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Crybabies & Snowflate Riots: America needs a reboot

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Hateful Leftist Curses Out Conservative Students, Rips Up Signs at Anti-Commie Event, Bolts When Cops Arrive

  • An enraged passerby tried to forcefully derail an anti-socialism event at Santa Clara University, ripping up signs and attempting to knock the phone out of a conservative student's hand as he filmed the tirade.
  • According to eyewitnesses, the student also attempted to flip over the TPUSA club's table, swearing at organizers when they asked her to "be respectful or leave," but fled when campus security approached the scene

When the chapter president asked the woman to “please be respectful or leave,” the instigator told him to “sit your a** down” and “shut the f*** up,” according to witnesses. The woman ultimately fled the area when campus security approached the scene. 

While university officials, including the President and Vice Provost of Student Life, have been made aware of the incident, conservatives on campus still stress that they are frequently targeted by political discrimination.

In a statement to Campus Reform, Kanodia said that “nothing really happens” when conservatives are discriminated against on campus. 

According to Kanodia, the Santa Clara University Associated Student Government blocked the chapter’s registration because many students complained about Turning Point USA’s unpopular ideology. As a result, the chapter had to be approved by the Vice Provost for official recognition.

  • NO MORE SAFE PASSES!! to dangerous Lefties!  Male or Female!  JAIL HER, if she broke Laws!

/ 2 /

It’s Time To Fight Until The Left Follows The Rules They Force On The Right: Conservatives Must Get More Vocal in Holding Leftists Accountable to Their Own Rules

The double standards for what constitutes a fireable offense in the entertainment industry are shocking and completely politically driven.

Samantha Bee has not been fired for calling Ivanka Trump a “feckless c–t.” She uttered some of the most vile comments about a daughter of a sitting president ever to be recorded (and family members of politicians used to be considered off limits by polite society). Her network, TBS, issued an apology, but took no substantive punitive action toward the comedian. She is costing the network money as two sponsors have dropped the show so far, but TBS sticks with her.

Roseanne Barr, by contrast, faced severe consequences for calling Valerie Jarrett the “baby” of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. She lost her show, and the other actors, producers, writers, and all of the employees of her show lost their jobs because of a single bad tweet. ABC acted within minutes, as if they had been waiting for an excuse to fire her, although the reboot of “Roseanne” had been making the network millions.

In theory, we should be able to respect each others’ political or private opinions, and go to work and treat each other with respect and dignity, but the unfortunate reality of our current culture is one political party has had lockstep control of media, news, entertainment, tech and academic circles for decades unopposed

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ADDRESSED to coddled Couch Potatoes & Snowflakes

Madison: "I feel like these people are really scared"


Stefan: "the Anxiety Level, you gotta crank it up"

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USA CANNOT WIN A WAR ... with Snowflake warriors

Army training will now focus on actual battlefield skills, not social issues

By Carlo Muñoz - The Washington Times

Fighting will now take precedence over dealing with transitioning transgender troops, drug abuse and other issues as the Army seeks to overhaul its training regimen to hone its soldiers’ battlefield skills.

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GOODWIN: Left needs to face reality: Trump is winning...


To understand the madness gripping American leftists, try to see the world through their eyes. Presto, you’re now part of the raging resistance.

Like the Palestinians who mark Israel’s birth as their nakba, or tragedy, you regard Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as a catastrophe. It’s the last thing you think of most nights, and the first thing most mornings.

You can’t shake it or escape it. Whatever you watch, listen to or read, there are reminders — Donald Trump really is president.

You actually believe The New York Times is too nice to him, so you understand why a Manhattan woman urged a reporter there to stop covering Trump to protest his presidency.

And where the hell is Robert Mueller? He was supposed to save us from this nightmare — that’s what Chuck Schumer banked on. Well?

You spend your tax cut even as you rail against the man who made it happen. And you are pleased that cousin Jimmy finally got a job, though you repeat the daily devotional that Barack Obama deserves credit for the roaring economy.

And now this — Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring, and Trump gets another Supreme Court pick. The court might tilt right for the rest of your life. He’s winning.


In a nutshell, our visit to the tortured mind of a Trump hater explains everything fromSaturday’s mass marches to why a Virginia restaurant owner declared No Soup for Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Their loathing for Trump is bone-deep and all consuming. This is war and they take no prisoners.

> MORE : https://nypost.com/2018/06/30/the-left-needs-to-face-reality-trump-is-winning/

ZERO TOLERANCE ... for Violence from the West

WEAPONS NEEDED: arrests, tazers, firing, de-funding, ridicule

*(but not violence.  It is a last resort, for self-defense only)

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Losing the Argument, the Left Ramps up the Lies & Violence

We Went to Families Belong Together Protest. Here Are 6 Things We Saw.

