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DrBubb's Diary - Nov. 2017 Trading - v.106

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Do we now need Warriors-for-Christ, to protect Christians ?


"AMONG your enemies, I do not believe in Turning the Other Cheek"

- Stefan M., at the end of this


An anti-Christian attack, a hate crime?


"things are in flux, information is in motion" - but some things are clear...


A POWERFUL message favoring church-going & about the unhappiness of Atheists,

of which Stefan is/was one


What Pisses Me Off About The Texas Church Massacre


"there is a lot of Christian hatred on the left"


Self defense is sometimes needed, and we may be in one of those times.

The satanists and other enemies of Christians have now "hacked the system" & are abusing it

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BREAKING : Tony Podesta revealed as:

+ A well-paid lobbyist for the Saudis,

... and:

+ A lobbyist for Uranium One - and he did NOT disclose it (This "oversight" is a felony!)


The Princes arrested by the Saudis were big supporters of Hillary


Hillary Uranium Scandal Escalates & Saudi Purge

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DXY ... update


EUR in USD ... All-Data :



So far, we have this for DXY, ie #2 or #3


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Too true~!

Boxes | Let's Unlock Manila


What if Manila could live with fewer cars

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THE TURN (to Trump) is really happening now - as Hillary commits Sepuka-thru-crimes


Scott Adams: The Turn to "Trump is Effective" is Happening EVERYWHERE! He's Star in China!



/ 2 /




(remember when?)

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY | Rachel Maddow Suffers Meltdown After Trump Victory

By: Pitchforks

This never gets old.

One year ago, Rachel Maddow explains to snowflakes-in-waiting that Trump simply can’t win. I have included Maddow's meltdown from election night when Trump did INDEED win.

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CharityGate : more problems for the Clinton Foundation


There's a new bombshell here, and there seems to be a short fuse on it ( a few weeks?)


The excellent Charles Ortel is interviewed here by Lionel Nation


The bombshell starts at about 40 minutes

What Will #DonnaBrazile's Bombshell Do to Accelerate the Arrest of Madame Oven Mitt #HRC?


Wealthy people are now at risk for their involvement in the Clinton Foundation:

That includes:

+ Accounting firms

+ Billionaires like Haim Saban who were/are trustees



Saban was one of the top donors to Clinton's campaign in 2016


Haim Saban (/səˈbɑːn/; Hebrew: חיים סבן‎‎; born October 15, 1944) is an Israeli-American media proprietor, investor, philanthropist, musician, record, film & television producer.[2] A businessman with interests in financial services, entertainment, and media, and an estimated net worth of $3 billion, he is ranked by Forbes as the 232nd richest person in America.[4] Saban is the founder of Saban Entertainment, producer and distributor of children's television programs in the US such as Power Rangers. He headed up consortiums which purchased the broadcasters ProSiebenSat.1 Media and Univision Communications. He is a major donor to the US Democratic Party and active in pro-Israel political efforts in the US. In March 2017, Saban was honored with the 2,605th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his achievements in television


> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haim_Saban


When the irregularities are revealed, which is inevitable very soon, they will be personally at risk.


Advisors are likely to tell Saban, that the chances of getting rid of Trump now are very low, and the bombshell associated with the Clinton Foundation will explode soon - they are running out of time - there is a major deadline in November.


Ortel thinks that someone will cave in, and throw themselves on the mercy of the court - and try and make a deal.


"Often, it is the smallest, and least powerful who will move first."


Ortel thinks if the donors & trustees "throw the Clintons under the bus" now, they may be able to avoid some of the consequences.


The Donna Brazile revelations look like a Trigger

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GOOD NEWS - on my second largest Junior position


Now Rolling?

It took some more good drilling results

Yesterday, as the drill results were announced. the Stock was up 66.7% to $0.125 on 7.1 million shares



Wallbridge (WM.t) and its growing Fenelon Mine


WM.t ... All-data : 5-yr-W : 4-yr-D : 1-yr : 6-mos : 10d - Last: C$0.10 x 227mn shs = C$22.7mn Mkt.cap / in edit:


Wallbridge Mining (WM.t) - now Ready to Roll?

