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Left Wing TERRORISM: Antifa, BLM needs Exposing & Strong Legal action

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Instead of Action, Apologies?

CNN Cuomo Whitewashes Antifa — Again: ‘Not Both Sides Situation’

CNN personality Chris Cuomo once again whitewashed Antifa on Tuesday night, asserting that when it comes to violence and intimidation of the media and politicians, “it’s not a both sides situation.”

Chris Cuomo and his two panelists Angela Rye and Steve Cortes were discussing President Trump’s rhetoric towards the media, among other things, when Rye accused Trump of putting “people’s lives in danger.”

“Do you know there are people who sit on this network, who are getting death threats because of your president’s rhetoric? That is the truth,” she said.

Cortes responded, “Angela, you know what? I do know there’s people getting death threats. You know why? Because I happen to be one of them, okay, because the vitriol in this country…It’s because of the left. It’s because of Antifa, quite frankly.”

Cuomo said, “Is that why that guy sent me a bomb? Is that why we have bombs sent here, because of Antifa?”

“Wait, are you saying that Antifa is not violent?” Cortes shot back.

“I’m saying that’s not who sent the bomb to my office, Steve. This is over, let’s take it up after Thanksgiving,” Cuomo said, also saying, “When somebody threatens you and your family and your safety, I hope that the first thing that comes to mind is, ‘Well, you know, there are bad things that other people do too. I guess I won’t take it too personally.'”"

Steve, don’t distract from something like somebody sending a bomb to our offices, because he was picking up on what was being put down by the president of the United States. Don’t hide from the facts, it’s not becoming,” Cuomo continued.

Cortes said, “There is political violence and political threats on both sides of this country and that’s a problem.”

“It’s not a both sides situation,” Cuomo said. “We’ve got one president, one man who sets a tone, one man who says I’m evil, one man who says I’m an enemy, one man who gets people crazy enough to come up to me in the street, all right? And it ain’t nobody from Antifa, I’ll tell you that right now.”


He may be right & wrong at the same time.

- The Violence is almost wholly on the Left

"The Bomb" was a prop, not real, you lying sack o'xxxx

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Dangerous "milkshaking" Antifa Terrorists attack reporter

Because of a (protective) mayor the attackers avoid jail

A Leftist Mob Attacked Me in Portland

I have been targeted by Antifa and its allies for my critical reporting of their violent extremism.

‘No hate! No fear!” chanted the left-wing crowd as they marched downtown Saturday. I walked to the front of the line to record the protesters with my new GoPro camera when I was suddenly slammed on the back of my head with something hard. Dazed and still hearing faint chants of “no hate,” I was then punched and kicked by perhaps a dozen masked people in black. At an Antifa event meant to resist “fascist violence,” I—a gay journalist of color—was beaten so badly that I was hospitalized for a brain hemorrhage.

Since last year, I have been targeted by Antifa and its allies for my critical coverage of their violent extremism. I’ve reported those incidents to the Portland Police Bureau, and in some cases I’ve identified suspects, but there were no arrests. The mainstream media describe Antifa as “antifascist,” but in fact it is a far-left paramilitary-style movement of anarchists and communists agitating for a revolution.

. . .

As soon as I arrived at the staging area in a downtown park, masked protesters began to follow me. One person openly carried a metal bat. In a July 2 news release, the Portland police reported that officers had observed “participants in the crowd who concealed and brandished weapons, including collapsible batons, projectiles, and firearms.” At various points I was threatened, cursed at, and blocked from walking around. I ignored them. Police watched from a distance and did nothing.

Later, a masked person approached me from behind, dumped the contents of a cup on my head, and ran away. The paper cup had an Antifa logo on it and was handed out at a “shake station” in the park. I immediately reported the incident to police. Officers told me they would not approach the suspect, who was still in sight, because that might “incite” the crowd. This is a refrain I hear every time Antifa harasses or attacks me with a Portland police eyewitness present. Policing in the city has become so feckless that neighboring county deputies are withdrawing or reducing their support for the Portland police.

