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Supreme Court: Gorsuch + Kavanaugh = Sanity restored?

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HILLARY: She Deserves Benefit of the Doubt...
Another classmate denies being at party...
Story Inconsistencies...
Nominee appears confident...

There are some inconsistencies with King’s account, however. In an interview with the Washington Post, Ford said that she did not tell anyone about the incident at the time, meaning for King’s claims to be true, Kavanaugh himself or his friend and alleged witness Mark Judge would have had to told others about it. Additionally, Ford noted that the alleged incident occurred during summer vacation, which conflicts with King saying that people were gossiping about it at school.

King went on to note that even before the allegations, “I was and still am completely against his nomination.”

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"Presumptuous Demand"


SAYING IT, like it is...

Chairman Grassley immediately replied: “It is not the FBI’s role to investigate a matter such as this.… The FBI does not make a credibility assessment of any information it receives with respect to a nominee.” Ford’s incredibly presumptuous demand also drew criticism from legal scholar Jonathan Turley, of George Washington University, who wrote, “Conditioning testimony on a criminal investigation by a federal agency is well beyond the province of any witness.”

Meanwhile, GOP Senators who are more than willing to let Ford tell her story are clearly beginning to wonder why she keeps stalling. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake was among the first to suggest a delay so she could be heard, and was roundly criticized for caving so quickly: “Flake is a never-Trumper.… Flake has elevated his hatred for our president over every principle of politics and public policy.” Ford left the Senator with egg on his face which he has tried to clean off thus:

When Dr. Ford came forward, I said that her voice should be heard and asked the Judiciary Committee to delay its vote on Judge Kavanaugh. It did so. I now implore Dr. Ford to accept the invitation for Monday, in a public or private setting.

Another Senator who stuck his neck out to give Kavanaugh’s accuser a break was Tennessee’s Bob Corker, but she and her lawyers have also left him twisting in the wind. And he is none too happy about being made to look like an idiot (admittedly this is not a terribly difficult undertaking). Senator Corker now says that, if she isn’t there on Monday for the hearing that has been arranged for her convenience, the train will have to leave the station without her:

> https://spectator.org/christine-blasey-ford-wont-take-yes-for-an-answer/

ANGRY? : Corker's crowbar, her face

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BOMBSHELL: Judge Kavanaugh Fake Accuser Christine Blase Ford’s Yearbooks Describe Wild Sex BLACKOUT Parties, Erotic Male Dancers, Wearing Playboy Bunny Outfits and MORE!

HER High School Yearbook shows: she was a "drunken slut"

Scribe 84 is the yearbook for her senior year. Her name was Christine Blasey in high school, often referred to as “Chrissy”. In the image below, Blasey is pictured at a Halloween party in her junior year. The caption on the right says:

Lastly one cannot fail to mention the climax of the junior social scene, the party. Striving to extend our educational experience beyond the confines of the classroom, we played such intellectually stimulating games as Quarters, Mexican Dice and everyone’s favorite, Pass-Out, which usually resulted from the aforementioned two.

3 of 4 Alleged Party Attendees Deny Kavanaugh Accuser’s Story

Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford’s Strong Connection to Evil Anti-American Globalist Billionaire George Soros Exposed

Now, it has emerged that Ford - a leftist activist and DNC donor - also has ties to George Soros.
Debra Katz, the attorney representing Kavanaugh’s accuser — Christine Blasey Ford — is vice chair of the Project on Government Oversight, an organization that has been directly funded by Soros’ Open Society Foundation. Katz is also a hefty Democratic donor, giving thousands of dollars over the years to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other leftist candidates, as Front Page Mag reported.



Christine should resign from her job, and stay at home for the next several months.  If anyone sees her in public, she should get the sort of treatment that Maxine Walter condones for GOP leaders

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She's DEEPLY compromised. Who paid for her lawyer?

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey exposed for ties to Big Pharma abortion pill maker… effort to derail Kavanaugh is plot to protect abortion industry profits

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford, who claims — without any evidence — that Kavanaugh inappropriately touched her at a drunken party while in high school, turns out to have ties to an abortion pill pharmaceutical company called Corcept Therapeutics. This discovery brings to light an obvious conflict of interest in Blasey’s story, revealing that she works for a pharmaceutical company that manufacturers an abortion pill drug, whose profits could be strongly impacted by future Supreme Court decisions on abortion rights.

