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2017 Predictions

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Styx talks us through the Economists front cover for 2017.



I've always regarded the Tarot cards as something to be avoided....one step away from witchcraft. Not surprisingly Styx seems relaxed around them.

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Money is fleeing China... but is going into Bitcoins and foreign Real Estate, not Gold (which is under-pressure in India)


Checking the B.S. Against reality


Schmidt: "A Senior elder in Hong Kong, China has been paid"


Dec. 14th, Overview of the RV/GCR Process


"Private exchanges in Reno have been closed for over a year.

After round one is completed, there will be a wait for round two..."


A big So What!.

Even if true, If you think ordinary people will see any of this money, you are kidding yourself.

Once again, this is completely lacking in useful detail.

Don't turn any of your money over to him!


Although you seem to be honest you sound to me like a con artist, are you? In other words you say it is going to perhaps take another two years. When I was first led to believe that this was the money that had been stolen from the people and mostly by the banks. so it's not to return the money taken from the people but just as a hand out . Keep your fucking money. .
Is this correct? 25,000 x 30 (3,000%) = 750.000 750,000 X.2 (20%) = 150,000 750,000 x .8 (80%) = 600,000
The biggest problem, as I see it would be distributing the funds uniformly. There needs to be a Central Consulting Firm to coordinate the distribution of funds. This group must know what projects are already funded and which ones have been left out. They would need very High Level Contacts in all countries. It would be very difficult to distribute funds in a foreign country without the help of the Government or some large organization. The NDAs may make it difficult to know what has already been funded and what is not funded.
Don't turn you currencies over to ANYONE! That goes for "groups" too! See Gary Larabee's latest utube video with advice from "One who believes". He warns of this!

He talks about the rise of Shenzhen, but the reality is that money is leaking fast, fleeing China - as fear about a financial crisis there spreads.

Here's the US currency expressed in Chinese Yuan


US$ in CNY ... 1-yr : 2yrs : 5yrs : All :

Low was 6.05, Last CNY-6.95 - that's a 15% drop in CNY value !



Bitcoin : The uptrend continues as money flees China: BTC recently hit $860 - Sell, if/when it matches the Gold price in the weeks to come
Charts: Bitcoins LIVE : BTC:1-year : 4-mos : 10d : Ticks : BtcWisdom : BTC-24hours : PB : aD : aF : aG : sjw :



Why do you think BTC is going up? It is a way of moving currency out of China


Why Are China's Rich Moving to the US? | China Uncensored


Published on Oct 2, 2015 - over 1 year ago

China's wealthy are moving to the US and they seem to have taken an interest in real estate.

What does their immigration mean for China? Find out on this episode of China Uncensored!


China's stock index - expressed in Rmb ... update


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Two-year cycle in China, & Emerging Markets - could bottom in about one year


Look how closely they move together!

A negative year ahead for all three? (and China too, unless the RMB collapses)


EEM - vs. FXI and Hk-HSI ... update : EEM-alone : FXI : HK-HSI : HK-10 : CN:ShComp :



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State Debt problems could be a big story in 2017 - especially California


CCA / MFS California Municipal Fund (NYSE MKT) ... update / Last: $11.36



MYC / BlackRock MuniYield California Fund Inc. (NYSE) ... update / Last: $15.38


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Trump To Collapse The Dollar - Jeff Berwick on Silver Doctors


Published on Dec 30, 2016

Jeff is interviewed by Elijah Johnson for The Silver Doctors podcast, topics include: The Trump presidency, protectionism is anti free market, Trumps unpredictability, potential for a major dollar crash, reneging on the government debt and its epic repercussions, gold and bitcoin would soar in comparison, bitcoin skyrocketing, the war on cash, India a test case, negative interest rates, government the biggest criminal organization, gold confiscation, getting your money out of banks, the war on fake news

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It just arrived in Hong Kong - nice fireworks here



I could see the glow of them from my roof

And the WTC, tallest building in HK, and one of the 10 tallest in the World

Called the turn

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just more of a long bumpy ride down the valley. 2017, nothing much compared to 2019 when we'll all be at each others throats.id imagine europe will go tits up first.

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Web Bot Summary on January 2017, Clif High Webbot report



Published on Dec 30, 2016

Words carry energy as well as information. Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developer - Clif High claims is able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the internet. Web bot reports are amazing and many came true. Don't miss Clif's January 2017 report made by jsnip4 (One of the best delivering the true Global News).

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What Trump can do... if Stocks get whacked in 2017


"The Stock Market is NOT the economy!"

The Establishment Is Setting Up The Economy To Come Crashing Down On Trump: Louis Cammarosano


LC offers some interesting comments.

