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Trump Approval Pops to ??%... people like the guy.

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GOP pollster Frank Luntz: Trump’s approval at highest yet – and there’…

Republican pollster Frank Luntz joined Glenn today to share some positive news: President Donald Trump is enjoying his highest job approval rating yet.

“I’ve got good numbers for your listeners … Donald Trump’s favorability is up; his job approval is now at 44 percent, which is the best it’s been at any time in the last 12 months,” Luntz said on today’s show.

Luntz has noticed a key “shift” in his focus groups as well: People are becoming more hopeful and confident in the economy, partly thanks to Republican tax reform.

“They see a lot of the promises are being kept,” he said.

May 8th > https://www.theblaze.com/video/gop-pollster-frank-luntz-trumps-approval-at-highest-yet-and-theres-more-good-news

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"This is only HALF a story about Trump. It is also a story of America."

Trump’s America: The Truth About Our Nation’s Great Comeback


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TRUMP APPROVAL RATING Better than Obama and Reagan at Same Point in their Presidencies


According to the latest FOX News poll President Donald Trump has a better rating than Presidents Obama and Reagan at the same point in their presidencies.

President Trump’s approval is now at 45%.
And that is with 90% negative coverage from the far left mainstream media.

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Back to Pre-Obama, Pre-Recession levels...

GALLUP: Satisfaction with US direction highest since '05...

  • Satisfaction rate of 38% is highest since September 2005
  • Second month in a row above 35%, also for the first time since 2005
  • Satisfaction rises among Republicans and independents, not among Democrats

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Thirty-eight percent of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in the United States today, similar to last month's 37% satisfaction rate but marking the numerical high since a 39% reading in September 2005.

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Black Supporter’s Tearful Video of

How Proud He Feels to be an American Because of Trump Gets Him Invited to the White House

Meet Henry Davis, a Missouri man who inadvertently attracted all the right attention Friday when he uploaded a heartfelt video to Twitter in which he described how proud he feels to be an American right now because of President Donald J. Trump.


“I’m just crying because — I’m just, I’m like — it’s a good time to be alive and to be able to witness what’s really going on,” Davis said in the two-minute-long video.

“And we got a chance — I’m just talking about from a black perspective — if you really want to work and get up off your ass and do something, you can do it.”

Exactly right!

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10 hours ago

Wow, highest Poll Numbers in the history of the Republican Party. That includes Honest Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

There must be something wrong, please recheck that poll!

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This will AMAZE you !


REAL warmth shown by a group of prominent Black Ministers - towards President Trump

MP3 : http://media.blubrry.com/rbn/s/content.blubrry.com/rbn/stream_2018-08-01_175944.mp3

They are saying TRUMP will be the most pro-active President ever - in helping the black community

"The last President took black support for granted"

To Trump: "You are a man of your word!"

Maybe this should be the theme song for this effort of Trump's

An ironic message about Obama's Smooth ways

Hmm. Maybe BLACK supporters of Trump will put an end to Mad Maxine's stupid tirades - by voting her OUT

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Pastor praises Trump as 'pro-black' at prison reform event


WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump was lauded by inner-city pastors, including one who said he may go down as the "most pro-black president" in recent history, during a White House roundtable on Wednesday that was focused on efforts to reform the prison system.

Trump told the group, which included pastors and bishops from across the country, that his administration has been making progress on efforts to make it easier for prisoners to re-enter society and find work.

"When we say hire American, we mean all Americans," Trump said.

Among those gathered was Darrell Scott, a black Ohio pastor who was an early supporter of Trump's campaign and has been working with the administration on urban and prison issues.

"This is probably the most pro-active administration regarding urban America and the faith-based community in my lifetime," Scott told the group, adding, "This is probably going be ... the most pro-black president that we've had in our lifetime."

He compared Trump to his predecessor, Barack Obama, the nation's first African-American president, and said: "This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community."

