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What is DASH? (A portmanteau of Digital Cash)

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What is DASH? (A portmanteau of Digital Cash)


Some of you with an interest in Cryptocurrencies may not have heard of DASH.


Apologies if there is already a post on this here but I haven't posted here for some time.



I was fortunate enough to learn about DASH in February. Since then, their marketcap has quintupled. A bubble? It's possible, however there is an inherent positive feedback loop embedded within their infrastructure by design. With Bitcoin, all of the mining fees go to the miners. With DASH, there are major differences, they have a second tier network called masternodes, and each new block reward mined is split between miners, masternodes, and treasury, in the ratio 45%, 45% and 10%. What this means is that miners are incentivized, masternodes are equally incentivized, and there is direct funding via treasury for development of the network, using developers, contractors, PR, paid directly from the blockchain. Distribution of treasury funds is by way of proposals made to the masternode network. The masternode network services instantsend and privatesend transactions, two USPs not available to Bitcoin.


Amanda will explain in the video, try to ignore the pretty face and listen to what she says.

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Looks like Dash and Etherium are winning as Bitcoins slides on Fear of A Fork

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Is Dash now Trash?


Dash seems to have lost half its value in only a few days




Dash went from over 0.100 (BTC?) on 3/25, to recent 0.047 // see charts: xx



/ 1 /

Mar 3, 2017 - At the price of US$46.09 per coin, the total market cap sits at ... However, some people were betting the Dash price would crash and opened ...


The past 48 hours have proven to be quite intriguing for anyone involved in the Dash cryptocurrency. With prices spiking to a new all-time high yesterday afternoon, things got off to a good start. Albeit Dash has seen a small correction ever since, the price per individual coin still hovers around the US$46 mark. Dash is now the third-most valuable cryptocurrency in existence.

A Good Time To Be Involved In Dash

People who have been holding onto their Dash for some time were more than happy to see the recent price increase take form. With the value increasing by 450% over the past few days, it is evident the demand for privacy-centric altcoins is bigger than ever before. Dash has been around for several years now, yet never saw such a spectacular price increase up until the past two days.

All of this positive momentum has catapulted Dash to the third rank on Coinmarketcap. To put this into perspective, Dash is now the third-biggest cryptocurrency based on their market cap. At the price of US$46.09 per coin, the total market cap sits at US$328,782 million. That is quite an impressive feat and it allowed Dash to bypass Ripple, which has been the third-largest market cap for quite some time. Dash is still a long way removed from overtaking Ethereum, though, as there is a US$1.5bn gap between the two right now.

. . .

(Short Squeeze?):

One Reddit user explained how the parabolic rise of Dash can be attributed to the Poloniex exchange. On this cryptocurrency exchange platform, users can lend out their Dash balance as a way to generate passive interest once the money is repaid. Using leverage to margin trade has been one of the primary reasons why Poloniex became the number one altcoin exchange in the world today. Users borrow cryptocurrencies from others and bet on which way the market will evolve.

Considering Dash saw a bullish trend, a lot of traders aimed to borrow funds to open long positions on the Dash price. However, some people were betting the Dash price would crash and opened short position, which requires a Dash balance to do so in the first place. With the demand to borrow Dash on the rise – a lot of people expected a price crash – the number of bitcoin flowing into the market exploded exponentially. It was impossible to open shorts due to lack of Dash, hence the bullish price trend could be maintained without problems.


/ 2 /

Altcoins Will Burst, Dash Will Crash: Vinny Lingham - CoinTelegraph

Mar 14, 2017 - Cointelegraph asked him to explain that and he said Dash price is going to crash. March has been an exciting month for Dash with so many ...

The Crypto community was gripped with fear, uncertainty and doubt when the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF was rejected by the SEC on Friday. Many thought it will lead to prices falling and another Bitcoin price burst. On the contrary Bitcoin price resisted right after the decision and it is actually stable.