Trump may not worry too much about the stock market - it is machine that benefits mainly tech co's that do not support Trump


He may focus more on slimming down government, and fixing the economy...

While the Fed may implement aggressive rate rises, once Obama leaves


"He doesn't like Yellen much, and may blame the Fed for any stock crash"

"How about they don't get paid", he said about the US Debt

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This Video may be easier to follow if you like clif's predictions:


Clif High-2017 Predictions on Everything


Clif's stock market chart fits well with my red line below - but with a bump up early in the year




+ Israeli freakout in mid-Feb.
+ No "hard-stop" evidence of Trump being assassinated, and will be inaugurated
+ Turnpoint in Trump euphoria: Mid-Feb into March, may feel like a crash
+ Around March - April, there may be problems with the Dollar
+ Real Estate: Prices will drop, with a credit freeze from Regional banks
+ He talks about 90% drops in real estate over 10 years, w/ the high end crashing first
+ But the stock crash could start early in the year
+ Silver, Gold, and Bitcoins could be shoot up straight away
+ So many flash crashes - they will be called "flashies"
+ Jan 8-12 will be a period of stress in currencies and bonds, jump in BTC in Rmb?
+ Use of BTC may become widespread in China in a short period of time, from summer?
+ Dollar death was predicted years ago, and: 20,000 Dow, and $600 Silver
+ Globally, there will be a huge divergence in the silver price
+ Boom for silver starts on first of second trading day of the new year : $125 Silver?
+ Gold and the Dow may go to the same price: 2017 or later
+ "Aliens are real" - is old news; we will see Truth bombs, Disclosure and a transition
+ SciFi World is the name of the report as we will rethink our history
+ The discovery in Antarctica will be a big part of this; giant pyramids go back 20,000 years?
+ Woowoo will dominate, with new technologies coming out of Antarctica
+ Rivers running thru the continent, with ice melting and cities, maybe people living there
+ Digging things up there; it may take 10 years to get the wealth out for humanity's future
+ "Precious technology" rather than precious metals
+ A war may come with clashing elites, rather than troops

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More Clif High, where he talks about racheting up of mortgage rates - 20% and higher?


Clif High, December 28 Web bot



2017 will bring a hyperinflationary period ... and a new American Gold rush


A new technology and innovation boom, with 5 billion more people on the internet

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Very interesting visit with Freeman (of the Freeman Report)


With a discussion of all eight Tarot cards on the Economist Cover


Ep. 584 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Freeman : The Economist 2017 Tarot Cover : LIVE

Published on Jan 5, 2017

Freeman has been looking at conspiracies for over two decade and has a deep understanding of the occult

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HARRY DENT : "A final 5th, Blowoff wave"?


Coast To Coast AM - January 5, 2017 Cryptids & Strange Entities, Stock Market



Published on Jan 6, 2017

Coast To Coast AM - January 5, 2017 Cryptids & Strange Entities, Stock Market
In the first half, economist specializing in demographics, Harry Dent discussed the cyclical nature of market bubbles and why he expects a crash to happen in 2017.
In the latter half, author Nick Redfern shared the lore and legends of cryptozoological and paranormal entities including Lizard Men, Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, Chupacabras, Mothman, the Mongolian Death Worm and more.


"First wave down could be 40% in a few months... Ultimately: 80% or more"

"But another 10% Up may come first... Following by the big (40%?) drop in Apr.-Oct."?

"In the long run, old jobs get killed and new ones created. But it takes time for the gains to overcome the losses."

Poor Demographics will swamp everything

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Son of Osama...( First 2 minutes of above video )

Just the kind of subliminal messaging the MSM like to engage in


The serial killer who terrorised New york in the 1970's known as Son of Sam ...... and the new terror narrative now being spun for us..


That ISIS have all but abandoned plots for another 9/11 and instead will be concentrating on lone killers who are mobile and digitally savvy..

to be led by the new boogeyman...



An audio message transmitted by the SITE intelligence group... ( the ones who get all the staged beheading videos )...in which Hamza Bin Laden calls for lone offender attacks in Washington D.C.


We've been here before haven't we ?


" I wonder what Osama Bin Laden's targets are supposed to be ? "




" and whatever's going to happen that they're going to blame on Osama Hamza Bin Laden..don't you even believe it.. "


They are cooking something

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The military backed Trump because:

"they wanted adult supervision", and "they saw the risk of war too high" (if Hillary won)


Catherine Austin Fitts-2017 Destruction of the Old & Creation of the New

Greg: "Hollywood had a billion dollar bust" in backing Hillary

CAF : "The problem with being able to rig things is, you forget what is real"

: : : "When you can no longer rig things, they fall apart"

Greg: "David Stockman expects a big crash in 2017"

CAF : "I'm long term positive with competent people in charge, but we are overdue for a 25% correction."

