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DrBubb's Diary - Nov. 2017 Trading - v.106

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Fx LT: EUR : AUD : Cad : Gbp : Chf : Dxy /



cad / canadian dollar

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Financial red lights are flashing - again


Niall Ferguson says that, based on the similarity between present conditions and those before the 2008 Great Recession, there is reason to believe another global slowdown is on the way

In June 2006, I observed that interest rate increases by the US Federal Reserve would sooner or later effect heavily indebted American households. In November 2006, I argued that the developed world might end up in the same mess as Japan since the 1990s, fending off deflation with monetary and fiscal expedients and stagnating.

Two months later, I found it “perfectly possible to imagine a liquidity crisis too big for the monetary authorities to handle alone ... Governments would need to step in.” By autumn 2007, I argued that we confronted “a more toxic cocktail than many investors still want to believe”, and the crisis would be global.

In December 2007, I predicted a “great dying” of financial institutions as a “man-made disaster – the subprime mortgage crisis – works its way through the global financial system”. On August 7, 2008, I anticipated a “global tempest” that would swiftly make the term “credit crunch” an absurd understatement.

There is a lot about the present reminiscent of pre-crisis days. In all but a handful of housing markets, inflation-adjusted home prices are above where they were on the eve of the crisis. US home prices plunged a quarter between 2006 and 2012. They have recovered and added some on top. New York condos are 19 per cent above their pre-crisis high. And real estate isn’t the best performer of 2017.

More http://www.scmp.com/comment/insight-opinion/article/2120679/another-global-financial-crisis-imminent-and-here-are-four?utm_content=buffer6c4e1&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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RESHAPES TOTALLY - what we know about Uranium One


FBI Informant Casts Totally New Light Uranium One Investigation


Uranium One - an effort by the Russians to seize control of the Uranium market


+ Seizing control of Billions of Dollars of Uranium contracts


"There is little doubt we had evidence of criminality, before the approval of the Uranium One deal"

"Had this been fully revealed, THIS would have killed the Deal."

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SGT Report etc



FR.t versus FM.t ... update : vs. FM.t, FF.t

Last (11/21/17): FR:c$8.60, FM:c$15.31, FF:c$0.58




Published on 21 Nov 2017
Keith Neumeyer returns to SGT Report to discuss the future of gold, silver, cryptos, mining stocks AND the capitulation of former gold and silver bulls which in my mind signals a BOTTOM in this unloved space. Clif High personally told me his web bot data shows that there will be a present for gold & silver in December. We shall see...


/ 2 /


Published on 19 Nov 2017
Bill Holter returns to SGT Report to help me break down the latest in politics and the economy. And right off the bat we make one thing perfectly clear, the global pedophiles are on notice: They are being hunted.

"Over 1500 arrests related to Pedophilia"

"We can hope their are ankle bracelets under the 'boots' of Hillary & McCain"


/ 3 /

Deep State Take Down, WW3, Indictments, Zionist Info War with Robert David Steele


"I believe The Saudi purge* was based on NSA data

"I am sure that Donald Trump has the name of every traitor, every 1% Pedophile."

"We now need to focus on :

+ Pedophiliia

+ Terrorism

+ Election fraud

+ Charity fraud

"I have no problem with a Truth & reconcilation process"


/ 4 /
*The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

Nov. 17th, 2017

The House of Saud is in crisis as MBS consolidates his hold on the kingdom and prepares to transform Saudi Arabia in his image. But what is behind the purge, and how does it relate to the future of the world monetary system. Join James for a classic Corbett Report debriefing on the Saudi purge and the rise of the petroyuan.

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GOLD versus Yen - upwards breakout could be ahead


Gold vs JPY ... update




Gold in JPY


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GO OR DIE Resistance Level for Precious Metals


SIL vs GLD ... update





I'm thinking there might be at least one more dip before yearend

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BANK OF AMERICA sees end of bull market in '18...