Corcept Therapeutics (Corcept.com) manufacturers and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills. You can see Blasey’s name listed on several publications at this Corcept.com web page detailing their research papers.

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Words Cannot Describe! Slut Photos

There is a breaking story on Infowars about Christine Blasey Ford’s carefully scrubbed past. Researchers have discovered a cache of pictures from her past where she apparently used to frequently attend parties. Alex breaks down the hypocrisy of the left for promoting her as an innocent victim while ignoring her wild past.

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If Christine Blasey Ford Doesn’t Testify, Brett Kavanaugh Will Be Confirmed

This is the only course of action that will actually yield any tangible results. Democrats put the entire country in this mess. And they will pay the repercussions for their recalcitrance.

By now, if you aren’t skeptical of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation that Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her in high school, then, frankly, we have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. Please contact The Political Insider’s sales department at 555-555…

OK, seriously. Everything Ford has done so far portrays either gross incompetence or an ulterior motive.

/ 2 /

Grassley demands Feinstein turn over letter from Kavanaugh accuser: 'I cannot overstate how disappointed I am'

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley on Wednesday unloaded a torrent of criticism on Sen. Dianne Feinstein for her handling of the sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, telling the ranking Democrat on the committee, "I cannot overstate how disappointed I am."

Saying Feinstein "chose to sit on the allegations until a politically opportune moment," Grassley demanded she immediately turn over an unredacted copy of the letter from Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, that Feinstein received July 30.

Feinstein, D-Calif., shared the letter with federal authorities and other senators only last week, days before a key Judiciary Committee vote on Kavanaugh's confirmation, after a leak about the letter was published in The Intercept. Republicans have accused Democrats of orchestrating that leak.

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Kavanaugh Nomination: Full Speed Ahead! Dick Morris TV: 


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What Does Christine Ford Stand to Gain By Her Story?

Ford is a partisan Democrat. She is a small-time Democrat donor. She participated in at least one anti-Trump protest and was quoted during it by the San Jose Mercury. In 2012, she expressed anxiety that Kavanaugh would be on the Supreme Court–this was about the time when she first recounted her horrific tale. She recently signed a petition protesting Trump administration immigration policy. Curiously, her social media accounts were scrubbed before her name became known. Strange behavior for someone who wanted to stay anonymous, but so is calling the Washington Post tip line.

Rather than ask what does she have to gain from lying (I would contend she has a lot), I think an equally valid question is what is the downside to lying.

If she is able to push Kavanaugh’s confirmation into the next Congress, no one will care about her story. That will be viewed as a win as an entire term with a SCOTUS composed of eight justices will have elapsed. If, by some grave misfortune, the GOP manages to lose the Senate in November, she would be added to Mount Rushmore. If she fails to stop Kavanaugh, then the Democrats have the footage of a noble vagina-possessing university professor being asked pointed questions by a lot of old white guys. And she will become a martyr. With an eight-figure book advance. With a movie deal. As a professor in a California University, she could come right out and say that she lied and she would be cheered on by her colleagues.

In short, there is zero downside in her telling this story. Especially in a climate where people unironically say “believe women” when these allegations are made and any hint of disbelief, never mind the UVA fraternity or Duke lacrosse stories or Lena Dunham’s false claim of rape, makes you an outcast. And she doesn’t even have to remember when or where it happened to be taken seriously.

> More: https://www.redstate.com/streiff/2018/09/17/christine-ford-stand-gain-story/

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Kavanaugh in Letter to Grassley: I Want a Hearing ASAP to Clear My Name

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has been through a week of media crucifixion as Democrats have done everything in their power to keep the accusation that he sexually assaulted someone when he was a teen circulating in the public.

Like much of America, Kavanaugh has had enough of the nonsense and penned a letter to Sen. Chuck Grassley letting him know, according to the DailyWire:

Dear Chairman Grassley:

Thank you for the invitation to appear before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on Monday, September 24. I will be there. I look forward to the opportunity to testify before the Committee.

I also appreciate the time that Committee staff took to interview me on Monday, September 17. During that interview, I twice requested a Committee hearing for the following day, Tuesday, September 18. I continue to want a hearing as soon as possible, so that I can clear my name.

Since the moment I first heard this allegation, I have categorically and unequivocally denied it. I remain committed to defending my integrity.


