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DrBubb's Diary - Mar. 2017 Trading - v.98

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Ryancare... may not cut the mustard


Tucker Carlson Slams Paul Ryan 'What's going on with you guys?'



Tucker: "What are you going to do about the billions that fund Illegal Aliens?"

P Ryan: "We do not want to jeopardise this bill."


Others also dislike it,

Like the panel on Dr Duke's show:


MP3 : http://renseradioarchives.com/archives/dduke/030917.mp3

Dr Duke and Erik Striker On Ryan Obamacare & the Jewish Supremacist Deep State!


Illegals get a free ride... and the hard working Middle Class pays

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"Caesar, beware the Ides of March!"

What's going on? we may discover soon...




Published on Mar 9, 2017

Historically, March 15th has been a very significant date to the Rothschilds. And now March 15th is likely to become a very significant date in American history. Andy Hoffman joins me to discuss Silver, Bitcoin, the US debt limit being reached, and why March 15th is so important.




vivelaamo says:

Taken from RJ courtesy of Fiona.

To that “debt ceiling” point, will everyone stop sending me the story about David Stockman’s article that “After March 15 everything will grind to a halt.” His reference is that the economic world is in for a meltdown. I spoke with David at a Minyanville “Festivus Party” seven or eight years ago and he was saying the same thing back then. He was, and is, a very smart fellow who captained The Office of Management and Budget during part of the Reagan administration, but he has been “smartly wrong” for a very long time. So please, stop sending me his negative article from Zero Hedge.

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ETF NEWS within today ?

It may not happen, or people may Sell-on-News - so people are now exiting the BTC Trade


$1350 in a few days? Or back under $1000?




BTC Last : $1186, and back below Gold (slightly)


Winklevoss twins' bitcoin fund expected to be approved soon - Or Not !
New York Business Journal-5 hours ago
It's been almost two years since Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twin brothers notorious for receiving a large legal settlement for their ...

From First Filing to Final Decision: The Journey of the Winklevoss ...
CoinDesk-9 hours ago
This refers, of course, to the bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) proposed by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. That ETF – first ...
Bitcoin Price Plummets From Record Highs
PYMNTS.com-8 Mar 2017
Despite what the graphs might imply, the SEC has yet to make a formal announcement on their decision regarding the Winklevoss twins' ...
=== ===

According to the New York Post, the Winklevoss brothers — also known for competing in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing as rowers — will launch what is called a "chartered trust."

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will permit the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust (WBT) to form an exchange-traded fund of bitcoins, making it easier for mom-and-pop investors to buy the controversial cryptocurrency.

If the fund doesn’t get approved, the value of the currency could fall as much as 20 percent — a bummer since just last week it surged to a record high of $1,206.

Should it go through, it could go as high as $3,000 by the end of the year.

“If you want to short it today, you won’t be able to do it before the ETF gets launched [if it’s approved],” Marc van der Chijs, managing partner at CrossPacific Capital, told the Post. “It’s not as easy to do as it is with normal stock on the stock exchange.”

The vetting process for a bitcoin company to become a trust is extensive, as we learned in May 2015, when another New York City-Based company, itBit, became the first company to receive the status as a chartered trust company.

ItBit applied for the charter in February 2015 and went through a review process to make sure the company's anti-money laundering, consumer protection and cybersecurity standards were in order.

The charter, granted in May, allowed itBit to operate in all 50 states as a regulated entity.

. . .

Like many other things in the bitcoin space, the collapse of Japan-based bitcoin exchange Mt Gox triggered a small but meaningful change in how the ETF would be constructed. Mt Gox was once the world’s most voluminous bitcoin exchange before it fell apart amid accusations of fraud, leading to the eventual arrest of its CEO last year.

In the aftermath of the Gox failure, an amendment was filed to the ETF’s S-1 which changed the price index which the ETF would use to determine the price of a bitcoin. The proprietary Winkdex was adopted, replacing the old model based on weighted average prices of several bitcoin exchanges.

The duo confirmed, in a follow-up filing in 2014, their initial intention to list the ETF on the NASDAQ OMX exchange. The ticker symbol “COIN” – a tip of the hat to the digital currency – was first disclosed at this time.