Here's how it will happen

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicts "capitulation" for the bull market in 2018, with the S&P 500 peaking at 2,863.
  • Strategist Michael Hartnett said the firm is prepared to "downgrade risk aggressively" once it sees the triggers in place.
  • A shift from passive to active in investor allocations would be one of the signs that the rally is about over.

. . .

The S&P 500 would peak out around 2,863 in the scenario, or about 11 percent higher than Monday's close. Bond yields are expected to rise, with the benchmark 10-year Treasury note hitting 2.75 percent as global GDP growth reaches 3.8 percent.

That setting assumes three things: the "last vestiges" of stimulus from the Fed and other central banks, the passage of tax reform in Congress, and "full investor capitulation into risk assets" on better-than-expected corporate earnings.

. . .

Hartnett pointed out that the current bull will be the longest in history if it continues to Aug. 22, 2018, while the outperformance of stocks versus bonds, at seven years running, would be the longest streak since 1929.

The forecast is predicated on three core beliefs: The first is the aforementioned capitulation; the second an expectation of "peak positioning, profits and policy" that "will engender peak asset price returns" and a low in volatility; and, finally, an expectation that higher inflation and corporate debt along with tighter monetary policy will roil the corporate bond market, a critical prong of the risk asset rally.

"The game changer is wage inflation, which on our forecasts is likely to become more visible," said Hartnett, who projects that salaries could rise 3.5 percent and push the consumer price index up 2.5 percent and convince the Fed that it's close to meeting its 2 percent inflation goal.

However, that cuts both ways: Should wage inflation again fail to materialize, Hartnett said "the era of excess liquidity" continues, bond yields would fall and the Nasdaq tech barometer would go "exponential." That would signal a bubble that might not end until 2019, when a bear market would be triggered by "hostile Fed hiking, Occupy Silicon Valley and War on Inequality politics."


Fed fears 'imbalances'...

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Gold - drop a little for 3-5 weeks, then a big move UP?



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IWM : etf for Russell 2000 ... update




Nine month cycle?



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Top of Page Charts: Gold / USD / china gold // Russell / Copper / china silver

t24_au_en_usoz_6.gif : 24hr-euro-small.gif : t24_au_en_euoz_2.gif : AuTD1.png?id=11409261605

idx24_russell_en_2.gif : t24_ag_en_usoz_2.gif:: idx24_hui_en_2.gif : AgTD0.png?id=11409221912

3d : ag : au


China/SGE: 4,200 RMB/kg / 6.150 = $ 683 / 35.274 = $19.36 (discount of about 20-25 cents?)

Goldstock : HK-2840 : GBS.L : GLD : GDX : NUGT : tza/faz -- HKpeg : DXY : StkX : 10-d : SPX : sjw : img :

HK 3081: 2899: 1051: hs / UK: POG / ABX : Sil : IAG : dba-etc. ... lot : PB : CVN : CC2 : BTC : SLV-lv



GDX ... update



Cycle Low could be Dec. 2017 ... update



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Rick Rule Picks Gold Winners For 2018 (PART 2/2)

Kitco Video News - Nov 22


"Buy the Best of the Best" : Randgold, AEM, WPM,,, the serial outperformers


How should investors prepare for 2018?

Don’t miss this no-holds-barred interview with Rick Rule live from the Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco.

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Gold Is Not The Best Inflation Hedge, This Metal Is - Natixis




Neils Christensen Wednesday November 22, 2017

(Kitco News) - With global growth and consumer price pressures expected to tick higher in the next few years, one international bank is trying to debunk the myth that gold is a good inflation hedge.



In a report Wednesday, analysts at Naxitis pushed back against the old adage that gold is seen as a traditional inflation hedge. Instead, they prefer a broad basket of commodities, with a focus on base metals and copper in particular.

“Within commodities, precious metals are actually one of the weakest vehicles for combating inflation,” the analysts said.

The report comes as the U.S. sees a modest rise in inflation after five months of stagnant growth. The analysts said that investors should start taking a more defensive positon to protect against rising price pressures.