Brett M. Kavanagh

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Grass-eater Glassley needs to "grow a set"

BREAKING: Grassley Gives Christine Blasey Ford 2:30 PM Deadline

As TGP’s Kristinn Taylor reported, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) announced late Friday night via Twitter that he has caved on his 10 p.m. EDT deadline for Christine Ford to decide on testifying before the committee about her uncorroborated charges accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting decades ago at a drunken high school pool party.

Grassley also said he felt he was “playing 2nd trombone in the judiciary orchestra and Schumer is the conductor”

Friday night’s extension was the fifth one given to Christine Ford.

The counteroffer given by the Senate Republicans to hold the hearing next Wednesday still stands–Ford must respond to the Judiciary Committee with her prepared testimony and biography Saturday at 2:30 PM.

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Morality Test?  Is  GOP leadership Failing to apply one?

Brett Kavanaugh Nomination Delayed, Republican Weakness Exposed

"Hillary Clinton had high respect for Alinsky... and he respected Satan."

These people believe: "by any means necessary" is fine


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Kavanaugh accuser 'to testify in front of Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday': Dr. Blasey Ford 'accepts request to provide first-hand knowledge of SCOTUS nominee's sexual misconduct'

  • News of Christine Blasey Ford's decision to testify came just as the Senate Judiciary Committee's extension ran out at 2.30pm EST Saturday
  • A statement from Ford's lawyers said: 'Dr Ford accepts the Committee's request to provide her first-hand knowledge of Brett Kavanaugh's sexual misconduct'
  • She is expected to appear in front of the committee on Thursday 
  • The White House said Kavanaugh is looking forward to 'clearing his good name' 
  • Senator Chuck Grassley reluctantly gave Ford the extension Friday night  
  • Attorney Debra Katz called Friday's deadline for a response 'arbitrary', saying 'its sole purpose is to bully' Ford 
  • Grassley said the panel will vote to confirm Kavanaugh Monday without an agreement between Ford's lawyers and the Senate Judiciary Committee

> https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6196983/Kavanaugh-accuser-agrees-testify-Senate-Judiciary-Committee.html

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Judge Jeanine NAILS the vile accuser

"I fear for Lady Justice"

2383, Judge Jeanine - Destroys Christine Ford's Story


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Time for the accuser to Give it Up? 

If she admits now it was invented, she may still avoid a liable lawsuit perhaps

Dems: We Already Know He's Guilty...

Gamechanger: False Accuser Ford’s 3rd ‘Witness’ ‘Against’ Judge Kavanaugh Located, Confesses She Witnessed NOTHING!

She doesn’t know what year it happened. She doesn’t know what month it happened. She doesn’t know where the house was or whose parents it belonged to. She doesn’t know how she got home. Those are huge, gaping holes in any account of anything and yet, Ford’s supports shamelessly contend that this is a natural reaction to this simulacrum of a trauma. One bit of information she has provided, oddly enough, are the names of the other three teens in the house at the time.

Two of them are male. Mark Judge and Patrick Smyth have both provided letters, via their attorneys, to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of any part such as the one Ford describes.

There is a third witness, the young woman that accompanied her to the alleged party and who the young Christine Blasey abandoned in a house filled with drunk males who, according to Ford, had rape on their minds. Now the young woman has been located. And she has provided a statement, by way of her attorney:

CNN has learned that the committee has reached out to a longtime friend of Ford named Leland Ingham Keyser.

On Saturday night, her lawyer, Howard Walsh, released a statement to CNN and the Senate Judiciary Committee..

“Simply put,” Walsh said, “Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford.”

The lawyer acknowledged to CNN that Keyser is a lifelong friend of Ford’s.

Keyser is the latest person alleged to be at the party to say she has no recollection of it.

. . . So now we have three witnesses, plus Brett Kavanaugh, agree that this party never happened, much less the incident. And all have done so under penalty of prosecution for providing a false statement to Congress. This means the only person not on the record is Christine Ford.

/ 2 /

The Unraveling Continues:

Lefty Professor of ‘Cognitive Psychologist’ Rips to Shreds Former Drunken Teen Slut Christine Blasey Ford’s False Accusations Against Judge Kavanaugh

Christine Blasey Ford has claimed that four other people attended a small gathering at which she was allegedly assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh. Three of those people, PJ Smyth, Mark Judge, and Kavanaugh, have already denied any recollection of attending such a party.

On Saturday night, Leland Ingham Keyser, a classmate of Ford's at the all-girls school Holton-Arms and her final named witness, denied any recollection of attending a party with Brett Kavanaugh.