WM.t ... 10-yrs : 5-yrs : 2-yrs : 6-mos : 10-d -- last: C$0.095



A confirmed breakout above C$.10, could soon bring $0.15 and higher


> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21393






. . .

"We continue to be pleasantly surprised by the drill results from Fenelon,"

stated Marz Kord, president and chief executive officer of Wallbridge. "We

knew when we purchased the property that there was room to expand the

resource, but to get holes grading in excess of 100 grams over mineable widths

in each of our first three programs is truly remarkable. To date our drilling

has been limited to targets at shallow depth near the existing ramp and we are

really just scratching the near surface potential.

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AFTER the Moral outrage of shouting at the Sky (by brainwashed snowflakes)




"Praise for the new way. Praise for the new day!"

/ 1 /

JUST IN: Podesta Hit With Devastating Blow, It Won’t End Well

/ 2 /

Democrats Turn Against The Clintons, Podesta Group Closes


Saul Alinsky's idea was taken as a blueprint for the Clintons: "Blame your enemies for the crimes you have committed:"


Facebook needs to be taken down at some point, & the vile Zuckerberg arrested

It chills me to see that he wants to run from President, and he has the money to get nominated

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Only black money from people seeking influence in the US kept this ugly game alive

It is dying now, and I think it is time to issue indictments of the funders, and their pawns


The cabal's control of the middle east seems to be falling apart.

It's possible that what is happening in Saudi Arabia will be the precursor to the 9/11 truth finally coming out, as Trump has promised

The NWO's plans for one world gov is going down the pan - the money's run out

no money = no paid for rioting


Look at the much anticipated Antifa riots


With the loss of Saudi funding, no-one has paid the organisers nor the transport nor the rioters , hence nothing happened


Arrested Saudi Prince Had Given $25 Million To Clinton Cabal


Vile donation to a Vile person, used for a Vile purpose.


Both fat cats and pencil-necked snowflakes need to be taught lessons about power of the law,

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how the judge can beat the rumor


Rush Limbaugh: My advice to Judge Roy Moore: Hire Hillary! (audio from 11-10-2017)

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Breakout Coming?

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From back in the days when a brave person could still make jokes


- about PC topics :

"I believe you can joke about anything -- it depends on where the exaggeration is"

George Carlin About Rape

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TOP of Page Header


t24_au_en_usoz_6.gif : idx24_russell_en_2.gif : idx24_hui_en_2.gif :

3d : ag : au


Bitcoin : The uptrend continues as money flees China:
Charts: Bitcoins LIVE : BTC:12-mos : 5-mos : 6-mos : 10d : Ticks : BtcWisdom : BTC24hr : Eur : PB : img :


BTS - Frozen / Bitcoins, on Bitstamps ; 10-Days: 6-mo : 12-mo : 24-mo : 32-Mo : 8yr :

BTC - 10d : $7413 / 1277 (580.5% of Gold)



Clinton-nailing has begun...


Laura opens with:


"Sessons has asked the DOJ to take a closer look at Uranium One... and other matters"


The Ingraham Angle 11/13/17 | Fox News Today November 13, 2017



With Reps. Jordan and Gaetz


+ Clinton Foundation

+ Uranium One

+ the way Comey handled investigations


The People are tired of seeing one set of rules for the Clintons, and a different one for everyone else.

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Resign, Jeff, resign!


Jeff Sessions tells Jim Jordan -no need of a second special counsel


You are a corrupted bit of Clinton-serving meat


Go Now!!!


/ 2 /


Lou Dobbs has some advice for Jeff Sessions -- resign


Go Now!!

His is NOT carrying out his duties !




Get the out of Dodge, Mr Sessions !!

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Ep. 755 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Daniel Sheehan : The New World Order : LIVE

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(I wonder if this was Taxed?)


Teenage model 'sells her virginity for £2m'

A 19-year-old model has spoken of a 'dream come true' after selling her virginity for more than £2 million to a businessman from Abu Dhabi.