That filing also added new risk factors related to the ETF, including the potential for a so-called 51% mining attack on the bitcoin network.

Watch and wait

That submission would prove to be yet another leg in a long waiting game for the Winklevoss-backed ETF. During that time, the Winklevosses were approved for a bank charter, setting the stage for the launch of Gemini, their digital currency exchange.

. . .

Since then, however, the scope of the proposed ETF offering has expanded further, growing from $65m to $100m, while also lowering the maximum offering per share price from from $65 to $10. A February filing detailing the changes also included language about the risks of a network hard fork and contingency plans should two blockchains sharing bitcoin’s transaction history emerge.

The final countdown

Those developments take us to the present day, during which market observers, stakeholders, bitcoin enthusiasts and potential investors are watching the skies for the SEC’s word.

That determination is set to be revealed by tomorrow, according to a source with knowledge of the agency’s work, yet at press time, the SEC has kept mum about its decision.

In the meantime, bitcoin traders are gearing up for a possible increase in volume – and volatility – when markets react one way or another, and at least one hedge fund that invests in bitcoin has moved to reduce its exposure to the market.

. . .

The price of bitcoin dropped by some $70 on Tuesday (March 7) for no readily apparent reason, leaving investors naturally a bit confused at best, or panicked at worst.

Bitcoin had spent the past week climbing toward new record highs on optimism that the SEC could soon approve a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund. Yet trading on Tuesday morning saw a sharp drop in the value of everyone’s favorite digital currency, from around $1,280 on Monday evening down to just over $1,207 by mid-morning Tuesday.

As of Tuesday afternoon, bitcoin appears to have begun the process of recovering from the slip. At the time of writing, bitcoin was worth $1,248.63. But in the few hours that the price of bitcoin was down, some speculated that it could mean the SEC had denied approval for a bitcoin ETF.

More likely than not, the sudden drop was just a symptom of the digital currency’s characteristic volatility. Since the SEC decision deadline is fast approaching, however, some investors, who are surely eyeing every fluctuation in bitcoin’s value, inherently (though a bit hastily) had assumed the worst.

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Tony C's Comment : "resistance at the 2385 pivot and SPX 2401"


The market opened slightly lower today, had a small rally, then dropped to a new low for the pullback. Thus far the pullback has declined from SPX 2401 to 2355, or 46 points. This decline is now the largest pullback since the uptrend began in early November at SPX 2084. Today’s decline triggered an update to the short term DOW count. It now displays a Micro wave 3 in place, with a Micro wave 4 of Minute wave iii underway. The SPX count still displays a Nano wave iii in place, with a Nano wave iv underway. Both hourly charts are up to date. The slight difference in short term wave degrees is nothing unusual. By time this uptrends ends, one or both will be correct.


Today’s late-afternoon 11 point rally matched the largest rally of this entire pullback. Should the SPX hit 2367 next, we will place a tentative green Nano wave iv label at the 2355 low. Short term support remains at SPX 2353 and the 2336 pivot, with resistance at the 2385 pivot and SPX 2401. Short term momentum displayed a positive divergence at today’s low.

Best to your trading!


> https://caldaro.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/thursday-update-571/


learnedmylesson25 says:

McConnell repeats…no tax cut til next year.GDP est at 1.2%.Profits estimates getting reduced.How can you have a GDP this bad with unemployment at 4.8%.I think I asked the same question about Japan a couple months ago.I may start nibbling on GDX as gold nears 1160-1180 range.It’s possible I should have today–for tomorrow.Too late now.The best day is Fed day to jump on PMs.We’ll see.Gold breaking 1200 tonight…some support at 1194.That support is comparable to expecting a training bra to support Sofia Vergara.From the futes and Nikkei,looks like Yellen,Draghi and Abe are buying–no matter what the #s are tomorrow.G’night all.

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Sources: Paramount's Chinese Partners Haven't Paid a Penny of Promised $1 Billion

1:20 PM PST 3/9/2017 by Kim Masters

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media are said to have insisted on meeting with Viacom's CEO amid questions over the studio's direction.

With China blocking money from leaving the country, Paramount Pictures has yet to receive the first payment it had expected from a billion-dollar financing deal with partners Shanghai Film Group and Huahua Media, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter. And it appears that the Chinese government is not the only roadblock.