“Eurozone growth is holding up, the US labor market continues to tighten, and oil has gained pace this year. All of this suggests some heightened potential for inflation to surge,” the analysts said. “By definition, investors cannot predict unexpected inflation that destroys portfolio value. Therefore, it may be prudent to allocate a portion of the portfolio to assets that can protect against this risk and perhaps even offer additional benefits.”

Crunching the numbers, Naxitis said that between 1991 and October of this year, a 1% rise in inflation showed that the S&P was the worst inflation hedge with a beta of 2.5; however, gold was only slightly better with a hedge of 5.2. At the top of the list was the energy sector, which had the highest beta at 28.2, and copper came in second at 18. The bank noted that a broad commodity index had a beta of 13.5 to a 1% rise in inflation.

“In a hot economy, demand for industrial metals is elevated as they constitute crucial inputs in construction and manufacturing,” the analysts said.

Within the gold market only about 14% of demand comes from industrial use mostly as a component in high-end electronics, said the bank. However for copper 65% of demand comes from electrical sector and 25% comes from construction demand.

While Natixis likes copper as the global economy heats up, they note that investors would probably do well with a broad-commodity index as this would hedge against sector specific and production risks.

However, the bank noted that a broad commodity index weighted with soft commodities and oil will not hedge against core inflation, the Federal Reserve preferred inflation measure, as it strips out volatile energy and food prices.


(But GOLD is now the Better Buy!)


Ratio: Gold-to-CU



Ratio: Gold-to-SPX



Ratio: Gold-to-WTI Crude oil



Ratio: GDXJ (Junior Gold shares) -toGOLD



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FX moves ... update




Illinois Bankruptcy To Trigger Currency Collapse - John Rubino


Published on Nov 23, 2017

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An SJW is living right inside your phone !


(Kill it!)


Amazon’s Alexa is a CRAZY SJW LIBERAL! | Louder With Crowder

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KITCO articles


A 'Major' Gold Rally Is Coming, Thanks To The Fed ... Kitco Video News Nov 24

Asia Gold-Demand sluggish as high prices deter buyers ReutersNov 24

For more than a month gold prices have been unable to break above the $1,300 level but one expert is not too concerned, noting that $10,000 gold may be on the horizon. Speaking with Kitco News, best-selling author Jim Rickards said the Federal Reserve could “catalyze a major gold rally.” Markets are pricing in a nearly 100% chance the Fed will hike rates in December and if they don’t, Rickards said the metal may skyrocket. After that, he wouldn’t be surprised to see prices jump even further up. “My intermediate target is $10,000 an ounce.”
. . .
The buying of physical gold remained muted across major Asian centres this week as higher prices dented demand, though seasonal demand could boost activity in top consumer China next month.

In China, gold was sold at a premium of $5-$9 an ounce over the global benchmark, down from the $7-$10 last week.

"Stable prices at higher levels have kept gold buying subdued," said Dick Poon, general manager at Heraeus Metals Hong Kong Limited.

Though demand in China is fairly tepid at present, it could see an uptick in the first half of December, Poon added.

Orders from wholesalers usually start to pick up from December as traders build inventory ahead of the Chinese New Year, a major gift-giving period in China, said Cameron Alexander, an analyst with Thomson Reuters-owned metals consultancy GFMS.

. . .

Bitcoin and gold were the highlights of this year’s Silver & Gold Summit in San Francisco, and to best-selling author Doug Casey, cryptocurrencies is the asset class to watch. “I’m very, very pro cryptocurrencies,” he told Kitco News on the sidelines of the event. But the longtime investor is not giving up on gold. Instead, he thinks cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin will help spur demand for the yellow metal. “[bitcoin] is a fiat currency, it’s just a private currency,” he said. “It’s the gateway drug to gold.”

. . .

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: Human nature never changes.

