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Rex Tillerson:impressive start

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Rex Tillerson:impressive start


As per title,I've seen him on TV over the last few days and have to say,he looks a great great pick.





'Rex Tillerson concluded his first trip to Asia as secretary of state, sounding optimistic about the prospects for U.S. cooperation with China on the North Korean nuclear issue.

The upbeat notes he struck in Beijing contrasted with his remarks on Friday in Seoul about how all options, including military strikes against North Korea, remain on the table.'


Getting someheat for not being a media lacky.


'Rex Tillerson has defended his decision to block American reporters from his first major mission to Asia, saying: “I’m not a big media press access person. I personally don’t need it.”'

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Certainly, he knows how to run large organizations, after his days at Exxon


Oddly, after a very good opening speech, he was said to be little seen around the State Dept.

But now he is getting to be seen more.

I reckon, he was 'learning the ropes' when he was "disappeared".

Now he is beginning to confront the mess that Obama, Hillary (and Kerry?) left behind


How long before he visits Antarctica? - which may be the place where the story of the year come out


/ 1 /

Why is Rex Tillerson keeping a low profile? | PBS NewsHour


6 days ago - Rex Tillerson is the lowest-profile secretary of state in modern times. ... One person said to me, it's like a ghost ship. You hear the wind in the ...


Rex Tillerson is the lowest-profile secretary of state in modern times. As he prepares for high-stakes visits to Asian nations, there's news that he won't be taking press corps, one of a number of unusual changes in how the State Department does business. Chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner joins Judy Woodruff to discuss his influence and whether he’s being sidelined.



/ 2 /

Rex Tillerson's Dangerous Silence - New York Magazine


4 days ago - Secretary Rex Tillerson's unnerving silence as America's chief diplomat reveals a .... When Tillerson's supporters, like Senate Foreign Relations ...


Secretary Rex Tillerson’s unnerving silence as America’s chief diplomat reveals a corollary to the rule I was reminded about on 23rd Street: Every word you don’t say speaks just as loudly as those you do. Tillerson has been less vocal and less forthcoming than his predecessors in his first weeks on the job — a defining period in any tenure, but especially in the tumultuous transition to Donald Trump’s America. At home and abroad, citizens and stakeholders are straining their ears for clues about what our “America First” conversion will look like: What tangible changes should we brace for as we regress from the indispensable nation to an insulated one? How will the muscular bluster of the campaign and nationalism of this new era be realized in bilateral and multilateral relationships? Which of our core interests, like standing with our NATO allies, standing up for universal human rights, or even standing firm on a two-state solution, are now obsolete? Yet in an administration that is so loud in so many ways, our top emissary to the world has been so quiet.


Tillerson was more deflective than reflective at his confirmation hearing. When he saw softballs as easy as whether America should condemn the terrorizing violence of Filipino strongman Rodrigo Duterte, Tillerson didn’t swing at the pitch. When he spoke to State staff on his first day at the department, Tillerson told diplomats, who already lose sleep every night over their colleagues’ safety, that they should prioritize security, but failed to tell them why he believes it’s important that we secure strong relationships around the world.


/ 3 /

(meantime, some of the democrats were talking him down, by questioning his health):


Something is very wrong with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's health ...

2 days ago - Rex Tillerson is physically incapable of doing the job. ... Grassley and Dianne Feinstein both look like they just saw a Trump-Russia ghost ...


...What initially appeared to be simply disinterest may be something else entirely: the evidence now suggests there is something very wrong with Tillerson’s physical health.

Let me be clear about two things: I’m not a medical professional. And I don’t know whether Rex Tillerson is suffering from chronic health issues or if he simply has some kind of temporary health problem. But the issue is obvious enough that it doesn’t take a doctor to spot it. The first sign came earlier this week when the New York Times reported that Tillerson had to fly in for the Group of 20 meeting a day earlier than expected “so he could get a good night’s sleep.” That alone isn’t evidence of anything. He’s sixty-four years old. I’m a quarter century younger than he is, and even I need a good night’s sleep while traveling. But that was just the beginning.

Today, Tillerson was in the midst of a crucial diplomatic mission in South Korea to discuss how to deal with North Korea’s erratic nuclear ambitions. But he cut short his meeting with South Korean officials due to what a South Korean newspaper is describing as “fatigue.” Feigning fatigue might be a tactic used by a diplomat to get out of a meeting with a hostile rival that’s not going well. But this was a friendly and urgent meeting with a close ally. The only reason for Tillerson to bail early and cite fatigue is if he was actually fatigued.

In fact there’s something so clearly wrong with Rex Tillerson’s health and stamina right now that even Rachel Maddow chided him on-air this week for needing a “nap” as soon as he arrives anywhere.


(Sure. right. RACHEL Maddow?? That must be a reliable source - LOL.

As we found out recently, the Lying lesbian is only interested in her ratings)

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