The Viacom-owned studio's partners have expressed concerns since Paramount currently has no chairman and has announced a new strategy that relies in part on mining intellectual property from its television network siblings, including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. The Chinese partners are said to have told Viacom that no funds will be forthcoming until they meet with Viacom CEO Bob Bakish and whomever is appointed to run the studio to get an explanation of the slate strategy going forward.

Currently, Bakish is in talks to select a new leadership team, with former Fox film chief Jim Gianopulos and producer Michael De Luca currently favored.


> More: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/sources-paramounts-chinese-partners-havent-paid-a-penny-promised-1-billion-984679

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Bitcoin had a brilliant shot upwards in early NY trading - hitting as high as $1320+ before a $70 pullback


BTC - 2 months



Bitcoin Price Spikes Above $1300 as ETF Decision Nears
CoinDesk-25 minutes ago
Markets peaked at an average of $1,325.81, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI), before falling sharply back below that level to ...

Vinny Lingham Makes New Bitcoin Price Prediction in Wake of ...
CoinTelegraph-1 hour ago


Vinny Lingham Makes New Bitcoin Price Prediction in Wake of Bitcoin ETF Decision

5546 Total views
0 Total shares

On March 11, the much awaited Winklevoss twins Bitcoin ETF decision will finally be announced by the SEC. South African serial Internet entrepreneur Vinny Lingham posted on Twitter that within 48-hours of the ETF announcement, on the downside, the Bitcoin price will be $850. However, he holds Bitcoin price will be $1,750 maximum (probably $1,500) on the upside.

With just a day for the SEC to make an announcement on the Bitcoin ETF, the community is divided between whether it will pass or not. Experts and analysts including Lingham perceive the chances of either decision as 50/50. On Wednesday Cointelegraph reported that so far 72 percent of the public are in favor of the ETF.

Lingham's accurate predictions

When it comes to forecasting Bitcoin price, Lingham has a distinguished reputation and is famously known for accurately predicting Bitcoin price adjustments. He is very shrewd with factors that hold it up, sideways and down, and outside events changing the supply/demand curve for Bitcoin.

In 2013, before Bitcoin reached its first ever all-time high price, the African entrepreneur prognosticated it would reach over $1,000. Truly, the community saw Bitcoin rising to $1,255.

Also, in the first quarter of 2016, Lingham predicted the $400 mark for at least the next quarter when the price was hovering around $100. This once again came to pass.

Fast forward to Dec. 11, 2016, he foretold that if the price exceeded the $800 mark, it will go straight to $900, and interestingly by Dec. 23 Bitcoin was being sold at $911.

In addition, Lingham tweeted in November 2016 that the demonetization in India would push the price up to $1,000 by the end of the year. Just as he articulated, the price reached $1,000 on New Year's Eve.

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Price : (06/26) (12/31) (04/01) Chg %: (07/01) : (09/30) : (12/30) / (01/27) (02/24) (03/03) (03/10)
Gold : 1173.8 : 1060.5 : 1223.2 === >: 1344.9 : 1317.1 : 1151.7 / 1188.4 : 1258.3 : 1226.5 : 1201.4 :
GLD : 112.56 : 101.46 : 116.93 ----- z : 128.41 : 125.64 : 109.61 / 113.49 : 119.70 : 117.51 : 114.72 :
GDX : $18.09 : $13.72 : $20.12 ----- z : $29.05 : $26.43 : $20.95 / $23.22 : $24.13 : $22.20 : $21.73 :
Ratio: R6.222: R7.395 : R5.811 ----- z : R4.420 : R4.754 : r5.232 / R4.888 : r4.961 : r5.293 : r5.279 (/10.47)
Ratio 16.07%: 13.52%: 17.21% ----- z : 22.62%: 21.04%: 19.11%/ 20.45%: 20.16%: 18.89%: 18.94% (GDX-x55.29 )
Gdxj : $24.86 : $19.21 : $28.40: ----- z: $45.38 : $44.29 : $31.55 / $36.87 : $40.09 : $35.53 : $34.69 :