At the very beginning of a bubble almost no one believes. The very few with the foresight to see what is coming are laughed at and branded as extremists. For almost a year now I’ve been telling investors that once the NASDAQ composite broke out above the 2000 highs we would see an aggressive rally and 10,000 would be a piece of cake, 20,000 wouldn’t be completely out of the question once we get into the nutty phase of the bubble. Most everyone laughed at me then, and many continue to laugh at me now even though the NASDAQ is doing exactly what I said it would do, it’s already almost halfway to 10,000 from the breakout above 5000.

Four years ago I could’ve made that same statement about bitcoin. When bitcoin was under $1000 I could’ve predicted that we would see price go above $8000. I guarantee at the time everyone would’ve laughed at me, and thought I was insane. Now however, as price has continue to rise sentiment has swung 180° in the other direction, and no one can see any possible scenario where price could collapse. But I guarantee you price will collapse. Every parabolic move in history ends this way. This time is not going to be different.

. . .

Naylor-Leyland has a very positive outlook on bitcoin that does not clash with gold’s future opportunities.

“Bitcoin was explicitly designed to be digital gold,” he told Bloomberg on November 16. “So if you’re going to have a small proportion of a fund in bitcoin, it should be in a gold fund, because that’s exactly the point. It’s about bringing the ownership of disciplined money into the modern world. Bitcoin is paving the way for the reintroduction of gold as global money.”

The popular digital currency had an unprecedented year, breaking all imaginable records and rising more than eight times since January. On Thursday, bitcoin last traded at $8,128.90, after reaching an all-time high of $8,380 earlier on Tuesday.

Bitcoin has many analysts split, with some forecasting a year-end price of $10,000 and others still convinced that bitcoin is simply a distraction.

Cryptocurrency bull, Mike Novogratz, chief executive of Galaxy Investment Partners, said earlier this week that bitcoin’s rally this year is nowhere close to being finished.

Novogratz described bitcoin as digital gold: “Gold has value solely because people say it has value; bitcoin is built on an amazing technology, there’s a limited supply of it.”

. . .

Ethereum Fades for a Brief Period

But, of late, Ethereum has fallen a bit off favor as far as the investors and traders are concerned. Also, with the mining difficulty also increasing in an exponential manner, it has seen the prices begin to taper off. Also, the hard fork which the ETH industry underwent less than a month back could not be called a resounding success as yet as the stability of the network is still under question. This has led to a lot of pressure on the prices of ETH and has led to its market cap dropping over the last month or so from the highs of $36 billion which we had seen in September. We are now seeing its market cap is $32 billion as of this writing.


But over the last week or so, there have been some interesting developments in the crypto world. The first was the cancellation of the hard fork in the bitcoin network that was supposed to happen in the middle of November. The cancellation was a result of a lack of consensus among the developers in the bitcoin network



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Still lots of Liquidity

China’s central bank injects $47bn into financial system


Largest intervention in almost a year sends bond yields down from 3-year high


China’s central bank injected $47bn into its financial system, its largest intervention in nearly a year, in an effort to calm investor fears that Beijing’s crackdown on debt-fuelled growth would put a brake on the country’s rapid expansion. Yields on China’s benchmark 10-year sovereign bond had risen above 4 per cent this week, a level not seen since 2014, following a sell-off that began following last month’s Communist party Congress, where the outgoing People’s Bank of China chief warned of the risks from excessive debt and speculative investment. Although Thursday’s Rmb310bn injection saw the yield eased to 3.98 per cent from an intraday day peak of 4.015 per cent, analysts warned the PBoC had no clear target and that yields could rise beyond 4 per cent again without further easing.


“They don’t want the market to panic but I don’t think they have a set target,” said Zhou Hao, senior emerging markets economist at Commerzbank in Singapore. Emerging markets have been suffering a rough patch as investors have retrenched following Venezuela’s recent bond default, Saudi Arabia’s threatening war against Iran and continued political turbulence in Turkey. The jitters have also resulted in price swings for commodities such as metals and oil.