Strangely, altcoin prices are rallying with some coins like Dash and Ether almost doubling their prices and some upsurging as high as 150 percent. In fact, their Market Caps are nearing $25 bln and the top 10 for instance in the first two days after ETF outcome did not witness any depreciation.

Will it affect Bitcoin?

When Cointelegraph asked Lingham whether the development will have any impact on Bitcoin whether positive or negative, his answer was: “Not fundamentally.” However, he thinks what can pose a serious quandary to Bitcoin is the argumentative impending hard fork and that if it happens, then the community should forget about seeing Bitcoin at $3000 by the end of 2017.

On this note, Tuur Demeester of Adamant Research agrees with Lingham and stated that a contentious hard fork would likely cause chaos in the market but yet still Bitcoin will close 2017 above $1000.

/ 3 /
13 hours ago - The price of DASH had been hovering slightly below or slightly above the $10 mark for several months leading up to the… by digicrypt.

The price of DASH had been hovering slightly below or slightly above the $10 mark for several months leading up to the new year.

Over the month of January the price began to take a steady rise taking out $20

Amid the uncertainty of the Bitcoin Hardfork, the price went parabolic as the month of March started.

On March 1, DASH hit $45

By March 18, DASH hit a record high of $113

Since that high the price has continued to fall, today falling below $60

The price fall is heading towards losing nearly %50

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Comments: dash-crash-how-far-will-the-price-fall

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davidnx43 · 14 hours ago

It's not a correction. Most cryptocurrencies have no intrinsic value. Their basic value is decided by the feelings of the community. This is why DASH has done so well - it has done a lot of presentation and advertising.

Sure, DASH is good, but so are a number of other cryptocurrencies. The truth is that at the beginning of March everybody went crazy and a lot of money was pumped into the market. Those that "looked good" did the best. Corrections come after a longer period of investment where a climb in values have become the norm. March was just a crazy time with repercussions still to be seen. Who knows? Maybe DASH will climb again to its glorious heights!

I traded in Ethereum or DASH only a little when I thought there was a profit to be made, but I always returned to Bitcoin. Why? Because the market needs Bitcoin and most transactions are based on Bitcoin. Until trading becomes the norm in other cryptocurrencies, there is no competition for Bitcoin.

(In saying that, it is now possible, although in limited ways, to trade with DASH, Monero and Ethereum as a base currency on some of the exchanges. We will have to see how this develops in the near future.)


/ 2 /

digicrypt58 · 14 hours ago

Great insight. I had my reservations about DASH in the mid term because of it's reliance on marketing, where as BTC relies on it's market foothold as you pointed out. However, in the future I do not know. I agree, we will need to see how it develops.

/ 3 /

sponge-bob62 · 14 hours ago

Dash will drop as long as Bitcoin is on the rise. When Bitcoin drops, Dash will go up. Normal

/ 4 /

sebastianjago64 · 5 hours ago

Quick repost of a comment I made on another post and feel it is relevant here. "I managed to get on the Dash train and got out at over $100. It has been crashing ever since so I made the right call. I feel it is now time to invest in the coins for the medium to long term. I am not one to trade too much. I prefer to seek solid foundations. The coins with infrastructure, long term plans and the financial support required to implement the development as the ones to hold. Dash will bounce back as it has these things but who can really say what will happen. The energy of economics is also driven by emotion. The bankers coins will go up and hard as they will be seeking that legitimacy. We may as well ride the wave and then make the call when and if to exit. Seek to still support the decentralisation of our monetary system via specific coins however use this time wisely to make the best positive returns for you and your family. That is all we can do as I have said we are still in the very early stages of the "S" curve and this is where huge profits will be gained (succeeding coins with faith) and lost (failing coins with no faith). It is just matter of choosing your spread and getting out at the right time. Profit is profit. In 3 - 5 years time the 'genuine' leading coins will be a little more clearer. It will then evolve again from there no doubt as the race to implement new technology and end user functionality becomes the main focus. Exciting and terrifying all in one. :)"


> https://steemit.com/dash/@digicrypt/dash-crash-how-far-will-the-price-fall

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