Spdr : 706. E : 642.37 : 815.est ----- z : 953.91 : 947.95 : 822.17 / 803.0E : 841.17 : 840.58 : 825.22 = 26.53m
Au/S : R-1.66 : R-1.65 : R- 1.52 ----- z : R-1.41 : R-1.39 : r1.401 / R1.48E: R1.496 : R1.470 : R1.456 :
TLT - : 115.23 : 120.58 : 130.68 ----- z : 140.57 : 137.51 : 119.13 / 119.63 : 122.01 : 119.35 : 117.25 :
G/Tlt : R10.19 : r8.795 : R9.404 ----- z : R9.567: R9.578 : R9.668/ R9.993 : R10.26: R10.28 : R10.25 vs L: 8.65

AGS : Y3,409 : y3,210 : y3,367 ----- z : y4,157 : y4,209 : y0,000 /y0.000 : y0,000 : y0,000 : y0.000: 17.74 :
SLV- : $15.11 : $13.19 : $14.34 ----- z : $18.74 : $18.20 : $15.11 / $16.22 : $17.40 : $16.98 : $16.15 :
SLW-: $15.11 : $12.42 : $16.40 ----- z: $24.78 : $27.30 : $19.32 / $21.42 : $21.15 : $19.44 : $19.30 :
SIL*- : $26.43 : $18.51 : $26.50 ----- z : $45.95 : $44.48 : $32.11 / $37.36 : $38.28 : $35.19 : $33.50 :
DBA : $22.71 : $20.61 : $20.50 ----- z : $21.98 : $19.98 : $19.97 / $20.57 : $20.29 : $20.32 : $19.98 :
XLE- : $76.08 : $60.32 : $61.06 ----- z : $68.60 : $70.61 : $75.32 / $74.23 : $70.99 : $71.99 : $70.01 :
Cop'r: $2.641 : $2.135 : $2.170 ----- z : $2.220 : $2.210 : $2.510 / $2.690 : $2.700 : $2.700 : $2.600 :
WTI- : $59.65 : $37.07 : $36.36 ----- z : $49.28 : $48.24 : $53.72 / $53.17 : $53.99 : $53.33 : $48.49 :
CRB : 224.90 : 176.27 : 168.03 ----- z : 194.26 : 186.30 : 192.51 / 193.43 : 190.93 : 189.72 : 182.65 :
Corn : 385.00: 358.00 : 353.50 ----- z : 360.25 : 336.30 : 352.00 / 362.50 : 370.75 : 380.75 : 364.25 :
Wheat 575.00: 468.50 : 474.00 ----- z : 496.25 : 402.00 : 408.00 / 420.50 : 448.00 : 453.50 : 440.50 :
Sugar 11.92c : 15.24c : 15.18C ----- z : 20.78C : 23.00c : 19.51c / 20.33c : 19.81c : 19.52c : 18.22c :
BTC : 250.00 : $433.5 : $420.0 ----- z : $680.0 : $604.5 : $948.5 / $920.0 : 1135.0 : 1278.0 : 1151.0 :
B/G.: 21.30% : 40.88%: 34.34% ----- z: 50.56%: 45.90%: 82.36%/ 77.42%: 84.81%: 90.20% : 104.1% : 00 /17-98%
EEM- : $39.93 : $32.19 : $34.15 ----- z : $34.69 : $37.45 : $35.01 / $37.47 : $38.48 : $38.19 : $38.01 :
FXI -- : $46.21 : $35.29 : $33.58 ----- z : $34.48 : $38.01 : $34.71 / $36.82 : $38.54 : $37.87 : $37.65 :
ShCm : 4192.9: 3519.2 : 3009.5 ----- z : 2932.5 : 3004.7 : 3103.6 / 3159.2 : 3253.4 : 3218.3 : 3212.8 :
PHM- : $20.48 : $17.82 : $18.42 ----- z: $19.48 : $20.04 : $18.38 / $21.26 : $21.73 : $22.48 : $23.53 :
IYR -- : $72.49 : $75.08 : $77.91 ----- z : $82.33 : $80.64 : $76.94 / $76.97 :$80.31 : $79.64 : $76.54 :
IWM - : 127.50 : 112.62 : 111.12 ----- z : 115.39 : 124.21 : 134.85 / 136.19 : 138.65 : 138.65 : 135.96 :
XLF - : $24.89 : $23.82 : $22.70 ----- z: $22.74 : $19.30 : $23.25 / $23.65 : $24.42 : $24.97 : $24.79 :
XLF/S: 11.86%: 11.68% 10.97% ----- z : 10.83%: V8.92%:10.31% / 10.33%: 10.31%: 10.47% : 10.43% :
SPY- : 209.82 : 203.87 : 206.92: ----- z : 209.92 : 216.30 : 223.53 / 228.97 : 236.74 : 238.42 : 237.69 :
VIX-- : 14.02%: 18.21% 13.10%: ----- z : 14.77%: 13.29%: 14.04%/ 10.58%: 11.47%: 10.96%: 11.66% :
ShPut $06.15 : $6.670: $05.00: ----- z : $02.85 : / Sp210: $08.30 / $20.00: $14.95 : $13.97 : $14.10- Ja$240p
DXY - : 95.399 : 98.693 : 94.608 ----- z : 95.720 : $95.42 : 102.38 / 100.56 : 101.09 : 101.34 : 101.38 :
H-gold: r12.30 : R10.75 : r12.93 ----- z : R14.05: R13.80 : R11.25 / R11.82: R12.26: : R12.10: R11.85/ 11.3-14.2
Gold : 1173.8 : 1060.5 : 1223.2 : === >: 1344.9 : 1317.1 : 1151.7 / 1188.4 : 1258.3 : 1226.5 : 1201.4 :


