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Charlottesville Affair: Staged, Faked, or totally Genuine?

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Charlottesville Affair: Staged, Faked, or totally Genuine?


Rally, Antifa Violence inspire Anti- Antifa Violence. Confused?


A violent act of hatred. Could it have been stopped by balanced policing?




=== Sidebar : Typical Lie-stream Media Lies ===

Saturday’s rally was organized in protest to the Virginia governor and city council’s plan to remove a confederate monument, and was scheduled to start at noon. Charlottesville’s downtown was roiled by white supremacists hours ahead of schedule, many whom were chanting things like “white lives matter” and “Jews will not replace us,” and facing off violently with Black Lives Matter protesters and antifa groups.


> https://news.vice.com/story/armed-white-supremacists-march-in-charlottesville-state-of-emergency-declared

SEE THE sign above: It says: "YOU will not replace us," Not "Jews" will not replace us !

They seem to think it is OK to say: "Black Lives matter," but not "White Lives matter."

=== ===


Woman is killed and 19 hurt as car plows into anti-fascists at white nationalist rally:

Driver 'intentionally' accelerates into crowd and is arrested after riot cops use tear gas to break up violent clashes




  • A car plowed into at least 26 counter-protesters at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville on Saturday
  • Charlottesville Police Chief Al Thomas said a total of 35 people had been treated for injuries after incident
  • He also confirmed the deceased victim was a 32-year-old woman, who was struck as she crossed the street
  • Police said male driver was arrested few blocks away from bloody scene but they haven't released his name
  • A Dodge Challenger is filmed ramming into a line of people, then reversing quickly away from the scene
  • Before the smash, 15 were already being treated after heated clashes at Unite the Right rally
  • The event was being held at Emancipation Park and hundreds were seen stomping through the city
  • A local state of emergency was declared around 11am and the rally was determined an unlawful assembly
  • A state police helicopter covering the rally crashed near a golf course within city limits, killing two officers
  • President Trump admonished the day's events, saying: 'We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, violence, on many sides'
  • Virginia Gov Terry McAuliffe strongly condemned all of the so-called 'patriotic' white nationalists Saturday
  • 'Go home. You are not wanted in this great commonwealth. You are not patriots,' McAuliffe proclaimed

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Infowars says, "we have been predicting this"


EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Riots Staged To Bring In Martial Law, Ban Conservative Gatherings


/ 2 /

Thoughts on Unite the Right in Charlottesville

Published on 12 Aug 2017

ACLU is representing them.

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Police in black riot-gear React to a Peaceful assembly
(Unite The Right) Richard Spencer's arrest at Charlottesville


Spencer: "I'm hear to talk!

"Why don't you react the communists out there who are macing out.

Why would you do this? Do you think the people out there would have YOUR backs?"


the night before


"YOU will not replace US!"


Unite the Right Rally (USA)


Published on 11 Aug 2017

Footage from the epochal first part of the Unite The Right rally at Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug, 11, in support of the statute of General Robert E. Lee, which globalist Marxists want to be removed



When I was a kid I thought that we were going to have flying cars, but instead we have this revival of white nationalism.
Anyone else notice how strong these voices sound as opposed to the "Hey, hey, ho, ho" chanters?
Because it's mostly men.
That's because the left are filled with feminists and faggots.



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ORGANISER's reaction:


"Their number 1 intention was NOT people's safety, it was to disrupt the Alt-Right"

"Fox News is cucking 100%. The police were suppose to escort our speakers. They did not"


LIVE - Recap Of Charlottesville With The Organizer Jason Kessler

Streamed live 4 hours ago



Dude, I hope you realize that this was a set up. The media were ready to go with their anti-white talking points. They were all choreographed with their scripted talking points about "White supremacists" and "nazi's'. They all had their calvacade of antiwhite guest commentators ready to go immediately this morning. Didnt you notice how all MSM had the exact same talking points? And REd Ice getting hacked just an hour before the rally? That should let you know that the deep state was involved. They didn;t want Red Ice TV able to counter their planned anti-white agitprop by being able to broadcast.



/ 2 /

"Antifa has been doing this crap for a long time,

and the Media has refused to disavow it."


"... I want to show you the prelude"


Civil War is here! #Charlottesville


I dislike Antifa, leftwing fascists, too, but this rally was unambiguously rightwing fascist, real life caricatures of what the media wants all non-SJWs to be seen as. So how about disavowing rightwing fascists too?

