A popular far-left Antifa website, which is frequently linked to or used as a source by more mainstream outlets like the Daily Beast, is urging readers to cut through border fences to assist the migrant caravans making their way to our border.


The website, It’s Going Down, argued that President Donald Trump vowing to protect our borders is inciting violence — and that their readers need to commit crimes to fight it.

In a section titled, “Step 2: Cut the Border Fences,” which is meant to be printed out as a flyer, the website insinuates that people should target everything from ICE vans to the construction sites of future detention centers.

“To actually short circuit this fascist project we must also research and ask what it means to materially disrupt the infrastructure that makes it possible. What do ICE vans look like, and how do we physically barricade them out of our neighborhoods and campuses? Which interstates will these vans take to the detention centers, and on what days? Who are contracting the construction of these centers, and where? Which terminals of the airports will be dedicated to detaining migrants? Which indigenous tribes and ranchers along the border are already organizing to blockade construction of The Wall? And how do you cut through razorwire anyway?” the website reads.