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Finally, Session makes his move !

(I have been waiting for this.)


This is essential to begin to clear the swamp.

(The Clintons did the same thing, and populated Justice with the same thing)


/ 1 /

MIDDAY MASSACRE: What Jeff Sessions Just Did Has Every Politician Shivering In Fear!


/ 2 /

Harrdball With Chris Matthews 3/10/17 Trump's AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys to resign



Pe-loser: "It's Red Meat for his base" (and for We the People)

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WEINER READY To squeal ?


"Weiner's computer has been renamed 'the Rosetta stone'"


PizzaGate Explodes: Anthony Weiner To Sink The Clintons!


Published on Mar 12, 2017

Why haven't any major arrests occurred yet in the ongoing PizzaGate investigation? Because Anthony Weiner has damning information that could be used to finally bring those responsible for these heinous crimes against children to justice. He is negotiating with authorities to testify against the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein and other high level figures involved in exchange for the FBI dropping child pornography charges against him. New evidence will see the Clintons locked up for life! David Zublick brings you the horrible truth in this special report.

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Gold looks like a Buy now... in Hong Kong (and in other FX too)


Frozen Gold chart : $1206.0 : Updated Gold chart

Gold-t24_au_en_usoz_6_zpsjidmywxo.gif : t24_au_en_usoz_6.gif


99.99Gold: 11310-11350 : 11330/ 1.21 = $9364 / 7.765 =$1.206
99.-- Gold : 11110-11150 : 11130/ 1.21 = $9198 / 7.765 = $1.185 -$21
PaperGold: 1,114-1116.5

> HS Bank: https://bank.hangseng.com/1/2/rates/gold-prices


Gold etf : HK-2840 ... update : $892.5 / $7.765 = $114.9 x 10.50 = $1,206.8 / HK-3081



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Top of Page Charts: Gold / USD / china gold // Russell / Copper / china silver

t24_au_en_usoz_6.gif : 24hr-euro-small.gif : t24_au_en_euoz_2.gif : AuTD1.png?id=11409261605

idx24_russell_en_2.gif : t24_ag_en_usoz_2.gif:: idx24_hui_en_2.gif : AgTD0.png?id=11409221912

3d : ag : au


China/SGE: 4,200 RMB/kg / 6.150 = $ 683 / 35.274 = $19.36 (discount of about 20-25 cents?)

10/08-10am: Rmb3,846 /6.140 = $ 626.4 / 35.274 = $17.76 (prem. 57 cents)

10/13-9.am : Rmb3,884 /6.136 = $ 633.0 / 35.274 = $17.94 -$17.39= prm-$0.55

Goldstock : HK-2840 : GBS.L : GLD : GDX : NUGT : tza/faz -- HKpeg : DXY : StkX : 10-d : SPX : sjw :

HK 3081: 2899: 1051: hs / UK: POG / ABX : Sil : IAG : dba-etc. ... lot : PB : CVN : CC2 : BTC : SLV-lv


Several days ago, I posted here: "Bitcoins Price may take another run at the Gold price - Now $1230." The price now exceeds Gold


Charts: Bitcoins LIVE : BTC:1-year : 32-mo : 4-mos : 10d : Ticks : BtcWisdom : BTC-24hours : PB : aG : sjw :

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Most Expensive?