. . . "I'm more worried about a crash UP beyond 2017, as money shifts from debt to equity."

. . . "I think we are in a long term bull market fro stocks, as we move into Debt for Equity."

. . . "I think we will also have a long term Bull market for gold, but maybe the correction is not done yet"

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Gerald Celente



1. Make It New (politically)
They all lost. In elections worldwide, culminating with undisputed reality-show champion Donald Trump’s victory in America’s Presidential Reality …

2. Economic Disorder*
The economic year that was will never be again. The new economic year ahead will be like none we have ever seen before. Indeed, this time last …

3. True Nostalgia
It’s grander than Presidential Reality Show champion Donald Trump’s promise to “Make America Great Again.” It’s bigger than France’s …

4. RIP: The 4th Estate
The daily newspaper dies in 2017. Don’t read one anyway? Why should you care? For nearly a century, fat-staffed newsrooms, populated with …

5. Rust Belt 2.0
The technological wave sweeping the globe in 2017 will trigger a historic, rapid transformation of how societies live, work and play. With …

See the future
The future is coming! What will it look like? How will it affect your business, your family… your life? There is only one place in the …

6. VR-ED
Virtual reality is no longer just for video gaming. The technology’s explosive use and effectiveness in educational and training settings will …

7. Ontrendpreneur®
Start with the central banks’ rigged-markets-fueled merger-and-acquisition craze that’s created monumental wealth for the world’s very …

8. No More Cash
Soon, you won’t be able to see or touch cash in the coming global cashless society. The pace at which currency across the globe was challenged or …

9. Sell, Buy China
China, the country with the world’s largest population of 1.35 billion people and the world’s second-largest economy, accounts for 1.2 percentage …

10. Reefer Money Madness
On Election Day, states from sea to shining sea legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use, getting high or getting better. Now, despite …




There are three reasons for the Trump rally: Corporate tax breaks, business deregulation and infrastructure stimulus.

While tax breaks and deregulation may drive corporate profits, it will depend upon the true amount of stimulus and overseas tax repatriations for the "trickle-down" theory to increase job growth or wages. In addition, should the Trump administration re-negotiate trade deals and even marginally increase manufacturing jobs in the United States, in addition to reversing negative trends, psychologically and financially it will boost the nation's spirits and growth potential.

Around the world, from Mexico, Russia and Brazil, to Turkey, Indonesia, China ... and Europe, particularly since the Italian referendum was defeated and will increase anti-euro political parties power ... currencies hit new lows and/or tumbled to multi-year lows against that strong dollar. Some central banks raised interest rates, sold dollars and bought government bonds to shore up plunging currencies. Others, including China and Malaysia, are passing laws and taking measures to stem the tide of currencies' outflows.

TREND FORECAST: As US interest rates rise and the dollar gets stronger, emerging-market currencies will weaken. That, in turn, will dramatically increase their debt-repayment burden and increase financial market instability.

In developed nations, cheap money, not corporate earnings, boosted equity markets with record-breaking merger-and-acquisition and stock-buyback activity. As interest rates rise, and the cost of borrowing increases, true price discovery and market fundamentals will drive the markets.

As evidenced, a stronger dollar will continue to push down gold prices. We forecast gold prices will rebound when global financial market volatility and increasing geopolitical unrest escalate. Therefore, gold will remain a long-term safe-haven asset.

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Celente on innovation...

"High Touch" Local can beat low-cost commodity businesses


The proliferation of robotic technology, which enables ice-cream-stand owners to use kiosks instead of part-time students to sell ice-cream cones and sundaes, is one small example of how technology will transform the customer experience with the same homogenized, predictable service as shopping at a chain store.

Therein lies the opportunity for “on-trend” entrepreneurs.

As Mike Glauser, entrepreneurism expert and author, says about small business on Main Street:

“We’re rebalancing from high tech toward ‘high touch’.”

Moreover, while technology is on pace to transform business worldwide, evidence is growing that consumers want to buy nationally, shop locally, patronize businesses that value face-to-face customer service and, under the right conditions, can be lured away from the bargain-crazed mania propagated by retail chains and those big boxes.

Again, Glauser: “If you look at consumer surveys, just about everyone would rather shop at a local business if it has the right products available at the right prices.”

TREND FORECAST: Cutting-edge, creative professionals will be increasingly positioned to identify high-potential opportunities in this shifting, tech-dominated economy.

Nothing can stem the tide of these powerful tech and merger-and-acquisition trends, but the gaps they leave behind will provide significant opportunity. In the years ahead, as the service industry becomes dominated by automated sameness, just as the retail landscape has, a unique type of Ontrendpreneur® can emerge.