A sea of protesters clad in white from across the nation descended on the White House Saturday to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies and the separation of families at the border.

Later, chants like “No justice, no peace” rang out along Constitution Avenue as protesters, led by a police escort, marched from the White House to the Capitol.

We visited the rally for The Daily Signal and spoke with some of the protesters to find out what brought them to Washington on a scorchingly hot Saturday.

  1. Fascist and Nazi comparisons.

“I see people saying, ‘These are not concentration camps.’ No, they are literally concentration camps. If you look up the definition of what that is and how history progressed, this is how it happens,”

2. Anti-Trump rhetoric was front and center among the protesters.

3. Children were mentioned.

4. There was almost universal agreement about abolishing Immigration and Custom Enforcement. 

5. Religious themes were common.

6. Many people held signs demanding that immigrant families be kept together. It was common to see “We care” and “Families Belong Together.”

“I’m here today—I’ve actually been here since Thursday. I participated in the civil disobedience with the Women’s March at the Senate building. We got arrested. And I’m here to stand up for immigrant families. I’m here to stand up for mothers and fathers and children and American decency,” said Juniper Leifer of New Jersey.

> https://www.dailysignal.com/2018/07/01/we-went-to-families-belong-together-protest-here-are-6-things-we-saw/

REVEALED: Useful Idiots, where the Brainwashing worked, a general lack of discernment by those protesting,

... And the Usual (anti-American) Jooish agenda, pushed by Joos.


These same folks always support these left-wing causes until one of their daughters gets raped, son shot, husband put out of work (after training their replacement), uncle killed by a drunk illegal driver, auntie food poisoned by illegal servers...

Useful idiots!

they really are useful.. these fools need to keep it up.. right up till the election in November.. they will turn a Blue Puddle into a Red Tsunami..

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Dartmouth business school will judge applicants based on ‘niceness’

School will look at ‘emotional intelligence,’ ‘empathy’

An elite Ivy League business school will soon begin admitting students based in part on their level of “niceness,” with the school informing applicants that students there are expected to “invest generously in one another’s success.”

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth University recently announced that its admissions criteria will be adding four attributes that administrators will consider: smartness, accomplishment, niceness and awareness.

The new criteria are intended to make the application process easier and less stressful, according to admissions director Luke Anthony Peña.

“There are four attributes that our students consistently demonstrate. We’re now intentionally highlighting those four qualities for prospective students and inviting them to imagine themselves here,” Peña told the Tuck Business School’s communications office.

On the webpage detailing the new criteria, candidates are described as nice if they “exhibit emotional intelligence,” “show empathy for the diverse experiences of others,” and “recognize that [their] success and others’ success are interdependent, and generously invest in both.”

Candidates are also expected to be aware: “Reflection is mandatory at Tuck. You need to understand your values, assess your experiences, and articulate how they’ve shaped your identity and character. You also need to demonstrate the capacity to receive and learn from direct feedback.”

“Being nice at Tuck means building trust through deep, genuine connections which endure for life,” the website states.

The school has also changed essay prompts on its applications in order to ask about applicants niceness and awareness. One reads: “Tuck students are nice, and invest generously in one another’s success. Share an example of how you helped someone else succeed.” Another asks: “Tuck students are aware of how their individuality adds to the fabric of Tuck. Tell us who you are and what you will contribute.”

> https://www.thecollegefix.com/post/47002/

This might work, but there is a serious danger that it will encourage SJW "virtue signaling" which is a disaster for the country

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HISTORIAN: Online insults nothing compared to public slander in ancient Rome...

Need be more thick-skinned...

  • Historian says modern insults are nothing compared to those in ancient Rome
  • Prof Martin Jehne is based at the Technische Universität Dresden, in Germany
  • Withstanding and overcoming insults can have a politically stabilising effect

More than 2,000 years ago, the famous Roman politician Marcus Tullius Cicero once accused his enemy Clodius of incest with his brothers and sisters.

But far from being shocking to people living at the time, this type of insult was just a part of normal everyday life, according to one prominent historian. 

Professor Dr Martin Jehne of the Technische Universität Dresden says modern insults are nothing compared to those flung around ancient Rome.

According to the historian's findings, Romans could be even more cruel than the trolls of today and would often stoop to sexual slurs to insult their opponents.

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DOES THIS SCARE YOU? According to “leading research” in the UK, using all-caps in university instructions could “frighten students into failure.”