These are the 10 most expensive cities to live in

When you think of unaffordable housing, the cities that spring to mind aren’t necessarily the most expensive ones in reality. In the 13th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2017, some surprising culprits pop up from the 406 metropolitan housing markets studied in the third quarter of 2016.

The rankings are calculated using the mean multiple method; house price divided by the median household income. Here are the top 10 most “severely unaffordable” housing markets.


10. Bournemouth & Dorset, U.K.

The area of Bournemouth & Dorset topped London in severe unaffordability. It has a median multiple of 8.9 and has the world’s second worst housing bubble risk according to The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index.


9. San Francisco, U.S.

One of three California cities on the list, SF had a median multiple of 9.2. A recent WalletHub study found that found that average home prices are about 14 times greater than annual incomes in San Francisco.


(click on Link below, to see the others)

3. Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s Vancouver came in at a median multiple of 11.8. The average house price in Metro Vancouver is $670,300, which would require 80 per cent of the average median household income to service the mortgage.


2. Sydney, Australia

With a median multiple of 12.2, Australia’s largest city is the second least affordable place to find housing. Median house prices in January 2017 reached AUD$1.077 million (CAD$1,094,000).



1. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong wins the least affordable housing market award for the seventh consecutive year with a median multiple of 18.1 — slightly down from 19 last year. Apartments at the South Horizon complex in Aberdeen rang in at HK$16,497 (CAD$2,860) per square


> https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/photos/10-most-expensive-cities-live-slideshow-wp-123925477/10-most-expensive-cities-live-photo-220225158.html / 13 March 2017

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Soros is using Women as "Useful Idiots" to disrupt Trump's power


Report: George Soros gave $246M to women's protest groups


Published on Mar 9, 2017

Billionaire reportedly donated to groups behind 'Day Without a Woman' demonstrations



WHY do they not care about PEDOPHILES in Washington? If these women were truly compassionate, they would be protesting child abuse, and demanding the arrest of all Pedophiles. Instead, they are being USED as Useful Idiots by Soros. Shame shame shame. They should know better

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Violent Spring marches planned in Washington


Could start as early as tomorrow, March 15th.

If there is violence, it will be blamed on BLM, with more marches to follow.


They are aiming to have as many as million Useful Idiots in the streets, protesting Trump




Interview thinks: "Trump needs to arrest George Soros (an agent of the Rothschilds) ASAP"

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Where the Fook is the Secret Service?


Snoop Dog should be rotting IN JAIL on his way to the gallows


Exclusive: Obama Stole 200+ Billion In Secret Bail In - to help Obamacare (illegally!)


Published on Mar 13, 2017


Snoop Dogg is a Complete Idiot

Published on Mar 13, 2017

Go back to your weed-addled stupor and trop trying to be politically edgy.

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(Fulford also focused on March 15th - Today! - and March 19th)

World Freemasons gather in Tokyo to select new leader and golden age dawns

Posted by benjamin
March 13, 2017

The world’s freemasons are gathering in Tokyo this week and next to select a new world grandmaster, according to Japanese military intelligence. The meetings will start this week at the Freemason underground complex near Tokyo Tower and will conclude with a final leadership selection at the Sanno Hotel on March 25, the sources say. The meetings are taking place because a long term Freemason goal, the creation of a benevolent world government, is near completion, the sources continue.


There is also a lot of talk from multiple sources of some sort of event planned for March 15th, the Ides of March. This was the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated. This is also the day the US government will hit its debt ceiling. Asian Secret Societies, for their part place great importance on March 19th, the day the last Ming Emperor died (also, by coincidence, this writer’s birthday). Exactly what will happen is not clear but certainly the last half of March will see many world changes, multiple sources agree.

There is also extremely high tension worldwide as the various power centers jockey for position in the upcoming world federation, various sources agree.