Entrepreneurs who understand the value of the personal touch will be on trend to stand apart from a merger, acquisition and automation culture driven only by the bottom line.

Opportunities will be particularly promising in sharing-economy ventures; health and well-being initiatives that stress whole, natural health; serving the needs of the aging; creating quality products, from clothing to arts and crafts, with a distinct local, regional or national identity; local multiplatform media operations; building product and service lines that stress “True Nostalgia” authenticity; and investment in community development and housing that serve both millennials’ penchant for small space and seniors who increasingly want to be close to culture, entertainment options, community ties and more.


> more: http://trendsresearch.com/stories/7-ONTRENDPRENEUR,4709



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RIP: The 4th Estate - per Gerald Celente



The daily newspaper dies in 2017.

Don’t read one anyway? Why should you care?

For nearly a century, fat-staffed newsrooms, populated with reporter-class curmudgeons who questioned authority at every turn and made it their life’s mission to expose the bad guys, set the agenda for public discourse.

Back then, broadcast outlets didn’t have the staffing, investigative chops or clout the print world did.

Over the years, more expedient media – radio, TV, cable and now digital outlets – and a far less patient audience whacked newspapers’ laborious printing processes that accommodated tedious layers of fact-checking, editor scrutiny and other exercises in thoughtfulness.

What is news?

Today, information fragments – whether sound bites on broadcast news or Twitter firestorms between news sources and media – now pass as news. “The masses,” as Gerald Celente says, “are headline-strong and knowledge-empty.”

But what stands out in 2017 is the perfect storm that’s been raking over the so-called mainstream media this autumn.

Poll after poll show trust rates well below 10 percent. Then, the “mainstream” get the presidential race all wrong, driving barely detectable positive sentiment deeper into the mud.

But there’s more that unfolded in the fall of 2016.

The financial fundamentals of media – print, digital and broadcast outlets largely owned by one of six mega corporations – hit lows not seen since the economy’s fall in 2008-09. Declining revenue is triggering layoffs and massive expense reductions. They’ll continue in early 2017.

Sinking revenue

Second- and third-quarter 2016 revenue for all major newspaper companies is dramatically down – from 12 to 18 percent. That necessitated rounds of layoffs at The New York Times; News Corp., which includes The Wall Street Journal; Gannett, America’s biggest newspaper company; and many others.

The across-the-board bad news prompted staffing cutbacks, merged operations and reductions in published space allocated for news by those companies and others.

The industry is closing in on a decade of dramatic cutbacks in reporting and editing power. According to estimates from The American Society of News Editors and Poynter Institute, those reductions add up to about half of all newsroom jobs being eliminated in less than 10 years.

TREND FORECAST: Expect dramatic shifts to begin early in 2017. National and metro newspapers, as well as smaller newspapers, will aggressively cut space for news to save costs. Print-publication frequency will reduce. The daily newspaper – as we know it today as something you hold in your hand and page through – will fade.

Investigative and in-depth reporting will become even more scant. That will leave the door wide open for unprofessional, poorly resourced and purely biased media to produce shoddy, untrustworthy reporting disguised as legitimate and in-depth.

The truth will be harder to find.

And when upstart or existing alternative-news sites begin to make news, the mainstream media, taking their last breaths, will label it “fake news.”


> source: http://trendsresearch.com/stories/4-RIP-THE-4th-ESTATE,4705




Piper Pilot

I could not believe the NY Sunday Times on the weekend before he election. NINE hostile Trump make believe articles, and so brazen! I usually get the NY Post and the Times, assuming that the truth is somewhere in the middle. That was the last NY times I will ever purchase!


GERALD - This is your opportunity! Create a web page similar to the Drudge Report, and provide links to the stories you tell us about on the daily Trends in the News. You do the business and financial areas, and let Drudge do the normal news. Many of the publications you tell us about, no one even knows about. Drudge makes good money with it, and so can you. I think you can hire a college kid to simply place the links on the web page. This would also allow us to read the full article as opposed to putting pressure on you for a fast summary.


The "fourth estate" is done. We used to rely on them to keep the government under some kind of observation. Now they are simply working for the politicians!

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MSparks I think has developed similar software to Cliff high.

That was actually a little insulting... But I couldnt reply because Bubb had me on suspension.

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"That was actually a little insulting... But I couldnt reply because Bubb had me on suspension."


Insulting, because...?

You think High's software is less accurate. (?)

However accurate yours may be, High has an audience for his work, and you do not (as far as I can see.)

And the style of your posting hardly inspires people to follow your work. High is sympathetic, if wrong sometimes (even often)

Having said that, he seems to be right on Bitcoins and Antarctica recently

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