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Terry McAuliffe has deep, deep ties to the Clintons




Terence Richard McAuliffe (/məˈkɔːlf/; born February 9, 1957) is an American politician and former businessman who is the 72nd and current Governor of Virginia.[1] He was chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 2001 to 2005, was co-chairman of President Bill Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign, and was chairman of Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.


. . .

McAuliffe was born and raised in Syracuse, New York, the son of Mildred Katherine Lonergan and Jack McAuliffe. His father was a real estate agent and local Democratic politician. The family is of Irish Catholic descent.

He graduated from Bishop Ludden Junior/Senior High School in 1975. In 1979, he earned a bachelor's degree from The Catholic University of America where he served as a resident adviser. After graduating, McAuliffe worked at President Jimmy Carter's re-election campaign; he became the national finance director at twenty-two. Following the campaign, McAuliffe attended the Georgetown University Law Center, where he obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 1984.

> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terry_McAuliffe

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President Trump's Powerful Statement on Charlottesville 8/12/17


12 Aug 2017

FULL. President Trump Statement on Charlottesville, VA.

President Trump Statement on Charlottesville protest, VA.

Pres.Trump to sign Veteran's Affairs Act. New Jersey, Bedminster. August 12, 2017.

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NO RIGHT to Talk, No right to rally?


Charlottesville: Violence in the Streets |

Faith Goldy and Stefan Molyneux

Published on 12 Aug 2017

When people stop talking, inevitably, unfortunately and predictably violence escalates.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAullife declared a state of emergency leading to riot police shutting down the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The violence escalated from there with many being pepper sprayed, hit with rocks, physically assaulted and most shockingly - an individual drove a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing at least one person and leaving countless more injured.



I am totally for the abolition of white guilt mentality, for absolute freedom of speech, and for equality of opportunity regardless of race, however, I refuse to support any group that pushes the "roman salute" and "blood and soil" bull crap. I would die defending your right to do these things, but don't whine when the left calls you nazis.
BACK BEFORE the Alt-Right had 20-21 points, they had 16...
The 16 Points of the Alt-Right

Streamed live on 29 Mar 2017
What the Alt-Right is. An attempt at codification and understanding.

Penned by Vox Day: http://voxday.blogspot.com/2016/08/wh...

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A (rare) Misfire by the judge?


I don;t think that Judge Jeanine got the tone right here.

Trump did. Mike Huckabee did. Carol Swaine did.

Justice with Judge Jeanine 8/12/17 |

Fox News Today August 12, 2017



Prof Swaine foresaw the rise of a "new" White Nationalism.

Swaine spoke of the need for "honest dialog." I agree.


== ==


Had the judge found time to listen to the following video, she might have had a better

understanding of what this Unite-the-Right rally was about


Jared Taylor - AmRen Growing, Rape Gangs in Newcastle and Google Fires James Damore

Published on 11 Aug 2017

Jared Taylor is an American journalist, editor of the American Renaissance webzine, and president of the New Century Foundation. His organizations are dedicated to the study of immigration and race relations. Mr. Taylor is the author of several books and scholarly papers, including Paved with Good Intentions, White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century, and the forthcoming monograph entitled If We Do Nothing.

The interview begins with Jared describing this year’s hugely successful American Renaissance (AmRen) conference. He speaks to the Great Awakening of White racial consciousness in the United States and around the world, which has contributed to the immense popularity of AmRen events. Henrik and Jared go on to discuss the increased presence of protesters at the conference, and how that coincided with Donald Trump’s electoral victory. The conversation moves on to the Unite the Right event scheduled for Saturday 12 August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. We discuss the threatened removal of the Robert E. Lee statue, the resultant bureaucratic machinations at the municipal level, and the symbolic nature of the gathering. Jared astutely points out that whilst our enemies may be threatening Southern Heritage at present, they will set upon all aspects of White identity before long. Jared also speaks to the universal veneration of Robert E. Lee: he was held in highest esteem on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. We go on to discuss the potentiality for an expansion of the AmRen event calendar and the different options being considered.

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NYT comment talks about the need for Whites to speak out...


my asides are in italics below


I’m a (gay) White Man. Hear Me Out.

(He has a right to be heard, the NYT thinks, because he is gay, Right?)


