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Wallbridge (WM.t) and its Fenelon Mine

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Maybe I should have waited... i sold out a few days early

For this beautiful looking Top !


GCM.t (C$4.80) x 15.4% = WM.t High: C$0.74

WM.t ... chart : 10d / 0.61 -0.11, -15.28%


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What a blood bath!

But I thought you all said this stock only goes up? 
mepatriot wrote: NeilGiraldo wrote: WONDER1STOCK wrote:
Then again Sprott tomorrow might drive the stock. A couple of weeks ago the share price went up after Sprott talked about WM


WONDER1STOCK wrote: This appears to be way over done, Would there be drill results or news that we haven't seen?? No, maybe insiders know something.. could just be profit taking, stop loss, I...read more
Justforfun10 wrote: Maybe a leak. I highly doubt there is a leak. There are a lot of average results to come ie: 200 meters of .6 g/t. WM has stated in the past that the cutoff for an open pit would...read more

Buying Op Tomorrow?

Think we drop another 10% to 54 cents. Think they may have some assays but may be holding back until results from the main zone are in. I guess we will see them next week.  rate and reply

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