Minutes later, another “shake” was hurled at my face. It splashed under my goggles and went into an eye, which stung and obstructed my vision. Again, I reported this to police, who demurred.

Now in the hundreds, the crowd proceeded to march. They shut down traffic and blocked the roads. At one point, the crowd walked in front of the Multnomah County Justice Center, which houses the Sheriff’s Office, the central police precinct and courtrooms. Though I didn’t see police, I assumed they were close. I was wrong.

That was when I walked toward the front of the march, where I was set upon by a mob, some wearing fiberglass-hardened gloves as well as masks. They pummeled me in the face and the back of the head until I let go of my camera, which somebody snatched. I raised my arms in surrender, but the mob took that as a signal to become more aggressive. Next rained a hail of milkshakes, eggs, rocks, silly string and possibly pepper spray. The mob hollered and laughed as I stumbled away.

> https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-leftist-mob-attacked-me-in-portland-11562109768

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Andy Ngo discusses Antifa attacks with Bret Weinstein | DarkHorse Podcast #1


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Independent Journalist Andy Ngo: Mainstream Media Back Antifa’s ‘Paramilitary Movement’ Against Conservatives: ‘They Work to Whitewash and Sanitize the Ideology and Tactics of Antifa’

Andy Ngo, the journalist who was hospitalized following a brutal assault by Antifa thugs in Portland, Oregon, last weekend, joined Glenn Beck on the radio program Wednesday to expose the brutality of these "far-left militant movements" and discuss why many in the media are justifying this kind of violence against the right.

Speaking with difficulty, possibly due to brain hemorrhaging he suffered from the assault, Ngo said, "I'm pushing myself to do all of the media interviews because I'm hoping that this story is not just one of some person getting beat up in a city, but rather has the potential to move the needle on the national discourse on the far-left militancy. I want people to be confronted by the brutality of the Antifa movement."

Glenn asked Ngo if he was surprised by the way the media has downplayed the severity of the attack and even defended Antifa's violence.

/ 2 /

DONALD TRUMP JR. OP-ED: The Media Was Complicit In A Brutal Assault On An Innocent Conservative Journalist

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Pro-1st Amendment Lawyer Vows To Sue Antifa ‘Into Oblivion’ in Brutal Post

This could get very ugly for antifa.
Journalist Andy Ngo, who was badly roughed up during an encounter with so-called “anti-fascist” demonstrators in Oregon on Saturday was released from the hospital after being treated for a “brain bleed.”
But his lawyer is still out for blood.
In a Twitter post after midnight on Monday, prominent First Amendment attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon vowed to move the battle from the streets of Portland, Oregon, into a court of law.
“Goodnight everyone except Antifa criminals who I plan to sue into oblivion and then sow salt into their yoga studios and avocado toast stands until nothing grows there,” she wrote, “not even the glimmer of a violent criminal conspiracy aided by the effete impotence of a cowed city government.”
Read more: WHAT REALLY HAPPENED | The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! https://www.whatreallyhappened.com/#ixzz5soyLi6y1

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Eric Weinstein on Antifa and Andy Ngo | Joe Rogan


that is ac EXCERPT from this one... over 1.2 Million hits

Joe Rogan Experience #1320 - Eric Weinstein





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ANGRY ANTIFA DRAG QUEENS Surround and Threaten Pro-Trump Journalist Alicia Powe at DC Rally


Angry Antifa Drag Queen Mob Threaten Pro-Trump Journalist

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New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Dramatically Escalates The Culture War

New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Allows People To Literally Break The Law. Facebook issues “clarifications” to its new content guidelines in which any group that has ever engaged in a wide range of activities can not only be banned but a special provision will allow people to directly target these people with law breaking activity.

Treading lightly in this description, I’m trying to say that Facebook has just pushed one the most extreme bits of escalation in the culture war allowing people to commit overt law breaking acts and I really have no idea why.

Now anyone far left and far right can target and incite actions against people deemed bad by Facebook meaning we can expect to see the rhetoric go to the extremes.

In a video Paul joseph Watson explains that he is now being directly targeted in this new policy.

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