Frank Bruni

AUG. 12, 2017

I’m a white man, so you should listen to absolutely nothing I say, at least on matters of social justice. I have no standing. No way to relate. My color and gender nullify me, and it gets worse: I grew up in the suburbs. Dad made six figures. We had a backyard pool. From the 10th through 12th grades, I attended private school. So the only proper way for me to check my privilege is to realize that it blinds me to others’ struggles and should gag me during discussions about the right responses to them.


But wait. I’m gay. And I mean gay from a different, darker day. In that pool and at that school, I sometimes quaked inside, fearful of what my future held. Back then — the 1970s — gay stereotypes went unchallenged, gay jokes drew hearty laughter and exponentially more Americans were closeted than out. We conducted our lives in whispers. Then AIDS spread, and we wore scarlet letters as we marched into the public square to plead with President Ronald Reagan for help. Our rallying cry, “silence = death,” defined marginalization as well as any words could.


So where does that leave me? Who does that make me? Oppressor or oppressed? Villain or victim? And does my legitimacy hinge on the answer?

To listen to some of the guardians of purity on the left, yes.


Not long ago I wrote about Evergreen State College, which was roiled by protests after a white biology professor, Bret Weinstein, disparaged the particular tack of a day of racial healing. He raised valid points, only to be branded a bigot and threatened with violence.

That reception was wrong. I said so. And a reader responded: “I don’t need one more white male criticizing young people of color.” Other readers also homed in on my race — or on the professor’s: “Weinstein will be fine. He’s white.” That automatically and axiomatically made him a less compelling actor in the drama, a less deserving object of concern, no matter his actions, no matter his argument.

Frank Bruni Politics, social issues, education and culture.



Mark Lilla, a Columbia University professor, got a big, bitter taste of this late last year when he wrote, in The Times, about the presidential election and “identity politics,” which, he argued, had hurt the Democratic Party. He maintained that too intense a focus on each minority group’s discrete persecution comes at the expense of a larger, unifying vision.

Many people disagreed. Good. But what too many took issue with was, well, his identity. “White men: stop telling me about my experiences!” someone later scrawled on a poster that was put up to advertise a talk, “Identity Is Not Politics,” that he gave at Wellesley College.

“But I wasn’t talking about their experience or my experience,” Lilla pointed out when I spoke with him recently. “I was talking about an issue.”


In a new book coming out this week, “The Once and Future Liberal,” he asserts that “classroom conversations that once might have begun, I think A, and here is my argument, now take the form, Speaking as an X, I am offended that you claim B. This makes perfect sense if you believe that identity determines everything. It means that there is no impartial space for dialogue. White men have one ‘epistemology,’ black women have another. So what remains to be said?”

And where are the bridges?

Race, gender, sexual orientation, class: All of this informs — and very often warps — how we see the world. And for much too long, this country’s narrative has been scripted by white men, who have also dominated its stage and made its rules. Our advantage, as a class, is real and unearned.

.. (Nonsense! Today the cultural narrative is formulated by Jews,

And spread by their controlled media, which I call "the LIE STREAM Media" since that is what they do.)


The “check your privilege” exhortation asks us, rightly, to recognize that. It’s about “being aware of systemic injustice and systemic inequality,” Phoebe Maltz Bovy, the author of the recently published book “The Perils of ‘Privilege,’ ” told me. And she applauds that.

.. (what utter B,S. is this!)

But she worries that awareness disclaimers and privilege apologies have ferried us to a silly, self-involved realm of oppression Olympics. (true!) They promote the idea that people occupying different rungs of privilege or victimization can’t possibly grasp life elsewhere on the ladder.

In her book she mocks the inevitable juncture in a certain kind of essay “where the writer (probably a cis White Lady, probably straight or bisexual, probably living in Brooklyn, definitely well educated, but not necessarily well-off) interrupts the usually scheduled programming to duly note that the issues she’s describing may not apply to a trans woman in Papua New Guinea.”

Should we really have say and sway only over matters that neatly dovetail with the category that we’ve been assigned (or assigned ourselves)? Is that the limit of our insights and empathies? During the Democratic primary, a Hillary Clinton supporter I know was told that he could not credibly defend her against charges of racism for her past use of the word “superpredators” because he’s white.

That kind of thinking fosters estrangement instead of connection. Lilla noted that what people in a given victim group sometimes seem to be saying is: “You must understand my experience, and you can’t understand my experience.”

“They argue both, so people shrug their shoulders and walk away,” he said.