"The last president didn't feel like he had to," he added, saying of Obama: "He got a pass."

> https://www.wjtv.com/news/trump-talks-prison-reform-with-pastors/1339463069

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One-Upping OBummer ... Barack who?


Hispanics boosting numbers...
GDP TO 5%?

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-nine percent (49%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the way Trump is performing and 41% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -6. (see trends).

Here's how I see Obama: He was a SMOOOTH Operator... who achieved so little for America, & his tribal group


But he was smooth, and the Lie-Stream media Looved him

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The last eight bars above BELONG to Obama.

Following is an update


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President Trump Approval Rating Among Black Voters Nearly Doubles to 29% Over Past Year


RASMUSSEN POLL: Trump Approval Ratings Among Black Voters 29%! This Time Last Year: 15%

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Black Pastors Who Met With Trump Chided for “Uncle Tomming.” Their Response is Powerful.

This is exactly what Bishop Jackson, who spoke to CBN following the meeting, has to say to his critics:

“What [Bryant] doesn’t understand is that you can’t be a prophet to the culture while you’re standing outside of the room,” Jackson said.

“Many of the people who came into that meeting knew they would be misunderstood, disrespected, lied on, talked about, but they came anyway because the needs of the people, especially returning citizens, are so important,” he went on to say.

“I believe this is the greatest civil rights issue of our generation. The overcriminalization of minorities and what are we the church gonna advocate for? So, I’ve got more courage than to let Jamal Bryant’s opinion keep me from speaking to the most powerful person on planet earth. That’s how I see it,” Jackson elaborated.

Jackson says his question for their critics is: “What are you doing? Not, what are you saying; what are you doing in Jesus’ name?”

Jackson says the response from brothers and sisters in Christ should have been different and handled biblically – and without judgment.

“They don’t understand that I’ve been talking about 15 months about these issues. They don’t understand that I cried and prayed and fasted that God would move on the hearts of these leaders in this administration,” Jackson said in the interview with CBN News.

“They want to diminish my heart and my spirituality and they just don’t understand that if this stuff is going on in America is gonna get fixed, we’re gonna have to call on supernatural, biblical authority to break the chains that bind, and break the curse of generational poverty on blacks and Hispanics in our nation,” Jackson said with emotion.

“So, my heart is to see America blaze in the glory of God,” he continued. “My heart is, I don’t care what people say about me, but can Jesus use me and can He move in our nation?”

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After Being Destroyed, Trump's Walk of Fame Star Multiplies

Fake Trump Walk of Fame stars pop up on Aug. 9 after the president's real star was destroyed again.

Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — destroyed on several occasions by detractors who sometimes wield a pick-ax — mysteriously multiplied over night so that on Thursday morning there were several dozen stars.

The effort comes from a conservative street artist who wishes to remain anonymous, but says he was motivated not only by the destruction of the president's real star, but also a recent unanimous vote by the West Hollywood City Council to recommend the removal of Trump's star due to accusations he has mistreated women.

> https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/trumps-walk-fame-star-multiplies-hollywood-1133678

Smash Hollywood, not the Trump star !

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Meantime, back in Reality...


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Some are still feeding on Fake News

Miss America Contestant Madeline Collins: President Trump ‘Is the Biggest Issue Our Country Faces’

Miss West Virginia Madeline Collins introduces herself during the third and final night of preliminary competition in the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City N.J. on Friday Sept. 7, 2018. Later in the night, during her onstage interview, Collins said President Trump "has created a lot of division in this …
AP Photo/Wayne Parry

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) — A contestant in the Miss America pageant says President Trump “has caused a lot of division” in the nation.

Madeline Collins, Miss West Virginia, was asked an onstage question Friday night about what she feels is the most serious issue facing the nation.

She replied “Donald Trump is the biggest issue our country faces. Unfortunately he has caused a lot of division in our country.”

> https://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2018/09/08/miss-america-contestant-madeline-collins-trump-biggest-issue-country-faces/

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Who is aging better: the Orange Man or the Smooth Operator ?