> https://www.ft.com/content/42f352aa-cab4-11e7-ab18-7a9fb7d6163e?segmentId=93750abe-f491-c316-796f-e8e3f7ec89ec

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The Truth About Soy Boys


A Soy diet may be behind the alarming Loss of Masculinity !

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DXY / Trade-weighted US Dollar ... update




May still have a rally left in it before the big plunge

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What Made The Da Vinci Painting Worth $450 Million (HBO)


A best-selling novel... and:

An over-heated market?


BID / Sotheby's ... all-data :



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BIG PR versus Little PR


"it's amazing how a little Gold Dust can change everything!"


But now, if it is the real Deal (like Wallbridge's Fenelon) does anyone care ?


Gold Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Matthew McConaughey Movie


Matthew McConaughey Interview on 'Gold'



Wallbridge Mining (WM.t) chart / 6mo : 12mo / over the last six months




Gold results
Last night I watched the movie Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey, which is loosely based on the Bre-X scandal. In the movie, the misrepresented, salted drill results were showing gold values of 0.8 oz/ton.
Wallbridge's latest NI 43-101 compliant (born from the Bre-X scandal) results are 237 g/ton, or 7.62 oz/ton.
The lack of excitement or limited reflection in the share price is due to a lack of awareness, nothing else. Wallbridge needs to make these results known, so that they can raise capital at valuations that reflect the incredible potential we have at Fenelon. Time to start the PR game guys. Love the work you're doing, but diluting at a cap of $30 million is a joke.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#BaglfPx1SRgxivJ6.99

/ 2 /

RE:Gold results
Could not agree more. I really think that something needs to be said at the AGM to voice our concern about this area. This is not a cute little company that pretty good drill results at their base mineral properties (the Parkin properties). These gold results are world class. Time to bust out some PR machine work!

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#M6Mel2KGJpH6z9td.99

/ 3 /

"TORONTO, Nov. 9, 2017 /CNW/ - Wallbridge Mining Company Limited (TSX:WM, FWB: WC7) ("Wallbridge") is pleased to announce initial assay results from its third round of exploration drilling on the 100% owned Fenelon Gold property ("Fenelon") in Quebec. Results are reported for an initial three drill holes (FA-17-25, FA-17-26, and FA-17-27). Results for another six holes are pending. Mineralization remains open along strike and to depth and follow-up drilling is planned as part of the pending bulk sample for which permits are expected this year.'
The stock popped with the drill results of 3 holes, 6 pending. the other 30 holes is old news. It is what it is.. an 11 cent stock..
its naive to say its a world class discovery lacking PR
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#hrcGumluQ2pBwJrU.99
/ 4 /
RE:RE:RE:RE:Gold results
So when you invest in a stock, you only look at the very latest drill results and dismiss the other 30 holes that were drilled with fantastic results? The stock popped previously and dropped. It has done this each time drill results have come out so this is not a one time occurance.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#IHZibzJogW0Qqr6j.99

/ 5 /

We don't need to spend much on P.R. with these results... ....just to be patient a bit longer.

The market is not going to be able to ignore this massive little nugget much longer.

I haven't heard much of this before, and I apologize if it's already been posted here somewhere, but:

(Less than 50%, excerpted:)

During question period, it was asked why the company was considering an early production date when they have so few proven reserves.

Company president Marz Kord said he understood the concern, but they are very confident in the initial results to get a return to the stakeholders.

“The last 100 years the larger companies wouldn’t go ahead unless they had around three years’ reserves. But there are times when they do all this preliminary work, go into production and there’s almost nothing left (to mine)," he explained.

“These results show, even at shallow depths. The results are very good. We are going to make capital as we go for our stakeholders.”
THESE GUYS ARE MINERS, NOT PROMOTERS. When the market finally gets it, we are all going to be richly rewarded.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#QIX2Sv0szkrztL4J.99

/ 6 /

Yeah...they could probably do a better job of getting the word out, AND without spending much money...But, I still like the philosophy of letting their actions speak for themselves, though, too. Works in every facet of human endeavor...