Across a range of American institutions, we need more diversity. We need it to expunge and guard against the injustice that Bovy mentioned, and we need it because it’s indeed a portal to broader knowledge and greater enlightenment. That means that white people — men in particular, even Google engineers — must make room in that narrative and space on that stage. (Why? I think we have seen huge unfairness at Google. Do you at the Lie-stream icon, NYT, really want more & more of that unfairness? I think promoting this will just speed up your inevitable? obsolence.)


But I question the wisdom of turning categories into credentials when it comes to politics and public debate. (Good! At last, something we can agree on.) I reject the assumptions — otherwise known as prejudices — that certain life circumstances prohibit sensitivity and sound judgment while other conditions guarantee them. That appraises the packaging more than it does the content. It ignores the complexity of people. It’s reductive.


Thomas Chatterton Williams, the author of the memoir “Losing My Cool: Love, Literature, and a Black Man’s Escape From the Crowd,” got at this in an essay about privilege that he published last year, writing: “My black father, born in 1937 in segregated Texas, is an exponentially more worldly man than my maternal white Protestant grandfather, whose racism always struck me more as a sad function of his provincialism or powerlessness than anything else. (really? this strikes me as a load of prejudice, not truth!) I don’t mean to excuse the corrosive effects of his view; I simply wish to note that when I compare these two men, I do not recognize my father as the victim.”

At the beginning of this column I shared the sorts of personal details that register most strongly with those Americans who tuck each of us into some hierarchy of blessedness and affliction. So you know some important things about me, but not the most important ones: how I responded to the random challenges on my path, who I met along the way, what I learned from them, the degree of curiosity I mustered and the values that I honed as a result.

Those construct my character, and shape my voice, to be embraced or dismissed on its own merits. My gayness no more redeems me than my whiteness disqualifies me. And neither, I hope, defines me.

(okay. at last, the stupidity of Identity politics is recognized.)


> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/12/opinion/sunday/identity-politics-white-men.html



jonr 16 hours ago

I applaud Mr. Bruni for tackling this issue and I agree with his implication that having so many groups each having distinct greivances all...

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The Car Attacker, 20-year old James Alex Fields Jr - Who is he?




Online records do not show any previous criminal history for Fields. He was cited for expired or unlawful license plates by Maumee police in May 2017, according to local court records.

Videos of the incident show the Challenger barreling into pedestrians at high speed and slamming into the back of a second vehicle. With the car's front badly damaged and its mangled bumper sticking out one side, the driver backs up a high speed for several blocks, then turns left and speeds off, chased by police.


> https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/08/12/ohio-man-faces-charges-fatal-charlottesville-vehicle-attack/562760001/


Field's mother's name is Susan Bloom (a Jewish name?), and D-Stormer says: "he looks Jewish"


Charlottesville Car Attacker James Fields Charged With Murder ...

2 hours ago - Uploaded by BNO News

The man who is accused of driving his car into counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been ..


Suspect Name, Mugshot Emerges In Charlottesville Car Attack That ...

10 hours ago - Update 12: Charlottesville Police have officially named James Alex Fields, Jr., 20, of Ohio as the suspected driver in an attack on a crowd of ...


Charlottesville: man charged with murder after car rams counter ...

https://www.theguardian.com › US News › Virginia
1 hour ago - A man has been arrested and charged with murder after a car rammed into a group of people peacefully protesting against a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, killing one person and injuring 19. ... Col Martin Kumer, the superintendent of Albemarle ...

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Redice previewed Charlottesvile.... then got "taken down"

/ 1 /

What to Expect During #UniteTheRight in Charlottesville, VA

Published on 10 Aug 2017

Henrik and Reinhard are joined by James Edwards from The Political Cesspool to discuss what to expect during #UniteTheRight in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday August 12th.

. . .


Wes Bellamy, "BRacist" Vice Mayor of Charlottesville


/ 2 /

Red Ice Websites Hacked - Someone Really Hates Us

Published on 12 Aug 2017

Henrik explains what happened with the compromised web servers after the hack and what it means for members, listeners and viewers. After the planned live stream of the events in Charlottesville, someone who REALLY hates us have targeted us in an extraordinary way. They are trying to ruin our operation. It won't work, but we need your help and support.