"Simply put, Ms. Keyser does not know Mr. Kavanaugh and she has no recollection of ever being at a party or gathering where he was present, with, or without, Dr. Ford," lawyer Howard J. Walsh said in a statement sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

CNN reports that " Keyser is a lifelong friend of Ford's."

Keyser previously coached golf at Georgetown University and is now executive producer of Bob Beckel's podcast. Keyser is the ex-wife of Beckel, a former Democratic operative and commentator. A search on OpenSecrets.org reveals Keyser's only political donation has been to former Democratic senator Byron Dorgan.

Keyser's denial, as a female lifelong friend and Ford's last named witness, is the most consequential development that has occurred since Ford publicly stepped forward last Sunday and detailed her allegations to the Washington Post. Ford's allegation of the 1982 incident was told to no one until a 2012 therapy session, when Kavanaugh was first touted in the media as the most likely GOP Supreme Court nominee.

All of Ford's named witnesses of the party, both male and female, have now denied any recollection of attending such a party.

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PLOT of Team Hillary is now unwinding

- if Pigs could fly... this one prefers to be a political strategist to a witch, who fails repeatedly

Clinton Democrat Operative/Adviser to Kavanaugh’s Accuser Caught on July Audio Predicting Coming Plot to Destroy Nomination

A Democratic operative and former Clinton White House official who is now an advisor to Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, predicted a “strategy” to defeat the US Supreme Court nominee months ago.

Ricki Seidman spoke about a plot to take down Kavanaugh in a conference call with the American Constitution Society in July, suggesting  a “strategy will emerge” that would destroy the nomination of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick.


(Image: screenshot)

“I do think that over the coming days and weeks there will be a strategy that will emerge, and I think it’s possible that strategy might ultimately defeat the nominee,” Seidman said in audio that was recorded by the Republican National Committee’s War Room. “And whether or not it ultimately defeats the nominee it will, I think, help people understand why it’s so important that they vote.”


white lightning
Wake up people. Democrats mean business. They will try to win by any means necessary. We need to fight fire w fire.
Do Grassley and Kavanaugh supporters know about this recording?


Rixki Seidman looks like a hideously ugly Fat pig, who has transformed her own bitterness and self-hatred into hatred of successful men

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THE VIEW has made a huge deal about an alleged & unsupported groping 36 years ago

- Is THIS consistent?

Whoopie Goldberg Explaining Roman Polanski Child Rape wasn't Legitimate Rape

The View's real job seems to be to show off Lies & Inconsistencies on the Left... they do it nearly every show
/ 2 /
The View's got help...

Hirono: Kavanaugh Doesn’t Get Presumption of Innocence Because of His ‘Ideological Agenda’

Sen. Mazie Hirono (D., Hawaii) appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, where she appeared to insinuate that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh does not get the presumption of innocence because of his "ideological agenda," citing his views on abortion.

Christine Blasey Ford, a professor of psychology at Palo Alto University in California, has accused Kavanaugh of drunkenly pinning her to a bed, groping her, and trying to stifle her screams at a high school party in the early 1980's. Kavanaugh denied the allegations, as has his former classmate Mark Judge, who Ford claims was also in the room at the time of the alleged incident. Two other people that Ford alleges were at the party in question, have also denied any knowledge of the party or sexual assault.

Tapper said that four witnesses have denied knowledge of the sexual assault allegation waged against Kavanaugh before asking Hirono whether Kavanaugh should get the presumption of innocence as any other American.

"I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases. As I said, his credibility is already very questionable in my mind and in the minds of a lot of my fellow Judiciary Committee members, the Democrats," Hirono said. "When I say that he is very outcome driven, he has an ideological agenda, very outcome driven, and I could sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplifies his ability to be fair."

She went on to talk about abortion and how she believes that Kavanaugh is against women having the right to reproductive choice.

"This is a person who is going to be sitting on our Supreme Court making decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice. He very much is against women’s reproductive choice," Hirono said.

"There are so many indications of his own lack of credibility," she added.

Tapper then pressed her to clarify whether she doesn't think he has credibility because he wouldn't give an opinion on the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade.

"This is why it is so important that there at least be an investigation, so that there's some effort at collaboration," Hirono said. "We think that there was a lot of drinking going on and as far as his friend, Mark Judge, not even testifying. That is astounding to me."