A few lowlights highlights of the internal document obtained by Express UK follow. (Don’t worry. The document does not contain any frightening all-caps)

Staff at Leeds Trinity’s school of journalism have also been told to “write in a helpful, warm tone, avoiding officious language and negative instructions”. Some blasted the move as “more academic mollycoddling” of the snowflake generation. An “enhancing student understanding, engagement, and achievement” memo lists dos and don’ts – with “do” and “don’t” among words frowned upon.

Course leaders say capitalising a word could emphasise “the difficulty or high-stakes nature of the task”.

The memo says: “Despite our best attempts to explain assessment tasks, any lack of clarity can generate anxiety and even discourage students from attempting the assessment at all…

The memo also says that staff must be “explicit about any inexplicitness” in their assignment briefs…

And it warns that when students are unsure of an assessment, “they often talk to each other and any misconceptions or misunderstandings quickly spread throughout the group (usually aided and abetted by Facebook).

This can lead to further confusion and students may even then decide that the assessment is too difficult and not attempt it”…

The university said the guidance was sharing “best practice from the latest teaching research”, adding: “We take pride in supporting our students to be the very best they can be. (source)

It would be difficult to be surprised by this.

After all, we live in a world in which clapping has been banned and replaced with “jazz hands” to avoid the potential of anxiety for students. We live in a world with coloring books, puppies, and safe spaces for college students who require respite from a world with President Trump.  We live in a world where a prof at Harvard Law – HARVARD FREAKING LAW (oh sorry – all caps, are you okay?) is dealing with law students who believe that rape law should not be taught. We live in a world in which practically everything must be prefaced with a trigger warning.

We live in a world in which anything that goes against the official rhetoric of the Big Tech gods is immediately censored out.

. . .

Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt of The Atlantic wrote about harm being caused by the politcal correctness epidemic:

…it presumes an extraordinary fragility of the collegiate psyche, and therefore elevates the goal of protecting students from psychological harm. The ultimate aim, it seems, is to turn campuses into “safe spaces” where young adults are shielded from words and ideas that make some uncomfortable. And more than the last, this movement seeks to punish anyone who interferes with that aim, even accidentally. You might call this impulse vindictive protectiveness. It is creating a culture in which everyone must think twice before speaking up, lest they face charges of insensitivity, aggression, or worse…

…What are the effects of this new protectiveness on the students themselves? Does it benefit the people it is supposed to help? What exactly are students learning when they spend four years or more in a community that polices unintentional slights, places warning labels on works of classic literature, and in many other ways conveys the sense that words can be forms of violence that require strict control by campus authorities, who are expected to act as both protectors and prosecutors?

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PROTECTING the Children who refuse to mature

Snowflakes Alive and Protected — University Policy Offers Expulsion of Students Who Inflict ‘Emotional Distress’ on Others

A watchdog group in Mississippi is troubled by a university in the state that has a policy allowing for the expulsion of students who inflict "emotional distress" on others.

The Mississippi Center for Public Policy reports that Delta State University, for the most part and like most institutes of higher learning, has commonsense policies regarding student speech. But Dr. Jameson Taylor, vice president of policy for the Center, says a troublesome policy at DSU (stated below) allows for disciplining a student, including suspension and expulsion, who hurts another student's feelings:

"Words, behavior, and/or actions which inflict mental or emotional distress on others and/or disrupt the educational environment at Delta State University are strictly prohibited." (Student Handbook Guidelines and Regulations, Item 30)

That statement is buried in the document "University Police: Campus Parking Regulations and Safety Guidelines."

Taylor says the prevalence of postmodernism on today's campuses incubates these kinds of bad speech policies.


"The problem, of course, is that we're seeing college campuses are normalizing suppression of free speech, suppression of free association," he tells OneNewsNow. "They're normalizing tyranny really. They're denying students the right to free speech and free association."

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Humorless & Hyper-sensitive

SNL Comedian Nimesh Patel Kicked Off Columbia University Stage by Offended Students

The event was called cultureSHOCK: Reclaim, a charity performance showcase hosted by the university’s Asian American Alliance. The goal of the event was to provide “a platform for a diversity of Asian American artistic expression,” as well as seeking to break through “stereotypes and challenges.”

According to The Columbia Spectator, members of the student group found Patel’s skit offensive, specifically when the comedian joked that being gay cannot be a choice, adding that if a man is both black and gay, “no one looks in the mirror and thinks, ‘this black thing is too easy, let me just add another thing to it.'”

When told to leave, the comedian protested, explaining that his performance was simply familiarizing students with the “real world.” The student organizers, however, remained insistent that Patel end his skit.