Using money for tuition fees »


That old saying, "Every woman has a gold mine between her legs," may be true.

So exploit it - not all obviously. Maybe we should make sure we tax those who do,

since modern society spends so much more on women over their lives than men

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BTS : 12-mo : 10d :


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GOLD Price

Statement Gold / Passbook Gold (1 Mace Troy) 1,192.90 -1,195.40

HK$ 1,194 / MACE (Tael) - for "passbook gold" (hkd1194/ usd121.4)= R-9.84


GLD ... 12mo : update : 6-mos : $121.40



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Ex CIA- Robert David Steele - Trump Counter Coup In Play, Deep State, Pedophiles, Satanist Are Toast


I believe the Marine Corp came to Trump with a package deal


"Trump may be holding multiple wild cards, that people are not aware of...

And he is now set to play them and Run the table"


Hillary is at the intersection of Four Major types of crime...


+ treason
+ pedophilia
+ election fraud

+ charity fraud


Uranium One looks like entrapment engineered by Putin

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Junior Gold Miners

GDXJ ... update




Lithium is still strong - near $40


LIT / Lithium etf ... update



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Las Vegas mandalay - connections to Saudi... and even 9/11?




"Kushner carried docs - proving a connection with Mandalay - before the coup"

"Either YOU take care of this... Or we'll take care of this."

Crypto-Jews in Saudi??

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Mark Taylor has some Prophecies re: Trump's Presidency


/ 1 /

Mark Taylor – Military Tribunals Coming for the Wicked

"God is going to clean out the News Media"

Published on Sep 4, 2017
How can the so-called deep state and crooked politicians keep doing evil to America? Mark Taylor, author of the popular book “The Trump Prophecies,” says it's God's will for that to stop. Taylor starts with fired FBI Director James Comey. Taylor contends, “James Comey was the clog in the pipe that was keeping the swamp from being drained. Now that he’s out of the way, you are starting to see things happen. . . . In 2015, I wrote a prophetic statement from God, and it says the spirit of God says your time has come to an end. You are both (Bill and Hillary Clinton) being omitted tor the crimes you have committed. . . . this is what God told me to write. . . . They are going to go down. I believe at some point she (Hillary) will go to jail. It will be a sign to the United States that that spirit of Jezebel has been locked up and the key thrown away. God is not going to let this stuff go, and look at the pedophilia.

There has been a total media blackout, and there has been 4,000 arrests. . . . This is what God has been telling me for a long time. There are military style tribunals coming because this thing goes so deep. I think it is even boggling the mind of Donald Trump right now. He’s trying to get his team in place so they can go after these people and prosecute them. There are going to be military style tribunals break out when the names come to light.” Taylor says, “Don’t fall for the doom and gloom. . . Some of my prophecies I have written say America is going to prosper like never before.


/ 2 /

Mark Taylor – The Enemy Turns & Devours One Another

Greg Hunter
Published on Nov 4, 2017
Author of “The Trump Prophecy,” Mark Taylor also points out, “America is not under judgment. It is the systems that are under judgment right now. Whether it’s our political system or judicial system, the immigration system, and even the church is under judgment right now. If you are a leader in this country and you are corrupt, God himself is going to expose you, and he will remove you. . . . The day they arrest Hillary Clinton, do you think she is going to go down by herself? No way. She is going to sing like a bird. What you are seeing right now with Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton, you are seeing the enemy turn on one another and devour one another which is Second Chronicles 20:21 and 20:22. That’s where it talks about in the Bible where the enemy turns and devours one another. Notice those numbers 2021 and 2022, which was the New World Order timeline to have America captured. God is saying right now, ‘No, that’s not going to happen.’


/ 3 /

UH -OH!! It's Happening Just Like Mark Taylor Said

Sheila Zilinsky
Published on Nov 15, 2017
Former Florida Firefighter, author and Prophet Mark Taylor joins Sheila on a powerful show about prophecy being fulfilled and whats coming next! Nov 14, 2017

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