Later in the interview, Tapper asked Hirono about the sexual assault allegations against Democratic National Committee co-chair Keith Ellison, prompting her to say that she makes "no excuses" for people who engage in this behavior.She then said that there needs to be an investigation into the allegations against him before quickly pivoting back to the Kavanaugh allegation. Ellison has denied the allegations.

Dr. Ford's lawyers told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday that she is accepting a request to speak before the committee next week. A person briefed on the call said that Ford's lawyers and a bipartisan group of committee staff agreed to a Thursday hearing.

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No Evidence! ... Shutdown the B/tchToo Insanity!


Fat Ugly b/tches have no right to make unsubstantiated last minute allegations

(almost certainly for purely political reasons.)


/ 2 /

Republicans Consider Using Female Staffers To Question Kavanaugh Accuser, Her Attorneys Push Back

Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans are considering using female staffers to question Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at the hearing set for Thursday, but her attorneys pushed back.

Committee Republicans “reserve the option to have female staff attorneys, who are sensitive to the particulars of Dr. Ford’s allegations and are experienced investigators, question both witnesses,” committee chair Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a letter to Ford’s lawyers Friday, according to The New York Times.

Ford’s lawyers only want her to be questioned by senators, reported CNN. All 11 of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Republican members are male.

Four Democratic female senators sit on the Judiciary Committee, but they will likely be speaking, not questioning, during their allotted time slots, according to The NYT.

Ford will testify Thursday about her allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who will have the chance to rebut her testimony after Ford speaks.

Ford has also requested that she never has to be in the same room as Kavanaugh during the hearing process

> https://dailycaller.com/2018/09/24/trump-rosenstein-meeting/

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Western Civilization is being BORKed by the Left

Mark Levin on BORKING etc - SCUMocRats have hijacked the nomination process

Life, Liberty & Levin 9/23/18

After the failure of his confirmation, Robert Bork saw clearly the nature of the Left

Later work

Following his failure to be confirmed, Bork resigned his seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and was for several years both a professor at George Mason University School of Law and a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research, a Washington, D.C., based think tank. Bork also consulted for Netscape in the Microsoft litigation. Bork was a fellow at the Hudson Institute. He later served as a visiting professor at the University of Richmond School of Law and was a professor at Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor, Michigan.[41] In 2011, Bork worked as a legal adviser for the presidential campaign of Republican Mitt Romney.[42]

Works and views

Bork wrote several books, including the two best-sellers The Tempting of America, about his judicial philosophy and his nomination battle, and Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline, in which he argued that the rise of the New Left in the 1960s in the U.S. undermined the moral standards necessary for civil society, and spawned a generation of intellectuals who oppose Western civilization. During the period these books were written, as well as most of his adult life, Bork was an agnostic, a fact used pejoratively behind the scenes by Southern Democrats when speaking to their evangelical constituents during his Supreme Court nomination process.

> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Bork

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Kavanaugh Sends Defiant Letter To Grassley, Feinstein: ‘I Will Not Be Intimidated’


Brett Kavanaugh sent a defiant letter Monday to the Senate in the wake of a new sexual misconduct allegation brought against him Sunday. Kavanaugh sent the scathing letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein on Monday afternoon.

Kavanaugh wrote that he will not be “intimidated” by the “smear” accusations against him.

“I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. The coordinated effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats against my family will not drive me out. The character assassination will not succeed,” Kavanaugh said.

The letter called the accusations against him a “grotesque and obvious character assassination.”

“There is now a frenzy to come up with something—anything—that will block this process and a vote on my confirmation from occurring. These are smears, pure and simple. And they debase our public discourse. But they are also a threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country,” Kavanaugh wrote. “Such grotesque and obvious character assassination — if allowed to succeed — will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from service. As I told the Committee during my hearing, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I will always be.”

Kavanaugh directly addressed the original allegation him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. “All of the witnesses identified by Dr. Ford as being present at the party she describes are on the record to the Committee saying they have no recollection of any such party happening.”

/ 2 /

Grassley Sends New Letter To Kavanaugh Accuser, Trashes Feinstein Handling Of Her Accusation

Kavanaugh directly addressed the original allegation him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. “All of the witnesses identified by Dr. Ford as being present at the party she describes are on the record to the Committee saying they have no recollection of any such party happening.”

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Surprise, Surprise.