"We deeply apologize for inviting [Patel] in the first place and bringing these comments into a space for inclusion and acceptance,” the student group posted to its Facebook page following the event, “We apologize for the hurt his words caused members of the community.”

The student group added that members were “still processing” what had happened.

A few students who attended the event told PJ Media that audience members did not boo or shout during Patel’s performance, and therefore, they felt that ending the event early was unsolicited.

“I was very surprised. Either that means I’m not as sensitive as I should be, or the whole thing was just dramatic,” said one student.

Not all students felt the same way, though.

“I really dislike when people who are older say that our generation needs to be exposed to the real world,” said another student, Sofia Jao, to The Columbia Spectator, “Obviously the world is not a safe space but just accepting that it’s not and continuing to perpetuate the un-safeness of it — is saying that it can’t be changed.”

“When older generations say you need to stop being so sensitive, it’s like undermining what our generation is trying to do in accepting others and making it safer,” added Jao.

It seems as though it was not too long ago when the opposite was true, and younger generations were the ones calling for older generations to loosen the constraints on comedy.

> https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2018/12/04/snl-comedian-nimesh-patel-kicked-off-columbia-university-stage-by-offended-students/

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To A Nation Of Snowflakes, Christmas Has Become Another Trigger Word


"Claiming to promote tolerance and diversity while seeking a homogeneous mindset, many workplaces, schools and public places have become intolerant of any but the most politically correct viewpoints..."

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Wake Up call time.  Genuine tragedy on Snowflake-Land

Liberals Send Scandinavian Girls to be Beheaded


/ 2 /

The Tragedy of Cultural Relativism


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Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Slams ‘Snowflake’ Culture: ‘Putting Us Backwards’

Actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has considered jumping into politics in the past:

“It would be a great opportunity to help people, so it’s possible.”

We wish he would do it because we have a feeling he understands the culture of the leftists who are offended by just about everything.

Johnson spoke at the Republican Convention in 2000 (see video below) and is a Registered Republican. He gets that the snowflakes are killing our freedoms including freedom of speech.

 In fact, the WWE wrestler-turned superstar actor just slammed the “snowflake” culture in an interview with the U.K.’s Daily Star.

Johnson thinks complaints by liberal ‘snowflakes’ do a disservice to our soldiers who fought for freedom of speech:

“So many good people fought for freedom and equality…but this generation is looking for a reason to be offended. If you are not agreeing with them then they are offended…and that is not what so many great men and women fought for.”

Johnson claims that he may not agree with someone on politics but he will support their “right say or believe it”.

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54 minutes ago, drbubb said:

leftists who are offended by just about everything.


lawnmower, meet bunny rabbit. Says typical leftist, not offended by anything.

I'll move on to photos of true left liberal wing culture if you keep that up, see how offended that makes your cotton heart, might even get me banned....


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bad post.

In return, I want to infect your distant asteroid, Ultimate Fule, with Feminists & SJW's

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When they come ... they may soon achieve THIS for your place

CODDLING of the American Mind

"Moral Dependency" has infected the snowflake generation

Home of the Anxious and the Fragile

Kids need these things (freedom, risks) to get stronger

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For once, I think SLIMER Maher does something useful ... in having Haidt on

(But Slimer talks too much)

Jonathan Haidt The Coddling of the American Mind


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Brits, snowflakes are "protecting" you

Mp3: http://media.blubrry.com/rbn/s/content.blubrry.com/rbn/Monday_13.mp3

The Liberal Plot to Destroy the British Army

An army of Winge-Gamers & useless pussies?

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The Employees of Google are anti-traditional family Propagandists

(if you needed another reason to want to see GOOG stock at Zero, here it is):


Report: Google Employees Freak Out Over the Word ‘Family’

According to a recent report, the use of the word “family” caused many Google employees to freak out, arguing that the term was homophobic.

The Daily Caller reports that many Google employees were offended by the term “family” after it was used to describe a household with children when discussing a Google product aimed at kids. The backlash against the term was so severe that a vice president at the company was forced to comment on the issue and ask employees how the company could be more inclusive.

The Daily Caller writes that one employee became particularly upset after a presenter showed a “Project Unicorn” feature that regularly used “family” to mean “a household with children.” The employee ultimately stormed out of the presentation and posted a rant in an internal Google thread which was well received by other Google employees. The employee wrote:

...It only works if we have advance shared conception of what “the whole family” is, and that is almost always used to mean a household with two adults, of opposite sex, in a romantic/sexual relationship, with two or more of their own children. If you mean that as a synonym for “suitable for all people” stop and notice the extraordinary unlikelihood of such a thought! So “suitable for the whole family” doesn’t mean “all people”, it means “all people in families”, which either means that all those other people aren’t in families, or something even worse. Use the word “family” to mean a loving assemblage of people who may or may not live together and may or may not include people of any particular age. STOP using it to mean “children”. It’s offensive, inappropriate, homophobic, and wrong.

