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Why is it so difficult to repair stuff?

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As a family we have created a small mountain of 'unrepairable' electronics and white goods...


I'm sure with most items there was simply a small fault that could be repaired if the correct diagnostic approach could be had... :angry:

It is by design, both by TPTB and by the manufacturers.. If we could repair stuff (or, if stuff lasted longer) then we'd buy less stuff and GDP would suffer.


At the very least they could have VAT free for any manpower on maintenance or repairs (but not necessarily on the actual replacement parts/modules).

Or they could have different import tax rates on stuff that has been tested to not be able to last 5 years of use (or whatever).

Or different rates on stuff where a 'standard repairer' (expert in the field) couldn't open up the thing, readily dismantle, see what was wrong, uniquely identify part (ie, id numbers) and replace assembly.

But this would go against the agenda, so it won't happen.


All that said, the internet is a magnificent thing for information on repairs, and how to get specialised repair parts cheaply. But it is annoying how you eg, have to get specialised tools to open things (eg, torx anti-tamper screws).

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We are being protected from Failure in everything...

Even in the ability to repair things.

Makes people better consumers, I suppose

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