Heinrich's I-Phone was "swiped clean" of apps on his way into Charlottesville

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EYEWITNESS to the Madness

/ 1 /

#UniteTheRight Madness: Interview w/ James Allsup

Published on 12 Aug 2017

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Debbie. L, the "sane progressive", is "real scared about where the media might take this"


Establishment Main Stream Media Narratives, Remember Who They Serve / Re: Charlotte



Let's face it, the scumbags in the LIE STREAM MEDIA, have made themselves our True enemy.

Meantime, it is fine to "blow hot & cold" on President Trump. Know the enemy:

it is ((( Those who divide us ))) Thanks for the sensible comments, Debbie


/ 2 /

One of the scarier developments has been authoritarian elements of the right and left trying to get the "alt" versions of the other party deemed "terrorist " and forbidden from speaking -- more authoritarianism and oppression is not the answer.
Lets Talk! If you have started to talk to the "other side", then start now

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The Lie-Stream narrative is a twisted Lie... obviously


QUESTION: How many (genuine) White Supremacists own cats, do you reckon?

Who or what, does James Alex Fields truly represent?




Samantha Bloom Photos: Full Story, Interview & Must-See Details


8 hours ago - Samantha Bloom Photos: Full Story, Interview & Must-See Details On James Alex Fields Jr’s Mother. ... Samantha Bloom, the mother of the 20-year-old suspect who allegedly drove his car into a crowd of protesters, admitted that she knew her son was going to a rally. ... Bloom implied that ...

. . .

Saturday night, Ms. Bloom sat down with The Associated Press in Toledo, Ohio. Bloom implied that she knew her son was going to a rally, but didn’t really question him about the specifics. “I just knew he was going to a rally. I mean, I try to stay out of his political views,” said the Ohio mother. “You know, we don’t, you know, I don’t really get too involved, I moved him out to his own apartment, so we — I’m watching his cat.”


When the reporter informed her that the rally her son attended was one set up by white nationalists, she replied that she assumed the rally to be about Donald Trump. “I thought it had something to do with Trump. Trump’s not a white supremacist. He had an African American friend so…”

In a different interview, this time with the The Toledo Blade, Bloom said, “I told him to be careful. [And] if they’re going to rally to make sure he’s doing it peacefully.”



/ 2 /

WAS HE SCARED out-of-his-mind?

Tech reporter for The Hill​ Taylor Lorenz reports that police believe the suspect didn’t intentionally mow down protesters out of malice intent. Lorenz reports that authorities believe that the suspect acted out of fear as protesters swarmed the vehicle, some allegedly acting violent. Taylor reports being punched in the face at the rally.


/ 3 /

James Alex Fields' Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know - Heavy.com


23 mins ago - A photo Samantha Bloom posted on Facebook. Accused car ramming suspect James Fields left his cat with his mother, Samantha Bloom


"FACTS"??? / I think they mean: SPIN


1. Fields’ Mother Said She Thought Her Son Was Going to a Trump Rally

2. Bloom Said That Fields Had Lived With Her Until Recently & Expressed Shock

3. Fields’ Father Was Killed By a Drunken Driver

4. Fields’ Mother Wrote Lovingly About Him on Facebook

5. The Victim, Heather Heyer, Was a Paralegal


> http://heavy.com/news/2017/08/james-alex-fields-family-mother-facebook-samantha-bloom-father-social-media/

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INsanity & INconsistency in the police response... Ironies in the reporting


Alt-right mislabeled and blamed for car attack (by frightened 20-year old)

Leftwing "hater" (Jeff Wnder) throws punch to end press conference and is let off


Minutes before Mr. Kessler was scheduled to address the media on Sunday, the brick mall behind City Hall was packed with at least two dozen television cameras. Two uniformed officers, one armed with a sniper rifle, could be seen on the roof of a nearby building. A bouquet of flowers tied with a black ribbon lay in front of the City Hall doors.

When Mr. Kessler appeared, the crowed that had assembled called him a “murderer” and a “terrorist,” drowning out his words with cries of “shame, shame.”

The press conference ended when a man in a plaid shirt punched Mr. Kessler. Although the police detained him briefly, he was not arrested.


“Jason Kessler has been bringing hate to our town for months and has been endangering the lives of people of color and endangering other lives in my community,” the man, Jeff Winder*, said in an interview later. “Free speech does not protect hate speech; Kessler’s rhetoric is fire in a crowded theater.”


> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/13/us/charlottesville-protests-white-nationalists.html


The Lie-stream media narrative on this is thoroughly biased and wharped.

The INconsistencies in how the story is reported are full of Ironies



Jeff Winder, puncher & serial protest organizer / Independent Political Organization Professional - on Linked-in : & Vimeo


*Jeff Winder, a coordinator Wayside Center for Popular Education**, which helped organize the protest, criticized Cville Weekly, and its editor Giles Morris, for “inflaming racial tensions” by publishing a story in a “racially charged way” without verifying what was reported.

“When you portray the news in such a way,” Winder told the crowd, “there are real consequences for real people, and real people get hurt.”


> https://charlottesvilledtm.com/2014/01/31/knock-at-the-door-protesters-accuse-c-ville-weekly-of-inflaming-racial-tensions/


Winder was also arrested at a Code Pink protest, back in...

> 2007 : http://www.readthehook.com/77062/code-pink-11-convicted


The journalists did not bother to do the google search that I did to find the stories just above.

Mr Winder complains about "real consequences... people get hurt", while throwing punches at people he does not like.

He seems to be a serial protester, willing to protest frequently, while committing violent acts.

Who is the real danger to the community? Why is this violence-committing scumbag let off, again and again?


**Take a look at the board of the Wayside Center for Popular Education - these are the real bigots:

> https://www.waysidecenter.org/meet-waysides-new-board/

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NY Slimes talks about bigotry - & prints photos like this, trying to inflame anti-white nationalist hatred




Charlottesville and the Bigotocracy


... while ignoring truly bigoted people, like the protesting puncher, Jeff Winder


The LIARS at the NY Slimes seem to be working hard to point the finger of blame at President Trump


In attendance was white separatist David Duke, who declared that the alt-right unity fiasco “fulfills the promises of Donald Trump.” In the meantime, Mr. Trump responded by offering false equivalencies between white bigots and their protesters. His soft denunciations of hate ring hollow when he has white nationalist advisers like Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller whispering in his ear.


> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/12/opinion/charlottesville-and-the-bigotocracy.html?action=click&contentCollection=U.S.&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article


Remember, no one who organized the unite-the-right protest justify the car attack,

and they attempt to Talk, and have a peaceful demonstration against pulling down a statute of Robert E Lee

The ((( leftwing scumbags ))) at the NY Slimes are trying to inflame this story, and make it into something it isn't

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- seem to be a mechanism for financing & planning "progressive" change in America


TAX-FREE Status finances "progressive" planners


(From a white paper):

As Chris Cavanaugh from the Catalyst Centre in Toronto put it, popular education in North America today largely operates “under the radar;” yet if my research is at all accurate, even so it is a powerful and dynamic social movement that is resisting oppression, fighting injustice, and bringing hope to people in communities large and small.

. . .

Here is a sample of some of the definitions I received in my conversations.


  • At a Highlander workshop in 2005 popular education was defined as “a participatory peer process that combines people’s experiences to develop collective analysis and strategies for change.”
  • David Haiman of Movement Matters said popular educators operate from the assumption that people who are oppressed can understand the world and the systems that oppress them based on their personal experiences and with the help of others who provide an analysis of those experiences.
  • Janice Hurtig of the Popular Education Alliance characterized popular education as a vehicle for oppressed people to critically explore their lives and think through a process to make decisions that can contribute to their self-determination.
  • Chris Cavanaugh of the Catalyst Centre described popular education as a participatory approach to learning in which people identify their own needs in the context of struggle against oppression and the unjust use of power.

. . .

Some centers such as the Brecht Forum, openly describe themselves as a neo-Marxist organization. On the other hand, groups such as the Institute for People’s Education (IPE) and Possibilities, Inc. purposely distanced themselves from any particular political designation.

. . .

As has already been noted, those popular education centers that follow the residential model of Highlander and the folk school movement place a premium on providing a physical place where social and community activists can retreat, reflect, learn, and regroup. Wayside Popular Education Center is relatively new, having only begun in July 2010, yet director Jeff Winder imagines that a major purpose of Wayside will be to provide a place where activists can come for retreat and healing.

. . .


The financial cost of doing popular education varies widely from center to center based on a number of factors. Some programs like Brecht Forum, Highlander, and Wayside have physical properties to support and maintain. Others such as Highlander, Coady, CCLC, and Possibilities, Inc. employ several staff members who draw a full or part time salary. For some organizations, such as Empower DC and WAC, popular education is part of a more activist effort, and so the costs are folded into an overall budget.