Approximately 100 other Google employees upvoted the post, one replied “thanks for writing this. So much yes.” Another employee wrote: “Using the word ‘family’ in this sense bothers me too,” adding that she felt excluded by the term because she was neither married nor a parent. “It smacks of the ‘family values’ agenda by the right wing, which is absolutely homophobic by its very definition,” she wrote.

The same employee added to her previous statement: “t’s important that we fix our charged language when we become aware of how exclusionary it actually is. As a straight person in a relationship, I find the term ‘family’ offensive because it excludes me and my boyfriend, having no children of our own.”

Another employee described their own sexual relations and living arrangements writing: “My family consists of me and several other trans feminine folks, some of whom I’m dating. We’re all supportive of each other and eventually aspire to live together. Just because we aren’t a heterosexual couple with 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog doesn’t mean we’re not a family.”

Another employee added: “Using ‘family’ to mean ‘people with kids’ is also annoying to me as a straight-cis-woman who doesn’t have or want kids. My husband, my parents, and my pets are my family.”

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What else did the "Native American Elder" lie about?

Lawyer for MAGA Hat Teens Threatens Lawsuits Against Media...
Vietnam Vet status of Native American at center of encounter in question...

Thanks to the sloppy, one-sided reporting of the malicious, agenda-driven media, a group of Catholic high school teenagers and their families have become the subjects of threats and harassment from a hateful online outrage mob. Their only sins? Being white, Catholic, and supporters of the president.

The full story has emerged in the wake of the fake news blitzkrieg over the weekend, and the media outlets that spread defamatory smears against the kids are now being warned to correct and retract their stories or face a lawsuit. Contrary to the media's malicious narrative, the kids were not racist rednecks mobbing a Native American elder with hateful slurs. It was quite the opposite.

Los Angeles-based trial lawyer Robert Barnes offered to represent the Covington families for free should they decide to sue the New York Times.
MAG: TWITTER's '2 Minutes of Hate' ...

Neither of these events is very important in the grand scheme of things. The former will either be vindicated or buried by the report Mueller eventually files about possible collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and elements of the Russian government. The latter will be lost and forgotten under a mountain of other outrages that will continue to convulse the country through the Trump era and beyond.

Yet both are indicative of something ominous that's happening to our political culture. Extreme partisan polarization is combining with the technology of social media, and especially Twitter, to provoke a form of recurrent political madness among members of the country's cultural and intellectual elite. And that madness, when combined with the rising extremism of the populist right, is pushing the country toward a dangerously illiberal forms of politics.

. . . Much has been made of the way Twitter serves as a megaphone for popular anger that's made more intense by the speed of the news cycle and the distinctive malice and ineptitude of the Trump White House. But too little attention has been paid to what may be the most potent facet of the social media platform: its ability to feed the vanity of its users. There's always an element of egoism to intellectual and political debate. But Twitter puts every tweeter on a massive stage, with the nastiest put-downs, insults, and provocations often receiving the most applause. That's a huge psychological incentive to escalate the denunciation of political enemies. The more one expresses outrage at the evils of others, the more one gets to enjoy the adulation of the virtual mob.

But isn't a virtual mob much less damaging than a real one? I've suggested as much myself, most recently in a column titled "If you think another civil war is imminent, get off Twitter." Yet more and more the venom has been bleeding into the real world, with boycotts, doxings, firings, death threats, and groveling apologies offered to placate mobs wielding digital pitchforks. It increasingly feels like it's just a matter of time before real-world violence breaks out in response to an online conflagration.

. . .We see this on the right, we see it on the left, and we increasingly see it among ostensibly nonpartisan journalists. No matter where it originates on the political spectrum, it is an impulse we indulge at our peril.

How long will a citizenry consumed by the untamed lust to banish ideological opponents into outer darkness continue to view the sharing and alternation of political rule as a worthwhile civic habit and ritual? We may be dangerously close to finding out.


I Disagree that it is equally on both sides. The "2-minutes of Hate" on Twitter came from the Left.

Eviscerate the extreme left wing bias of the Social Media, and SEE IF IT IMPROVES.

Maybe start by jail SugarBorg for his lies to Congress, and see if FB gets better.  Fire the leaning-in SandBorg too.

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