in order to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“At first my wife doubted the decision, wondering if it was the right decision for our kids—as did my brother and sister,” Taihuttu tells Newsweek. “But they are now supportive of the plan.


“We are luckily an adventurous family and we follow our feelings. We just hope that this feeling of being part of the monetary revolution is the right feeling.”

At the time he sold his house, one bitcoin was valued at around $3,700. Bitcoin’s value has since increased by a third, and now one bitcoin is worth almost $4,800.

bitcoin-invest-didi-taihuttu-gamble.jpg Didi Taihuttu and his family pose for a picture on a beach in Southeast Asia in 2017. Didi Taihuttu/ Facebook


Taihuttu first began mining bitcoin in 2010 after a friend told him about the virtual currency. After his father died in 2016, he decided to sell his company and begin traveling with his wife and children.

The decision to sell his house and possessions and invest in cryptocurrency came when he returned to the Netherlands after nine months.

Taihuttu says his family will continue the experiment until 2020, with plans to sell more possessions and use the money raised to invest in bitcoin. The possessions that remain include a television, a laptop, clothes, a drum and “some household stuff.”

. . .

If bitcoin does continue to rise, Taihuttu says his goal would be to help people in poorer countries, and to spread the word about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the countries he visits. And if bitcoin crashes and his dream ends?

“If we end up with nothing anymore, I guess we’ll just have to start over,” Taihuttu says. “But then at least we tried.”


> more: http://www.newsweek.com/bitcoin-man-sells-house-possessions-cryptocurrency-682459



Maybe he should have sold everything, and put it on Number 31 at the Casino instead

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BTC - 10d : 2mos : 32-months

: all-data :



Bill Still has been a bull on Cryptos for a long time

Why is Bitcoin Hitting $10,000?


Bitcoin futures (on the CME) are said to be LAUNCHING in December

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Bitcoin - Key support being tested


BTS ... update



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