Even if she drops out, she should be sued for liable

The lawyer, Katz, should be dis-barred (& maybe disemboled)



Hearing in Doubt? Christine Ford’s Lawyer Rips Senate Plan to Have Prosecutor Ask Questions: Not ‘Fair and Respectful’

In new letter from Dr Ford’s Attorney to the Judiciary Committee, they again object to having outside counsel ask the questions for republicans at Thursday’s hearing, and ask for the name and resume of who that person will be.
This does not appear to be a done deal.

. . . “It is also inconsistent with your stated wish to avoid a ‘circus,’ as well as Dr. Blasey Ford’s repeated requests through counsel that senators conduct the questioning. This is not a criminal trial for which the involvement of an experienced sex crimes prosecutor would be appropriate.”

Ford’s team requested the identity of the sex crimes prosecutors the Committee would invite to the hearing along with their resumes.

The letter also blasts the the White House’s refusal to order an FBI investigation into Ford’s allegation.

“The hearing plan that Mr. Davis described does not appear designed to provide Dr. Blasey Ford with fair and respectful treatment,” Bromwich said.

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Mitch unleashes... Confidence grows!

Republican confidence grows on Kavanaugh...


Senate Republicans say that Brett Kavanaugh’s chances of confirmation have improved because of new doubts over allegations of sexual misconduct against the embattled Supreme Court nominee.

That growing confidence was reflected Tuesday by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who told reporters after a meeting of the Senate GOP conference that he will have enough votes to confirm Kavanaugh. 

“We’re going to be moving forward. I’m confident we’re going to win, confident that he’ll be confirmed in the very near future,” McConnell said. A full-chamber vote on Kavanaugh could be scheduled for next week. 

Still, key GOP swing votes such as Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Jeff Flake (Ariz.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.) are undecided. Murkowski on Tuesday suggested the FBI should look into the accusations and indicated her vote will now depend on whether she believes Kavanaugh.

Republicans have seized on the gaps in the story of a second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, who told The New Yorker magazine that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a Yale dorm-room party but couldn’t remember some key details. 

They say the gaps in her memory and an unsuccessful effort by The New York Times to find a witness to corroborate her story have raised new doubts about the allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford. 

. . . A second Republican senator, who requested anonymity to reveal his thoughts about the latest round of allegations, said, “I think the Democrats are way overplaying their hand.”

“Does it diminish it in your mind when you start getting more and more outrageous charges that aren’t corroborated? Yes. Credibility is a very fragile thing. If time after time you show that you’re not credible, it destroys the other credibility as well,” the senator said. 

The lawmaker called the latest allegations being floated by Avenatti — that Kavanaugh participated in multiple gang rapes in high school — “just vile.” 

McConnell seized on the doubts raised by the Times in a floor speech Monday.

“This claim is so dubious that The New York Times passed on the story entirely after it looked into it,” he said of Ramirez’s accusation. 

Sen. McConnell Rips Desperate Dems











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I'm Disappointed.

Kavanaugh sounded like too much of a "pussy" in his TV interview

Thank God, Trump is NOT !

In lashing out on Tuesday, Mr. Trump dispensed with the restraint that advisers have urged him to exercise and adopted the attack mode he prefers. He portrayed the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh as character assassination, and he challenged the credibility of Ms. Ramirez even more sharply than he did Dr. Blasey last week.

“She said she was totally inebriated and she was all messed up and she doesn’t know it was him but it might have been him,” Mr. Trump said while in New York for the annual session of the United Nations General Assembly. Then, speaking sarcastically, he added, “Oh, gee, let’s not make him a Supreme Court judge because of that.”

As the president of Colombia looked on, Mr. Trump accused the Democrats of smearing Judge Kavanaugh. “I think it’s horrible what the Democrats have done. It’s a con game they’re playing; they’re really con artists,” he said. “They’re playing a con game,” he continued, “and they play it very well. They play it actually much better than the Republicans.”

He went on to call it a con game several more times, even at one point spelling it out, “C-O-N.”

Democrats argued that Mr. Trump and other Republicans were rendering a verdict before actually hearing from any accusers. “Senate Republicans promised that ‘anyone who comes forward as Dr. Ford has deserves to be heard,’” Senate Democrats said in a statement. “Unfortunately, it appears that Republican leaders have prejudged the outcome of Thursday’s hearing.”

> https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-unleashes-on-kavanaugh-accuser-as-key-republican-wavers/ar-AAAD3w4?li=BBnb7Kx

We dont need ex-22 year old Virgins in the Supreme Court !!

If he gets rejected, Trump should try someone like Joe DiGenova

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