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Search for the New Center - "thoughtful" politics in America

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Search for the New Center - "thoughtful" politics in America are so needed!


Sam Harris: The Left is Irredeemable

Published on Mar 1, 2017


"The moment you are using violence, you are on the wrong side of the argument.

How is that not obvious to the Left."


"This violence is almost wholly on the Left"


The left is irredeemable, we need a New Center

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The Left is No Longer Liberal.


Published on Jan 25, 2017


When all the sensible, and reasonable Jews are deserting the Left... What do they left?


A monster called Cenk?

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An End to the two-party tyranny?


A new "committee of the whole" - a National Chattaqua, proposed by Robert David Steele


Ex CIA Robert David Steele On Deep State Versus Donald Trump - David Kamnitzer Interview

Published on Apr 16, 2017

Folks I was asked by Mr Steele and given permission by the interviewer, David Kamnitzer to upload this video to my channel and get it out to a larger audience. Another hard hitting and informative RDS interview.

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What the Left thinks... so much Truth here


Shapiro The Hero Swoops Down And Saves The Leftists @ Otay Ranch Q&A Full





1. Fairness of Outcome matters more than equality of opportunity

2. Truth is not an important goal to seek (compared to fairness)

3. Group Justice matters more than individual fairness

4. Force is okay, if you are using it to achieve parity


Free Speech is not a key value for the left.

If you do not like an opinion, you can call it a micro-aggression, and shut the other person up

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A new political center - the Hill proposes

By Steve McIntosh - 12/07/16
© Getty Images

In the wake of the 2016 election, analysts and pundits are now focusing on how Donald Trump’s ascent to power will recalibrate the ideological center of American politics. In a recent New York Times op-ed titled “The Future of the American Center,” David Brooks calls for a movement that will “deepen a positive national vision that is not merely a positioning between left and right.” Yet while Brooks’ program sounds appealing, the moderate media establishment’s conception of centrism lacks the cultural foundations necessary to build a viable political movement. Despite the large number of voters who now register as independent, most reliably lean to one side or the other and are actually more partisan than the least engaged members of either the Democratic or Republican parties.

Therefore, if we want to advance a form of American politics that can overcome hyper-partisanship and successfully incorporate positive programs from both the left and the right, we must start by building new cultural agreements, beginning upstream from our representatives in Washington. We need to reestablish a self-identified cultural center in America before we can hope to create a revitalized political center

. . .

Accepting some of the positive values of our political opponents is a difficult practice that involves increasing the scope of what we are each able to value overall. But it is only through such an integrative approach to building cultural agreement that we can successfully create political unity where conventional centrist approaches have failed. It is thus by expanding the “conceptual geometry” of our political perspectives to include not only a horizontal dimension of left and right, but also a vertical dimension of developmental progress in which opposing values become increasingly harmonized, that we can overcome many of the differences that currently divide us.


> http://thehill.com/opinion/op-ed/309316-a-new-political-center


RDS wants to forge a new center, by uniting people OPPOSED TO THE DEEP STATE, and the politics supporting the 1%.

And he wants to involve people at the top of the movement who have a reputation for integrity, like Dennis Kucinich and Cynthia McKinney.

A willingness to tell the truth on 9./11 and Disclosure could be part of it.


Building around shared values - such as "gay marriage" as the Hill article suggests, seems hopeless, since this seems like a media-manufactured cause to me

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"the Left and the Right need to be able to talk to each other again"


Brokering Peace: The Left and Right Must Be Reconciled

Published on Apr 13, 2017

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Andrew Breitbart Explains the Evil of the Democrats
Published on Feb 3, 2017

The late Andrew Breitbart brilliantly explains the evil of the left and Democrats.


"Leftism is controlled Marxism... The oppressor versus the oppressed... using 'Diversity' "

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Bridging the Divide with charity?


Here are two guys actively seeking a way to bridge the gap between different ends of the political spectrum.


MDuP thinks that charity is a good way to start working together.

Mark Duplass and Dave Rubin on Bridging the Divide Between the Left and Right (Full Interview)


Duplass is a successful (and rich) Hollywood filmmaker, who reached out after the election, to learn what he might have misunderstood.

He found others, including Glenn Bech, who were willing to reach back in charity endeavors

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Uniting against the Loony Left? (to revive traditional liberalism)


Can The Young Turks Attack Against H.A. Goodman & Independent Media Unite Us?


Published on May 7, 2017

(I recorded this before my defense of HA was censored but I think its a good idea to post it)

In this video I am giving my thoughts on if its possible for the left and the right to unite because we agree who our enemies are. Corporate/Establishment/Legacy Media and corrupt politicians. I feature several credible progressive channels which I will list shortly, but I wanted to get this video out as I dont know how much longer my channel will be around.


Both a large chunk of the right and the left seem to be reviving classical liberalism in slightly different but congruent ways (which means we should be able to come together at some point). It is fantastic to see everyone reviving the one governing philosophy that is really unique to the west (especially the Anglo nations) and most responsible for the modern west. I just hope I'm right about this, because if I am then the future looks brighter ever day.

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