. . .


Any organization that receives non-profit, tax-exempt status must have a designated board of trustees in order to receive tax-free donations. For some organizations this was reason enough to have a governing board. However, many of the organizations had boards more for advisory and work purposes than simply the government required fiduciary role.

The nature and work of the boards varied in terms of membership and roles. Several organizations like Wayside, WAC, CCLC, and GLC had small advisory boards made up of people who were available to provide the staff direction on the work of the center....

. . .

For still others, it is the process of staying committed to the ongoing process of education and resistance. Maria Lugones, sees her stance primarily in terms of political resistance, and so for her success is measured largely in staying true to her essential political and cultural commitments. In a similar way, Jeff Winder, as the director of the newly formed Wayside Center measures his success in terms of staying true to the organization’s founding vision. TFC and GLC have evaluations of all their training sessions and are continually looking for ways to improve their training process.

. . .

Popular education is a movement for social change that is often unrecognized, underfunded and undervalued. By design popular educators seek to “work themselves out of job” so that when they are successful, people no longer need them. Because they work for social change they often find it difficult to fund their work. While Heaney (1992a) laments that the field of adult education has in many ways strayed from its original focus on progressive social change, he nonetheless finds hope that this commitment “lingers still in the work of grass-roots popular educators and organizers” (p. 51). I share both Heaney’s lament and his hope as a result of the many conversations I was privileged to have. Popular education is a movement with which I am proud to be associated, and to which I hopefully can grow contribute in the years ahead.


> https://comm-org.wisc.edu/papers2012/boyd.htm


For these organizations, the goal seems to be more SOCIAL CHANGE than Adult education,

and throwing punches to disrupt talk, is certain on the menu.

I am disgusted that these people get tax-free funding for their agenda(s)

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"THIS was to shut down Free Speech" - Millie Weaver




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What actually happened... Ignore the stupid headline, and watch the Video


car plowing protesters in charlottesville virginia rally exclusive NEW VIDEO trump fails to call out



The car ran into the crowd, and then was attacked by bat-swinging antifa protestors.

One of the people who attacked the car was a young woman.

Then the car reversed, and pushed the young woman back, and she got sandwiched between two cars.

Was this the woman who died? It seems to be

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Styx on the Mark : "Media response is so intellectually dishonest !"


Charlottesville, Trump's Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed; My Response to Chaos

Published on 13 Aug 2017

Plenty of criticism to go round.


He is so right!

The LIE STREAM MEDIA, with their hate-filled narratives - IS THE PROBLEM

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JOKER McAuliffe loves irony



He must be laughing himself silly at the mess - and the hate-filled narratives that he has helped to create


Terry McAuliffe Press Conference on Charlottesville [POWERFUL MESSAGE] 8/12/2017


"You came here today to hurt people, and you did hurt people"

"Stop the hate speech"


McAuliffe & his Hillary-friendly team engineered the violence, and permitted it by moving the police around.

First sending several dozen black rioted stop a peaceful speech by Richard Spencer

and then having the police stand down as Antifa gathered (with their bats and mace) to confront a peaceful

march by Unite-the-Right.


McAuliffe was chairman of Bill Clinton's second Presidential campaign, and chairman of Hillary's failed 2008 campaign


Former Clinton Employee: Charlottesville Planned By DNC – More Coming


Published on 14 Aug 2017

A former Clinton employee believes that the Charlottesville attack was planned by the DNC and has warned that more attacks are coming.

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Lie-Stream Media inaccuracy exposed - this is About FREE SPEECH !


Styx on the Mark : "Media response is so intellectually dishonest !"


Charlottesville, Trump's Response, Car Plows into Crowd, Helicopter Downed; My Response to Chaos

Published on 13 Aug 2017

Plenty of criticism to go round.


He is so right!

The LIE STREAM MEDIA, with their hate-filled narratives - IS THE PROBLEM


Charlottesville Aftermath. The Truth on What Happened


Real patriots (not lying scumbags like Joker McAuliffe) are defending the constitution & Free Speech


Listen to a participant explain in his own words

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CONCERNING the Thoroughly-Biased reporting by the Lie Stream


The TRUTH About Charlottesville

Published on 13 Aug 2017


Citizen-journalist, Tim Pool, makes some good points here

about the widening Divide between the Right and Left




"People have feelings, and say things like this guy from the alt-right:

' I'm just sick an tired of being blamed for everything because I am right.' "

"People are not attacking those they know, they are Attacking symbols for emotional satisfaction."

