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DossierGate : Hillary paid for the Dirt - WashPost

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15 minutes ago, drbubb said:

Haha,  Completely delusional are you still?

Making a meal out of a Nothing-Burger, Sparks?

Meantime, the noose is slowly tightening on Hillary and Obama

well, considering the central charge against trump was always obstruction of justice for firing Comey.

There was enough evidence to find him guilty at the first plea deal. Now there is 5.

Killary, otoh, still not seen anything that can be made to stick, of course you are welcome to troll your own board, but I’m not sure what that achieves.

But Obama? seriously? The guy was the first half decent person you had as a leader in 50 years, and you want to lump him in with this?

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Expanded Awareness of probable crimes

Sparks, firing Comey was never a crime - only a braindead would think so

(Go & listen to Prof Dershowitz, if you do not believe me - You are thicker than a brick, it seems)

Meantime, there is more & more evidence of serious crimes on the Demo-crook side/

"Six different felony statues ... may have been broken"

House Intel Committee expands dossier probe



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