Total Domination: 750 People Show Up for Obama’s Rally; 10,000 Show Up at Trump’s

Former President Barack Obama has not aged well, and the left seems to be in denial despite the evidence staring them in the face.

This isn’t meant as a slight against Obama personally, although the once-powerful man is increasingly grey and tired-looking these days. That can be overlooked since few presidents hold their youth after the stresses of the office.

The part of the 44th president that has aged the worst is actually his star power.

Just 10 years ago, supporters literally wept when Obama took the stage, and famous campaign posters promising “HOPE” and “CHANGE” seemed to be everywhere.

Obama has “changed” all right, and not in a good way for his party. A decade after energizing the left and packing auditoriums everywhere he went, America’s first black president is struggling to resonate with even a handful of people at a time.

In a word, he’s become dull — and the man who replaced him in the Oval Office is stealing his thunder left and right.

Call it a tale of two rallies. During a Democratic campaign event in Anaheim, California on Saturday, Obama’s appearance attracted fewer than 1,000 people.

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Trump Beating Obummer

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows that 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove. The latest figures include 36% who Strongly Approve of the president is performing and 43% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -7. (see trends).

By comparison, President Obama’s job approval rating was -19 on this day in his second year in office. 


Caruso: How the Media Gave the Week to Trump: Fake News, Lies, and Strange Obsessions


Stormy Daniels’ book! Allegations against Brett Kavanaugh! Fallout from Hurricane Florence! Surely this would be a bad week for Trump. But at every turn, the establishment media fell on their faces trying to pin down Trump, telling bald-faced lies, fostering strange obsessions, and making gross analogies that exposed them as dishonest and ridiculous.

The week started out with CNN host Anderson Cooper dedicating almost 10 minutes to “debunking” a tweet from Donald Trump Jr.

Last weekend, Trump Jr. posted a story from Breitbart News about CNN’s falling ratings (written by this reporter), along with a photo of Anderson Cooper standing in waist-deep water while his camera crew was on much higher ground.

The photo was not from the recent Hurricane Florence, but was actually from Hurricane Ike in 2008.

Though some Twitter users falsely claimed otherwise, Trump Jr. never once claimed the photo was from Florence.

. . . Finally, a number of Republican women bucked the narrative and defended Brett Kavanaugh to CNN reporter Randi Kaye during a segment that aired on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday.

“Because one woman made an allegation–sorry, I don’t buy it,” one woman told CNN’s Kaye.

Kaye asked the group of women, “Why would she come forward if this wasn’t true? Because it has basically destroyed her family. She’s had to move. She’s gone undercover. She’s gotten death threats. So if she’s lying, why come forward?”

“She’s also destroying his life, his wife’s life, his children’s lives. His career. I mean, why didn’t she come out sooner if she’s telling the truth?” a woman named Irina Villarino responded.

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Poll: Democrats Lose Advantage with Middle Class Americans, Gender Gap Collapses

TOPSHOT - Supporters cheer as US President Donald Trump addresses a rally at the Nashville Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee, May 29, 2018 (Photo by Nicholas Kamm / AFP) (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

The Democratic Party’s advantage among American women suffered a six percent swing over the past year, according to a Gallup poll released Monday.

Women are still more likely to view the Democrats favorably than they are Republicans, but the difference has contracted. A year ago, 35 percent of women said they viewed Republicans favorably. Democrats had a 14 point advantage, with 49 percent viewing the party favorably.

In the latest poll, the GOP favorability rating rose to 40 percent. The Democrat favorability fell by one point. That leaves Democrats with just an 8 point advantage

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'Longest Lines We've Ever Seen': Massive Line For Trump Rally In Tennessee Goes On For Miles

President Donald Trump shared an astonishing video on Twitter Monday night showing how massive the line was to his latest rally in Tennessee in support of Republican Rep Marsha Blackburn.

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