The tensions are especially high now in Japan and the Korean Peninsula over who will occupy the throne of Emperor of a United Korea, the Japanese military intelligence sources say. The Rothschilds and the Chinese want to install Kim Han Sol, the eldest son of Kim Jong Nam, who is in turn the oldest son of former top leader Kim Jon Il, Chinese intelligence agency sources say. That is why Rothschild puppet politicians in Japan have called for a pre-emptive attack against North Korea.

That is also why various media reports suggested US President Donald Trump would be sending B-52 nuclear bombers to South Korea.


However, the North Koreans say the Kim Han Sol being presented as candidate for Emperor is a fake...

. . .

Speaking about Japan, the power struggle here is also intensifying. The Khazarian Mafia has handed over control of the Japanese election stealing machinery to...


> http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/03/13/world-freemasons-gather-in-tokyo-to-select-new-leader-and-golden-age-dawns/

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03.14.17 – What’s Next With America’s Enormous $20 Trillion Debt?

  • Thousands of years ago, as far back as 3000 BC, the ancient Egyptians had developed a highly advanced system of writing using hieroglyphic symbols.
  • The used hieroglyphs for numbers as well.
  • A single line, for example, represented the number 1. Two strokes represented 2. Nine strokes for the number 9.

  • Since the Egyptians had not yet invented the “zero” in 3000 BC, representing the number 10 required a new symbol– a sort of upside down horseshoe.
  • So the number 99, for example, required eighteen different symbols: nine upside down horseshoes for the number 90, and another nine strokes for the number 9.
  • There was another symbol for 100, another for 1,000, and so forth.
  • The largest number in ancient Egypt was 1 million. As historian Will Durant wrote,
  • “The sign for 1,000,000 was a picture of a man striking his hands above his head, as if to express amazement that such a number should exist.”

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Now that THAT is Out of the way...

Gold, Silver... and mining shares ... and Bonds surge



Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen sought to reassure investors that the central bank’s latest interest-rate increase wasn’t a paradigm shift to a trigger-happy policy driven by fears of faster inflation.

Speaking to reporters after the Fed’s quarter percentage-point move on Wednesday, Yellen said the central bank was willing to tolerate inflation temporarily overshooting its 2 percent goal and that it intended to keep its policy accommodative for “some time.”

“The simple message is the economy’s doing well. We have confidence in the robustness of the economy and its resilience to shocks,” she said.

As a result, the Fed is sticking with its policy of gradually raising interest rates, Yellen said. In their first forecasts in three months, Fed policy makers penciled in two more quarter-point rate increases this year and three in 2018, unchanged from their projections in December.

Today’s decision “does not represent a reassessment of the economic outlook or of the appropriate course for monetary policy,” the Fed chief said.


GLD ... update : 10d



GDX ... update : 10d



TLT ... update : 10d



Check the volume - which surged

(I am LONG all three of these, in various ways - some through options)

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My "bitcoin banker" trading experiment is going pretty well so far


Despite some wild volatility over the last 2-3 weeks




Drop a post here, or send me a PM, if you want to know more

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Senior Politicians "reacting in crazy and irrational ways" - Why?


("there must be something in their 'control files')

Catherine Austin Fitts-Don’t Blame Trump for Ending the Bond Bull Market


Published on Mar 11, 2017

One of the big headwinds for Trump is the bond market and rising interest rates. Financial advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends, “The long term bull market in bonds is at an end, and rates are going to rise and continue to rise as they should. Savers, pension funds and insurance companies are not getting a return on their capital. To me, this is a welcome. If you are holding a big bond portfolio, they are going to be down, but interest rates are going to rise and the party is over. We have a President who understands the cost of capital and is screaming that it is no longer zero. To a certain extent, you are watching all of Washington blame Trump for the end of the debt birth model. It’s not his fault. He’s just trying to get the culture to switch to reflect something to where the future is going.”

Fitts, who has managed hundreds of billions of dollars of assets as Assistant Secretary of Housing in the Bush Administration (41), says the stock market could blow up to a “Dow of 30,000 or crash down to 10,000.” Fitts tells all her clients to hedge for any scenario and “hold a core position in gold.”