When they start reporting massive EPS numbers next year...LOOK OUT ABOVE.
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#VUhAg7VMQX0wRLsC.99
/ 7 /
What kind of price...
So what kind of price valuation might we be looking at it if they show 400,000 oz with 247 million shares??
I'd appreciate estimates and how you derive them. thanks very much!

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#06GAMAQhHPSJVcvg.99

/ 8 /

There's a company called Seabridge Gold with a market cap that hovers around $1 billion. They have a lot of gold on the books, but their deposits are massive, low grade porphyry style and not easy to access. By my understanding they are nowhere near production, and have 11 employees on the books. Their grades are less than 1 g/t.
Wallbridge is drilling incredible grades (200+ g/t), and the bulk sample (I'm assuming) will target the best of these grades.
All you can do at this point is speculate. Based on near-term production and world class grades, we should be over $100 million right now.
I've seen companies with far less going for them cap into the billions on speculation/frenzy. See Copper Fox.
WM is simply one of the best opportunities you will find at this price.
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#iEP1K61dXlhviurX.99
/ 9 /
Well, a LOT depends, of course, on things like the depth/accessibity of the deposits, the POG, actual total compliant/proven resource increases, etc....
BUT...one little game we can play, based just on short term news, is a possible pop just from the upcoming bulk sample. If they take it from the right areas (and I see no way they can blow that), we can expect grades close to 1 oz/ton. If we actually get 35,000 ounces of gold, that would be north of US$40,000,000.
If we can get a bottom line net earnings from that of say...15%...or $6,000,000...that would result in a EPS of $.03.
A conservative PE ratio of 10 would make the company worth $.30/share JUST FROM A MEASLY LITTLE BULK SAMPLE!

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#YTMQXcTDdvDoIz68.99

/ 10 /

The more I think about it though, 35,000 ounces from a 35,000-ton BS is probably being way too optimistic. They will NOT be able to get grades that high unless they are taking rock from way down where the recent bonanza grades are located. That isn't going to be feasible. I would think a more realistic scenario would be based on what ITS did years ago...so let's say a slight improvement on that 14,000-ton-BS grade of .31 oz/t (4339/14000).

Half an ounce per ton is realistic (but still slightly optimistic) so cut everything I said in half....
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#XCmo0ZrwDr2gu9Qs.99
/ 11 /
Yes 11 grams per ton seems to be the goal. WM should push past .25 with upcoming catalysts with an upside north of $1 per share
once they prove up the 400,000 oz or 600M plus of gold. Even at 10% that's 60M profit.
Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#7XfB58c5lI5LBBzS.99
MARKET CAPS, compared:
Sym.: Company ------ : C$price: -Low - High- : Sh-OS : Mkt.Cap: Pr/BkV : BkVal. :
Book Value: 11/28/17: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- :
WM.t : Wallbridge Mng. : $ 0.115 : $0.040-0.110 : 287.06 : $33.01m : 1.502 : $0.077 :
FF.t- : FirstMngFinance : $ 0.550 : $0.500-1.100 : 552.15 : $303.7m : 1.182 : $0.465 :
FR.t- : First Maj. Silver : $ 8.500 : $7.510- 14.38 : 165.70 : $1,410m : 1.799 : $4.725 :
=== : GZZ and RZZ :
GZZ : Golden Valley--- : $ 0.270 : $0.240- 0.495 : 126.34 : $34.11M : 1.572 : $0.172 :
RZZ : Abitibi Roylaties : $ 8.280 : $7.410- 10.75 : 011.41 : $94.44M : 2.668 : $03.10 :

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Gold's RANGE Trade may be ending soon




Platinum etf



Here's ABX, Barrick Gold... update



Stocks-to GOLD is at the Top of the Range - near 2.00




If stocks peak, look for Gold to soar




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