"I'm sick and tired of this... People just pointing the finger, blaming others..."


/ 3 / More Tim Pool

CHARLOTTESVILLE MURDER: The Dramatic Escalation of Political Violence

"Friends of mine, people on the Right & Left are talking about buying helmuts"


/ 4 / Pool BEFORE the CLV event


ACLU was responding to a surge in donations (from progressives).

with an action to defend the Right - & the regressives lost it

"I don't think many people under stand the notion of civil rights... especially on the Left"

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It is SOROS-financed chaos !


What They're NOT Telling You About The Charlottesville Race Riots


Published on 13 Aug 2017

Over a billion dollars has been spent over the last 8 years fomenting racial division, with the purpose of using the manufactured conflicts to take away our rights.


Alex Jones is right on-the-mark here !

The Lie-Stream media has missed it!


Comments - people get it !

Sorry to the victims. But white people will never be silenced. It was a protest for a civil war statue. Then antifa and BLM came in and incited violence because they think having a civil war statue means that is opressing blacks and other minorities. Be proud to be white. Do not be silenced. 1776
/ 2 /
In Depth Analysis Of Charlottesville False Flag Race Riots: 8/13/17 Full Show
This was a set-up to demonize the Alt-Right and the fault of Anti-American Communist Politicians conspiring with BLM & Antifa Terrorists. The Civil War to come "WILL" be more bloody than 1860. I'm getting sick of Antifa, BLM, Neo-Nazis & White Supremacists trying to make the Conservatives and Alt-Right look like Radicals & Racists. Don't follow me & if you threaten me or get too close to me in real life i''ll put a bullet in your head, throw a weapon down on your ass & take my chances.

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Is the actually NYT waking up ?? ... Admitting the reality ?

(maybe all the videos on YT convinced them they had no choice)




Hurt and Angry, Charlottesville Tries to Regroup From Violence


....if Charlottesville was grieving on Sunday, it was also questioning.


Governor McAuliffe fiercely defended the police in an impromptu sidewalk interview, noting that many of the demonstrators were armed, and saying the officers had done “great work” in a “very delicate situation.” And he said Ms. Heyer’s death, which he called “car terrorism,” could not have been prevented.


“You can’t stop some crazy guy who came here from Ohio and used his car as a weapon,” Governor McAuliffe said. “He is a terrorist.”


But others, including Mr. Kessler and Ms. Caine-Conley, openly wondered if the violence could have been prevented.

“There was no police presence,” Ms. Caine-Conley said. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”

. . .

Brian Moran, Virginia’s secretary of public safety and homeland security, was watching the events from a command post on the sixth floor of a Wells Fargo bank on the downtown mall. There were sporadic fights. “I compare it to hockey,” he said. “Often in hockey there are sporadic fights, and then they separate.”

Suddenly, people were throwing water bottles, some filled with urine. Some used pepper spray; from his perch on the sixth floor, Mr. Moran saw smoke bombs being thrown. People started clubbing one another. The clergy retreated to a “safe house” — a restaurant nearby.

But according to many witnesses, the police waited to intervene. Ms. Caine-Conley called it “fascinating and appalling.”

Mr. Kessler, too, complained.

In a statement, he said the authorities had “exacerbated the violence” by failing to separate his followers from counterprotesters. He said his group had “networked with law enforcement officials” months ago on a plan for maintaining safety, which he said was not followed, and he called the police “underequipped for the situation.”




Video Suspect in Charlottesville Car Attack

What we know about James Alex Fields Jr., who was charged in the crash that killed one person and injured 19.

. Watch in Times Video »

At 11:22 a.m. Mr. Moran called the governor and asked him to declare a state of emergency. Mr. McAuliffe did so. Asked why the police did not do more to control the brawling, Mr. Moran said, “It was a volatile situation and it’s unfortunate people resorted to violence.”

“But,” he said, “from our plan, to ensure the safety of our citizens and property, it went extremely well.”

(Right. Haha.)


> https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/13/us/charlottesville-protests-white-nationalists.html


Policed stopped the peaceful Alt-Right speakers,& let the Antifa nutcases run amok,

and then the Lie-Stream rushed to blame the violent on "the far right"

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