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Despite recent volatility, the Bitcoin trading experiment is still going well




Essentially, this is just "trading around" a long position in Bitcoins.

I never go short BTC, (ie I have never exceeded a 105% Hedge) -

But I have still been able to add 0.6 BTC to a 3.0 BTC starting position in this portfolio

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BTX has touched $1000, and could be headed to $950 or lower


FEAR may be driving the heavy liquidation.

Some started shift into other Cryptos weeks ago


Bitcoin Could Face Ethereum-Style Split

March 18, 2017

Loss of public trust and utility, branding issues, a market capitalization crash, and a collapse of trust in the entire crypto-currency space. A contentious Bitcoin hard fork, which represents a change to the Bitcoin protocol requiring all nodes to update, could indeed result in two Bitcoins. Exactly this – a split network – happened in the wake of Ethereum’s choice to hard fork after the $56 million hack of the DAO, a decentralized investor-directed venture capital fund on Ethereum.

Also Read: Charlie Lee: “People Don’t Understand Segwit”


Hard Fork Could Lead to Duplicate Bitcoin Network

Not only might perceptions of Bitcoin suffer in the case of a Bitcoin fork, but so too could Bitcoin’s use-case as electronic cash. The issue of scaling Bitcoin has certainly been contentious, and if a fork is initiated with considerable opposition, there could be proponents claiming both versions of Bitcoin are the real one.

In a recent Medium post entitled A Fork in the Road, Bitcoin entrepreneur CEO Vinny Lingham highlights how, at least in the short-to-medium term, a network split would impact Bitcoin negatively.

If a split is portrayed badly in the media and creates confusion, we will possibly go into another 2 years of sideways and down,” wrote Mr. Lingham on March 15. “Do we have that much time again with other competitors on the heels? And let’s be frank, a Hard Fork is not Bitcoin dying. It’s Bitcoin duplicating. Now we have two Bitcoins, both won’t die, maybe one will. Which one is the real Bitcoin? Do not underestimate how many enemies Bitcoin has — a fork will just give them all the ammunition they need to confuse the market”.

Bitcoin exchanges have recently unveiled their contingency plans if Bitcoin splits in the wake of a hard fork, which involves them listing the duplicate Bitcoin on their exchanges as an alternative crypto-currency.

Before the Ethereum DAO hard fork, many believed that a minority chain in the case of a split would cease to persist. When the hard fork took place, an alternative blockchain to the original Ethereum deployment persisted (by some miners’ choice to stay with that chain), which itself claimed to be the original Ethereum. It called itself “Ethereum Classic” (ETC). Trading of ETC rivaled that of Ethereum (ETH) immediately after the split.

“There are some people who dismiss this problem in the Bitcoin community,” acknowledges the Ethereum Classic project coordinator who only goes by Arvicco. “But they are wrong to do so.”

An important aspect for any digital currency is its scarcity, which acts as an economic incentive for people to use a certain blockchain. If digital currencies risk splits, then their value is undermined. “Creating two networks destroys network effect,” Mr. Lingham suggests.


> https://news.bitcoin.com/bitcoin-could-face-ethereum-style-split/

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Ann Coulter speaks out against accepting refugees


Published on Mar 17, 2017

Author goes on 'Hannity' to slam Germany's immigration policies, reacts after judge blocks President Trump's revised travel ban


Hannity: Think twice before copying Germany's refugee policy


I kept waiting for Angie to shout, "Seig Heil !", as the God Emperor spoke -

She may have been thinking of her "father's" historical authority, something she long forgot

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SHOCKING Admissions! Satanic orgies over generations: rape, murder, cannabalism


PEDOGATE: Systemic Global Pedophilia EXPOSED

Published on Mar 17, 2017

From the Franklin and Hampstead cover ups to Jimmy Savile and Sir Edward Heath, their crimes against children are legion and now they are bing exposed for all the world to see. #Pedogate is SYSTEMIC


Her family was involved for generations

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The PATHOLOGY of the Over-protective mother (pathological empathy?) has spilled over into politics


Jordan Peterson - called a Transphobic Piece of Sh!t by protesters


I believe we need flamethowers to melt snowflakes (all metaphorically, of course)


Angie (over protective mother) versus The Donald ("Daddy")

- see the beginning of this video

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